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An award-winning content marketer and social media strategist with real-world accomplishments and quantifiable results, I have over 25- years of experience as a marketing and campaign management executive. A digital marketing leader and innovator for more than 15-years, I drive the strategy and execution of digital marketing programs that leverage viral opportunities in social media and related applications. With a proven track record of identifying high-impact opportunities and innovative strategies for clients and campaigns, I focus on the creation of high quality engaging content, community-building, and Crider is “… a canny application strategy and technology integration.

marketing entrepreneur

Overall, I have 25- years of marketing, advertising and public and social media relations experience at the VP, SVP and EVP levels, including account management and team leadership. I am co-owner of wizard.” Watchdog Causes, LLC, a social media and interactive/online marketing consulting firm for progressive activists, advocacy - The Washington Times groups, nonprofits, and political candidates. My social media accomplishments include the development of innovative social media integration applications that consistently exceed expectations, including ROI in excess of 1,000% for a Fortune 100 retailer, and digital promotions that have garnered tens-ofthousands of new leads for major national and international marketing organizations. I have authored two blogs that received over 3 million readers. One, Dogs Against Romney, became the very definition of a viral campaign, garnering over 4,000 daily blog readers, over 106,000 Facebook fans, and over $2 Million worth of earned media exposure. In total, the campaign reached over 40 million people between January and November 2012. Major media that have recently featured my work include TIME/CNN, ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, NPR's “All Things Considered,” MSN, MSNBC’s “Hardball with Chris Matthews,” “The Rachel Maddow Show,” “The Ed Show,” Current TV’s “The Young Turks,” major national and International newspapers, and a book by Bill Wasik (editor of WIRED Magazine) titled And Then There's This: How Stories Live and Die in Viral Culture. I was also invited to appear on NPR’s “All Things Considered” and CBS’ “Inside Edition” (twice). In 2012, I was labeled “a canny marketing entrepreneur and social media wizard” by The Washington Times, a “social media savant” by Roll Call: The Newspaper of Capitol Hill, and a “marketing guru” by The Washington Post. After the election, I created Watchdog Causes, a social activism group focused on marriage equality and other important issues. To date, Watchdog Causes has gained over 15,000 members and has reached over 300,000 people with our content. I also orchestrated a successful Kickstarter campaign to raise over $14,000 to fund the publication of my forthcoming book, SUPER PACK: How Dogs Changed the 2012 Election: The Coming Age of Social Media Activism.

•Over 25-years of experience, including more than 18-years in campaign management at the VP, SVP and EVP levels. •Over 15 years of digital marketing leadership, including 8 years of intensive work in social media. •Excellent presenter, with 25-years of experience on new business development teams. • Proven experience in the application of Web 2.0, UI/UX, social media and SEO principles to the development and management of content driven websites, campaigns, and rich media applications. • Expert experience in complex web strategies, project management and integration. • Demonstrated ability to harness the power of viral and social sharing behavior among key target audiences. •Ability to develop award-winning and results-oriented original creative concepts. •Comprehensive experience in all traditional marketing disciplines including advertising, public relations, event management, and content development, including video production and photography.

Crider, p.2 •Expert in the creation and integration of traditional broadcast and print mediums with digital marketing programs. • Thought leader, motivator, and excellent communicator with exceptional networking, decision-making, and communication skills. • Ability to meet challenging deadlines and deliver results. • Experienced team leader and mentor. • Comfortable and effective working in virtual environment.

• Career marketing and campaign executive with a quarter-century of experience. I know how to build teams, direct energy, focus messages and meet creative objectives while ensuring deliverables are met on time, within budget, and at a profit. • Led the development of a custom, first-to-market Facebook application - including concept, product requirements, wireframes and original creative - that achieved 1,000% increase in “Likes,” captured over 28,000 new opt-in E-mail addresses and drove sales representing over 1000% ROI for a Fortune 100 retailer in a matter of days.  Managed successful "Surfboards in the Sand" campaign in Huntington Beach, CA that attracted over 1,000 surfers and substantial media coverage for an event designed to raise funds for Coast Keepers. • Developed concept, product requirements, wireframes and original creative for a complex, social-media integrated launch promotion for a new state tourism website that, via social-sharing incentives, drove viral sharing of the state’s website with over 250,000 people on Facebook and Twitter. •Developed concept, product requirements, wireframes, and original creative for a digital NCAA basketball tournament bracket contest for Murphy Oil Corporation that garnered over 16,000 participants and captured over 9,000 new opt-in email addresses to the client’s monthly e-Offers. • Consistently develop concepts, wireframes and original creative for digital campaigns that achieve measurable ROI in excess of 300%. •Authored two blogs that received over 3 million readers from around the world and features by TIME/CNN, all major networks, national and International newspapers, “The Rachel Maddow Show,” “The Ed Show,” “The Young Turks,” Fox News' “The Five,” NPR's “All Things Considered,” “Hardball with Chris Matthews,” “The Ed Show,” and a book by Bill Wasik (editor or WIRED magazine) titled And Then There’s This: How Stories Live and Die in Viral Culture. •Founded my own progressive activism group, Watchdog Causes, which has grown to over 15,000 members and has reached over 300,000 people with content supporting marriage equality and universal gun background checks. •Experienced in traffic growth strategies including SEO, social bookmarking, linking campaigns, content distribution, email marketing and more. • Experienced in development of digital branding - including company and product naming, trademark research and application, logo and theme development, and launch programs. •Creator of a “content graph” strategy that utilizes high quality optimized content, websites, SEO, social media, integration technologies, social sharing and viral incentive programs, community development, and interactive marketing to build an online presence that is difficult for targeted audiences to miss. •Skilled presenter and public speaker with experience speaking before the camera and live in front of diverse audiences (most recent engagement was at “Women in Politics 2013” in Miami). In addition, I previously served as social media Subject Matter Expert for a group of over 20,000 consumer packaged goods professionals.

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Crider, p.3

B.A., Communications/Advertising, Ouachita Baptist University, May 1987 Masters Courses, Missouri State University, 1990-1992

Social Media Activism Speaker, Women in Politics 2013, Miami, FL Social Media Panelist, Arkansas Governor’s Conference , 2013 Labeled “a canny marketing entrepreneur and social media wizard ” by The Washington Times, 2012 Labeled “a social media savant” by Roll Call: The Newspaper of Capital Hill, 2012 Labeled “a marketing guru” by The Washington Post, 2012 Appeared on NPR’s “All Things Considered” to discuss social media activism, February, 2012 Appeared on CBS’ “Inside Edition” to discuss social media activism, April, 2012 Appeared on national radio broadcast The Bill Press Show to discuss social media activism, April, 2012 Appeared on national Fox News Radio, The Alan Colmes Show, to discuss social media activism, April, 2012 Social Media Speaker, Destination Marketing Association (DMMI), 2011 Social Media Speaker, Destination Marketing Association, Chicago and Washington, DC, 2009, 2010 Subject Matter Expert, Social Media, Consumer Packaged Goods Supergroup, 2010 Internet Advertising Awards – Best Interactive Program, 2008, 2009 Admissions Marketing Awards – Gold Award – Interactive Marketing, 2009 Nominee, Best Political Blog, Blog Awards, 2008 Integrated Marketing Speaker, National Dept. of Health & Services Meeting, Washington, DC, 1998 Gold Addy Award – Best Advertising Campaign, 1997 Gold Addy Award – Best Interactive CD, 1996