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Curriculum Vitae, Howard Waitzkin: Brief Narrative Summary Howard Waitzkin is Distinguished Professor Emeritus, University of New Mexico

. He received his MD and PhD degrees from Harvard University and obtained his subsequent clinical training as a resident and fellow at Stanford University and Massachusetts General Hospital. His work has focused on health policy in comparative international perspective and on psychosocial issues in primary care. He coauthored the proposal for a single-payer national health program that was published in the New England Journal of Medicine and later was introduced in the U.S. Congress. He has been involved in advocacy for improved health access and has conducted studies of Medicaid managed care in New Mexico, the diffusion of managed care to Latin America, and global trade and public health, supported by the U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, the World Health Organization, the National Institute of Mental Health, and the United Nations. His work on patient-doctor communication and psychosocial issues in primary care has been funded by the National Institute on Aging, the National Institute of Mental Health, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Dr. Waitzkin has received recognition as a Fulbright New Century Scholar, fellow of the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, recipient of the Leo G. Reeder Award of the American Sociological Association for Distinguished Scholarship in Medical Sociology (highest career achievement award in the social sciences pertinent to medicine), and recipient of the Jonathan Mann Award for Lifetime Commitment to Public Health and Social Justice Issues from the New Mexico Public Health Association. He is the author of five books, including The Politics of Medical Encounters: How Patients and Doctors Deal With Social Problems (Yale University Press, 1991), The Second Sickness: Contradictions of Capitalist Health Care (Rowman and Littlefield, updated edition, 2000), At the Front Lines of Medicine: How the Health Care System Alienates Doctors and Mistreats Patients... And What We Can Do About It (Rowman and Littlefield, 2001, paperback edition, 2004), and Medicine and Public Health at the End of Empire (Paradigm Publishers, 2010), and more than 200 articles and chapters. At the University of New Mexico, he has taught courses on medical sociology, globalization and health, health communication, public mental health, comparative international health systems, social medicine in Latin America, and the first seminar in the new B.A.-M.D. Program (“Contours of Health in New Mexico”). He sees patients clinically and teaches as a primary care practitioner of internal medicine and geriatric medicine in rural northern New Mexico.

Waitzkin CV, November 2011

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TABLE OF CONTENTS DEMOGRAPHICS ..........................................................................................................................3 EDUCATION ...................................................................................................................................3 POSTGRADUATE EDUCATION.....................................................................................................3 MILITARY SERVICE .......................................................................................................................4 POSITIONS ....................................................................................................................................4 HONORS ........................................................................................................................................5 MEMBERSHIPS .............................................................................................................................7 CERTIFICATION BOARDS ............................................................................................................8 LICENSURE ...................................................................................................................................8 LANGUAGES .................................................................................................................................8 UNIVERSITY AND MEDICAL SCHOOL SERVICE AND TEACHING ............................................8 COMMUNITY AND PUBLIC SERVICE.........................................................................................14 EDITING .......................................................................................................................................22 GRANT AWARDS .........................................................................................................................23 CURRENT RESEARCH INTERESTS ..........................................................................................26 PUBLICATIONS............................................................................................................................26

Waitzkin CV, November 2011

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CURRICULUM VITAE* Howard Waitzkin DEMOGRAPHICS Date of Birth: Place of Birth: Address: September 6, 1945 Barberton, Ohio Department of Sociology MSC05 5080 University of New Mexico 1915 Roma NE, room 1103_ Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001 work (505) 277-0860; home (505) 758-4647 (505) 277-8805

Phone: Fax: E-mail: EDUCATION 1959-1963 1963-1966 1966-1967 1967-1972

Western Reserve Academy; Hudson, Ohio. Held scholarship, valedictorian. Harvard University; Cambridge, Massachusetts. B.A. (summa cum laude) 1966. Major: Social Relations; Minor: Premedical. University of Chicago; Chicago, Illinois. National Science Foundation Graduate Fellow in Sociology. Harvard University; Cambridge, Massachusetts. M.A. 1969, Ph.D. 1972, Sociology. Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts. M.D. 1972. National Science Foundation Graduate Fellow in Sociology. Harvard National and Lehman Fellow in Medicine. Ph.D. Dissertation: Medicine as a Social Institution. Advisors: Professors Talcott Parsons, Renée C. Fox, and S.F. Sampson.

POSTGRADUATE EDUCATION 1972-1973 1973-1975 Intern in Medicine, Stanford University Medical Center. Postdoctoral Fellow in Sociology, Stanford University. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Clinical Scholar and Research Associate, Departments of Medicine and Sociology, Stanford University. Resident in Medicine, Stanford University Medical Center.



Accomplishments during the last three calendar years indicated in bold font. Page 3

Waitzkin CV, November 2011

University of Chicago. California. Laboratory of Social Relations. January 1997. Anaheim. November 2011 . Research assistant. supported by National Science Foundation stipend. Primary care internist and consulting internist. Medical Director. California. California. Idyllwild and Anza. Brooklyn. La Clínica de la Raza. MILITARY SERVICE Conscientious Objector POSITIONS 1964 (summer) 1964-1965 1965 (summer) 1965-1966 1966 (summer) 1967 1968-1969 1973-1975 House parent. Adjunct faculty member: School of Social Ecology. Undergraduate research assistant in race relations. University of California. Coordinator of Research. Latin American Studies Program. University of California. Chief. Salinas. University of California. Berkeley. Visiting Associate Professor of Sociology and of Health and Medical Sciences. Field research in the sociology of religion. United Farm Workers Clinic. Harvard University. New York. Summit County Community Action Council. Massachusetts General Hospital. Practicing physician. Irvine. Summit County Children's Home. Emeritus. Ohio. Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine. Harvard University. Lecturer in Sociology. Irvine. Harvard Medical School. Division of General Internal Medicine and Primary Care. Ohio. Akron. Founding faculty associate: Center for Health Policy and Research (an Irvine Research Unit). Akron. Ohio. Medical Center Hospital of Vermont. 1975-1977 Associate Professor of Sociology and Social Medicine. Departments of Sociology and Psychology.1977-1978 Senior Resident in Medicine. California. University of California. University of California. Boston. Oakland. Internist and primary care practitioner. Berkeley. Clinical Fellow. Page 4 1978-1982 1982-1990 1982-1996 1994-1996 Waitzkin CV. Department of Medicine and School of Social Sciences. Attending Physician. and Hartville. Dunster House. Tutor in Social Relations. UCI/ North Orange County Community Clinic. Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine. Eisenhower Rural Health Centers. Professor of Medicine and Social Sciences. University of Vermont. Undergraduate research assistant in cognitive studies. Harvard University. Boston. San Francisco.

