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Zero Limits Retreat: Audio 6 Jan. 19 – 21, 2007 Hosted by Dr. Joe Vitale & Dr.

Ihaleakala Hew Len

Dr. Hew Len:

But it...REALLY, you were created perfect, GOD PERFECT.



Dr. Hew Len:



I have a question.

Dr. Hew Len:




Dr. Hew Len:



If I was created PERFECT, why am I so...why am I struggling with hot flashes every two hours?


Memory. Memory.


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[Sigh, chuckling]



Dr. Hew Len:

NOW you guys, it’s YOU guys now. [Pause] It’s YOU GUYS, now! [Pause] So, YOU should be paying attention to what she says, because it’s YOU folks that have this COMMON MEMORY and if we ALL clean we would have a BIGGER NET to catch all of this stuff. If we think, that’s her problem. Listen, her problem is OURS: “All for one, one for all.” So, you CAN’T get away with anything.

It’s like a poem by this Edna Maley, where she’s talking about somebody in Capri and she lives, I think, in New Hampshire. Somebody in Capri is starving. She knows that that’s her...this is a BEAUTIFUL poem called Renaissance. Somebody is dying. Somebody is starving and she KNOWS that it’s HER. So, in her mind, the poem is about how she goes through her cleaning and letting go. It’s BEAUTIFUL! But, that’s what YOU should be doing.

So, the BEST line I like in Joe’s book is a line that says, “Now, I am a guru...of myself!” Like our friendly Irish friend over there, he’s going to be a guru of you, because if he doesn’t do it, he’s going to have a severe heart


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attack. Now, tell me, it’s telling me...what is this you guys ran by me the last time when I said something? Something about its


Self-fulfilling prophecy

Dr. Hew Len:

I am sorry?


Self-fulfilling prophecy.

Dr. Hew Len:

Yeah. Self-fulfilling prophecy. [Chuckle] What a bunch of bullshit!



Dr. Hew Len:

When you HEAR it, you should be CELANING!



Dr. Hew Len:

Because like I said to you, when there was a Tsunami, the animals [Chuckle] get it BEFORE you! That’s TELLING you somewhat. Is that self-fulfilling? No, I want somebody to TELL ME before it HAPPENS!!

So, she’s telling us something very beautiful! It HAS to do with HELL!!! Can I say that again? This HOT STUFF has to do with HELL. Like being and


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Hew Len: Thank you. let’s go drink some water.. get out of the it will sound 4 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden . all you have to do is say. Hew Len: [Laughing] [Pause] www..burning.. like “What’s my problem?” You are going to get out of it today if you are willing to know you are 100% responsible...” Drink your solar water. what’s happening? HOW COME? WHY?” You are NEVER going to get it! On that note.well. You don’t have to. but today you are going to be able to get OUT of that. yeah? Female: Yeah! Dr. “I love you. Audience: [Clapping] Dr. this suicidal theme that runs through our minds.”Now. WOW!! I mean.mrfire. so if you are willing to clean it.. get out of this HELL. you know. you.

. Does anybody want to SHARE one of those stories? Yes. I know since yesterday morning. some. Bruce: Thank you. [Inaudible – whispered same time as Bruce’s next comment. It doesn’t matter what the question is. we get to clean with whatever. some of you have already had some breakthroughs. ] Bruce: I just wanted to start out with a simple exercise and then I’ll go to the insight. Dr. some insights. Hew Len: [Whispered] See NOW. whether it was headaches. Bruce.. If you want to use the mike. Cindy: Why? www. there’s a mike over there.Joe: So. Dr.mrfire. Hew Len: [Laughing] Bruce: Does anyone have ANY questions? I just need ONE question. Anybody have ANY questions? Audience: [Laughing] 5 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden . some cleansing.whether it was rage. Vitale.

and my wallet.Audience: [Chuckling] Bruce: I DON’T know! Audience: [Laughing] Bruce: With THAT being said. I had the good fortune of speaking to the woman who has been sitting here most of the morning and I was really into it. trusted. “Don’t worry.” She said. I can SEE them. I surrendered. My wife said. Hew Len: [Very quietly laughing] Bruce: As we were breaking for lunch. If I am in my office. I’ll tell this from the perspective of my wife. my cell phone. I am not doing 6 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden . they are ALWAYS moving WITH me. “We’ve got to pack and put our stuff up. but with that exception. as she retold it earlier. I left my keys and my wallet in my luggage. I’ll handle it. Maybe going to the bathroom in the same building. I relaxed. I am NEVER without my keys. Dr.” Woman: [Chuckling] www. But.mrfire. THIS weekend.

. I asked Susie if she got the coats. So. body’s fine. I went up to the room. “I didn’t know we had coats. So. blood pressure.” So.mrfire. except his lungs are COVERED with fluid. My father was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure six months ago and there’s nothing wrong with him. I returned to the luncheon and I told Susie that she did a fine job.back to the original story.. but he’s got fluid AROUND his lungs. I am going to segue out of that into something very different. I took them down to the Suburban and discovered that ALL of the keys were in the Suburban and the Suburban was LOCKED. Heart’s fine. He is like seventy-two and he’s like as fit as a horse. She 7 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden .Bruce: So. Hew Len: [Laughing] Audience: [Laughing] www. got the coats. including the keys! Dr. Audience: [Laughing] Bruce: So. She packed away EVERYTHING. he is just fine. the whole deal. there’s nothing wrong with him. cholesterol.

unfortunately. we’ve been here ALL WEEKEND. like we 8 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden . she kind of nodded and agreed and we had ONE WITNESS. Vitale. But. we started talking about it. so I thought.” I wanted to CONTROL that Suburban. let’s try this NEW thing. too…it’s “control. “I am sorry. I wanted to control that situation. so we’ve got some practice and we’ve been looking at each other and hearing Dr. and the WORD here… that I want to OWN and then maybe share…maybe some of you experience it. Audience: [Laughing] www.” Audience: [Chuckling] Dr. I said. Hew Len: [Chuckling] Bruce: So. I love you. Please forgive me.” So. “This looks like our FIRST opportunity to do a JOINT CLEANING session.” So. Thank you. Hew Len and Dr. She probably had some of the same feelings. “Well.Bruce: So.

I decided I was going to go TAKE CONTROL! Dr. “Where are the coats?” I said. Hew Len: [Laughing] Bruce: So. Thank you. we are kind of doing the NOT cleaning and the cleaning at the same time. Hew Len: [Laughing] Bruce: So. THEY are going to help me control the situation and ALL of the while. Dr. I don’t know where she goes.” I am running and I try to control it. Hew Len: [Laughing] Bruce: So. I love you. Hew Len: [Laughing] www. the receptionist’s desk because I know that they’ve got a Slim Jim.” So. I don’t SEE her anymore.Dr. I left them on the truck. “I am sorry. “Well. Dr. she 9 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden . Forgive me. I am sorry.mrfire. I’m running up the hill trying to be in control saying. I am RACING to the check out place.

.” Audience: [Loud Laughing] Dr. with a AAA Card in her hand. Hew Len: [Loud Laughing] Bruce: So.mrfire. because HER solution looked so much easier than mine. on the phone. so SOMEBODY’S got a solution. I’m like. “Oh. Hew Len: [Laughing] Bruce: She stopped and she looked at me and she said something nice 10 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden .and there is my wife.Bruce: So I get there and I open the door and I am ready to talk to the receptionist. I am in control.. “STOP! Wait! I’m in control!” Dr. I didn’t know what to do. Dr... my resourceful husband. Hew Len: [Chuckling] Audience: [Chuckling] www. I was going to BREAK into my truck with some tools that Bill [Hibbler] was going to go get and we were going to do a MacGyver move. because I KNOW that I’m not the first customer that’s had their keys locked in the car here.

