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FAQs: Pacific Oaks College in Pasadena, CA

Q:  What  academic  degrees  and  programs  are  offered?  
A:  Pacific  Oaks  College  offers  degrees  in:   • • • • • •

M.A  in  Human  Development   M.A  in  Marriage  and  Family  Therapy   M.A.  in  Education   M.A.  in  Early  Childhood  Education   B.A  completion  degrees  in  Human  Development  and  Early  Childhood  Education   Teacher  Credentialing  and  Certificate  programs  

  Q:  What  is  Credit  for  Life  Experience?  
A:  Pacific  Oaks  offers  an  accelerated  bachelor's-­‐completion   option;  students  may  apply  for  up  to  30  credits  for  life   experience,  credits  that  may  be  used  toward  their  bachelor's   degree  as  well  as  their  application  for  either  the  Marriage  and   Family  Therapy  or  Human  Development  master's  program  


Q:  What  is  Pacific  Oaks  Accreditation  status?  
A:  Pacific  Oaks  College  has  the  follow  accreditations  and  memberships:   • • • •

Western  Association  of  School  and  Colleges  (Senior  Colleges  and  Universities)   American  Association  of  Colleges  and  Universities   Association  of  Independent  Colleges  and  Universities  (California)   Faculty  memberships  in  the  American  Association  of  University  Professors  


  Q:  Where  is  Pacific  Oaks  College  located?  
A:  In  addition  to  its  main  campus  in  Pasadena,  Pacific  Oaks   College  offers  courses  at  central  locations  in  Sacramento,   Salinas,  Santa  Cruz,  and  others.  We  also  offer  human   development  and  early  childhood  education  programs  online.  

Q:  What  is  the  breakdown  of  students  like?  
A:  As  of  Fall  2012  Pacific  Oaks  was  comprised  of:   • • • • • • • • • • Women  93.4%   Men  6.6%   Latino(a)/Hispanic  48.0%   African-­‐American  11.7%   White  27.0%   American  Indian/Native  Alaskan  1.3%   Asian  4.3%   Pacific  Islander  1.1%   Not  reported  4.5%   Average  Age  38      

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