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Starmount Health & PE

Instructors: Coach Boles & Coach Pardue Course Overview This course is designed to give students a brief look at current health issues and how they relate to them personally. The PE portion is designed to give students the basic fundamentals they need in order to truly understand basic team and individual sports. This class will also include fitness testing in which the students will be expected to improve in 5 out of 6 areas by the end of the semester. Student Expectations ~Students are expected to dress out daily when in PE ~Students will be expected to participate on a daily basis, both in PE and in the health classroom ~Students will take the standard Physical Fitness Test as set by the PE Department at Starmount High School and will be expected to improve in 5 out of 6 areas by the end of the semester ~No food or drink is allowed in the gym at any time! Materials ~3-ring binder/Notebook ~5pk. Of dividers/Folder to place handouts (You will be getting handouts in this class) ~Paper ~Pens, Pencils, etc. Dressing Out Dressing out is essential to any PE related class. Our class will be full of physical activity in which you will need to be prepared to participate in. Lockers will be provided for you, and you will have approximately 10 minutes to dress out and to get to our meeting place before you are counted tardy (it’s PLENTY of time). Disciplinary Action will be taken if dressing out becomes an issue. Dressing Out Means: ~Tennis Shoes ~Shorts, Wind Pants, Jogging Pants, etc. ~T-shirt, sweatshirt, etc… Dressing Out Means NO: ~Jeans, Jean shorts, Khakis, Skirts, or anything of that nature ~Flip-Flops, Sandals, Boots, etc… ~Tank tops, Halters, etc…School Dress Code still apply Grading for PE You will begin each week with a grade of 100. For each time you do not dress out or do not participate 10 points will be deducted from your grade. So, if you dress out and participate each day of each week you will receive a grade of 100 for the week. If you don’t dress out one day, but still participate you will receive a 90 for the week. If

the student will be expected to turn the health articles and reviews in for a test grade. Injuries Hopefully none of these will even happen to forget your clothes one day you can still participate so you still get 10 points-10 is better than 0. magazine. in the newspaper. etc…Notebook Each student will be required to keep a notebook during health. These will be filed in their notebooks and each week 5 or 6 students will be selected RANDOMLY to present their findings to the class for a grade. I hope to include lots of practical knowledge that you can carry with you far beyond the realms of this class. but not limited to. individual work. At the end of our time in Health Class. I understand that absences do occur. Students will need to find a health related article online. 1-Classwork 2-Notes 3-Quizzes/Tests 4-Literature Review/Current Events 5-Miscelaneous Health Articles/Current Events Health is practical information that we hear about almost each and everyday. If you are absent from the PE portion of class. They need to bring the article in along with a ½-1 page review on how it relates to them. projects. videos. if you are injured please go see a doctor. Points will be taken off for unexcused absences. Current Event articles will not be excepted late. We will use a variety of methods to learn including. In the event that you are absent from health you are expected to see the teacher on your first day back to get assignments that you missed and make up the work within 3 days of returning to school. ONLY BY A DOCTOR’S NOTE CAN YOU BE EXCUSED FROM PARTICIPATING-and you will still be expected to dress out! Absences Since a large portion of this class is directly related to PE the major portion of the grade is determined by the student being in and participating in class. group work. etc. Each Friday there will be time devoted to group discussion on various health issues. you are expected to bring in excuse note. Health In the health portion of our class we will cover a wide variety of topics that I feel you will find interesting and relevant to your life today. PowerPoint. however. In order for students to stay current on these issues they will have a Literature Review/Current Event article due each week. however. The notebook(3ring binder) will be divided into 5 sections(dividers) and they will be checked periodically for a grade. .