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Information plays a vital role in the secondary market. There are more speculators than investors. Previously rolling settlement is T+5 days, now it changed to T+2 days and further it will be changing to T+1 day. The number of players is increasing at a steady rate and today there are over a dozen of brokerage houses who have opted to offer net trading to their customers and prominent among them are SHARE KHAN, India bulls, kotakstreet, ICICI direct and geojit. With the computerization of the trading activity, the number of transaction and the volume of trading have increased to a great extent. SKSE is dealing in both BSE and NSE. Earlier, SKSE was not taking orders on phone. But today due to competation even SKSE has started taking orders on phone call like other stock exchanges. Bank account for instant transfer was not available earlier, but today, SKSE is providing the facility of giving instant bank account. The Depository system has reduced the time lag in delivering and settlement of securities and also supported the cause of providing more liquidity to the security holder. The need for setting up of a depository, paper less trading through online trading system and settlement became in evitable and unavoidable for the smooth and efficient functioning of the capital market.


The introduction of on-line trading would influence the investors resulting in an increase in the business of the exchange. things have changed dramatically over the last 3 to 4 years. New and advanced technologies have breached geographical and cultural barriers. Due to invention of online trading there has been greater benefit to the investors as they could sell / buy shares as and when required and that to with online trading. and have brought the countrywide market to doorstep. The broker’s has a greater scope than compared to the earlier times because of invention of online trading. 2 .CONCLUSION: • • • • • Things have changed for the better with the SHAREKHAN going on-line coupled with endeavor to stream line the whole trading system. delivering. this is a service oriented industry hence the survival would require them to provide the best possible service to the clients. It has helped the brokers to handling a vast amount of transactions which led to efficient trading. settlement system with adequate protection to investors The concept of business has changed today.


o SKSE has to give advertisement through the media stating the advantages to the investors for using SKSE. trading in z securities are allowed. Genuine investors are not at all interested in the speculative gain as their investment is based on the future profits. If phone orders are encouraged. It should increase the speed of executing the orders. therefore the authorities of the exchange should be more vigilant to curb the speculation. 4 . bank account for instant transfer are provided and offline option are given then SKSE would be definitely improving in the turnover. o In skse. by this broker can do any manipulations or. o The pool a/c does not know the true owner of the shares and hence dividends are paid to the broker instead of owners.SUGGESTIONS: • • The exchange authorities have to take steps to educate Investors and increase their confidences. o Volume of paper work is small but it is very complicated to maintain data in system. o The online trading is easy to work but it is costly to maintain and difficult to learn. Hence the complexity should be reduced by regular audit and updating data. the investors should be provided web trading facility so that they can do their own trading by sitting infront of internet rather than consulting DP members. o Mutual funds trading for other companies have to be encouraged.

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