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Task 1 Critical Response There are a few approaches can be used in teaching grammar.

Namely, they are deductive, inductive, and functional-notional. The use of the approaches depends on the teacher. Inductive and deductive approach is more to the usage of grammatical rules in teaching and learning process. Apart from the approaches, some issues are also highlighted in grammar teaching. Deductive approach gives focus on the rule. In this approach the rules and the examples are provided by the teacher. Students engage with the grammar rule through the examples and then apply it in exercises. The benefits of this approach are the teacher has the class control of the students and the lesson is straight to the point In the opposite side is inductive approach. “The teacher role is to provide meaningful contexts to encourage demonstration of the rule, while the students evolve the rules from the examples of its use and continued practice (Rivers and Temperley 110). This approach demands learners to discover the rules by themselves through activities that carried out in the class. Despite of requiring higher cognitive skill, it ensures greater memorability of rules to the students. In short, this approach involves active participation from students that favours pattern-recognition and problem-solving abilities. Hence, students will have a greater self-reliance with extra language practice. Contradict to the deductive approach, it shows a modern style of teaching and learning. “Language to an analysis of the communicative meanings that learners would need in order to express themselves and understand effectively” (D.A Wilkins, 1972). Based on the quote, third approach is named as functional-notional approach. It is a part of communicative approach with stress on organization of language syllabus. This approach often is practised in communicative exercise. For examples pair work, group work and role plays. Despite of typical grammatical syllabus, this approach is defined to be more interesting. There are also some issues in teaching grammar. One of the issue is when should grammar been taught? “Teaching grammar early is valuable because it provide a basis for a real learning that follows” (N.Ellis, 2005). Some thinks that teaching grammar is best emphasises in early stage. However, in the other side thinks that meaning-focused instruction should be first than grammar comes in. Evidences show that learner can deal with grammar even though it is not taught. This idea was then supported by “early interlanguage is typically agrammatical” (Perdue & Klein,1993). It proves that learners use the schemata of lexical sequences in connecting the grammar items. As for me, grammar should be taught for intermediate as they already have the basic knowledge on language.

Lastly. Hence. Based on these two ideas. (458 words) . CCCC’s model tells that grammar is suitable to be taught integrated with communication. I agree that grammar should be taught integrated with other activities so that learners learn unconsciously. grammar should be taught in isolation or integrated. it develops their cognitive skill in learning grammar. In conclusion. This in line with focus-on-forms approach idea of integrating grammar into communicative activities. approaches in teaching are available to be used but it depends on the teacher to use it in creating a better teaching and learning process and covering the issues in grammar teaching.