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Islam's first tenet as we call shahadah: There is no God but Allah is one and Prophet Muhammad(saw) is a messenger

of truth. You see the first part of kalima "There is no God" is itself the testament to the concept of atheism. So each Muslim is an atheist by virtue of the kalima. The holy Quran also said that we should not accept anything without proof and asked us to reason with others in dealing with affairs of life and as per Quran every life is precious except for justice. 1) There is no God - now question is - what is Atheism? 2) Don't accept anything without proof - what is Science? 3) Reason with people - What is rationalism? 4) If spread the wealth around means socialism then what is Jakat? 5) Give your surplus food to your neighbor then what is 401K? 6) Inheritance and reverse dowry - What is women freedom? 7) There is no compulsion in the way of life of Islam. What is freedom of speech, what is freedom religion, what is freedom from fear and what is freedom from wants(if jakat could be distributed properly). 8) Idea matters and Islam is just an idea and it means how to make peace. one can't have peace without freedom. To have freedom is to have peace. And war is not peace nor killing is peace either i.e., it is unislamic. And then if we analyze the word Allah and what is Allah in surah "Nur" ayat 35 of the holy Quran it is said: Allah is the Nur of the asman(i.e., as per Quran layers of skies but widely known as heaven in Christianity) and jamin(i.e earth). Now the question is what is the Nur. To figure out what is Nur is to figure out what is not Nur. For example, the sun's light in Arabic is Siraaj and the moon's reflected light in Arabic is Muneer. So we have Siraaj, Muneer and Nur to describe three different kinds of Lights. Now question is what is Nur? if we take siraaj and muneer from our mental picture what do we have left? The dark-matter, right? Allah does what It Wills. So the Nur is doing everything in place of Allah? What Quran says 1400 ago that Allah moves the sun, the moon and the earth but science has realized this simple truth in 1989 that it is indeed that the sun, the moon and the earth move its own orbit. Nur-the-dark-matter is consist of electromagnetic force by which everything move. Allah is a code-name or the unified theory of the Nature just as in scientific communities use the word science as an unit to unify everything in its hierarchy. Allah is the top hierarchy of the system of levels according to which a entire universe is organized. Everything was created by a brilliant flashes of lightening[thunder, big bang] and the sun the moon the earth, the human species, the animals and the plants were gradually evolved like pottery according to Quran and Darwin and others had plagiarized many things from the holy book of Quran which we are unaware of because we ourselves are not aware of such thing existed in Quran because we kept the Quran in the shelf. What is interesting is that even Quran says that we will keep the holy book in our shelves. 1) Those who think or has intellect to understand how the bees collect honey and return to its hives.[sura the bee] 2) We have sent down the iron which has many functions.[sura the iron] 3) Those who think how birds fly they will understand and you can't fly without authority.[it also from a sura but cant recall now] Do those verses indicate that we should look for another planet as we know that this earth will end and the moon will be swallowed by the sun? I don't know the