Los Angeles. Division of General Internal Medicine. Colombia and Ecuador. New Mexico 1997-2003 1997-2005 2005-present 2007-2009 2009. 1972 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Clinical Scholar. section b. 1968 General and special examinations (medical sociology. Department of Family and Community Medicine (main appointment). Spanish News Service (University of California. Orange County Register. Psychology Today. National Public Television. Orange County. Taos Medical Group. El Centro Family Health (formerly Health Centers of Northern New Mexico). 1966 National Science Foundation and Public Health Service Predoctoral Fellowships. University of New Mexico. Departments of Sociology (main appointment). Director. 1967-1972 Scholarships from Roothbert Fund and Popper Foundation. Good Housekeeping. Self Magazine. 1968-1972 Bobbs-Merrill Award in Sociology. 1983 Fellowship for Independent Study and Research. Professor of Sociology. Division of Community Medicine. Human Relations Commission. 1986 Press coverage of research: Washington Post.S. 1990. NM. The Second Sickness . New Mexico. Albuquerque. 1964 Harvard National Scholarship. Gentleman's Quarterly. 1984-1985 (first physician selected for this program) Nominated for C. Professor. 1977 Physician's Recognition Award in Continuing Medical Education. 1971 James Tolbert Shipley Prize.B. Los Angeles Times. Harvard Medical School.see Publications below. Internist and Geriatrician. Society for the Study of Social Problems.) Award for Outstanding Contributions in the Field of Human Rights.present HONORS Detur Prize. 1973-1975 Lector in Medical Sociology. Member of Faculty Council in Latin American Studies. University of New Mexico. Wall Waitzkin CV. 1984 (for book. Wright Mills Award. Chicago Tribune. The New Physician. Netherlands. University of California)." 1968 Rose Seegal Prize. 1964-1972 A. 1980. Department of Medicine. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Center on Health Policy. Systemwide). Taos. University of California. Internist. Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. Albuquerque. Public Health Service Postdoctoral Fellowship. University of Amsterdam. USA Today. Department of Family and Community Medicine. 1973-1975 U. University of New Mexico. Harvard Medical School. Distinguished Professor. September 2010. Professor of Internal Medicine. and Member of Faculty Council in Latin American Studies. 2001. Torrance. United Press International. November 2011 Page 5 . 1981 Fulbright Senior Lecturer in Social and Preventive Medicine. National Endowment for the Humanities. CBS National News (submitted by President's Office. Omni Magazine. Senior Fellow. Public Broadcasting System. California. and Internal Medicine.1996 Professor of Medicine. University of California. summa cum laude. Berkeley. Emeritus. Embudo and Española. California. Albuquerque. Harvard University. Chief. American Medical Association. 1966 Phi Beta Kappa. Family and Community Medicine. Distinguished Teaching Award. New Mexico. applied sociology and social policy) passed "with distinction. NM.

Who’s Who in Medicine and Healthcare. Social Science and Medicine 1990. Appointed Member. International Who's Who of Professionals. and television (1986-2011). Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences. 1994. National Registers Who’s Who. Visiting Professor. for Lienhard Award for meritorious contributions to the delivery of personal health services (administered by Institute of Medicine. 2006-2007. "Social Medicine in Latin America. Networks of Centres of Excellence (Medical Research Council. and Adjunct Professor of Sociology. Australian Research Council. 1990. American Republics Program. "A Critical Theory of Medical Discourse. Society of General Internal Medicine. 1991. California. Poverty Law Center) of Orange County. Who's Who in Social Sciences Higher Education. Davis Lecture in the Medical Humanities. Honorary Faculty Research Fellowship. Who's Who in America. Reviewer. at large member. Madison’s Who’s Who. Univision. Special Reviewer." 1988-1990. American College of Physicians. Spring 1993. structure. Department of Medicine. Faculty Exchange Award.). University of California. Elected western regional representative and national secretary of board of directors. University of California. Offered position as Professor and Chief. 1989-1991. University of California. Visiting Professor. Elected to national council. Research selected for "showcase" presentation. radio. University of Arizona. various local newspapers. Graduate Council. National Institutes of Health." 1994-1997. 2002-2010. 1994. 1990. University of Washington. Medical Sociology section. 2007-2010. Special reviewer. Division of Health Care Sciences. 1990-1995. 1989. 1989-1991. 1987-1988. National Institute on Aging. Pacific Rim Program. Fogarty International Center." Los Amigos of Orange County. American Sociological Association. George C. American Republics Program (focusing on Mexico). Fulbright Fellowship for Independent Research. February 1996. California (first award presented by this county-wide organization that focuses on problems of Latino community). Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Clinical Scholars Program. Irvine. Health Resources and Services Administration. University of California. Academic Senate. Human Development and Aging Study Section. 1991. 1987-1989. 1994. May to September 1992. National Review Committee. Irvine. "Social Medicine in Latin America. 2000-2007. "Social Medicine in Latin America. 1992-2011.C. September 1992. Elected to board of directors. Award for "exemplary service to the Hispanic community of Orange County." Academic Senate. Public Law Center (previously. Physicians for a National Health Program. College of Medicine. Griffith Traveling Fellowship. Dean's Educational Grand Rounds Speakers Series. Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council.Street Journal. Seattle. San Francisco. Canada. Expert Review Panel. Who’s Who in the West. Ottawa. University of California." 1994. H. Department of Health & Human Services. Some implications for the study of doctor-patient interaction: power. Nominated by Medical Sociology Section. Selected for listing in Contemporary Authors. Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. Consultant: Pew Health Professions Commission. 1990. Washington. 1991-1993. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation." 1994. Fulbright Fellowship for Independent Research. Appointed to national abstract selection committee. March 1992. "Social Medicine in Latin America.30:199-204. "Doctor-Patient Communication in Cross-National Perspective. 1988. National Institute on Aging. 1992-1994. American Sociological Association. 1990-1992. Association of American Medical Colleges. and agency in the works of Howard Waitzkin and Arthur Kleinman. Research chosen as subject of comparative critical review: Pappas G. consensus conference on Small Area Analysis. Professor of Medicine. Tucson. Elected by faculty of College of Medicine to Representative Assembly. 1995-2008. San Diego (declined). Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council). D. National Research Service Award (Senior Fellowship). University of Illinois at Chicago. Waitzkin CV. 2004-2005. November 2011 Page 6 ." 1994. Fogarty Senior International Fellowship.