Hew Len like a two year old that just took his first steps. Audience: [Laughing] www. I did the CLEARING right then. she was about to make a call and I was trying to STOP HER. I love you. Hew Len: [Chuckling] Bruce: So.” I am trying to show Dad I can walk now. It’s not about the locked doors. Dr. Dr. about that time we were meeting for the group picture.mrfire. I thought.Bruce: Who needs a regular window when you can have a broken one? Who needs a door that works when you can have one that leaks? Because. “You know what? I surrender. and it’s NOT about the truck. I didn’t know what else to do. I have LISTENED and paid attention to the courses and the lessons that we’ve had this weekend. Forgive me. So. So. she ALREADY had Joyce’s cell phone and AAA Card. That’s a great idea. I went over to Dr. “I am sorry. Thank you.” That’ll do it. because I am in control. Hew Len: [Chuckling] Bruce: 11 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden . I am in control. I mean.

whatever it is that he does. seeing it. “My wife and I had our first JOINT CLEANING session opportunity.” Female: A what? Bruce: A 12 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden . So. because I don’t know. I told him that we locked our keys in our car. I am not there yet. “Tell me about it. He said. he started seeing the chair talk. You know. Its like. but he can see the chair talk.” What he was doing was he was getting it! He was kind of tuning into it.” He smiles at me and he says. I said. I told him with a BIG smile on my face.Bruce: So. “Respiratory problems.mrfire. “This is like gagging.” So. “It’s like a gagging. Then he said. Is there respiratory problems somewhere?” www.

” He said. “Well. He 13 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden . [Pause] My father has Congestive Heart Failure and his lungs are covered with fluid. “Because when it BREAKS LOOSE. like a gagging. “Yes. “Yes. because I am in control..” He said.. when it BREAKS LOOSE and it WILL. just KEEP CLEANING!!” He says. Hew Len: [Laughing}. so no one would be bothered during the thing. “Yeah. it’s STUCK right now. my father.” I thought of the Heimlich maneuver.I said. “Have you ever seen someone choke?” I said. but it’s going to break loose. www. have you ever seen anybody choke when you are eating?” I said. Dr.mrfire. it’s ALL going to GO AWAY to Zero!” So to wrap up my story. I kept the ringer on vibrate. I kept the phaser on stun. “Well.

Hew Len: [Laughing] www.mrfire.. I am saying it. I really want to be INTO this.. doing my cleaning. Thank you very much. Audience: [Laughing] Dr. Hew Len: [Loud Laughing] Bruce: . the second ring… the second phone call came and they said they were here. I am cleaning it. So.and I sat back there in the Diaper Room and... [Bruce’s meaning 14 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden . etc. Dr. “You know. Vitale is up here and he’s probably looking at me once and awhile because I am WALKING back and forth pacing and I thought.and so I got two calls and they were pretty fast. Dr. and I just wanted to hold onto the eraser so I wouldn’t forget. there was an outer room adjoined to our main meeting room where Amy and Andy Grant would take their 3 month old baby to change.. like I did my keys. So. So I RAN up the hill.” so I take my eraser WITH me because I figured I’d be doing some cleaning along the way. I am cleaning it. feed..Bruce: ..]. Joyce. They were pretty FAST and I was impressed with that.

I love you.mrfire. “What do you want me to do?” I FORGOT the lessons. I said. I get to my Suburban and the guy is there. I wanted to do the clearing AND be in www. Please forgive me. So. Hew Len: [Chuckling] Bruce: It’s not about the cell phone being on vibrate. 15 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden . thank God. thank you. because if there is a problem.Bruce: “I am sorry. the man that came because I had a problem. He’s looking. The lesson is that it’s NOT ABOUT THE TRUCK!! It’s not about me being in control. I am in control.” All: [Loud Laughter] Bruce: So. I am there. He’s not in a rush to break a window out or anything like that. Dr. So. I didn’t want to DO that. his name is Louis [marker sounds of writing the name down in the last remaining spot on the Absentee List people paid to be on so they could be cleaned on all week-end and benefit from the room’s sacred energy]. and he’s taking his time.. Louis and I had a chance to clear. At FIRST. Joyce.and I WAS there!! So. It’s not about the AAA Card. It’s about me CLEARING something. Thank you.. I am in control. sure enough.

.com 16 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden . I am wrong.. So. “What’s wrong?” Me.mrfire. Hew Len: Now. but I was in control so that’s where we started out at. So. we keep thinking that the keys got lost or locked in because of whatever. the doors opened and I am REALLY grateful that my father’s going to be better. Hew Len. I move around to the front door and I just asked whatever he needed.and the CAR gave him the chance to DO THAT.. of course. that’s my experience. Hew Len: Thank you!! Audience: [Clapping] Dr. I am going to just DO this and not control.. just let me know and he told me. So. About three seconds later [Kapoo! (Sound effect)]. Yeah? Joe: Does anybody else have a story? Yes! Right over here. So. Thank you very much. www. Dr. the fact that he had a chance to CLEAR is really a big deal and the KEY. part of why the keys were lost was so he could clear with his father!! You know. Dr. So we tried the back cargo doors and he didn’t want to do that to begin with. So.control. I kept clearing and I saw that it wasn’t working and I’s NEVER about what we think.

Joe? First. and The Divine can check out ALL of those people with Congestive Heart 17 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden . One was a DEFINITELY a moment this morning of experiencing Inspiration while being in the Zero State and that was at breakfast. Bruce: Thank you.Joyce: Can I get… just a… one quick second. I don’t know that you know…the cell phone he got has my mother’s PICTURE on it! My mother died from Congestive Heart Failure. Audience: [Laughing] Amy: Well. “Oh! Did you get a chance to talk to Collette?” www. TWO things. Joyce: I’ll TRY to follow that.mrfire. So. We were having a conversation and Andy said. I will commit to you to clean and clear ME. Female: Okay.

” and just forgot about it and went on eating. “Oh. she comes over and she’s like. so it was like. “Wow! That sounds great!!” I am thinking I am going to ask her if she wants to do a teleclass together.. “That’d be fun! We could set up a teleclass! I’ll have to.” Then. “Oh! Wouldn’t it be fun to do like a teleclass with Collette?” I don’t even know what her book is about.. I’ll have to talk to her later. Well. I was like.” I saw her sitting down at a different table. “Is this seat taken?” She ended up sitting right next to me and having 18 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden . I said. “So.blah. whatever. blah.. what’s your book about?” She tells me and I’m like.nothing! But. www. a minute later.I said. “I LOVE HER! She’s awesome! I talked to her last night. blah.. I just was like not really thinking of anything and all of a sudden it popped into my head like...

I don’t know if anybody here has had the experience of building a house. I would have thought. So. Andy and I built a house and moved www.I just started laughing.. we’ll just keep cleaning and it will just be like.mrfire. but.Then she says. great! It’ll be awesome! It’ll be fun and it’ll be like a total like connection for us and for all the other people who aren’t really out there. it was like very clear to me that because it came so inspired. that it was like.. but it made TOTAL SENSE to me and that was. “Well.. I said.. if somebody had said it to me. “Yeah. It’s like a new construction home. you know.” Anyway. like from scratch.. so THAT was fun. Then the OTHER thing that really HIT 19 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden .because I have this whole method for helping people get through their blocks around The Law of Attraction and everything. “That’s what I do!! Ha! Ha! Perfect!” So. so that was an inspiration that came.. I would have laughed them out of the room. but I haven’t figured out how to help people DEFINE CLEARLY WHAT THEY WANT. we’ll pretend to sign them for the class. ‘This is WACKO!’” Like. there’s just ONE part I haven’t figured out in this whole process and that’s how to.” I am like. “Even like a couple of weeks ago. that I told Andy I said.

into it in August. Audience: [Clapping] Joe: Thank you.for getting that clear. “Damn! The contractors did that! Look. Yes? www. It was just a huge insight. Well.. they messed up that! There’s a scratch on the floor!” That’s ALL I’ve done since we moved in and I really GOT that the house just wants us to LOVE IT. I told Andy. so I was like… I immediately started cleaning with the house. I think. I have done NOTHING but find things wrong with this house.mrfire. but it makes TOTAL sense. like we are cleaning.. WE might not be cleaning the house. “When we get home. Like. and ever since we have moved in. we are cleaning this house. thank you for I don’t 20 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden . but we are cleaning the HOUSE!” Audience: [Laughing] Woman: So. like it just wants to be LOVED!! That’s just like insane that a house wants to be loved.

