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extended working age-keeping the legs healthy with Light Manual Muscle Relaxation (massage-lite


Keep your legs healthy when working extra years
With the global economic downturn, many countries with pension schemes are examining ways in which they can save money before having to pay pensions to their working people-my country (Australia) is no exception, and with this in mind, they have just increased the retirement age to 67

Many people already work past the present retirement age voluntarily either because their financial options are limited by the failure to invest enough money in their early working lives through lack of foresight or their personal circumstances Others do it simply because they love to work, enjoy it and are in an occupation or career where they have not had so many physical demands made on their body that they can continue working on without any signs of wear and tear that may come with more physically demanding job Whatever the reason for the increase I retirement age, it becomes increasingly necessary to maintain as high a level of fitness and health as possible in the face of the bodies natural inclination to slow down and develop age related medical problems For those who are still working the extra years beyond what they expected to through government increased retirement age, you are not going to find it easy, especially if you are in an occupation with a high rate of occupational risk of injury and wear and tear on the body Builders, factory workers, nurses, service industries, laboratory technicians (add you own list) are in occupations that put extra wear on the body because they are jobs that involve standing lifting and walking for the whole working day-they may not be able to work for the required number of extra years
The Legs One of the Most Important Areas

In the majority of occupations, while there are problems connected with the upper body while working, they rely on the ability of the legs to both transport and stand on while working-if the legs are working and can supply mobility Now the legs have to supply mobility for a few more years than they did before, and you will need all the assistance you can get to keep them working properly with reduced fatigue levels-without fatigued it will reduce the increased chances of having workplace accidents through slower reaction times brought on through ageing Legs-the majority of people have them and for the majority of those, they are working well except for during and after work fatigue caused by too much walking and standing The legs have evolved for two main reasons-to give us transport to find food and to take us away from danger-we have now found other uses for them and we accept that they are part of us
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extended working age-keeping the legs healthy with Light Manual Muscle Relaxation (massage-lite)

Most of us like to keep healthy and to this extent try to do the right things for our bodies-we try to eat the right food, sleep to rest them so they can recover, do some kind of activity and maintain an active lifestyle with the intensions of keeping mobile as long as we possibly can Mobility is one of the most important parts of being who we are and if we lose the use of the legs, independence disappears and we become reliant on other people to help us with our needs Leg health is very important to most of us who are reliant on our legs for our living, and to work longer or simply to get around from place to place-without our legs we lose our independence, and if we do not look after them while we have them over the years we can get into deep trouble It is not until we see our legs after years of abuse and notice things such as stiffness, varicose veins, arthritis, and leg abuse instigated restless legs caused by angry muscles that we realize that we have neglected looking after them Simply type into Google type 2 diabetes or multiple sclerosis massage or myotonia congentia or restless legs syndrome and see what comes up-it is interesting how many things are out there that may affect them from a medical, inherited or caused standpoint and can contribute to losing our independence

There are many ways available to keep the rest of the body healthy when it is under stress and working too hard and not feeling as well as it should, but there is not too much around about basic leg health that can be done in only a few minutes When the legs are tired and fatigued after being on them, unless you have your own therapist to help you recover them, other than to lay with the legs elevated to allow depleted fluid to flow back to the body there is not much left you can do The reasoning behind this is that the veins which take used blood and fluids back to the body from the extremities for refreshing and recycling-the veins have one-way valves in them-the valves open to let used fluid flow through them and close to stop it flowing back down towards the feet again as it moves up the legs Being upside down takes advantage of gravity by reversing its effects to let the weight of the fluid to open the valves and flow through back to body-this is known as passive recovery

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extended working age-keeping the legs healthy with Light Manual Muscle Relaxation (massage-lite)

Passive Recovery

Passive recovery is a slow way of doing things and while generally accepted there are disadvantages to doing this • • • • • • It needs time to do How long it takes to be effective for any given session Someone doing this can get cold The muscles stiffen up Standing and walking can be difficult until the muscles warm up again On standing too quickly many people can be disoriented and experience dizzy sensations which increases the possibility of falls

The body is supplied with a system which seems to be generally ignored but which can both cause leg health degeneration and leg health recovery, and if used properly can maintain leg health until well into the twilight years The calf muscle pump

The muscle pump is a way the body provides for moving used blood back up the legs and feet against gravity up to the body so it can be renourished and recycled again
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extended working age-keeping the legs healthy with Light Manual Muscle Relaxation (massage-lite)

