Background: We’re discussing David’s character, his good traits and a little bit of his dark side, as seen

through his relationship with one of his wives, Michal bat Shaul. Michal came to love David, like seemingly everyone else in the story besides Shaul, and Shaul decides to try and use this fact to his advantage, by sending David out on a suicide mission to capture 100 (seriously, I almost just put this fact in the shiur and translated it that way) in the hope that he gets killed. This fails, and David gets Michal. Shaul, trying to kill David again, sends men to their house to go kill David, but Michal helps David escape. Shaul then marries Michal off to Paltil ben Laish, presumably as punishment for conspiring to help the enemy. Later, David takes Michal back from Palti as part of a peace agreement with Mephiboshet, Shaul’s son and successor, and Palti cries the whole way until Avner tells him to go home. The next time we see Michal, she is criticizing David for being too singy-dancy and making a fool of himself when the Aron arrives in Ir David. Objective: David is an extremely charismatic man, a brave warrior who everyone seems to immediately fall in love with, who appears to have his every endeavor blessed by divine grace, as opposed to Shaul, a weak-willed and distant leader whose kingship has been revoked by God. But beneath that charisma lurks a side of David that is a callous, coldhearted tyrant, who knows full well the charismatic power he wields and has no compunctions about using it for his own gain. What we will see in the upcoming shiurim on David is a glimpse into the battle that rages between these two sides of him. Trigger: Let’s go with the same type of trigger as last time, why not. Start off by saying, briefly, the story of Michal yelling at David. Then work backwards. Who is Michal? Who is David? What is their history? Finally, at the end, bring it all back to the initial story and notice the specific things that get mentioned and their significance. Sources: The People love David for his bravery Shmuel Alef 18:5 ‫בעֵּ ינֵּי כָלההָ עָ ם וְּגַם בְּעֵּ ינֵּי עַ בְּדֵּ י‬ ְּ ‫(ה) וַיֵּצֵּא דָ ו ִד בְּכ ֹל אֲ שֶׁ ר י ִשְּ לָחֶׁ מו שָ אול י ַשְּ כִיל וַי ְּשִ מֵּ הו שָ אול עַ ל ַאנ ְּשֵּ י הַ םִ לְּחָ מָ ה וַיִיטַ ב‬ ‫ פ‬:‫שָ אול‬ David went to fight wherever Saul sent him. He was very successful, so Saul put him in charge of the soldiers. This pleased everyone, even Saul’s officers. Shmuel Alef 18:16 ‫ פ‬:‫ראֵּ ל ו ִיהודָ ה א ֹהֵּ ב אֶׁ תהדָ ו ִד כִיההוא יֹוצֵּא וָבָא לִפְּ נֵּיהֶׁ ם‬ ָ ְּ‫(טז) וְּכָלהי ִש‬ But all the people in Israel and Judah loved David because he was out among them and led them into battle. What character traits do these pesukim reveal about David? Michal Bat Shaul Shmuel Alef 18:20 :‫בר בְּעֵּ ינָיו‬ ָ ָ‫(כ) ו ַתֶׁ אֱ הַ ב מִ יכַל בַתהשָ אול אֶׁ תהדָ ו ִד וַיַגִדו לְּשָ אול וַיִשַ ר הַ ד‬ People told Saul that his daughter Michal loved David. This made Saul happy.