I am sorry! I have to go!” [Chuckling] Audience: [Chuckling] Collette: Then I sat at another table and [inaudible].Collette: To complete MY part was to sit down at a table at breakfast and IMMEDIATELY KNOW that it was NOT the table I should have sat down 21 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden . “Oh. www. Nerissa or Pat: [Inaudible] Audience: [Laughing] Joe: Somebody else? Male: It’s CONTROL groups. okay? Audience: [Chuckling] Nerissa: We want it on video. Joe: That’s great. [Chuckle] so I was like.mrfire.

all of the different things that I’ve practiced and learned and put into effect and then saying. Audience: [Laughing] Mr. “Okay.Audience: [Chuckling] Andy: I coach in a program with Landmark Education and MY first introduction to Ho’oponopono was actually when Amy came home from the ORIGINAL Manifestation Weekend. They are not really coach-able and trainable and I had a coaching session with them Monday morning while I was at the airport. and you know. what matter is the space between them..mrfire.and on our checkbook. I came to the second Beyond Manifestation and that Saturday morning when Joe was up at the White Board and going through ALL of the different Law of Attraction. this is whack! Then. very difficult.. “Amy. They are always right.there is just nothing more than I 22 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden . none of that matters... She’s running around the house with this pencil eraser stuck against the side of her head. Grant: . the zero space.” I was really inspired by that! When the announcement was made about this weekend. I have TWO participants that are very. Okay. I said. we are going to go and DO this. I was dreading it like. the white space.” In the program that I am COACHING..

Audience: [Clapping] Cindy: I just wanted to share an experience that I had this morning and the cleansing power in this room and with that the HEALING power that comes with it. It’s a husband and wife team. Then.dread it. I just started doing Ho’oponopono and something shifted in who I was being and who she appeared. At that moment I knew. one that normally would keep me in bed four to five days.” So.mrfire. Female: [Laughing] Andy: It just went as badly as bad can possibly 23 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden . So I sat there and I just started DOING the process. I woke up with a HORRIBLE Migraine. “Okay. When I woke up this morning. I got on the phone with the wife. I was bound and determined to be here today. I coached the husband first and it went relatively well. I’ve got to learn more ABOUT this stuff. An hour ago I was feeling extremely nauseous www. We had an AMAZING breakthrough phenomenal coaching session that redefined our relationship as coach and participant for the rest of the program. She suddenly started getting on board and actually APOLOGIZED to ME for being difficult and for not being coach-able. thank you and thank you and thank ALL of you for being present for defining what this has meant and for what the future holds.

and my Migraine was so bad. I was WATCHING and as Dr. Several people in the room KNEW that I had this Migraine and have been cleansing FOR me. Hew Len. I have been cleansing all day.mrfire. didn’t even THINK about the fact that I was eating them. and thank you. I suddenly realized my Migraine was COMPLETELY GONE!!! It had DAWNED on me that I had eaten these M&Ms after I realized that the Migraine was gone and I would like to know if whoever brought the M&Ms. Dr. I just wanted to share that. thank you. anyway. if they could come let me know who it was because I’d like to get a whole CASE of them! Male: [Laughing] Cindy: But. This process is just absolutely phenomenal! The CLEANSING process AND the healing process that goes along with it! So. that if I had taken my LAST breath it would have been okay with me. www. As I was doing 24 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden . Joe. I had eaten four M&Ms. My Migraine is completely gone and I have TRULY believed in this since the LAST Manifestation when I came to the Weekend back in November. Hew Len was going through this last cleansing process and was just really focusing on the cleansing. and as I was watching him doing the cleansing.

I woke up this morning at six o’clock and I thought it was twelve thirty because I had my watch upside down. but I flushed it AGAIN! The water kept getting higher and higher and I kept saying. the water just started to going higher and higher.Audience: [Clapping] Joe: Does somebody else have a. “Stop! Stop! Stop!” The water did not stop and it overflowed and it went EVERYWHERE. and when I got back into the bathroom. I should NEVER have done this. Audience: [Laughing] Woman: The clock in my room was not working... When I realized that of course.? Woman: 25 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden . I am thinking. went to the bathroom and since I have been here through.mrfire.. I stayed awake and did my usual. I did! I called and I thought. this morning I did that and it just kept running and running and I played around with the handle.. So. Now. I have had to flush. “How do I stop this and get the telephone so I can call the front desk?” around with the handle because it just wouldn’t stop filling. I had a question [inaudible]. “I finally made it to the front desk!” [Chuckle] www.

“We have an emergency here and I just need a lot of towels because I have used what I have and I need some more. Hew Len: [Laughing] Woman: ...I REALIZED THAT stops the water from running. the water keeps over flowing.I said... “We don’t HAVE ANYBODY right now!!” So I went back to the bathroom and I opened up the top and I was holding up that bulb whatever you call that thing. she came in and looked at this. I had put the water bottles in the room that ARE filled with water..” I told her what it was. I need to go unlock the door for whoever is at the door. I am standing there and I am 26 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden . the poor thing.” and I am holding this and whenever I put it down. She said. Dr.mrfire. Dr. Dr.. “Well. Hew Len: [Laughing] www. I grabbed one of those and she stuck THAT underneath the bulb. Hew Len: [Laughing] Woman: So when she came in.

to cut a long story short.and that held it up.Woman: ..mrfire. of course. Hew Len: [Loud Laughing] ALL: [Loud Laughing] Joe: You just rented the WRONG room. She eventually left that and went out and found a mop. We got that under control.. Dr. the maintenance man came around so. Hew Len: [Chuckling] www. Hew Len: [Laughing] Joe: I would just 27 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden . She started mopping up all of this. Later in the day. according to The Attractor Factor how did I attract that into my life? Dr.. Dr. We don’t know where it came from.. Hew Len: [Loud Laughing] Audience: [Laughing] Dr. This is one of those things where it’s a Memory. that’s all.that I DON’T KNOW and that YOU don’t know.

mrfire. We can go and play detective. Hew Len: That’s what the water is for. because even when I SAY THAT. the idea is the water is running because it’s cleaning. Audience: What? [Chuckle] Dr.” it doesn’t necessarily mean the mess that was in your room. but the Mess with a capital “M” as Memory! Dr.but when it was all said and 28 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden . Hew Len: It has to do with Alzheimer’s. Hew Len: [Chuckling] Joe: .. It has NOTHING to do with the toilet being malfunctioned. As I am cleaning.. We can go and try to investigate and unearth where it MIGHT have been active in your brain and there was some kind of program in the past. www. “All you needed to do was to clean up this mess. Dr. you just needed to clean up the mess! That’s interesting.Joe: We can go and play psychologist. Hew Len: It has do with cleaning up shit! Audience: Shit... Dr. So. I am watching to see whether anybody else is cleaning. It’s cleaning.

Hew Len: Now. “This time I wasn’t a wimp!” [Chuckling] Audience: [Clapping] Joe: You know what? I was wrong! Dr. HE ANSWERS first. Hew Len: [Chuckling] Joe: Because I was HEARING something like that to SAY. “Hey! I am going to run.” But. it’s cleaning Alzheimer’s. www. Audience: Oh! Dr. Next time.The toilet said. my Divinity says this. but I thought. I’ll let HIM go first.mrfire. “That’s CRAZY!” All: [Laughing] Joe: So. this is what when I HEARD it. because this is the cleaning 29 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden .

mrfire. Carol: Okay. Carol: We were supposed to come down here on Wednesday and I could NOT sleep well on Tuesday night. to say. PLEASE! Please. who didn’t know we were flying to Texas. So. in case something happened! www.Dr. This is okay that I tell them what you told me? Dr. Hew Len: Yes. I emailed my daughter. Hew Len: [Chuckling] Joe: Then I’ll say. “Hey! We are going to fly out to Texas. just very uncomfortable. “What HE says.” Audience: [Chuckling] Joe: Somebody else had a sharing or a question? Carol: Can I say something? Joe: Yeah.” just in the back of my 30 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden .

That airplane could have gone down! They go down occasionally! Did you know that? Audience: [Chuckling] Yeah. bought me. Audience: [Inaudible] Dr.I don’t WHO that is. she’s talking about. Audience: [Inaudible] Carol: .and my elbow doesn’t HURT anymore! It stopped hurting right here. Hew Len: Yeah. but our flight was canceled. Dr. again.. I could NOT touch anything in her life.that elbow indicated a malfunction with that airplane. my ELDEST 31 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden . Woman: So somebody was cleaning. Carol: I think so.. very bad. Hew Len: Now..very.mrfire....Well.. www. because somebody was cleaning.. [Crying] He told her that the plane was going to go down. Yeah...