It is made up of all the muscles in the legs but the main power to work it comes from the calf muscles which compress the veins and opens the one-way valves letting fluid pass through them on its way back to the body Like most other mechanical devices the motor that provides the power to work the pump needs servicing every so often otherwise it does not work too well and not much depleted fluid is removed from the legs-this means not much fresh blood enters the muscle tissues so they fatigue To keep the circulation in balance as much fluid has to come out of the legs as goes into them and it does when the legs are healthy And while on them see how many practitioners are actually close to where you live-it is generally assumed that the people have the financial ability to be able to afford the care and services of the therapist-it is unfortunate that the therapists mostly live in or around larger centers and cities and are unavailable to people who live in more isolated regions Lack of financial reserves-ability to study-facilities such as massage schools and teachers for learning the handskills required for modern massage techniques impact on the benefit that flow from massage were it available If you can afford the costs of having ongoing massage therapy-whichever you find most beneficial for your problem-and have no problem accessing the services of a massage therapist in your area, you are lucky-if not tough The main obstacles to effective massage for the untrained person are • • • Lack of information Affordability Lack of training and coordination in doing massage strokes such as 'pettrisage' and 'tapotement'

Conventional forms of recovery are too inflexible and cumbersome for someone with a low skill levelthey need lots of equipment such as lotions, potions, creams, table to work on, towels and room to work-they also need lots of practice to master the hands/muscle/brain coordination required for modern massage systems

To do a full course in recovery systems will cost hundreds of dollars in fees, there is also the time needed to study physiology, anatomy, and the hand skills needed to do it. And then it may not be suitable for your needs because it may not be portable enough, you will also have to carry oil to provide lubrication between the hands and skin, massage table, towels, but you have to buy them first and this can be expensive for the use that you will get from them
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extended working age-keeping the legs healthy with Light Manual Muscle Relaxation (massage-lite)

When it involves soft tissue work and its suitability with them; most conventional systems are just too hard because they require a high skill level that not everyone is capable of achieving The lack of skill can threaten, damage or make worse underlying issues in the muscles by provoking the muscles into defending themselves from further injury Conventional recovery work is invasive because it involves uncontrolled finger force on and into delicate muscle tissues leading to injury if done by someone who is a novice at using their hands
Ultra Marathon an how what is learned on it can benefit someone who is working extra years

Ultra marathon is anything over marathon distance-it can range from 24-48 hours-6 days-16 days or over-across continents or even like Jesper Olsen-around the world You have 3 years to rush over to this site because world run 2 has started and it will take this long to finish- being on a track or out on the road for this long-all the room in the vehicles is needed for necessary equipment-massage equipment is not considered necessary If like Jesper Olsen who was self supporting most of the way around the world and pushed all his stuff in a baby jogger he would not have any room for food and water to be carried

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extended working age-keeping the legs healthy with Light Manual Muscle Relaxation (massage-lite) Problems experienced by ultra marathoners include

Muscle and mental fatigue-stiffness-tiredness-muscle cramps-muscle spasm-poor coordination-poor circulation-muscles not working-refusing to work-sore hips-foot problems-mental stress-outbursts of temper-cold feet-hot feet-creeping feelings up the legs-down the legs-inability to move after sitting down for a short time-angry muscles-inability of the brain to shut the muscles off on going to bed to rest-poor sleep-swollen ankles-joint pain-vague aches and pains in various parts of the body They actually compress time and stress on the body into a short space of time and suffer many of the problems that may be being experienced by an older worker in a physically demanding job who may have to work for longer than they used to The ultra athletes I work with though rely on my skills as a muscle recovery specialist to assist their legs to recover quickly enough so they can get back onto the road or track without complications or time wasting-I do this by simply using the hands to increase the lower leg circulation

Most other forms of maintenance needs tools to do the job but leg maintenance already has the tools supplied -they are your hands
This can be done

• • • • •

Simply Easily Without any massage experience Without any threats to muscle integrity Without any need for greasy oil, towels or equipment
It is easier than you think with Light Manual Muscle Relaxation!!

Light Manual Muscle Relaxation works with the muscles not on them because it uses the 'snowshoe' effect of spreading the load, weight and pressure of the hands and fingers so does not stimulate pain receptors or produce friction or heat-therefore it can be done 'on demand' or as often as required
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extended working age-keeping the legs healthy with Light Manual Muscle Relaxation (massage-lite) The latest in non-technical 'cutting edge' solutions to substitute complicated massage therapies that only trained practitioners can do (if they are available) for a simple system that can be used by anyone

The only thing I use for fatigued muscles is Light Manual Muscle Relaxation anything else for recovery is a luxury or not necessary For more information go to

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extended working age-keeping the legs healthy with Light Manual Muscle Relaxation (massage-lite)

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