answer but to those who we call infidels they are constantly looking for another planet and using the Nur's power just as the bees return home without having any radar or antenna. The word soul does not exist in Quran but nafs or nufs[pl] and ruh[the spirit] do. The Nufs and the Ruh are two different beings just as hair-line thin difference in between them. Ruh is a structure opposite in nature to the physical body. It is luminous, emitting rays of light[night vision camera sees the ruh of any living creature], living, dynamic, and permeating in all organs of the physical body. It has a delicate circulation and diffusion as of aroma in rose. There are many ways to characterize the nafs or nufs such as life, consciousness, psychic, ego, atmah, cognitive faculty, soul, database, repository where we keep our memories or words. The nufs along with language that has in our memory predetermines what we see; thus nafs with language in it constructs all reality. As an intellect person's nafs constructed based on one's deen[knowledge], as any deenless persons are evil in nature because the nufs of such persons become evil because lack of knowledge[deen] and a barren ground from which nothing springs except evil and in the spiritual world Allah's mercy evokes no response in the nafs[soul] of the one who has chosen evil. When any living creatures die, it means the nufs has become unconscious and the ruh goes to the Nur[i.e., ruh joins with formless Allah-the-Nur. And then we say verily we are from Allah and to Him we must return. [ruh(soul) returns to the Nur(dark-matter)] So how the ruh was created? The origin of Ruh is from the lightening of Tremendous power of the Nur-the-Allah while the human body originates from clay. The Allah had ordained love between the two to enable them to accept the commands and the tribulation of the worldly life. So Ruh is a foreigner and the body is native of this materialistic world. Therefore be mindful towards this stranger. Evolution in Quran: Nowhere in Darwin's book: origin of species, has mentioned one of the contentious claims of evolution is that humans are descended from an ape-like ancestor. As far as I know and remember reading his book, Darwin had mentioned that apes and humans share certain characteristics. And sharing certain characteristics don't lend the idea of evolution of man from an ape-like ancestor. Imaging if human had evolved from an ape then what was ape's ancestor? Pig? And recursively/infinitely raise the question on every species that one can think of. The Qur'an describes in sura 21:30 that every living thing were made from water. Now look at another verse describes in sura 24:45 Allah [Nur - hu narun nurun] has created every animal from water. Of them are some that creep on their bellies, some that walk on two legs, and some that walk on four. If we pause and look at these two verses 21:30 and 24:45, then we can contemplate a common origin for human and animals. These verses support the Darwin's scientific theory that all animals including apes share human characteristics.

In fact, it is precisely what we have in common with apes - not cognitive or behavioral characteristics, but genetic similarities. By understanding of what Quran has attributed the word Allah and how Allah creates what He wills, for truly Allah [Nur = hu narun nurun] has power over all things. If anyone of you are confused of what Allah is and think about why should we translate "Nur" equal to Light and "hu narun nurun" means "light upon light" instead, let us translate it electro upon magnetic i.e., electromagnetic? You see siraaj(sun) is light, muneer is reflected light, the Nur is light, "hu narun nurun" is light upon light makes no sense. Why should these two words be translated narun or nurun as Light? The quran describes in sura 15:26 that We created man from sounding clay, from mud molded into shape as the one used in making pottery. What does sounding clay mean? Does it mean water, electricity] molded into shape as the one created does not want a person to accept anything without of truth can only begin once we start to question ever held dear. clay and lightening[as like pottery? Remember the Quran reason and proof and the pursuit and analyze every belief that we

Allah is never "done" with His work, because the process of creation is ongoing. Each new child who is born, every seed that sprouts into a sapling, every new species that appears on earth, is part of the ongoing process of Allah's creation. It means evolution is occurring and is continuous. It was post-Darwinist thinkers have stirred and made it controversial by introducing the idea - that we human might have had evolved from another animal like the apes - just to denigrate the Quranic revelations and Darwin's idea of validation of human creation. The Quran endorses the concept of evolution from non-living to living and that all living objects have originated from water. However, it does not endorse the theory that humans evolved from animals as Darwin didn't endorse the idea of human evolution from an ape-like ancestor. What Dr. Richard Weikart has discussed is pure and simple politics of identity and power politics that led to kill Jews in Germany by Hitler and subsequently American, British and Jewish people took revenge by killing Germany's Aryan race. And Dr Richard Weikart is still keeping the mantle of Jewish history is indeed little more than the registry of crimes, follies and misfortunes of mankind which has nothing to do with what has Darwin's book of Origin of species described for mankind to learn from animals as is the case in Quran Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) wants us to learn from the bees, ants, birds and elephants etc. See the suras the bees, the ants the cow and the elephants etc. Another thing we need to ponder here. Socrates was tried for subversion and for corrupting the youth. He was then forced to take his own life by drinking poison hemlock. And what Dr Richard Weikart's discussing in his lecture might be spreading or poisoning the people's mind with his book: from Darwin to Hitler, is like for many, that's a fate even worse than drinking poison hemlock! Let the Almighty Allah ta'ala takes your unbelief away from your heart and soul Amen.