December 1994. 2000-2007.” 2001-2002. John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellow. National Institute on Aging. Visiting Lecturer in Public Health. MacArthur Foundation. November 2011 Page 7 . December 1997. Cambridge. and Catherine T. 2002-2003. Elected to Fellowship. David E. National Institute on Aging. August 1997 (highest career achievement award in the social sciences pertinent to medicine). Overland Park. Expert Panel on Patient-Doctor Communication with Elderly Patients. inaugural group of scholars focusing on “Global Health in a Borderless World. 1995. National Invitational Conference on Research Issues Related to Physician-Elderly Patient Interactions. Selected for listing in The Writers Directory. Melbourne. University of California. Breast Cancer Research Program. Selected for Guide to America’s Top Physicians. Cornell Medical College. Fellow. 1994-2011.” International Biographical Centre. 2003-2007. England. Selected for America’s Registry of Outstanding Professionals. “2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century” and “One Thousand Great Americans. Annenberg Lecture in Health Communication. April 1995. Reeder Award for Distinguished Scholarship in Medical Sociology. National Institute of Mental Health. Consumers’ Research Council of America. April 1995. National Consensus Conference on Patient-Doctor Communication. University of New Mexico. Nominating Committee. American Sociological Association. 2002-2003. Northwestern University. Jonathan Mann Award for Lifetime Commitment to Public Health and Social Justice Issues. Expert Review Panel. American Academy of Physician and Patient. Sponsored by the Bayer Institute for Health Care Communication and the Fetzer Institute. 2002-2010. La Trobe University. Rogers Health Policy Colloquium Lecturer. Society for Applied Anthropology. Fulbright New Century Scholar. Distinguished Professor (Highest Faculty Rank). MEMBERSHIPS American Academy on Physician and Patient American Association for the Advancement of Science American College of Physicians American Public Health Association American Sociological Association International Association of Health Policy Latin American Association of Social Medicine Phi Beta Kappa Physicians for a National Health Program Physicians for Social Responsibility Society for Applied Anthropology Society for Health and Human Values Society for the Study of Social Problems Society of General Internal Medicine Waitzkin CV. Australia. January-June 1997. New York. Kalamazoo. Kansas. April 2003. John D. Leo G. December 1994. 2002. Study Section Reviewer. 2001-2002. New York. Office of the President. Michigan. 1995. October 1999. 2006-present. New Mexico Public Health Association. Lead discussant. 2010-2012. Presidential Teaching Fellow of the Year Award (Highest Teaching Award). University of New Mexico. MacArthur Fellows Program (“Genius Awards”). Invited Participant.

I was responsible for the administration of the program (the Program Director was the Chair of the Department of Medicine). and supporting staff members. medical ethics. In 1990 I stepped aside from the role of Chief. In addition to this operational responsibility. In addition to the general responsibilities of Chief. Vermont (1975-1978. AW8197786) LANGUAGES Spanish. 1990 (board certified). approximately 25 core and associated faculty. gained financial self-sufficiency. attending on inpatient internal medicine consultation service (one month per year). and research at this model clinic. 97-162). and occupational medicine. coordinator of behavioral science component for general internal medicine training program (one ½-day session per week. Associate Program Director of the Primary Care General Internal Medicine Training Program. I was instrumental in organizing the division as a separate entity within the Department of Medicine's divisional structure. which designed and implemented the program's curricular components. 1981 Diplomate in Geriatric Medicine. From 1982 to 1990. one fellow. to devote more time to research and teaching. 2000 (recertified). two nurse practitioners.CERTIFICATION BOARDS Diplomate. This Program involved six residents per year for the three years of the program. American Board of Internal Medicine. Division of General Internal Medicine and Primary Care. and obtained regional and national recognition. 12 months per Waitzkin CV. North Orange County Community Clinic. the Division grew to be the largest in the Department. During this period. November 2011 Page 8 . German (reading and speaking) Portuguese (reading) UNIVERSITY AND MEDICAL SCHOOL SERVICE AND TEACHING (selected. From 1982 to 1990. From 1982 to 1990. American College of Physicians. including 18 residents. I held overall responsibility for clinical services. National Board of Medical Examiners. training activities. an epidemiologist. this clinic achieved national and international recognition. G25497). Fellow. Medical Director and member of Management Team. From 1982 to 1996 I coordinated the following curricular components: behavioral science. 1978 (board certified). 1973 Diplomate. LICENSURE California (1973-1999. 2002 (voluntarily recertified). videotape review of residents' interviewing skills. prior service available on request) At the University of California. 5593). 2011 (eligible for re-certification pending exam). As one of a small number of decentralized. New Mexico (1997-present. community-based facilities that provide core ambulatory training for students and residents in primary care. American Board of Internal Medicine. Regular teaching responsibilities: outpatient attending in general internal medicine (one to two ½day sessions per week). six months per year. I chaired the Division's Fund Raising Committee and Resident Selection Committee. Irvine (1982-1996) Chief. From 1990 to 1996 I continued to teach and to see patients at the clinic. I chaired the Curriculum Committee. a physician assistant. Drug Enforcement Administration (1973-present. co-coordinator of interdisciplinary research seminar in health services research (one two-hour session per month. as founding Chief. Massachusetts (1977-1980). plus administrative activities). attending on inpatient internal medicine ward service (one month per year).

Division of General Internal Medicine and Primary Care. October 1993. spring 1996. dissertation committees and graduate student advisor. 1991-1993. 1990-1994. social science and medicine. Elected by faculty of College of Medicine to Representative Assembly of Academic Senate. Campus Symposium on Medical Ethics. 1989-1996. Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences. University California. 1987-1989. 1990-1996. University of California. University of California Systemwide Pacific Rim Program and Educational Abroad Program in affiliation with the University of Chile. Campus-wide committee on program planning and development. May to September 1992. the Medical Center's administration. primary care grand rounds. November 2011 Page 9 . 1991-1993. San Francisco.year). University of California. In this process. Systemwide. Multiple speaking engagements on primary care topics. participant in regular conferences of general internal medicine training program: journal club. staff members of the Los Angeles County Waitzkin CV. one one-hour session per month. Ph. Appointed Member. College of Medicine. Latin American Studies Program. the teaching program for students and residents. October 4. Division of General Internal Medicine. Academic Geriatric Resource Center. 1982-1996. financial operations. Consultation in educational policy and planning. Health Policy (offered as a course in the Department of Sociology. Consultation in academic planning and program development (as part of Faculty Exchange Award). consultation seminar (each. and research and development activities. University of California. Berkeley and San Francisco. Dean's Admissions Committee (interviewer). At Harbor-UCLA Medical Center (1996) Chief. Adjunct faculty member (program development and curriculum planning). Center for Health Policy Research.) Spanish News Service. to meet undergraduate writing requirement) and Health Communication (offered as a course in the School of Social Ecology). National Review Committee. Public Policy Research Organization. 11 months per year). medical ethics. Spanish-language interview on national health policy: Grupo de médicos ofrece una alternativa para controlar costos en el propuesto plan de salud. School of Social Ecology. Member of search committee for Chief. I was responsible for reorganizing clinical services. (Group of physicians offer an alternative to control costs in the proposed health plan. health services for the poor. Elected by faculty of UC Irvine campus as alternate delegate to University of California Systemwide Assembly of the Academic Senate. 1993. and Latin America. Riverside. Joint Medical Program and Health and Medical Sciences Program. 1989-1996. New undergraduate and graduate syllabi. February 1992.D. Graduate Council. I worked closely with the chair and other faculty of the Department of Medicine. Keynote speaker. School of Social Ecology and School of Social Sciences. 1993-1996. periodic undergraduate and/or graduate courses in medical sociology and health policy. health policy. 1991-1993.