Hew Len. that’s my understanding.. except for the one time where they spoke? They KNOW Dr. No matter what’s going on.Joe: Okay. They came to the dinner that was in February. I FEEL it up here and I have been feeling it in the room. right in the center of the room who are now looking surprised because I am pointing at them. they are cleansing themselves. but I think that they KNEW him and did some training BEFORE that. I wanted to point out that did you know that there are two pillars holding us up this room? That couple. I don’t know them at all to know that story.somebody wanted to share over here? While I am waiting for that person to raise their hand. But what I have sensed and maybe YOU have sensed is that THEY have been CLEANSING. there was another. Now. they might be working on their taxes! Audience: [Chuckling] www.. right back 32 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden .mrfire. Audience: [Laughing] Joe: [Chuckling] Have you noticed that they have been silently BUZZING the ENTIRE weekend. they seem like they are two little Buddha’s that are just sitting back there just humming out their clarity. In their head. but as they are DOING it. I don’t know from HOW far back.

Please forgive me.. I am sorry.. Joe: Your job. I have NO idea. Joe: In the same family. Joe: You can’t. Joe: When you are cleaning. Helena: That’s it.Joe: That they might be thinking of something else that they have to 33 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden . Thank you?” You ARE doing something different? Om: Well.the “I love you. can I ASK you what you’ve been doing? Om: My job. Can you SHARE what it is? Om: No. are you doing something different than what we’ve been talking about. Can you tell me what your job is? Om: To clean.mrfire. Can YOU? www. in the same family. I’d be curious.

Om: I will say one thing Joe about knowing one 34 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden . because that’s all we do. I came back and was hospitalized. Towards the end of the vacation I contracted Encephalitis in Hawaii. We went through a LOT with he makes LOTS of us. all cognitive ability. I couldn’t tell if it was a box of Kleenex or a ham sandwich. Through the time I lost all movement in my body. I went to Hawaii for training and we have a training/a little vacation. you are here to do YOUR JOB!! You do YOUR.. We don’t have the same BLUEPRINT! Divinity didn’t make ME as he made YOU. I’ve been with the Foundation for about ten years doing Ho’oponopono. Maybe it’s some kid in Africa who doesn’t starve to death. I don’t know.. THAT’S the PROFOUND part of all this work is that you really DON’T KNOW and that all it is… is just do the job.Helena: The GREAT thing about Ho’oponopono. www. Maybe it’s some black hole going through our Galaxy that does not take out Mother Earth.. About a year and a half ago.Self-Identity in Ho’oponopono is LOVE and knowing WHO you are.” I don’t know. Maybe it’s somebody else’s plane that doesn’t go down. I mean. There were a couple of people that I have had a chance to talk to.. Who you are is Divine Inspiration. Thank you.” and then YOU get what is PERFECT for YOU. “I love you. That’s it. What’s perfect for ME is NOT perfect for you. So that you start we ALL start with “I love you. Thank you.

everything. We are driving to this location still with my arms all curled up and driving to this location.. It might be a tablespoon of ketchup.I wouldn’t say the location. I was paralyzed. if it could be. So. Literally. “DON’T stop at _____. Ihaleakala has been telling me over and over again. Still the cognitive abilities were normal. my body came back.” He’s been telling me over and over again. IMMEDIATELY the cleaning began again. The next person it might be a pair of sneakers. I went to the location. that is the ONLY thing that KNOWS..” So. I received Inspiration to go to a certain location in the country. There wasn’t anything! I went BACK to The Source that CREATED US. But it IS AMAZING. “Thick Irish head from Boston. because I LISTENED. It might be it for some person. DID what I was Inspired to do at the location [snap] IMMEDIATELY 100% better. you know.As soon as I was able to UNDERSTAND or get my senses back. because then everyone would say THAT. I turned back into the sarcastic Irish guy from South Boston. we took a LONG driving trip. because there wasn’t a doctor. But for ME it was a location that I went to and it PROVED www.mrfire. just GO there. because as he SAID all weekend. The arms. There wasn’t a 35 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden .

happy to meet you.. me. but it PROVED TO ME WHAT we are doing there and HOW AMAZING it is!! So. I am happy that we get a chance to meet a bunch of people.I have had COUNTLESS experiences over the years. But it’s an amazing thing and I am happy that we came. it’s fruitfully.. Audience: Uh-huh. Hew Len: Sure. www. Yeah. and happy to be here! 36 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden .. Wow! Joe: Thank you for sitting here with us and thank you for telling us THAT! Audience: [Clapping] Joe: Wow! [Pause] Are you ready to come back up? Dr. I am just going to list them as them come up. I KNOW that it works.. can you give me one of those tools that we went over on the weekend? Just give me any one of them. because I am here sitting with you people BECAUSE it works. please. I would like to just go over some of the tools that we went over. Do you remember? David: Water.mrfire. I don’t know HOW it works. so that you can APPLY them. JUST APPLY it to your course. So.

Hew Len: Water? Okay. If you get to the point where you can’t do it. Hew Len: I am sorry? Helena: Breathing ‘Ha. you want to START with this. another one please? Helena: Breathing ‘Ha. you can do it mentally. you get a bottle. you can do that. [Marker sounds] Incredible. however if it is raining and you need it. you can do it mentally. Hew Len: Okay. all you need is tap water. all you have to do is DRINK it! Helena.Dr. Dr. Okay? Anybody with the Blue Solar water. Dr. Because you don’t want to do it mentally. Tap water.’ Audience: [Inaudible – spoken at same time as Helena].’ www. Free.mrfire. fill it up. free energy. put it out in the sun for an hour. the Blue Solar water. Then. tap water. You don’t have to put it under an incandescent lamp. if you can’t and there is no other out. So. David: The Blue water [inaudible].com 37 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden .

[Spoken all at the same time. yours is TEN ROUNDS.mrfire. Hew Len: Yeah. This TEN rounds is really the number of COMPLETION! This number shuts down psychic doors. Dr. all of that.. you get confused. Hew Len: I am sorry? Male: Sacred Corn Dr. for YOU slip into or you begin to lose consciousness or you begin to lose your awareness and you turn into. But. anybody else? Audience: Corn.Female: Breathing.. You are just. this is an ANTIDOTE for THAT!! Okay. I am going to put the word “Maize. Corn. Corn. Hew Len: Yes! So..we do with the Foundation. you do whatever you do.. you deal with Huntington. it’s DIFFERENT from some other classes that we deal.” because it’s important to use THAT correctly. the ‘Ha. you don’t know what. get suicidal.’ 38 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden . This is something that we have NEVER TAUGHT in any of the other. www.] Dr. these doors open in your mind and you don’t even know it.. you deal with Alzheimer’s.

“Okay. It could be yellow or blue. Some of you are concerned about weight. Hew Len: One molecule. Male: [Laughing] Dr. because David asked.] www. You can add any blue corn or whatever dust to the water. You can.” Now.mrfire. As I was telling David. Maize. 39 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden . with this Maize you can do a whole BUNCH of things with this. Any other one? Nerissa: Blue bells. if you get it in powder form. yeah. [Spoken at same time as Nerissa.the silk on the corn actually slips into the Subconscious and begins to look for and detect and actually pull to itself whatever memories that are current and it just Zero’s it out. Okay. your cells will get all lit up with this light. When you add it to the water. All you need is ONE molecule.. the sunlight will stay in there permanently.. You can eat it fresh.So the Subconscious goes. [Spoken at same time as male. If you are a massage therapist or you do something with your hands.] Male: Blue bonnets. as you drink. the SILK on the corn. you can add it to the water. you can dust your hands with it.

Hew Len: Okay.there is something INHERENTLY PURE about this.. The blue bonnet is really about a something. Audience: [Laughing] 40 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden .this blue bonnet is about elegance. It’s about really. whatever it is. all you need is ONE molecule! Audience: [Loud laughter] Dr. about putting edges on the Intellect. So.. Hew Len: Again.. Thank you.mrfire. the blue bonnet or the blue bell. It’s about taking the rough edges off of you folks. Hew Len: I am sorry? Many: Blue bells? Dr.let’s put it blue bonnet and then the Blue Bell Ice Cream. Hew Len: There is SOMETHING about.. so this www..Dr. like the blue bonnet. Hew Len: I am sorry? Nerissa: Blue bells? Dr. The intellect is so ferocious.. but let’s say.

