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6260 Stoneridge Mall Rd A224 Pleasanton, CA 94588 Email: Phone: 503-407-6959 Fax 503-980-7022 EXPERT COMPENTENCIES • • • • • • • • • • • Food Process Engineering Facility Design Food Freezing Frozen Food Storage Materials Handling Fruit/Vegetable Processing • • • • • • Cost and Pricing Structures Packaging Systems Design Shelf-life Kinetics Refrigerated Storage Hazard Analysis Muscle Foods Processing • • • • • • Perishable Logistics Process Design Thermal Processing Modified Atmosphere Quality Control Dairy Foods

CAREER SUMMARY Over 25-years experience in food engineering with research, academic and industry assignments Over 85 referred publications, technical articles, symposia proceedings and research reports Over 75 national and international meetings, educational workshops and technical symposia attended Awarded 6 US Patents for novel food processing techniques and innovative packaging methods Expert multimedia presentations, written communications, public speaking and personal coaching Doctor of Engineering, University of California, Davis. September, 1987. Study Areas: Food Engineering, Business Administration, Applied Statistics M.S. Engineering, University of California, Davis. March, 1985. Study Areas: Food Freezing, Quality Assurance, Consumer Science B.S. Agricultural Engineering, University of California, Davis. March, 1983 Study Areas: Engineering Design, Fluid Mechanics, Food Processing SCHOLARLY WORKS (selected) Planning for a Food Product Recall. Three-Part Online Series In Food Biz Startup 2009. Quality management during storage and distribution. In Quality Preservation in Food Storage and Distribution. 1997. Temperature tolerance of foods during distribution. In Handbook of Food Engineering Practice. 1997. Dynamic changes of headspace gases in CO2 and N2 packaged fresh beef. Journal of Food Science 60(3):571. 1995. Applications of dynamic modified atmosphere packaging systems for fresh red meats: Review. Journal of Muscle Foods 5(1994):299. 1994. Competitive growth of Listeria monocytogenes and Pseudomonas fluorescens on precooked chicken. Food Microbiology 9(1992):303. 1992. A quality-based inventory issue policy for perishable foods. Journal of Food Processing and Preservation 12(1989):271. 1989. A kinetic approach to food quality prediction using full-history time-temperature indicators. Journal of Food Science 53(6):1866. 1988. Application of time-temperature indicators in food storage and distribution. Refrigeration Science & Technology 1985-5:329. 1985. INUDSTRY ASSIGNMENTS • • • • • • • • Quality Assurance & Consumer Protection (Consumer Foods), Safeway Inc., Pleasanton, CA. Tomato Processing Group (Research & Development), American Home Foods, Vacaville, CA. California Farm Products Division (Strawberries), The J.M. Smuckers Co., Oxnard, CA. Tomato Products Manufacturing (Plant No. 1), Del Monte Corp., Modesto, CA. Fruit Canning Facility (Plant No. 2,), Tri-Valley Growers, Modesto, CA. Small Business Development Center, Portland Community College, Portland, OR. Food Innovation Center, Oregon State University, Portland, OR. Muscle Foods Laboratory, Louisiana State University Agricultural Center, Baton Rouge, LA.



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