an advisory committee. Committee activities have included the Division’s executive committee (chair).government. Kellogg Shared Solutions residency certification in public health committee. In February 2002. UNM-New Waitzkin CV. and empowerment strategies. staff. community-oriented primary care. and 7) development of short-term and long-term goals and objectives for the Division. 3) reorganization of the Division's financial operations. Member. I worked with Medical Center administrators. and community-oriented primary care. Part of these efforts aimed to increase the responsiveness of the Division of General Internal Medicine to changing needs inside and outside the Medical Center. public health curriculum committee. curriculum development. Executive Committee. Member. 4) improving relationships between the Division of Community Medicine and the Division of Family Medicine. primary care curriculum longitudinal evaluation committee. evaluation studies. 6) development of a faculty salary structure and incentive procedures. regional. In 2003. and national needs. Nina Wallerstein of the combined Division of Community Medicine and Public Health Program. and faculty from other primary care departments in organizational improvements designed to enhance accessibility. Under my predecessor. Native American and minority health issues. in cooperation with the Division of General Internal Medicine at the Center for Health Sciences on the main UCLA campus. William Wiese. in line with local and federal mandates. small group teaching. epidemiology. faculty search committees. to emphasize problem-based learning. This work contributed to the process of restructuring of health care services in Los Angeles County to emphasize ambulatory care. The Division also played a crucial role in the development of the Center for Population Health. The Division included faculty members who focused on public health. and finances. Dr. I assumed overall administrative responsibility for an academic unit with wide-ranging educational. the Masters in Public Health (MPH) Program achieved national prominence as an innovative program committed to the solution of local and regional public health problems. biostatistics. Under the Division's purview. These accomplishments have been recognized by the consistent rating of UNM among the top ten medical schools nationally in primary care emphasis. and service activities. the MPH Program. After arriving at UNM. environmental health. I worked on the Department's strategic planning. research. representatives of the resident staff. I prioritized several administrative challenges: 1) strengthening the integration of the MPH Program within the Division. Part of these efforts focused on Los Angeles County's Medicaid Managed Care Program. Member. 2) improving relationships among the Division. I also contributed to the development of enhanced learning experiences in geriatric medicine and in adolescent medicine. the public health activities throughout the School of Medicine were consolidated in the Institute of Public Health. This curriculum formed the basis of an integrated series of clinical experiences and didactic conferences. this Division played a key role in initiating the famous UNM curricular reforms in medical education at the undergraduate and graduate levels. As a core member of this committee. Department of Medicine. clinical services. November 2011 Page 10 . Ambulatory Care Committee. an interdepartmental research unit which focuses on population-oriented health research in response to local. At the University of New Mexico (UNM) (1997-present) As the Director of the Division of Community Medicine. efficiency. quality. I worked with other faculty leaders in the Department in the design of a three-year residency curriculum in general internal medicine. curricular design. In this activity. and leaders of community clinics and community organizations. In this role. I organized and chaired a search committee whose aim was to enhance faculty recruitment. and cost control. core Department group on residency and student curriculum. I became Co-Director with Dr. with specific learning objectives. and the Center for Population Health. preventive medicine. health education. 5) enhancing the Division's outreach activities and responsiveness to communities throughout the state of New Mexico.

Ben Daitz (faculty in family practice. mentor for her R03 NIMH research grant on mental health conditions under Medicaid managed care and R01 NIMH research grant of mental health reform of the New Mexico state government). in addition to faculty members whom I have mentored in the Department of Family and Community Medicine and in the Department of Sociology. Michelle Christensen* (junior faculty in psychiatry. In the Department of Sociology. Teaching at UNM has included outpatient and inpatient clinical teaching in family medicine and in internal medicine. University of Pittsburgh. George Kilson (faculty in OBGYN. In 1999-2011. potential collaboration in video project). Robert Williams (faculty in family practice. Rodrigo Escalona*. Sociology of Medical Practice. These courses have been open to advanced undergraduates. and as co-Program Director of the Minority Research Infrastructure Support Program. tutoring and lecturing in the Evidence Based Medicine and Cardiovascular/ Respiratory block for second year medical students. I served as acting director. University of Colorado). I also served as associate director of UNM’s Center for Population Health. during spring semester 2007. Seattle). project in Guatemala). I have seen patients during two ½-day sessions per week. committee responsible for the Rosenblatt-Lenneberg Endowment in International Public Health (chair). then Associate Professor of Public Health. Holly Buchanan (director of UNM Health Sciences Center Library. Faculty members: Bonnie Duran* (junior faculty in public health. “leadership group” of Dean’s committee to investigate and make recommendations for a new Department of Population Health Sciences. participation as a circuit rider to supervise preclinical medical students in a primary care rotation in a rural area of New Mexico. also funded by NIMH. graduate students. advisor on career development). Irene Ortíz*. University of Colorado). University of Arizona. Cathleen Willging* (junior faculty in public health. Provost’s Task Force on International Programs. Minority Research Infrastructure Support Program. Public Health Communication. Vivian Fernández* (UNM Center for Research on Alcoholism. I initiated three new courses: Public Health Systems & Globalization. an interdepartmental research center focusing on the population health needs of New Mexico and the Southwest region. November 2011 Page 11 . School of Medicine Task Force on Cultural Diversity in the medical curriculum. responsibility for teaching on patient-doctor communication. Research Network of the Department of Family and Community Medicine. Mentees and advisees from “underrepresented” groups are indicated by an asterisk (*). University of Washington. and Medical Sociology and Health Policy. project in Honduras). Family Practice Residency Program. during spring semester 2006. New Mexico Mentorship and Education Program. courses in the Public Health Program (Comparative International Health Systems. Paula Espinoza (junior faculty in psychiatry. and Public Mental Health). In the faculty general internal medicine clinic at the University of New Mexico Hospital. and public health students. Minority Research Infrastructure Support Program). during July through December 1998. UNM-Health Centers of Northern New Mexico "Think Tank" (chair). mentor for Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Generalist Faculty Award and later research). Angelo Tomedi (faculty in family practice. Social Medicine in Latin America. I personally have served as a mentor and/or advisor for the following individuals. and development and presentation of the introductory seminar for the new BA-MD Program (“Contours of Health in New Mexico”). Waitzkin CV. I have served as Program Director for the New Mexico Mentorship and Education Program in mental health services research. Substance Abuse and Addictions). project in Bolivia with Professor Hillard Kaplan of anthropology. junior faculty. funded by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). Minority Research Infrastructure Support Program). mentor for her NIMH K01 award. Bruce Williams (faculty in internal medicine. and Catherine Baca* (junior faculty in psychiatry.Mexico Department of Health liaison committee (co-chair). and most recently University of New Mexico). and Mario Cruz* (junior faculty in psychiatry. during spring 2009. Joseph Hubbard* (junior faculty in pharmacy.