By the bonnet. you’ll hear it go. you can take the maize..” You can mentally put it on yourself. I have one. But. Yeah. domp] The President of the United States!” [Chuckling] So. this blue solar water will be different for everybody.. “I love you.” and you can USE that maize on anything. So.. So you say. like you say..mrfire. it represents authority.” www. domk. Right HERE... because it’s already meant. what you want to do is add to this the word ‘Maize. the way that you would DO it is you would say. “Uh-oh. “[Domp. in the House of Representative there is this maize! But. with kind of like a little wand. it’s going to be different. So. I was watching somebody yesterday with a blue bonnet on her and there was a fairy sitting on top of the 41 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden . So. You are NOT going to get the same solar David has a particular blueprint.’ I don’t mean spray. Yeah. “I mentally. it’s VERY different. Can you tell me what the maize is all about? What does the symbol to maize? Here’s how it comes in. this blue solar water will fit our blueprints. So. maize in itself..

when you use the maize.. So. “Thank you. we would add to this they are saying. Any other tool? Yes? Cindy: Can I share the one you shared right now? 42 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden .” Then Divinity will do ONLY what Divinity will do and that is to erase it.. but you are going to have a whole repertoire of these that you can use.Somehow. “Hot chocolate and marshmallows. any of that you are saying to The Divinity. it may be. “I am sorry!” So. as you’ll. It’s. Hew Len: Sure. “I love you. Please forgive me. Hew Len: Yes! Cindy: [Chuckling] Audience: [Chuckling] www.a whole repertoire of it.” It may be the maize. Cindy: You said.” All of it does the same thing. “I am sorry.. somehow you’ll have all of these tools available as so you’ll begin to clean.” [Marker sounds] “I love you.mrfire. yeah.” Dr.. Thank you.

the Europeans.mrfire. Hew Len: Yeah. Dr. you notice the little insect that came in? Were you paying attention to that? Audience: Yeah. the cocoa shops. Yeah. Hew Len: What happens with the chocolate.Dr. Dr.” Female: [Chuckle] www. we are going to put it up because it came up. like coffee shops. Hew Len: So. I think it was Christopher Columbus. Hew Len: Yeah. she was talking to me and so. they took a Cocoa plant back to Europe and suddenly…and they ACCIDENTLY put sugar in it. back. 43 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden . do you know how hot chocolate begins when you take it all the way the way. Bruce: So.. spread throughout Europe. “Tell them about the hot chocolate.. Dr. Bruce: Then. back to the plant? How did it all start? Yes? Bruce: The American Indians made a bitter drink with the Cocoa plant. Hew Len: That insect was telling me. Hot chocolate.

” Dr..Dr. that plant will NOT get fertilized.mrfire..that’s why I want you to APPRECIATE that. without the involvement of a little minute little bug... teeny little thing doing its JOB!!! Otherwise. Any other. you are going to hear your own tools. whatever you get may not work for somebody 44 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden . I want to stop THERE to let you know. When you LEAVE this room. So. now as. as you do your cleaning.. Now because of that little.LIKE THAT!!! [Chuckle] See? Audience: [Chuckling] Dr. you don’t get the process of this cleaning process.then the marshmallows... Okay? So. but these are things that are UNIQUE to YOU! So. [Chuckling] No fertilization? No chocolate. Hew Len: Okay.any other cleaning tools? Female: I got an inspiration yesterday that “Awake Black Tea.. you go all the way back. now I am going to STOP with’s already been mentioned in the back by the Collins’ YOU are going to get your own so you can use it for yourself. I KNOW it sounds CRAZY. you ARE going to get YOUR OWN www. but this is the things that have come up. Hew Len: Okay and then. Hew Len: What happened is that at the level of the plant. ONE little.

Dr. Dr.. I want to put in a couple of websites. Yeah? Woman: The eraser you used. these are just the kind.Suzanne. This is 45 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden .and you REALLY want to get your own.. how many of these shops did you have to go to? Suzanne: About five.. Hew Len: I am sorry? Woman: The eraser. Hew Len: [Laughing] Audience: Ah! [Chuckling] www. Hew Len: Ma’am? Woman: The eraser that you’ve been using to erase. Hew Len: YES! Thank you! So.this eraser... So.mrfire. Dr.what we discussed today and yesterday..... Dr. Now.

lost it. So. www.Dr. there’s an article at 46 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden .mrfire. They create vortexes like you would pull the plug and the stuff would go down the drain or down the Yeah. Hew Len: So. Thank you very much.. because it is just simply written. if you want to really get a background.. It’s a VERY SIMPLE article to read. you can take it home.. There’s an article written named. of what we discussed over this weekend. Hew Len: So. they just spin! So. So. Part of the design and part of that article is in Joe’s book. Then. So.. www. I’ve got HERE. she went to five shops. again this is cleaning tools.I am going to ask Suzanne and Bruce if they would pass this around. this is something going so that in case I SLIP and not do my cleaning. “Who’s In Charge?” Bruce: [Chuckle] Dr.hooponopono.. [Pause] All they need is ONE of them. a summary. These are called! So. that article will tell you a little bit. Now. what they do is they SPIN. to get any more information on the CEEPORTS.businessbyyou. So. hopefully this will keep going. But.. if you forgot yours. I have a pin on THIS is a cleaning tool in your mind. this is itself a cleaning tool. so.

. Divinity inspired you! This is what inspiration is. you return to yourself and you get Dr.So. this is what could have been green. the ORIGIN of YOU. it could have been purple.ZeroLimits. So. I have a website up for the book at www. Then out of this naturalness. Joe: You can put www.ZeroLimits. infuse us. THIS gets REMOVED. TONS OF IT!!! So. with Light! This is this water. Joe has a LOT of information in his book. Hew Len: This stuff being. Audience: [Chuckling] 47 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden .. I mean a lot of sites that you can go. for whatever reason. It just suffices you with this information. as you do your cleaning. Divinity decided to fill us.mrfire. we were ALL created PERFECT! Pure as Crystal! Silent! ? Dr. www. but NOW you are STUCK with this stuff. You started off NATURAL. Hew Len: Can you do that? Joe: Yeah. Then. Hew Len: So. along the way came THIS stuff. This represents Inspiration beyond ALL understanding.

. 48 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden . Hew Len: Yes. won’t do it... Now. no crying. but depression!!! All you need is ONE molecule of it www. sir? Sir: Last talking. so that you can get THIS! So any questions about any of the tools? Any unclarity on my part? If you want. coping.. you mentioned the strawberries and blueberries.. managing. You get Inspired BEYOND your understanding and your expansion grows. I have no idea.. but strawberries clean up memories that deal with weight! Weight not physical. Yes.’ no because. no moaning. none of that will get RID of this stuff. Yes. “I LOVE YOU! THANK YOU!” and you get THIS as a reward. no ‘how come. no bitching. for whatever reason. so I’ll put THAT up. Hew Len: Yes. I’ll put Strawberries.why you are here? You are ONLY here [bell sound] to be you! [Bell sound] You’ve got to give this cleaning tools. Sir: .mrfire.There’s NO THINKING. Dr. So. So.. no whining. I want to ASK you if there are any questions with any of the tools and why you are about. strawberries. Joseph can answer any questions you might have.

coconut. Dr. But it works primarily on like things that cause us to kind of feel LOW. I don’t think any of you who can eat just one MOLECULE. what the Hawaiian’s did is that. sir? Male: Coconut.. and kind of confused. [Chuckle] You don’t even have to eat one whole strawberry! [Chuckle] they would take from the coconut would be ALMOST equivalent to antibiotics. even suicidal.. Audience: [Laughing] Dr. Hew Len: If you can eat it in the form of jelly. So.. 49 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden . I always put.. NOW you can do it MENTALLY!! You don’t even HAVE to drink it. whatever the house. at our. ice cream. Dr. all they did was just to drink it. Hew Len: I am sorry? www. when I eat in the morning. So. Yes. Yes? Female: Joe’s business card. in the OLD DAYS. Hew Len: Coconut? Okay.I mix strawberries with coconut and blueberries and other stuff. but YOU COULD! So. Let’s put coconut down. but all you need is one molecule.. Open the coconut and just drink it.. So.

Yes? Oh.. Dr. It’s NOT a cleaning tool. wait. can you.. so I am going to have her come up. which is INCREDIBLE. come on up.mrfire. www. Joe: Thank you! Dr. sir? Male: The lady in front of me created a GREAT [Chuckle]. Okay. So. Hew Len: Okay. So... I passed it out 50 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden .. there a place to get the business card? Joe: They should all have the business card. Hew Len: Okay. I am going to have HER explain it to you. Hew Len: Joe. What she has done is she has made a REMINDER for herself.. but it tells you how she can work it because she’s been working it like the Collins.Female: Joe’s business card.I don’t know if you’d call it a cleaning tool. Let me get the person in the back? Yes. Hew Len: Joe’s business card? Audience: [Laughing] Dr..

