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INTERNAL ASSESSMENT TEST-II EE 62 SOLID STATE DRIVES Year/Se m Date : III/VI : 15-03-2011 PART-A Answer ALL questions =14
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Max Marks: 50 Duration: 90mins 7x2

What is meant by acceleration mode of an electric drive? What do you mean by steady state stability? What is Time ratio Control? Draw the diagram of a regenerative chopper fed separately excited DC motor drive. 5. What is the main advantage of using closed loop control in drives? 6. Give the transfer function of converter. 7. What are the methods of control strategies of chopper control? Which is best suited for DC motor control?

PART-B Answer ALL questions 3x 12= 36
11. (A). A 220V, 70A DC series motor has combined resistance of armature and field of 0.12 Ω. Running on no load with the field winding connected to a separate source it gave the following magnetization characteristics at 600 rpm. Field current (A) Terminal voltage (V) 10 64 20 11 8 30 150 40 170 50 184 60 194 70 20 2 80 210

Motor is controlled in regenerative braking by a chopper with a source voltage equal to 220V. i).Calculate the motor speed for a duty ratio of 0.5 and motor braking torque equal to the rated motor torque. ii).Calculate maximum allowable motor speed for a maximum permissible current of 70A and rated maximum permissible duty ratio of 0.65. iii).What resistance must be inserted in armature circuit for the drive to run at 1000rpm without exceeding armature current beyond 70A? The duty ratio of chopper has a range from 0.05 to 0.65. iv).To extent the number of turns in field winding should be reduced to run the motor at 1000rpm without exceeding the armature current beyond 70A. (12) (OR) (B). (i). A DC chopper is used to control the speed of a separately excited dc motor. The DC voltage is 220 V, R a= 0.2 Ω and motor constant Ke φ=0.08 V/rpm. The motor drives a constant load requiring an average armature current of 25 A. Determine i. The range of speed control ii. The range of duty cycle. Assume continuous conduction (6) (ii). Discuss using a diagram the operation of a closed loop scheme for speed control of a DC motor, below and above the base speed. (6) 12. (12) (A). Derive the transfer function of the speed controller

(6) (6) (ii) Explain the operation of the two quadrant chopper fed DC drive .load and converter system (12) 13. system. (A). Discuss the different modes of operation of an electrical drive (12) (OR) (B). (i) Discuss in detail about steady state stability considerations in an electrical drive. Derive the transfer function of DC motor.(OR) (B).