Nafisa Halim (member. doctoral examination committee. Melissa Caddell (advisor and chair. Angélica DíazMartínez* (NIMH New Mexico Mentorship and Education Program. Angela Landwehr* (advisor and chair. November 2011 Page 12 . teaching assistantship). postdoctoral fellow. advisor). College of Nursing). John Fogarty (faculty in family practice. Ann Worthington (advisor). Rick Miller (faculty in family practice. doctoral examination and dissertation committee. UNM: Tassy Parker* (member. advisor. MPH professional paper committee on effects of Medicaid managed care on children). Ethel Nicdao* (member. MPH professional paper on the practice of infection control in New Mexico’s acute care hospitals). and on health aspects of energy policies). Department of Sociology. Geshu Zhu (supervisor. Renai Edwards (advisor. project on linguistic and financial access to health services). supervisor in work as coordinator of Civilian Medical Resources Network. advisor. advisor. junior faculty at University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey). Michael Muhammad* (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Center for Health Policy Graduate Fellow. Tenille Marley* (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Center for Health Policy Graduate Fellow. Lisa Cacari-Stone* (graduate student. Peter Guarnero (faculty. chair of doctoral dissertation committee). Joe Gone* (NIMH New Mexico Mentorship and Education Program. Susan Tiano (faculty member and chair.advisor for HIV research). doctoral examination committee and dissertation committee). Public Health Program and UNM Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Center for Health Policy). Graduate students: Department of Sociology. Medical College of Wisconsin. University of Washington. and later as Postdoctoral Fellow. Melinda Rogers (advisor). Lorenda Joe* (advisor and supervisor on NIMH Mentorship and Education Program). supervisor of research paper). Seattle. Public Health Program: Verónica Plaza* (advisor and chair. chair of comprehensive exam committee). Gail Scully (advisor and chair. faculty at the University of Michigan). Michael Trujillo* (NIMH New Mexico Mentorship and Education Program. Natahnee Winter* (advisor for graduate studies). Amy Whitfield* (advisor. Sheila Mahoney (advisor and supervisor for research on impact of Medicaid managed care on immunizations). and junior faculty member. continuing collaboration on research since her return to Brazil). research development on women and maquiladora industries on the Mexican border). then Department of Family & Community Medicine at UNM). advisor. Terry Schleder* (advisor and supervisor for research assistance on book project). Dan Anson Waitzkin CV. member of doctoral dissertation committee). and supervisor. Public Health Program and UNM Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Center for Health Policy). Tassy Parker* (faculty. W. Dan Squires (advisor). Celia Iriart* (postdoctoral fellow. University of the Pacific). advisor). Sonya Freeman (advisor). project on community medicine teaching). Assistant Professor. MPH professional paper committee on reform of Brazilian health care system. New Mexico Mentorship and Education Program). advisor. Malvina McCabe* (faculty in family practice. chair of doctoral dissertation committee). project on mental health in primary care). Marjorie Hudson (doctoral examination committee). Office of Evaluation. then faculty member. Rebeca Jasso-Aguilar* (supervisor in research on global trade and public health. then faculty member. advisor). Department of Sociology. MPH professional paper committee on impact of Medicaid managed care on preventable inpatient admissions). supervisor of work as coordinator of the New Mexico Mentorship and Education Program in Mental Health Services Research. Azul La Luz* (member. advisor for work on globalization and health. UNM Department of American Studies). self-rated health among American Indian adolescents. supervisor in her role as Coordinator. advisor for AHRQ Navajo research). Andru Ziwasimon (faculty in family practice. Libby Seawright (research assistant. Kimberly Huyser* (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Center for Health Policy Postdoctoral Fellow. Michael Rosenblatt (faculty in family practice. Sonia Bettez* (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Center for Health Policy Graduate Fellow. doctoral dissertation committee: the mental health safety net under Medicaid managed care. chair. research on mental health issues in primary care). member of master’s thesis committee). Pat Davidson (advisor). Rae Lewis* (advisor and supervisor for research assistance on book project). doctoral examination committee. doctoral examination committee and dissertation committee). Rafael Hernández-Arias* (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Center for Health Policy Postdoctoral Fellow. Cirila Estela Vásquez Guzman* (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Center for Health Policy Graduate Fellow. Sara Sheldon (advisor). Darrin Kowitz (Predoctoral student and adjunct faculty member in Sociology. and member.

graduate assistantship). Lauren Koller (MA comprehensive examination committee). then Fulbright Fellow). Tresa Thomas. Gus Ghuneim. Abigail Adams. Department of Community and Journalism: Pratibha Shukla (member. Stefan Chimoskey. Belisa González* (minority supplement). for which I have served as principal investigator. Megan Perry (postdoctoral fellow. Bill Melton. doctoral examination committee. sociology. supervisor. Chris Quintana* (project on impact of Medicaid managed care on preventable adverse sentinel events). Beth Morgan. supervisor of research paper). Lorenda Belone*. graduate assistantship). Karen Saylors. then postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University. and Nancy Nelson. Alya Reeves (advisor). Department of Political Science: Rebeca Jasso-Aguilar* (PhD candidate. under my direct supervision: Christine Getrich (PhD candidate). Brea Bondi-Boyd* (graduate of the Latin American Medical School. Mexico). Department of Psychology: Georgianna Achilles (PhD candidate. Elise Chambers Lacava (project on economic globalization and public health). Heller School. University of California. Razel Remen* (graduate of the Latin American Medical School. William Wagner. advisor and supervisor on Fulbright and Guggenheim Foundation research on global trade and public health). New Mexico Mentorship and Education Program). doctoral examination committee and dissertation committee on communication about World Bank health policies in India). Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Center for Health Policy: Valarie Blue Bird Jernigan*. Kimberly Huyser* (advisor and cocoordinator of special seminar for these postdoctoral feels in public health. Medical students: Jason Jaramillo* and Nathaniel Roybal* (tuberculosis project in Chihuahua. Laura Parajon*. Primary care practitioners: Laura Gottlieb (NIMH New Mexico Mentorship and Education Program. The following graduate students in Anthropology have worked in the research project concerning promotoras as mental health practitioners in primary care. Nursing PhD student: Rebecca Mayo. November 2011 Page 13 . graduate students: Joan Bradley. John Bettler. then faculty member at the University of Toronto). Andru Ziwasimon. advisor and supervisor on NIMH research on somatization and primary care). then postdoctoral fellow. Steve Bailey. Cuba). supervisor in her role as Coordinator. under the supervision of Professor Louise Lamphere and myself: postdoctoral anthropologists: Peter Simonsen. Shirley Heying (PhD candidate). doctoral examination committee and dissertation committee on internet cancer support groups). Leslie López*.D. Christopher Brown (supervisor. UNM).(advisor. Mariana Mejia* and Irma Santiago* (project on the utilization and costs of undocumented immigrants). graduate assistantship). Tamar Ginossar (member. Latin American Studies: Amy Waller-Drake (MA comprehensive examination committee member). also junior faculty member. The following individuals in Anthropology have worked in the research project on Medicaid managed care. Department of Psychology. Joanne McCloskey. Sarah Horton (graduate student. Brandeis University: Lisa Cacari-Stone* (Ph. Amy Whitfield* (advisor. Karen Stocker. Rongal Nikora (PhD candidate. Public Health Program. Brian Shelley. Riana North (project on medical professionalism and activism). Jack Baker (PhD candidate): advisor and supervisor on analysis of survey data and preventable sentinel events affected by Medicaid managed care. Ann Carson (PhD candidate. Cathleen Willging*. Waitzkin CV. Cuba). Marta Henrikson. University of North Dakota). health access policies concerning immigrants. dissertation committee. advisor and member of PhD dissertation committee). Lorenzo Rodríguez* (premedical and medical school advisor). E. Flip French (clinical outpatient supervision). Department of Anthropology: Michael Schillaci (PhD candidate. Vanessa Simonds*. Deborah Boehm. Jon Calder. then faculty member at East Carolina University). New Mexico State University: Amileah Davis* (PhD candidate. and psychology). Medical residents and recent graduates in family practice (advisor on community medicine projects): Rick Miller. First Choice Community Health Care. later Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health and Society Fellow. adviser). Lissa Knudsen (member. Randy Baca* (project on depression in primary care). Caroline Todd. Julia Austin*. Kris Kirschbaum (supervisor. Aileen Whitney (research on global trade and public health). for which I have served as principal investigator. San Francisco). Brenda Manuelito* (minority supplement). then faculty member.

