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True colour of wine revealed: Astonishing close-up images of alcoholic drinks viewed under the microscope
Scientist places drops of wine under microscope to reveal its true colours Stunning photographs reveal multicoloured Merlot, Beaujolais and Zinfandel The former photographer's work finds beauty in everyday items
By Jennifer Smith PUBLISHED: 10:33 GMT, 24 August 2013 | UPDATED: 10:34 GMT, 24 August 2013

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To the naked eye, it would seem wine only comes in three colours. But astonishing new photographs have shown its true colours, after a scientist placed drops of the alcoholic drink under a microscope. The magnified images show the rainbow coloured sugars found in various types of wine as well as the interesting shapes and patterns which are formed by its particles.

Zesty Zinfandel: Multicoloured crystals make up the wine which Dr Greenberg has photographed using polarised filters .

Merlot up close: rainbow coloured cubes of liquid float around in the wine's make up The sugar in the wine is seen in vibrant. multicoloured particles after being placed under .

Dr Greenberg uses polarised filters on a camera to capture the wine's multicoloured glow after placing drops of the liquid under a high powered microscope.a high-powered microscope Among the tipples to be put under the microscope by Hawaii scientist. Dr Gary Greenberg. Beaujolais and Zinfandel. Dr Greenberg uses the images to explore the true beauty of everyday items. illuminating the hidden secrets of nature. 'The truly extraordinary nature of ordinary objects is revealed when seen through the lens of a microscope. were Merlot. 'Everyday objects take on a new reality when magnified hundreds or thousands of times. and this is what I like to reveal with my work. Finding the extraordinary in the ordinary: Among other photographs is this image of sugar water looked at under the same high powered microscope and photographed by Dr Greenberg .' he said.

' he added.The feather-like look of Beaujolais under the microscope: The fascinating images show the intricate appearance of drops of wine More than meets the eye: Most would be forgiven for thinking wine only comes in three shades 'There is an amazing micro world wrapped up inside the ordinary world that we experience through our senses. .

including a human retina and a sequence of bone formation. and also completed a collection of pictures of flowers.At 33 Dr Greenberg left Los Angeles where he worked as a photographer and filmaker to complete a PhD in biomedical research at University College London. In the 1990s he invented and developed high definition. for which he photographed moon sand returned from NASA'S Apollo 11 mission. Dr Greenberg has devoted his career to exploring the hidden beauty of nature. three dimensional light microscopes which have helped develop his artistic side.' MOST WATCHED NEWS VIDEOS Previous 1 2 3 Next Newsreader's daughter interrupts live TV report Woman saves children from flood-trapped car in Essex Little girl shares a kiss with baby gorilla Sensational moment diver reaches into mouth of shark to. photographing ordinary subjects at close range to expose their true appearance. He describes his work as 'micro photography' which 'combines his passion for art and science by creating dramatic landscapes of hidden worlds. he has snapped various items of fruit and veg up close. Among his best known work is his collection of pictures of grains of sand. As well as wine. . Dr Greenberg has also photographed a variety of parts of the body...

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. It was interesting the first time but it's not really news by now . United States. 25/8/2013 10:05 Click to rate Report abuse DM . Saint Helena. London. 24/8/2013 23:24 Click to rate Report abuse Wine it is then.Daley Male . United Kingdom.Tyler Durden . Richmond VA.Plug Ugly .and again on. THink of the CHILDREN! . . 25/8/2013 08:09 Click to rate Report abuse After a bottle. United Kingdom.FHS2013 . that's what your drinks look like if you take LSD a couple of hours before you start drinking. 24/8/2013 21:39 Click to rate Report abuse It tastes as it looks. thats how everything looks :) . London. 24/8/2013 21:29 Click to rate Report abuse zinfandel for moi. United Kingdom.FictionFighter . . 24/8/2013 23:26 Click to rate Report abuse funny I was just thinking.Andrew_59 .20/12/2010 . London. 24/8/2013 21:16 Click to rate Report abuse No.and again on 29/12/2011. The Funny Farm. United Kingdom. Bonham-Carter..Big Nugget . United Kingdom. . after a bottle this is exactly what I see.Jason Chapman . .you did a similar story on 18/06/2010 . 24/8/2013 17:44 Click to rate Report abuse Rating 32 Rating 6 Rating 3 Rating 9 Rating 7 Rating 15 Rating 5 Rating 15 .Promoting alcohol consumption to children with photos that look like sweets is highly iresponsible DM. Little Whingeing. Abergavenny. United Kingdom.

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