Shmuel Alef 19:11-12 ‫(יא) וַיִשְּ לַח שָ אול מַ לְָּאכִים אֶׁ להבֵּית דָ ו ִד לְּשָ מְּ רֹו וְּלַהֲ מִ יתֹו בַב ֹקֶׁ ר ו ַתַ גֵּד לְּדָ ו ִד מִ יכַל אִ שְּ תֹו לֵּאמ ֹר אִ םהאֵּ ינְָּך מְּ מַ לֵּט אֶׁ תה‬ ַ ‫ (יב) ו ַת ֶֹׁרד מִ יכַל אֶׁ תהדָ ו ִד בְּעַ ד הַ חַ לֹון וַיֵּלְֶׁך וַיִב‬:‫ליְּלָה מָ חָ ר אַ תָ ה מומָ ת‬ ַ ַ‫נַפְּ שְּ ָך ה‬ :‫ְּרח וַיִםָ לֵּט‬ Saul sent men to watch David’s house. They stayed there all night. They were waiting to kill David in the morning, but David’s wife Michal warned him. She said, “You must run away tonight and save your life. If you don’t, you will be killed tomorrow.” Palti Ben Laish Shmuel Alef 25:44 ַ ִ‫לי ִש אֲ שֶׁ ר מ‬ ַ ‫(מד) ו ְּשָ אול נָתַ ן אֶׁ תהמִ יכַל בִתֹו אֵּ שֶׁ ת דָ ו ִד לְּפַ לְּטִ י בֶׁןה‬ :‫גלִים‬ And Shaul gave Michal his daughter, wife of David, to Palti Ben Laish, who was from Galim Shmuel Bet 3:15-16 ‫ריהָ עַ דה‬ ֶׁ ֲ‫ (טז) וַיֵּלְֶׁך אִ תָ ה אִ ישָ ה הָ לֹוְך ובָכ ֹה ַאח‬:‫לי ִש‬ ָ ‫(טו) וַיִשְּ לַח אִ יש ב ֹשֶׁ ת וַיִקָ חֶׁ הָ מֵּ עִ ם אִ יש מֵּ עִ ם פַ לְּטִ יאֵּ ל בֶׁןהלוש‬ ִ ֺ‫בַח‬ :‫בנֵּר לְֵּך שוב וַיָש ֹב‬ ְּ ‫רים ו ַי ֹאמֶׁ ר אֵּ לָיו ַא‬ Then Ish Bosheth told the men to go and take Michal from a man named Paltiel son of Laish. 16 Michal’s husband, Paltiel, followed them, crying all the way to Bahurim. Finally, Abner said to him, “Go back home.” So Paltiel went back home. Looking at the peshat, how does Palt/iel feel? Do his feelings matter? Michal’s criticism of David Shmuel Bet 6:20-23 ַ ְּ‫ָרְך אֶׁ תהבֵּיתֹו ו ַתֵּ צֵּא מִ יכַל בַתהשָ אול לִק‬ ֵּ ‫לב‬ ‫גלָה‬ ְּ ִ‫ראֵּ ל אֲ שֶׁ ר נ‬ ָ ְּ‫כבַד הַ יֹום מֶׁ לְֶׁך י ִש‬ ְּ ִ‫ראת דָ ו ִד ו ַת ֹאמֶׁ ר מַ ההמ‬ ְּ ‫(כ) וַיָשָ ב דָ ו ִד‬ ֵּ ָ‫הַ יֹום לְּעֵּ ינֵּי ַאמְּ הֹות עֲ בָדָ יו כְּהִ גָלֹות נִגְּלֹות ַאחַ ד ה‬ ‫ כא) ו ַי ֹאמֶׁ ר דָ ו ִד אֶׁ להמִ יכַל לִפְּ נֵּי י ְּקֹו ָק אֲ שֶׁ ר בָחַ רהבִי מֵּ ָאבִיְך‬:‫רקִ ים‬ ִ ָ‫צוֹת א ֹתִ י נ‬ ַ ‫ל‬ ‫ (כב) ונְּקַ ֹּלתִ י עֹוד מִ ז ֹאת ו ְּהָ י ִיתִ י שָ פָ ל בְּעֵּ ינָי‬:‫ראֵּ ל ו ְּשִ חַ קְּ תִ י לִפְּ נֵּי י ְּקֹו ָק‬ ָ ְּ‫גיד עַ להעַ ם י ְּקֹו ָק עַ להי ִש‬ ְּ ‫ומִ כָלהבֵּיתֹו‬ :‫ (כג) ולְּמִ יכַל בַתהשָ אול ֹלאההָ י ָה לָה יָלֶׁד עַ ד יֹום מֹותָ ה‬:‫כבֵּדָ ה‬ ָ ִ‫רתְּ עִ םָ ם א‬ ְּ ַ‫ו ְּעִ םההָ אֲ מָ הֹות אֲ שֶׁ ר ָאמ‬ 20 David went back to bless his house, but Saul’s daughter Michal came out to meet him. She said, “The king of Israel did not honor himself today! You took off your clothes in front of your servants’ girls. You were like a fool who takes off his clothes without shame!” 21 Then David said to Michal, “The Lord chose me, not your father or anyone from his family. The Lord chose me to be leader of his people, the Israelites. So I will continue dancing and celebrating in front of the Lord. 22 I might do things that are even more embarrassing! Maybe you will not respect me, but the girls you are talking about are proud of me!” 23 Saul’s daughter Michal never had a child. She died without having any children. 1. What behavior does she deem unfitting of a king? Who is Michal? What differences are there between David and her father? What is bubbling under the surface of this criticism? 2. Why does David respond in the way he does? What might the significance of Michal’s childlessness be?

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