Lorenzo Rodríguez* (advisor for career in medicine). Undergraduate students: Donna Imelda Padilla Frausto* (honors thesis on promotoras as mental health practitioners. Invited testimony on impact of Medi-Cal and other public sector cutbacks and related health policy Waitzkin CV. Tina Petersen Buchheit. I served on the Search Committee for Professor of Medical Sociology under the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Center on Health Policy. I have participated in UNM’s training program on mediation and faculty dispute resolution and currently serve as a designated mediator. In 2008-2009 I was elected to serve on the Executive Committee. and policy analysis to address the needs of Latino. I served on the Committee on the Human Services and Social Policy Concentration. I taught the first integrative seminar for freshman students. American Indian. In 2002-2011. Program. UNM – Taos campus. funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in January 2007. In 2005-2006. I served on the Curriculum Committee and have worked on plans for undergraduate and graduate emphases in Medical Sociology and Health Policy. and Latin American studies. In 2009-2010. I collaborated in the development of the new B. research. I have served on the Research Committee of the Program. In 2000-2001. In 2007-2010. At UNM I frequently participate as an invited speaker in courses and conferences in sociology. 2008. Psychology and Computer Science/ Mathematics).A. and other underserved populations. I co-chaired the search committee for two new faculty members in environmental epidemiology and consulted extensively with the search committee for a new chair of internal medicine about potential candidates in general internal medicine. New Mexico Department of Health: Tom Scharmen (research on preventable adverse sentinel events). Erin Burtsch (research assistant).Premedical students: Sara Friedman. COMMUNITY AND PUBLIC SERVICE (selected. I co-chaired the search committee for a new faculty member in public health policy. planning began in 2005.-M.D. Staff member. I have consulted on the development and implementation of courses in health sciences. I serve as an advisor in the Department of Sociology’s graduate student recruitment efforts. High school student: Lauren Useem (arranged volunteer experience in surgery. Pre-nursing student: Judy Fox. prior service available on request) Editorial service: please see below. designated as the highest UNM priority for legislative funding. and Luke Rawlings. In 2006-2011. Jennifer Bustos* (research assistant). titled “Contours of Health in New Mexico” in fall 2007. and 2010. In 2005-2010. anthropology. November 2011 Page 14 . Isaac Avilucea* (research assistant). This Center emphasizes training. I served on the Minority Task Force. in exploration of a career in medicine). I have served in planning and as a core faculty member and senior fellow in the new National Center for Health Policy at the University of New Mexico. In 2003-2004. In the Department of Sociology. Indian Health Service commissioned officer (advisor): Adam Archuleta* (minority supplement for research on impact of Medicaid managed care on American Indians).

Coordinated southwest regional press conference and multiple interviews during months after Physicians for a National Health Program proposals for general medical services. hearings of the Orange County Board of Supervisors. San Francisco. January 1990. Coordinating member of the National Committee on Health Rights in Central America (helped coordinate teaching and clinical assistance for several Central American countries). 1993. American College of Physicians: introductory plenary session. 1983-1988. California.D. May 1991. San Diego. Invited speaker on health policy. Mexico. Claremont Graduate School. Ways and Means Committee." a documentary comparing the United States and Canadian health care systems. Newport Beach. Presentation of materials and consultation on health care for the poor and public hospitals. Consultant. "Health Care Across the Border. Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana . JAMA. and coordinator of Orange County/ Long Beach chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program. 1985-1995. 1988-1990. House of Representatives. the Medical Sociology Section of the American Sociological Association. New York City. Sedona.D. 1988-2011. hearings of the California and New Mexico State Legislatures.S. Invited consultation and speaking on problems of doctor-patient communication: American Medical Association and Council of Medical Specialty Societies. Visiting Professor. annual national meeting. Jesse Jackson Presidential Campaign and Rainbow Coalition. Invited speaker and consultant on comparative international health policy. Health Subcommittee. March 1992. November 2011 Page 15 . Universidad Autónoma Benito Juarez de Oaxaca and Ministry of Health. elected western regional representative and secretary of national board of directors. and JAMA. dissertation committee in medical sociology. December 1991. December 1989 . Appointed to Ph. Australia. annual state meeting. Consultant on health policy. U. financing. I prepared audiovisual materials on this topic for these organizations' programs in continuing medical education. Mexico City. 1987-2011. produced for National Public Television through WNET. Appointed to Ph. California Public Employees Retirement System (PERS).Xochimilco. and the Health Care and Health Services Research Section of the Society for the Study of Social Problems. June 1992. Invited speaker and consultant on health policy. Chair. dissertation committee in educational psychology.issues: Orange County Human Relations Commission. Oaxaca. Orange County Task Force on Indigent Health Care. member of national writing committee.February 1990. Arizona. April 1990. California. and long-term care were published in New England Journal of Medicine. 1987-1996. 1987-1988. 1990-1992. participating member. 1987-1996. Founding member. Invited speaker on national health program: various community organizations and churches. Waitzkin CV. Participant in the Society of General Internal Medicine (SGIM). 1988-1991. February 1990. Southern California and Nevada Region. La Trobe University. January 1989.

March 1991. October 1992. annual meeting. San Francisco. Association of American Medical Colleges. California. Poverty Law Center) of Orange County. Solicited "showcase paper. Board of Directors and member of Committee on Litigation and Committee on Fund Raising. October 1992. initiative to encourage the recruitment of generalist physicians. September 1992. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Invited speaker on barriers to health-care access for Latinos. health services research training program for junior minority medical school faculty. Leadership Conference of Women Religious. May 1990. Bologna. Consultant and invited participant. Invited speaker on national health policy. National Public Television. Health Resources and Services Administration." Consensus Conference on Small Area Analysis and Community Oriented Primary Care. Italy. Waitzkin CV. New York City. United Way Hispanic Development Council. International Association of Health Policy. Department of Health & Human Services. British Broadcasting Company. Public Law Center (previously. Fred Hafferty. Orange County. D. Consultant. documentary on U. 1991. Maryland. American Sociological Association." University of Alabama at Birmingham. September 1992. Public Health Service. California. Columbia. California. Consultant. David Mechanic). documentary on children's health services.Keynote speaker on health policy and national health program. Hyattsville. May 1990. resolution process concerning a national health program. Consultant. documentary on United States health policy. 1992-1994. Orange. July 1992. Co-host. Sol Levine. Consultant on medical indigency. produced for National Public Television through WNET. Consultant. Saint Joseph Health System.S. Pew Health Professions Commission. health care system. documentary on Michael Harrington. 1990-1992. Western United States focus group.. October 1990. New Mexico Public Health Association. symposium on "Patient Care Relationships and Ethics. Consultant and mentor.C. American Sociological Association. July 1991. study of biopsychosocial issues in health professions education. November 2011 Page 16 . November 1990. Albuquerque. December 1990. Coordinator. produced for National Television of Austria. 1992-1995. Maryland. Consultant. Invited keynote speaker. Invited speaker for special session on "Power Relations in Medicine" by national leaders in medical sociology (co-participants: Eliot Freidson. August 1990. John McKinlay. Invited plenary speaker on United States health policy. Medical Sociology Section. National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics. biannual meeting. 1990-1996. Orange County. Washington. delegation of Russian physicians and medical administrators.

