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Introduction As a responsible corporation, the Genting Malaysia Berhad has always practised the sustainability philosophy in the operations and management of our global teams. Genting Malaysia Berhad are committed to contribute the sustainable development of the environment, workplace and community wherever they operated.




Genting Malaysia Berhad aspire to create a safety workplace that is fun and motivating for their employees which is a Malaysian workforce of employees. 13,600

A The team provide a supportive working culture through training and development programmes. i Genting Malaysia Berhad invested RM6.2 million in training and development activities during the year of 2012. ii Their Human Resources Training & Development team jointly with Genting Centre of Excellence introduced new programmes were the Cross Generation Leadership Development and Diamond Leader Programmes, designed to polish and develop raw managers into multi-faceted leaders. B The group’s also emphasis with education enhancement for futher development. i The Genting Malaysia Education Fund (GENMEF) Committee approved RM1.2 million in new scholarships covering overseas, local private and public institutions. ii Genting Malaysia Berhad adopted a more stringent approach to assess applicants to ensure that scholarships are awarded to welldeserving scholars who demonstrate key qualities that would permit them to grow and contribute within the group.

C Genting Malaysia Berhad roll out their initiatives to strengthen safety in workplace since the safety and health for employees and guests are vital. boilers. lifts. Contribution Spending for Safety in Workplace Purpose 7 6.5 5 Millions ( RM ) 4.2 6 5.9 3 0 Training & Development Education Enhancement Safety Workplace Type of Safety in Workplace . ii The company also emphasised on workplace safety by having awareness and education programmes in collaboration with the Social Security Organisation. pressure vessels.5 2011 2012 2 1. Health and Safety (EHS) Policy with commitment to a safer and healthier working environment and striving for ‘Zero Accident’.2 1 0. Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan and the Department of Occupational Safety & Health (DOSH) for coordinating the certificate of fitness renewal inspections for machineries such as escalators. i The group’s manage safety and health in line with their Environment. lifting equipments and theme park rides.3 4 3.

2 Genting Malaysia Berhad investment in the community reflects their commitment in adhering to philosophy of contributing towards improving the socio-economic status of the societies in which them operate. i The company continued to act as the main sponsor of the Le Tour de Langkawi 2012. A Genting Malaysia Berhad supported welfare initiatives undertaken by both non-governmental organisations (NGOs) as well as the Government. . i During 2012. special children. orphans. B Through the year 2012. ii In addition. Cancer Advocacy Society of Malaysia and Malaysian Diabetes Association. Selangor Tennis Association (Junior Tennis programme). C In 2012. Genting Malaysia Berhad continued their tradition of festive contributions to support underprivileged communities and disabled groups. Johor Hockey Association and sponsored 55 athletes and officials of the Malaysian Deaf Association to the 7th Asia Pacific Deaf Games in Seoul. the King of Mountain red jersey and SUKMA XV 2012. single mothers and senior citizens. ii The team also continued their efforts in providing care and support for some 5. ii The company also continued to support the preservation of their local heritage by contributing towards the renovation and upgrading of the 100-year old Bentong Chinese Town Hall. Sultan Ahmad Shah Environment Trust. the company made substantial contributions to the Pahang Football Association. Genting Malaysia Berhad also made contribution towards sports. the group made donations in cash and in-kind to various beneficiaries including the Tun Razak Foundation.000 less fortunate individuals including the disabled. focusing mainly on services to communities. i A total of 49 homes and charitable organisations received donations during the Chinese New Year and Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebrations in 2012.

250 halogen lights were replaced with LED lights. about 1. .Funds of Genting Malaysia Berhad to The Communities 16% 25% 59% Communities Welfare Underprivileged & Disabled Groups Sports 3 Genting Malaysia Berhad has successfully developed Resorts World Genting’s (RWG) and implemented them towards good environment management to ensure that their operations are eco-friendly. A The implementation focused in areas of energy efficiency. i In 2012. ii The replacement of aging water pumps and installation of a monitoring system also helped to reduce electric power consumption with an average electric power consumption reduction of 30-35%. resulting in an estimated power reduction of 60kW at the resort.

i The team focused on reducing water consumption at the F&B outlets and public toilets. C The group’s practices in conservation of natural resources for implementation to keep environment safe. which are expected to reduce water consumption by 30%. ii Water flow meters and regulators were installed. Resorts World Genting Environment Care Natural Resources 47% Water Efficiency 30% Energy Efficiency 35% 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% 45% 50% III Conclusion . i A heat pump were installed to replace the existing steam-heated hot water production system as part of our efforts to reduce diesel consumption at Resorts World Genting.B Genting Malaysia Berhad also implemented of water efficiency.