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The path of Nirvana

There is no place without 'God, and there is no form without the Divine. Whether one is in a forest or in a town, on a mountain top or in a valley, wherever one may be, one is not helpless. [Telugu Poem] Embodiments of Love! Men today strive in various ways to acquire knowledge of the Self (Atma Jnana). But this is not true knowledge. It may well be called ignorance. Whatever one's scholarship or one's spiritual practices or one's quest for gurus, one cannot acquire spiritual wisdom without understanding one's true nature. Men today cannot understand their humanness; how can they recognize their divinity? Only after comprehending his humanness can a man recognize his divinity. Recognizing this truth, Buddha embarked on his spiritual quest. He studied all Sathya Sai Speaks, Volume 31 81 the extant scriptures of different faiths. He met many holy men. He visited numerous holy shrines. All these exercises gave him no satisfaction. What was the reason? All external, physical and ephemeral activities are valueless. Your vision must be pure and sacred The first requisite is purity in the use of the five senses of perception given to man. Buddha declared that men should cultivate at the outset samyag-drishti (the right vision). This means that the eyes should not be misused for looking at all sorts of things. Your vision must be pure and sacred. See no evil; see what is good. A sacred vision is that which looks only at divine and sacred objects. Your vision must originate from the heart. Bad thoughts and bad feelings pollute the vision. Man today has lost the fear of sin, the love of God and observance of social morality. This accounts for all the ills of society today. Pure vision leads to pure thoughts. Pure thoughts result in pure actions. Purity in action is essential for human existence. Purity in thoughts and purity in speech must lead to purity in deeds. This is the triple purity hailed by the sages. When this purity is manifest, human life gets redeemed. The principle of “Help ever, hurt never” becomes the governing principle of daily life. Pure vision naturally begets Purity in speech by the refinement of the heart. Pure words must come out of the depth of the heart, which is a fountain of compassion. Constant examination of the purity of one's vision, speech and action is a spiritual exercise. It is this that helps to refine the heart.

People should realize the infinite divine potencies in man. If the five senses are used properly man will experience only what is good. with no beginning. The Vedas have declared that immortality can be attained only through sacrifice and not by any other means. The Divine is present in man as conscience. He began with control of the senses. Except for the Divine. he achieved Nirvana. Only the Divine is free from birth and death. Develop a vision that will broaden your heart and enable you to help others and not hurt them. All rituals and spiritual exercises are of no avail if the five senses are not used properly. Purity of the heart is more important than all rituals and penances. He is the Eternal Witness. Watching Buddha in this state. Why then do you weep? You also must strive to achieve liberation. Buddha had an encounter with Ananda. which is a spark of the Cosmic Conscience. Sathya Sai Speaks.Once. He abuses the five senses without regard to the consequences." Sanctify the senses Man today is ignoring the state of his heart. Where there is birth. It can then experience its oneness with the Universal Consciousness. Thyaga (sacrifice) is real yoga (oneness with the Divine). birth and death are natural to all human beings. men must seek what is permanent in life and not cling to what is transient and perishable.. The Atma is eternal. Moreover. When the senses are sanctified. I am about to achieve Nirvana. with a pure heart. He is eternal. the living lament over death. Looking at the dead. the conscience manifests its divinity. Buddha had attained the state of Nirvana (SelfRealization). Good speech is as essential as good vision. But who are the dead? Death awaits the living in due course. Volume 31 83 This was the path pursued by Buddha. the son of his stepmother. To enjoy things (bhoga) without sharing with others is a disease (roga). “What will happen to us? What is our future?” Buddha summoned Ananda to come near him and said: "Ananda! This is not a time for grief. Volume 31 82 over the thought. He was filled with pure and sacred feelings. there is also death. Avoid all kinds . The conscience transcends the five senses. Ananda burst into tears. The body is impermanent. Dedicate all actions to God. middle or end. [Telugu poem]. You should also seek Nirvana. Buddha was about to give up body. Ananda was in grief Sathya Sai Speaks. The result is he is a prey to all kinds of sufferings.

