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Keith R.

Garrison 03/12/2013 80437429 Group

the lab group (excluding me. During the lab. there is not a great deal to discuss. Procedure Mentioned in the introduction. as I wasn’t present) ran the unknown protein through an SDS PAGE. the gel band was correctly purified to isolate the protein for later study. The gel was then washed with 300µl 100 mM of Ammonium Bicarbonate to rehydrate. when the protein is further studied for analytical purposes. The overall goal of this experiment was to isolate the protein of interest. and start the process of purification. first the protein of interest was isolated from the SDS PAGE by simply using a sharp utensil to cut around the area it was located. setting up the procedure to be conducted on the week of March 8th. to further dehydrate. Next.Introduction The continuation of the previous lab. and the gel was placed on a dry speed vac to complete the dehydration. The band was then rinsed with 300µl of water. 100 µl was added again. but was only able to get into contact with one. Following the procedure. have only attended the first lab. this was added to the gel band in order to thoroughly rinse the band. I tried to get any results from my lab partners. not time. and the person was only able to tell me what they did in the previous lab. Finally. from which we performed a qualitative analysis of our unknown protein was conducted on March 8th. previous to the one conducted on March 8th. Conclusion As this was a very short lab. 2013. to rinse off the SDS and any amino acid residues present. with no numerical results or calculations to speak of. and the one on March 8th. Note: I had surgery and as such. . The band was then washed with 300µl of ACN in order to dehydrate. Any error that may have occurred will not be visible until the following week. in terms of procedures. 300µl of Ammonium Bicarbonate was mixed in 50% ACN.