June 1994." International Conference on Social Medicine. Medicine at the Crossroads. Invited presentation on patient-doctor communication. 1993-1994. Division of General Internal Medicine and Primary Care. Los Angeles. Featured presentation on health policy. Invited plenary presentation at "Researching Health Care: Ethics and Responsibility. May 1994. New Zealand. Colegio Médico de Chile (Chilean Medical Association) and Sociedad Chilena de Salud Pública (Chilean Public Health Society). Chile.. Uruguay. and Washington. Cincinnati. Consultant. December 1992. 1992-1994. Consultant and International Collaborator. Santiago. Graduate School of the Union Institute.Invited presentation: "Future directions of primary care: medical care to an underserved population. 1992-1996. Santiago. Melbourne. 1990-2002. April 1994. Wisconsin. Invited discussant. American Sociological Association. April 1994.C. Australia. California Health Security Initiative (Proposition 186). Mexico. Santiago. Latin American and World Congress of Social Medicine. University of Auckland. Plenary presentation on health policy. Universidad de Buenos Aires. Argentina. annual meeting of Municipal/ Regional Public Health Association. Society of General Internal Medicine. Medical Sociology Section. Invited presentation on patient-doctor communication. Universidad de la República. Consultant. November 2011 Page 17 . Chile. D. Vincent's Hospital and La Trobe University. Department of Psychiatry. June 1994. Chile. Madison. Rosario. research selected for inclusion in core bibliography. Ohio. 1993. Montevideo. Department of Medical Psychology and Department of Internal Medicine. national curriculum project in internal medicine. Participant. June 1994. 1993." conference on the ethics of health care research. Waitzkin CV. May 1994. Argentina. Consultant. Buenos Aires. Invited plenary presentation on poverty and health. August 1994. 1993. Consultant. Hospital Maciel. Society of General Internal Medicine (Southern California Region) and Southern California Regional Geriatric Society. Statewide Legislation and Organizing Committees. University of Alabama at Birmingham. and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and WETA. Health Policy and Research Committee." annual meeting of the American Sociological Association. Guadalajara." annual meeting. Invited lecturer: "The Politics of Social Medicine. April 1993. March 1994. St. In Sickness and in Health. session on "Organizational Responses to Managed Care. Beverly Hills. University of Chile. documentary series in development for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. produced for the Public Broadcasting System by Thirteen/WNET (New York) and BBC-TV in association with Televisión Española (Spanish Television). California. Consultant.Invited presentation on patient-doctor communication. Grupo de Investigación y Capacitación en Medicina Social (Research and Educational Group in Social Medicine). Graduate Program in Medical Sociology. Hospital Clínicas.

Department of Medical Education. Department of Sociology. Universidade Estadual de Campinas. Visiting professor. Department of Sociology. November 1995. Wesleyan University. Argentina.Invited presentation on patient-doctor communication. Invited speaker on comparative international health policy. Santiago. and clinical programs. National Institute of Mental Health. California. School of Public Health. Consultation on rural health care. Department of Medicine. Ronald Kilgard and Associates. American Public Health Association.1. Department of Community Medicine. and Anza. November 2011 Page 18 . Eisenhower Health Centers. Visiting professor. promotion and tenure committees: Department of Social Medicine. New Waitzkin CV. Department of Medicine. Simon Fraser University. Department of Health Communication. Centro de Investagición y Capacitación en Medicina Social (Center for Research and Training in Social Medicine). Arizona. 1995-1996. Santa Fe. San Diego. Visiting professor. 1995-2009. Programa de Actualización de Posgrado en Salud Colectiva (Program for Postgraduate Training in Collective Health). Albuquerque. Consultation on research. University of Kentucky. UCLA/ Harbor Medical Center. University of Washington. Mexico. October-December 1995: School of Medicine. August 1997. National Institutes of Health. Convivencia Campesina rural health centers. under auspices of Senior International Fellowship. Health Centers of Northern New Mexico. University of Guadalajara. Francis Hospital. Las Varas and Chacala. Northwestern University. Albert Einstein College of Medicine. 1994-1996. Guadalajara. Visiting professor. Nayarít. Palm Springs. October-November 1997. Northwestern University. Harborview General Hospital. St. May 1995. New Mexico. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Clinical Scholars Program. Ecuador. University of Illinois at Chicago. Idyllwild. Invited plenary speaker. Universidad Central and Centro de Estudios y Asesoría en Salud (Center for Research and Consultation in Health). Brazil. April 1996. October 1995. Department of Sociology. Mexico. Phoenix. Las Vegas and Española. University of Rochester. education. Brown University. Departamento de Medicina Preventiva e Social. symposium on "Multi-method Research in an Era of Health Care Reform. February 1996. Invited presentations on the patient-doctor relationship under managed care. University of Washington. and on national health policy. Department of Medicine. U. Division of Community Medicine. Consultant on legal advocacy regarding limitations on patient-doctor communications under managed care. Fogarty International Center." annual meeting of the Society of General Internal Medicine. Department of Medicine. Ad Hoc Reviewer. March 1995. Universidad de Buenos Aires. University of New Mexico. 1996. Canada. Harvard Medical School. External reviewer. School of Medicine. Department of Family and Community Medicine. Faculdade de Ciencias Médicas. Consultant and primary care practitioner. Seattle. 1995-1999. Quito. University of Missouri. Boston University School of Medicine. Feinberg School of Medicine. Mental Health AIDS and Immunology Review Committee . Chile. and Department of Medicine and Program in Cross-Cultural Medicine. Department of Sociology. São Paulo.S. Consultation on rural primary care health programs.

Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research. 1998. October 2001. Invited speaker on the exportation of managed care. Initiator. New Mexico. October. Bellagio. Ruidoso. Invited speaker on globalization and health policy. April 2003). November 1999. American Public Health Association. June 2001. Invited plenary speaker on international health policy. conference of New Century Scholars Program. Invited speaker. Bethesda. abstracts selected for oral presentation on the exportation of managed care to Latin America and on enhanced access to Latin American social medicine. community advisory board member of First Choice Community Healthcare rural health center.Mexico. Solicited presentation on ethnographic study of Medicaid managed care. October 1999. American Public Health Association. 2000-2011. Atlanta. Rogers Health Policy Colloquium. New Mexico. member of leadership committee. rural health centers.S. Mérida. Santa Fe. Mexico. May 2000. July 1998. Invited speaker. November 2011 Page 19 . Cornell Medical College. New Mexico. David E. Albuquerque. Institutional coordinator for the University of New Mexico. American Public Health Association. Sigerist Circle. Doctoral dissertation committee and invited lectures on comparative international health policy and social medicine in Latin America. New Mexico. Maryland. “Global Health in a Borderless World. Invited participant. winter 2001. July 2000. biannual meeting of the Latin American Association of Social Medicine. and 1 session on public health education. Editorial committee to reorganize the Western Journal of Medicine. San Francisco. March-April 2001. Yucatan. American Public Health Association. November 1999. Illinois. Advisor to Director. concerning Inter-Agency Agreements with the Indian Health Service. Plenary speaker. American Society of Hispanic Psychiatry. Invited speaker on mental health issues in primary care. New Mexico Family Practice Association. Rockefeller Foundation Global Health Equity Initiative. Universidade Estudual de Campinas. Italy. Bruno Lima Symposium. Brazil. Society for Applied Anthropology. April 1998. November 1998. plenary session on globalization and public health. Chicago. October 2000. Cuba. biannual meeting. New York. NM.” U. March 1999. 1999-2011. New Mexico. Waitzkin CV. responsible for needs assessment survey. first health center opened in Edgewood. Invited speaker. January 1999. East Mountain Health Care (a coalition to initiate a network of community-based. American Association for the History of Medicine. Santa Fe. 2 sessions on globalization and public health. American Academy of Physician and Patient. New York. Organizing committee. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. World Health Organization. Fulbright Program and Council for the International Exchange of Scholars. Boston. Invited speaker. Havana. 2001. October 29-November 2.

2001-2002. John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation. Finland. Cameroon. Invited speaker. Invited keynote speaker. 2002-2004. course on globalization and health. and Public Health. National Science Foundation. November 2011 Page 20 .” National Forum on Health and Congress of Latin American Association of Social Medicine. University of Guadalajara. Albuquerque.” Department of Public Health. Expert review panel. NJ. Office of the President. Instituto Nacional de Salud Pública (Nacional Institute of Public Health). San Francisco. February-March 2003. and Technology. Latin American and Caribbean Program in Medicine and Health. Mexico. Phoenix. “Economic Globalization and Health Policies. April 2002.” Department of Economics. Latino Mental Health Conference. University of California. Princeton. and Epidemics of Inequality in Latin America. Science. NM. “Global Trade and Public Health. Ohio. history of public health. October 2003. Invited speaker. April 29-May 1.Advisor to organizing committee. and coordinator for Latin American articles on commercial activities in health care and public health. Special Emphasis Panel (ZMH1 CRB-1 (04)). “Global Trade. August 2004. Invited speaker. Mexico. Consultant. “Economic Globalization and Public Health.” Case Western Reserve University. Helsinki. Breast Cancer Research Program. National Institutes of Health. Invited speaker. 2004. Invited speaker. “Global Trade and Public Health. international conference on globalization. Cuernavaca. Consultant. Waitzkin CV. class action non-monetary lawsuit to modify the food policies of the Albuquerque Public Schools. Invited speaker. Structural Violence. Mexico. March 2005. London. RWJF Depression in Primary Care initiative annual meeting. international trade and public health. April 2004. 2004. American Public Health Association. Program on Societal Dimensions of Engineering. “Activism in Medicine” and “Global Trade. Lima. Invited plenary speaker. Invited speaker. June 2002.” Center for Iberian and Latin American Studies. United Nations Research Institute for Social Development. Invited speaker. Reviewer. University of California. and Public Health. March 2004. “Globalization and Health: A Qualitative Approach. Center for Health Sciences. AZ. Peru. San Francisco. July 2002. University of Guadalajara. CA. presenter of commissioned article on global trade and public health. November 2003. November 2003. July 2004. May 2004 National Institute of Mental Health. University of Utah. San Diego. February 2004. with an aim of reducing the availability of atherogenic and diabetogenic food products. April 22-23. Final presentations. Health Services. Health Services.” Fulbright Association. Cleveland. Reviewer.” International Conference on Qualitative Methodology. December 2001. Invited speaker.” Conference on “Rethinking ‘the Public’ in Public Health: Neoliberalism. August 2003.

Lamphere). July 2005. Institute of Social Medicine. Willging. Embudo and Española rural health centers. “Tratados de Libre Comercio y la Salud Pública (Free Trade Agreements and Public Health). a national network of health and mental health professionals to provide independent medical assessment and treatment for active duty members of the armed forces. National Institutes of Health. and “International Trade Agreements and Public Health. Center for Iberian and Latin American Studies and Department of Ethnic Studies. Brazil. northern New Mexico. 2008-2010. National Eye Institute. University of California. Waitzkin CV. November 2011 Page 21 . Health. Marxist Sociology Section. Special Emphasis Panel (ZEY1 VSN (05)). Invited speaker.” internal medicine residents’ morning report. University of Colorado. 2007-2009. May 2005. E. Member. Town of Taos. Invited speaker. “Global Trade and Public Health. New Mexico. Congress of the Latin American Social Medicine Association and International Association of Health Policy. University of California.” Program in Community-Responsive Medicine for Medical Students. Invited speaker for three sessions of American Public Health Association. Downes. Invited speaker for three sessions at the University of Arizona (“Cases of Problematic Patient-Doctor Communication. in collaboration with the GI Rights Hot Line and the Military Law Task Force of the National Lawyers Guild.” Center for Iberian and Latin American Studies. Initiator and coordinator. Founder and president." Stanford Geriatric Education Center.Invited speaker. Graduate Practicum on Race. Invited speaker. “‘Deer in the Headlights’: Preparing for Administrative and Clinical Practice Innovations in a Public Behavioral Health System” (with C. San Diego. April 2006. and Inequality. Bahía.” Latin American Studies Program). “Contemporary U. Fair Trade Steering Committee. Elected chair. "Latino Ethnomedicine (Part II): Providing Culturally Appropriate Health Care for Latino Elders and their Families. 2005-2011. Brazil. Salvador. Imperialism's Impact on Health Worldwide”. Salvador Allende Program in Social Medicine (a charitable 501c3 taxexempt organization). Consultant.S. development of a research mentoring network for American Indian/Alaska Native investigators sponsored by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). April 2006. July 2007. “La Cara Amable del Enemigo: Consciencia e Ideología de Ejecutivos de Empresas Privadas e Instituciones Internacionales de Financiamiento en el Campo de Salud” (“The Friendly Face of the Enemy: Consciousness and Ideology Among Executives of Private Corporations and International Financial Institutions in the Health Field”). El Centro Family Health. Cuenca. Presentation. San Diego. January 2005. CA. American Sociological Association.” Second World People’s Health Assembly. January 2005. Visiting Professor. 2005-2011. October 2008: “The Latin American Social Medicine Database: A Resource for Public Health”. Civilian Medical Resources Network. Consultant and part-time practicing general internist. “Practicing Medicine in an Underdeveloped Country – the United States. August 2005. 2008-2011. San Diego. incorporated in New Mexico. and L. State University of Rio de Janeiro. Ecuador.

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