Please forgive me. that is BRILLIANT! From an entrepreneurial stand point. I am PROUD of you. clean” around that! I am holding it in the middle and as I am just being here in the room.Lee: Okay. Hew Len: [Laughing] Audience: [Clapping] Lee: I just felt inspired! Joe: No need to [inaudible]. Would you come here? www. I took a coaster and I wrote. Woman: [Chuckling] Joe: You came up with a product. She is one of the coaches in my Miracles Coaches program and so is Anya. “ 51 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden . I am turning it and I am reading it and it’s GREAT! Because I am always present to it and it’s right there in my hands. Thank you.mrfire. I will be making these and selling them! Dr. I am sorry.” around the outside and Zero in the middle and. “I love you. clean. Okay. First of all.

. “Well. I said. here is what I would say.? Lee: Well. so that we handle anything in US that may be contributing to anything that they are experiencing. I’ve passed out a flyer to everybody.Anya: Sure. Joe: It just seemed like this was an appropriate time to go ahead and say something about what the Miracles Coaching program is. But because Dr.mrfire. everyone! Well. Anya: You want me to tell them about the program? Hi. I thought you might want to know what they are DOING day-to-day! Either of you want to. I was joking with Joe.. I’ll let Anya tell you about the program. I just want to say that it’s really an incredible opportunity. if I am going to tell them. ‘We keep your Intellect BUSY for six months while we are cleaning!’” Audience: [Chuckling] www. Hew Len already pointed her out as somebody who was using a cleansing tool and applying what she’s learned here this weekend in a creative WAY. because I get to do this every day with people and our practice is that we clear and clean for five minutes before our phone calls with 52 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden .

You actually meet with your coach EVERY week.Anya: That’s what we do in the six month program. It is a six month program. unless in the moment we are inspired with a particular client. So. we are really on the phone one week and it’s a COMPLETELY NEW PERSON with a NEW LIFE with NEW RESULTS the very next you can be in a PLAYGROUND for having come up what comes up to be cleaned. Not only is this the EASIEST job. 53 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden . we don’t teach you Ho’ fact I’ll put my direct number up there and DON’T give it to anybody else though. it’s a joy. For those of you who are inspired to. we don’t talk about it. but it. That’s mostly how it goes is they get to SHARE the breakthroughs that people are having in their lives. www. very quickly. I think probably the most important thing to know is we ARE passionate every day and every day I actually.. you should give me a call... So. In all the years that I have been doing this.. I have never had that happen SO FAST! So.. a LONG time..there actually is a structure to the program.. It IS about miracles coaching.the RESULTS come very.. I have outlines and we can share. I have been coaching a LONG time in the corporate world. I could give you. but we ARE cleaning in the background.I sit in my office and my coaches come in and tell me the stories. so you take on projects and games as a. in the business world for fifteen years. If you are interested and want to know about the details.

and we will give you a call about it.... I got this client who is EXTREMELY. et cetera. because he had told somebody ONCE that he made. it’s a lot of money. Joe: You were going to write your number down here? Anya: Uh-huh. If you are interested PLEASE give me a call! You can fill out that form.. it’s a six month’s inquiry.If you guys are interested in it.they don’t make a lot of money. he CAME to the Miracles www. and then his business started going down 54 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden . EXTREMELY BRIGHT! This man was making about three thousand dollars a month! So. but this particular client is in India. They make. you.he was making very good money and they put a CURSE on him! This is his FEELING about it... Joe: You might as well write that website. just with your name and address. If you have any questions. We talk to people ALL over the world. I am HAPPY to answer them.but he was very FEARFUL of TELLING anybody that he made this money. So you jump in for six months with us. It’s www.if somebody is making five or six hundred dollars a month. Anya or Lee?: Can I share ONE THING? I’d love to share one particular client. So.. In India.mrfire.

HOW is it going?” He said.. “Well. I said. “I had an Inspiration to create a product!” I said.. because he lived his life in fear. I said. So. because he CAN’T TELL them. what about your PARENTS?” He said [that] nobody knows how much money he makes.mrfire. “Well. the father. the mother. we talked for awhile. You know. the children. The NEXT 55 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden . “Well. “No.” I said. are you sharing this with your wife?” He said... “Great!” www.Program because he wanted to have a miracle and have a breakthrough in being fearful. “Well. and I really just listened and CLEARED. at least in his community. the grandparents. I don’t talk to ANYBODY about it. after our first call. in India they ALL live in ONE house. I said..” His homework was TO SHARE with his family!! The next session he came and he said. 56 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden .” I said. I can’t TELL you [Chuckling] that this happens to EVERYBODY. HE MADE $15. he was bringing in an average of thirteen to seventeen thousand dollars a month and he was fear-free. “How is your FEAR level?” He said..He said.and the DIFFERENCE in his VOICE was just AMAZING. but when it does. I asked him.. I’d say by the third or fourth session.000!! He expanded his list ENORMOUSLY!! I said.. which was last week. “Great!” Then the NEXT time that I talked to him.and everybody has their version of this kind of occurrence in www. “YES!!” I mean. “I am going to put it online this week.. are you SHARING this with people?” He said. “It’s seventy-five percent gone!” Then the LAST time that I talked to him. “Well.mrfire. he was SO EXCITED!! I mean.

But.their life. I KNOW that the Miracles Coaching Program is important to me and a lot of people WANT it. what’s THE MOST IMPORTANT THING is the very thing that you all have all been hearing. Joe: Beautiful story! Thank you! Thank you BOTH! Audience: [Clapping] Joe: I want you to know that what they are doing when they talk to these people. It’s just the most extraordinary thing to HAVE the opportunity to be in the presence of that. not telling the other person.mrfire.” Because after doing all of this and writing the book. 57 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden . I am sorry. to be doing THIS! When they are Inspired to do something else or to SAY something else. whether it’s the fellow in India or anybody else. and if they are inspired to SHARE what they are doing they will go ahead and do it. I love you. Please forgive me. is that YOU DO IT!!! www. that’s kind of what it’s about. is they are doing INSIDE THEIR MIND. “Thank you. but I want the people that are REPRESENTING ME. they go ahead and do it.

instead of going to another www. I am doing it and they know to do it. remember when I had the dot on the board? I am back at the dot where I am at.mrfire. “Having the faith of a mustard seed. I often keep it in my pocket. Sometimes I am inspired to GIVE it to somebody. but I often keep it in my pocket and I just kind of fidget with it and it’s the thing that reminds me to be in the moment and have faith. THIS is something that I have carried around as a cleansing tool for ME. Questions? Comments? Yes? Woman: [Inaudible] Joe: Some of you got a mustard seed.” and so forth. So that I am back at. That’s what they are doing when they are talking to people. It’s kind of like my anchor. This is a little coin that actually has a mustard seed IN IT. It’s just that that is something from me that’s a gift. maybe I did and maybe I didn’t. just trust. but if you already HAD one from another seminar. you can give it to somebody who didn’t get one. It’s a mustard seed coin. Hew Len about it. nothing is 58 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden . There wasn’t enough for everybody. besides anything else that may surface from inspiration. with the famous quote about.So. I don’t even know that I have talked to Dr.

yeah. I was chattering around and they were 59 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden . Mathes: I actually just wanted to share that earlier when we were talking that yesterday I had an experience that was kind of neat. I was so tired. no! They must have left without me!” www. Then. I thought that I would share this with as many people as I can get one to. they were gone! I thought. So. I was invited to go do a little shopping with a couple of women. I had this thought to go back to my room to clean. that sounds good. Does somebody need one on this side? Audience: [Inaudible] Joe: Do most of you have it? Audience: [Inaudible] Joe: This one is for YOU then. “No. “Oh. I stayed in the environment. Yeah.” Then. I _________________. Questions? Comments? There is one WAY over there. I just kept thinking. and the next thing I know.