Ensure that your pilgrimage proceeds on right lines. The power of the senses is derived from the Divine. You must control the senses and use them for sacred Sathya Sai Speaks. Engage yourself in service to others. everyone should always think of God. and God It is only from Truth that the entire creation has come out. because it is an imperfect mixture of divine and worldly love. You should not be content with celebrating the New Year as a festive occasion. whatever one may do. To enjoy a feast you do not need a New Year. Pay no attention to other people's defects and faults. Where from is this power got? It is from the Divine within you. Listen to pure and sacred words. . Volume 31 84 purposes. Of what use is it to be concerned only about eating from dawn to dusk? What is the purpose of life? It is not eating. The New Year should be marked not by a feast but by the awakening of new and pure thoughts in the heart. love. But your hearts remain unchanged. Man must manifest his humanness by transcending the animal nature. His love for God is of less importance. Keep your speech confined to what is godly and sacred. Hence. You have come as a pilgrim to this world of action. The most important action whereby to gain God’s love is Rightousness. Kodai Kanal The most beneficial thing that can happen to a person is that he should draw God’s love to himself. This evil tendency should be eliminated by listening to the glories of God. There is nothing in the world without the basis of Truth. truth. People misuse their ears listening to scandal and gossip. Realize your inherent divinity. sleeping and dying. The first task is to purify the heart. But how far has there been a transformation in the heart? Many years have come and gone. —Baba 11 Man. Then. Such listening (sravanam) has been accorded a primary place among the nine paths of devotion. one will be free from bad thoughts. The small human eye enables to look at stars billions of miles away. Purify your heart What is it that you should observe on this New Year day? Many such days have come and gone. 14 April 1998 Sai Sruthi. Regard the whole world as your field of action.of gossip.

mental and psychological. and not a double Sathya Sai Speaks. and unselfish). you will have the feeling of blissful happiness. All are not given the same food. Volume 31 87 ger. There are two types of persons. how can he know the Divine? Everyone should. In a hospital. The heart is the seat of compassion. jealousy. When you realize this. What is the treatment needed? It is only daiva chintana: filling the mind with the thought of God. For instance. God is in every human being residing in his spiritual heart which is on the right side of the body while the physical heart is on the left. Volume 31 86 seated sofa or musical chair. and God is embodiment of compassion. The world is a hospital. air and ether. Hunger is common to all. Take the elements earth. make efforts to know the human nature. The other type with human and divine qualities will always . It is only a single seat sofa. Humanity is suffering from different diseases —physical. greed. water. nisswartha (blemishless. sex or nationality. though the types of food are many. Never separate God from you Names and forms are many. nischala. Have these elements any distinction of caste or nationality? They are embodiments of the Divine. You find that human nature is a combination of sathya (truth) and dharma (right conduct). So.This is pure goodness (suddha sathwa) Behold. Those with animal and human qualities always show hatred. When man is not able to comprehend his own human nature. It is nirmala. There is only one God spoken of as many. You should curb animal thoughts and breed Divine thoughts. Human quality should reflect Divinity. unwavering. age. and anSathya Sai Speaks. A man with dual mind is half-blind. ye people! God is Sathya Swaroopa (Embodiment of Truth). Unity in diversity should be comprehended. but the Atmic Principle is one. therefore. there are some common features in all. Man has to make efforts to progress on the path of Truth and Righteousness. This is the fundamental law of Nature. You should never misuse the elements or waste them. You should practice the principle of oneness. You should understand this. Though names and forms vary. man cannot have hatred toward any being at all. Three-fourths of the diseases are only psychological. being seated in the spiritual heart. fire. God has no consideration of caste. diabetics will not be given sugar or sweet preparations. Never separate God from you. While so. there are many different types of patients. God is close to everyone.

It is artificial and not pertaining to heart which is natural.)” Limitations should be observed in everything. You should thus kill jealousy. Virtues and vices are reflections of your good and bad thoughts. though small.” Jealousy is contrary to human nature Jealousy is rampant to a considerable extent amongst people today. You should always say to yourself. To maintain bodily health and get enough energy for your day-to-day activities you should take happy. Veda says “Na sreyo niyamam vina (we should observe discipline in life. hatred. it may lead to dangerous consequences. It is compassionate. If you exceed limit in anything. you should be satisfied. Physical heart is on the left side while the spiritual heart is on the right. If you realize that God is . Jealousy is contrary to human nature. and other evil qualities. If one is in a big house. which contaminate the heart. like the temperature. Be contented and happy with the dwelling place you have. Without such quality. capacity to see. hear etc. If a person owns a car and travels in it. The body and all the sense organs have limitations. don't get jealous. This will help you in the right direction. You should not indulge in overeating causing indigestion. But man breeds desires. I am not animal. Satisfy yourself that you have your legs to help you walk. spiritual pursuits will be of no avail. BP. These should be checked and restrained to a limit. shelter. don't be jealous. and raiment. They will always adhere to Truth. This is the root cause of anger. peaceful and full of love. “I am human. If you have enough minimum resources like food.