17th August 2013

Dear Parent CBSE has introduced the CCE scheme of examinations in the year 2009. Since its initiation, there have been many developments to ensure that students develop multiple skills in various areas. To further cater to the varied abilities and learning styles of students, the CBSE Board has come up with the following. Kindly note the same. 1. Introduction of Open Text based Assessment (OTBA) in the Summative Assessment II of Class IX (Circular No. Acad-39/2013 and Acad -53/2013 of CBSE)  Open Text based Assessment (OTBA) will be applicable in all five main subjects.  Text material for Open Text based Assessment will be made available by CBSE to schools a few months before SA2.  The question paper in each main subject will have a separate section of 10 marks for open text based assessment (OTBA).  With the addition of OTBA of 10 marks, the total paper of summative assessment in a subject will be of 100 marks. However, weightage of SA II will remain the same viz 30%.  The OTBA section will comprise of text material accompanied with 2 -3 questions based on that text. The questions based on text will be of higher order thinking skills requiring students to apply learning to the situations given in the article/ report/ case study and draw inferences/conclusions there from. The questions based on the text will be open ended, extrapolative, inferential and looking at personal response justifying a point of view. 2. Mandatory Appearance in the Summative Assessments and the percentage of marks required to qualify the assessment (Circular No. COORD/EC-14.01/2013 of CBSE)  It would be mandatory for a student to appear in both the summative assessments in both classes IX and X.  Student would have to obtain at least 25% marks in the summative assessments(SA1 + SA2) to be eligible to qualify the examination i.e. at least 15 marks out of 60 marks and total 33% (i.e. grade D in overall) in each of the five subjects of scholastic areas. 3. Problem solving Assessment (PSA) for classes IX (Circular No. Acad-35/2013 and 52/2013 of CBSE  It will be compulsory for all students.  There will be 60 items of MCQ type carrying 60 marks.  There is no specific syllabus for PSA. It will assess life skills related to the following subjects: language Conventions (grammar, usage, vocabulary in context and passage completion), Quantitative Reasoning (reasoning based on Mathematics and Science), Qualitative Reasoning (reasoning based on Social Science).  PSA score will be counted towards FA4 in English, Mathematics, Science and Social Science of class IX and X both.  PSA for class IX for the session 2013-14 will be held on 18th January 2014 in school premises. 4. Value based Questions in Summative Assessments(Class IX and X)  Summative Assessment 1 and Summative Assessment 2 Question Papers in all subjects will contain 3-5 marks questions which will have value education intermingled with the content of the subject. 5. Assessment of speaking and listening skills (ASL) in English in class IX and X in SA1 and SA2 Session Class Marks for ASL Marks for written test Total Marks 2013-14 X 10 80 90 2013-14 IX 20 70 90 2014-15 X 20 70 90 6. Introduction of Supplementary Readers (Novels) in Class IX and X:  Class IX : Three Men in a Boat and Class X : Diary of a Young Girl 7. For more information, please contact the school or log on to the CBSE Website Headmistress (Secondary Wing) Principal

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