“Wow! This is neat! It WORKS!!!” [Chuckling] www. it was just this.. some things I thought I needed -.mrfire.. “$$$$ in your account!” Audience: [Laughing] Mathes: So.” I hadn’t been on my email.. you’ll appreciate. “I was going back to my room anyways. Then I had an inspiration.” I went back and I felt like getting down and sitting on the bed and started cleaning. “Wow!” It just came out of the BLUE! I wasn’t expecting it.” So. So. “WHOA!!!” I opened it up and it said. so I wasn’t sure I wanted to be on email this weekend. There were some things on my mind. So I opened it up and there was an email from my ex-husband and in the subject line [chuckle]. “I put five thousand dollars in your account. especially two particular memories around things I don’t perceive sometimes in my life around support or whatever. So I started cleaning around my ex-husband. I thought. I looked around and got calm and I why not look on my email? I’ll check my email today.Joe. I opened it and I was like. I think you are an internet marketer. So. it was really kind of like. “Well. I need to send a couple of 60 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden . in the headline it said.also I was thinking about memories and things that I was missing in my work.

Audience: [Laughing] Mathes: So.. I just wanted to share that. www. “What is this pin?” I am wearing a pin... You ALL were given a sticker and the CEEPORT pins and stickers were all being given from HIM..somebody’s already asked. Joe: Beautiful!! Audience: [Clapping] Joe: Let’s take a short break.or several facts and figures and trivia to say. but does anybody know what it is? Audience: A cleaning 61 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden . [Break] Joe: I have several housecleaning tips too.mrfire. One is.

” That’s how I understand it.mrfire. www. with the word “ 62 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden . but obviously you don’t need to know. Erase. Audience: [Laughing] Joe: It is NOT necessary to know! Woman: I’d LIKE to know! Joe: But I thought that some of you might WANT to know! Yeah. That’s the story. So.Joe: It’s a cleaning tool. [Pause] As I understand it. Erase. it is something HE received from inspiration as a cleaning tool. it’s been a cleansing tool. does anybody know where it came from or what it means or the story behind it or anything like that? Female: Is it necessary to know? Joe: It’s NOT necessary. He’s nodding his head. as you return back to port.” The CEEPORT is supposed to be: “Clean. so that must be correct. It’s a cleaning tool! But.

I believe that if there is anything that is going to help me cleanse.businessbyyou. It came from Divine Inspiration. “Oh. you can get the business card that had it on there. It’s an ionizer. There is one on my hat now. somebody else wanted to know.. “It just kind of cleans the air.. I usually am wearing TWO at almost ALL 63 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden . that design. There is one in my luggage now.” or I’ll just say whatever I feel like saying at the moment. There is one on ME right here.” Then. Audience: [Chuckling] Joe: I don’t have to go into. and it’s not a big deal to just put it on and wear website.mrfire. I’ll just say. because I want to DOUBLE UP the cleansing process! Audience: [Laughing] Joe: So.I wear TWO of them. what all of these names were. www. it’s Ho’oponopono. you can get these pins.On the www. If somebody asks me about it. Does anybody know what THAT is? You DO know what this is? (Joe is pointing to the poster that has all the absentee names on it – people who paid to have their names placed in the room during the seminar). so I have THREE going. I believe that it is a cleansing tool and I wear. I told HIM about it and the next thing I know and HE was wearing TWO of them.

com 64 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden . create a bunch of clothing. It’s a CLEANSING tool.ZeroLimits.. this wonderful person here is being cleansed. It includes THEM. you will FEEL it DOING something! Because that graphic is SO POWERFUL. It’s so interesting. You can see the excerpt of it at www. right here and there is actually a graphic ON THERE that is a CLEANING device. I had Nerissa.Craig: Is that the people who could not be here. a www. a pillow. people have asked about that. that My book. [Chuckling] Audience: [Chuckling] Joe: So. because they are part of my experience. They definitely…they raised their hand and they said that they wanted on. the Video Queen who is running the camera over there. These people are being cleansed by everything that we have been doing here.mrfire. They are ALL part of our reality as I am cleaning they are being cleaned. This is the Absentee list. filled in the hole.there was a hole here and Bruce just on his own. but wanted to be present that you are cleaning? Joe: Yes. If you look at that website and just relax. I am taking 100% responsibility for my experience..

if it wasn’t for Suzanne. I also wanted to give a few thanks. I love you.. she’s always CALM. she doesn’t get ten hours to HERSELF. She is.out of the week. Please forgive me. So. but I am still working on it! Then. a mouse pad. all of the links I think are on the www. It’s VERY BUSY. part time for me.. all with this piece of art and SHE sketched in almost subliminally the phrases. I am sorry. but she’s always handling where you can go and get some of those..I can’t find the words to describe all that she does and she does a TREMENDOUS amount! I think it began where she was going to work ten hours a week or something like that.. NONE of this would happen including MOST of my day-to-day living.mrfire. Now. “Thank you.framed piece of art. that I can lay my head on and that all night long that cleansing is going on even while I am also doing the additional things and I am also wearing the pin. Personally. I just think I am a whirl wind of cleansing energy! I’ve got a LOT TO DO. right there!! [Chuckling] Audience: [Clapping] Joe: She is an angel.ZeroLimits. She’s always ANGELIC.” There is a Café Press 65 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden . If www. I think it’s a cool idea to know that I have a PILLOW that is a cleansing tool.

Audience: [Chuckling] 66 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden .. the Video Queen. Clapping] Joe: He even went to the extent of making up the T-shirts that I think it said. thank you for volunteering to do that! Of course.thevideoqueen. because he was my Body Guard this weekend. NERISSA. I also wanted to thank so. you know that that is her way of BEING ALL of the time. “Joe’s Body Guard” or “Joe’s Security.. her website is was just NICE to have it there! So. my partner.mrfire..any of you have ever talked to her on the phone. [Chuckle] Audience: [Laughing. Audience: [Clapping] Joe: She has been JOYFULLY filming this whole thing and I would look over a few times and she’s in BLISS!! You know what we talked about. we’ve got some other folks who have been working.” I DEFINITELY did not need it THIS weekend! I HAVE BEEN in places where I have needed it.

quietly. Audience: [Clapping] Joe: [Chuckling] Pat O’Bryan has been back there filming the whole thing.he’s doing his event like I do all of my events at the place that we love the most. Joe: She’s DOING WHAT SHE LOVES!!! She’s playing her role.. Audience: [Clapping] Joe: Pat has a seminar coming up in February and I’d LOVE to promote it. Doesn’t she? Audience: Yes...mrfire. You know. but the darn thing is already SOLD OUT! We are doing it.just doing the..Joe: . [Chuckling] Vintage Villas.she’s in The Divine.. there’s a smile on her 67 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden . Audience: [Clapping] Joe: I am SO grateful that David BUILT this place! www. She looks RADIANT right now. Mabel: Yes.. so if you want to try to sneak in some pictures either WITH him or on your on www.Then. Aren’t you on www. So you CAN get the. The Easiest Way.businessbyyou. Mabel: [Inaudible] Joe: . We took the group photographs earlier.mrfire..rodneybursiel. Hew Len is going to hang around and I’ll hang around. Rodney’s website is at He has been quietly taking pictures. there he is. Thank you for taking the pictures and everything. too. www... that can still happen. Joe: if you WANT to.. I think she shares the website www. I think Dr.businessbyyou. Can they get it at Amazon? Mabel: Yes. He’s going to be taking some photos AFTERWARDS. Mabels’ 68 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden . RODNEY. but AFTERWARDS.I DO have a few flyers for it.

challenges..whatever you want to call them.I would do it again with Dr. Speaker: [Inaudible] Joe: Yes. [Chuckling] Audience: [Chuckling] Joe: How do I TOP this one? That’s the FIRST one!! How do I top this one? Then.” www. Hew Len and I went up to him moments ago and I said.. but I have got TWO problems.. he said.. “I DON’T know. People have asked. “When is the next event?” [Sigh] I would LOVE to announce another event. the second is. “What do you think about doing another one?” He said EXACTLY what I thought he was going to say! Female: No? Joe: 69 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden . I am doing. that too..mrfire.Joe: I do have a few flyers here if anybody is interested you can have a flyer for her book..

I THINK that those were my announcements there. I would LOVE to announce it. I have got to wait until Inspiration comes through and HIS Inspiration comes through and there is a match there or something else shows up. but I have got NOTHING to announce right now. So. I don’t know what it will he says. the Enlightened Souls that I SEE!! OF COURSE I want to do another one!! So. Len up? Yes? Female: What is the SOONEST we can get your book Zero Limits? Joe: You can PRE-Order it at Amazon. I would LOVE to announce another and you search for MY name or for the name “Zero Limits.Audience: [Laughing] Joe: He DIDN’T say NO. If you go to www.” the book will COME up. “I don’t know. This is SO WONDERFUL!!! The MOST WONDERFUL PEOPLE on Earth COME HERE!!! The ENERGY is OFF the CHARTS!! The buzz in the room. the look in your faces.” That’s how I feel. I don’t know! I am going into a whirlwind of busyness. the cover is 70 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden . Did anybody have any questions before I bring Dr.mrfire. some description is there and it says that you can pre-order www.

