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Rethinking the Country April 24th 2009 Tipperary Institute and CULTIVATE

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Outcomes from morning World Café: These are comments that were received from Participants when asked what resonated with them:
• Swapping skills between young & old. • Believe in the power of community spirit. • Tapping into and using Human Resources & Skills. • People are listening. • Resilience – a combined effort from everywhere – “Follow your Heart (Idealist) but use your head to get there (pragmatists)” • We all have something to add. • Connections, cooperation, synergy, support & resilience. • No-growth economy. • Links & partnerships. • LOCAL (important) • Recycle existing resources • Volunteer • Back to basics, common sense • No easy solution but belief in the possible • One thing – spirit • Possibilities • The vision of hope • Resilience • Hope • From local assets to resilience • Back to basics sharing resources • Co-operation • The importance of values • Hope • Plenty of viable alternatives to present

• • • • • • • •

way of seeing and doing things Revolution Think change Community Community / no growth Transform economic growth to joyous community crafts Zero growth economy Non growth society (economically) Don’t waste, use “Free cycle” websites to source materials while saving someone disposal costs

• The positive impacts of on family in Fife • Munster/Tipp diet • Potential and ideas – how to make it happen • Diverse groups can motivate each other • We are the tool for change • Diversity of ideas and strengths • Love the source of energy • Apples & co-operation not oranges & privatisation

• Working together for equality and the common good • Wonderful ideas I have got for fundraising. I met lovely people to speak to, I enjoyed the morning session. • Participation – methods, technology, community – sustainable • Connection • 80% people > 20% technology • Co-ordination – website • Intergenerational – develop a steady state economy • Energy • We need joined up action to match the joined up thinking

• • • •

Increase in volunteers Meitheal Activists are busy people Rethink current concepts of employment, jobs, and career. • Intentional sustainability – a global first? No precedent • The importance of a nurturing social context: feeding the worthwhileness

of contribution. From the conversation café I sensed a shift in thinking in terms of “keeping up with the Jones” – people are thinking viability as opposed to image. Are we moving from the global to the local? From the corporate to the community.

• Bottom up development, food – local – energy.

• Community initiatives, co-op mindset. • Use local products, everybody involved rural importance • Heal the discontent between farmers and local food production • Local food diet & life coaches for farmers! • Grow more veg • 100 mile diet • Local food – selling by farmers (beneficial to local • producers, less travel costs etc) buying by community. Reduce food miles support local produce. • Need for community. Amazed at the wealth of ideas in the room. • Wisdom of the elders • Believe in the power of community spirit • Swapping skills between young & old • Locally produced food at affordable prices. Family succession planning maintaining a harmonious sustainable family farm/unit • Community gardens

Advice from your friends......
• Frame a new value system and develop new models of education Creativity around transport needs Create a Range of ‘from here to there’ tools Multi skilling Take back control Be revolutionary Conserve – the power of one. Respect wisdom of age Break the link between time & work & money Just do it! Get involved in your community council Transition tales; bring wisdom of elders to community Apply science and research to the local economy Give youth reasons to stay in the local community

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

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Adapting the message that is acceptable to a rural audience (Power down) Consensus decision making Car pooling and use of technology to this end Blogging / follow up future networking opportunities Give as many positive examples of existing initiatives as possible Invite the sort of people you never usually talk to

• • • • • •

• • • • •

• • • • to initiate the change to sustainability

Develop practical systems for implementing ideas i.e.: 10 mile shelf, 50 mile shelf etc, in shops Help people to see the patterns i.e. sign that shows how much money left the area (outside supermarket) Make sure groups are inclusive – not a “Green Clique”, speak in plain language Tell people about what is happening Tell people what already exists i.e. transport – all companies /taxis

Ban / limit television Consultation / communication Practical skills Children Family Lifestyle changes / changes of mindset Develop a Vision of the future Build trust in each other Identify and listen to sources of wisdom – ourselves Creating opportunities to connect and listen Be the champions we are looking for Take a holiday now and again Get involved in your local community and organise conversations Plugging the leaks (see NEF) Insulate your house Lobby local councillors Eat locally