Pre-Order it via Amazon and you will get the alert! [Pause] Yeah! Thanks for asking. I don’t know. trying to help you offer it and things like that? Joe: E-versions of the book. I would DO that. the Publisher.. but right now. there’s a market for this. like the e-book version of Zero Limits? www. Amazon will send it to you. it looks like it will be Mid-June. to consider how HUNGRY people ARE for this.” They may put this book ahead of a few other books and then it may come out sooner. when Wiley catches on that. but I am URGING Wiley.mrfire. TRUSTING THE PROCESS. We should PUSH for this. you 71 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden . “Oh. if you want the best way to reserve it. It may be later. it’s looking like summer. Right All I can do is just KEEP CLEANING AND CLEANING. The book was ACTUALLY a pre-publication best seller over the holidays on Amazon and the book is not coming out for six months!!! People want the book SO BAD they were pre-ordering it to such an extent that it was being driven out of NOWHERE to the TOP 100 at Amazon!! So. Summer might be the ULTIMATE BEST TIME for it to come out! It may be sooner. Then the DAY the book is AVAILABLE. Yes? Male: Can we get e-versions of the.

I am just kind of contractually OBLIGATED NOT to release it.Male: you’ll get back an excerpt from the book. “Here is Volume Two.. GREAT question. which is also on the sight.. here anyway!! THIS WAS the book and this was BEYOND the book!!! Once Zero Limits comes out and people say they want Volume Two.. Joe: That’s controlled by the publisher.ZeroLimits. I WOULD go ahead and release that Craig: [Laughing] Joe: . a couple of TASTES of what’s in the book. I’ll transcribe this ENTIRE weekend. you can get a couple of DROPS.and say. If you send an email. There IS an excerpt from the book at www. so I can’t do it. Normally. to zero@aweber.mrfire.” Audience: [Some chuckling] Joe: This WHOLE WEEKEND was BEYOND ZERO LIMITS!!! www. You got MORE than in the book. 72 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden . But.

So, reading the book for you would just be like a comfortable bedtime story. You already KNOW it.




You’ve already LIVED IT! It’ll be FUN to read, but it won’t be anything EARTH SHAKING, because the Earth shaking WAS HERE!!!

SO...I am going to bring Dr. Hew Len back up so he can talk about the Unconscious Mind, the Subconscious Mind, and anything else he feels inspired to talk about.





Dr. Hew Len:

Okay, what we need is the room to be VERY QUIET.

1. What you want to do is put both of your feet on the floor, with your back, your ancestral back up against the back of the chair, but very comfortably, because you want to make sure that your ancestors are involved in this. If your back is bent, they won’t get the benefit of doing this.


Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden

What you want to do is take your thumb and your forefinger and you just simply touch them together. So, you want to make sure that at least at the physical level you are encouraging the Subconscious to be One with God. Now we are going to start with God first, or The Infinite, or whatever you want to call that Being.

So, I am going to have you TALK to It. All you are going to say to It, is again, simply, “I love you. Thank you. Thank you for allowing me to come into THIS lifetime to be FREE.” However you want to say it, so I’ll just give you a minute or two. We want to thank The Divinity, because It’s where it ALL STARTS. It has NOTHING to do with US. We are Zero. We don’t do ANYTHING. If we do anything that is even a MIRACLE, it comes from The Divine, so let’s just take a minute to do that. Just simply acknowledge The Divinity in you. [Pause]

[Baby cries] That’s the baby acknowledging. Don’t take the baby out. That’s the baby’s acknowledgment of The Divinity. [Pause] Thank you very much.

2. Now, we would like to acknowledge the Super Conscious or the Spirit part of you. That part of you is ALWAYS MEMORY FREE!!! It has no is ALWAYS CONNECTED to The Divinity! Unmoved by any junk!!! So, we want to acknowledge THAT part of you, by simply saying, “I love you. I acknowledge that you are there. I thank you for whatever it is that


Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden

you do. I am not CLEAR about it, but I don’t care. But, I want to acknowledge your presence as part of my existence.” So, if you’ll do that for a minute or two.

As you are doing it, I am just going to tell you a little bit about the Super Conscious. It’s the one that has been assigned the job of listening FIRST to your petitions to make ANY adjustments before it sends it on to The Divinity, because IT and The Divinity are PERFECTLY ALIGNED. [Pause] Thank you very much.

3. We are going to talk to our Intellect. We are going to say to Intellect, “We love you, too and we thank you! We know how difficult it is for you to give up, to let go, so we LOVE YOU ANYWAY!”

So, I would like for you to acknowledge the Intellect part of you. [Pause] Thank you very much.

4. Now we are going to acknowledge the Subconscious, which is a CHILD aspect, the “Unihipili,” what the Hawaiians call the Unihipili. The Unihipili to the Hawaiians is like a grasshopper. It’s just always bouncing around. So, we are here to acknowledge the presence of the Child. So we are going to say to the Child, “We LOVE YOU! NO MATTER WHAT COMES, I will always love you and be thankful to you!”


Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden

If you don’t let go. as you are breathing. in the 76 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden . in the table. I will LOVE you no matter. Dear Child. you would say something like. whatever needs to be gone.” [Pause] 5. in the ceilings. as you leave this place.mrfire. ABIDE. “Dear Father or Dear Infinite. if you would do ten rounds of breathing and when you are done if you would open your eyes. you will NOT leave it in the building. Dear God. Dear Intellect. “I am willing to let go and I want YOU to let go. abide. would you do that? So. So. PLEASE LET GO. “I LOVE YOU! Please LET GO!” You have the Mother. “In whom I REST.” If you would do that as a TOTAL BEING.” [Pause] 6. you can say it to Unihipili. and have my being. I love you in whom I rest.So. if you find yourself with any particular hang up or some bother or some fear. Then you want to acknowledge your total being. Okay. Dear Spirit. [Pause] [Breathing sounds heard] www.or the Intellect has to give the Child that single. So. You will leave it SCOTT FREE!! So. then I am going to ASK you to do TEN ROUNDS of the BREATHING.. and have my Being. in the chairs.

All you are going to leave is a whisper of Divine Breath in the room. make sure that you pick everything around you and don’t leave a TRACE BEHIND. because the room has been VERY good to you and we want to make sure that we will honor the room. please on this one? Bruce. can you flip this chart over and find a clean page. So. pick up your body and leave. cans.mrfire. like the Indians. when you go. We came into this lifetime right at the VERY beginning. can you clean this up and just so we can have it clean? So here is what I hear the room saying. you want to take any. paper.” 77 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden . We are pure as the driven snow. Look around you.. So.. absolutely PURE IN HEART! This is how we started off! My friend Joe Vitale don’t want to leave anything of you here. which includes bottles.Suzanne Burns. by you leaving early and not leaving anything in the room. “We are like the white board. The room would like for you to leave it CLEAN. please remember when you leave.

MrFire.some of us were just a drop of rain. close your eyes.. is to restore this purity of heart so that we won’t kill each other. just a moment of silence.mrfire. I am not.This is what we came into this lifetime to do. Okay? 78 Copyright 2007 – Joe Vitale Reproduction Forbidden . so we are grateful that you have come to give us this opportunity to make right with you and all of your family relatives and ancestors. some of us were just a molecule in a pond. be sure to visit www. some of us were just part of galaxies. unless Joe has ANYTHING he has to say.I don’t even want to answer any questions. if you would leave the room quietly so we can leave nothing behind. or www. back to the beginning of creation. I am going to thank the I don’t have anything. I just want to make sure that when you leave. if you’ll close you mind. Again.. some of us were just clouds. have a nice day! Audience: [Clapping] [This is the conclusion of CD six. again. So. we thank you for coming. thank all of you and your family relatives and ancestors that Joe and I and ALL involved are very grateful to you and to your family relatives and ancestors. when we were.. If you’d like to know when the next Zero Limits will be held.ZeroLimits. Thank you and expect miracles!] www..

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