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Minutes of the Assembly of Shimer College April 21st , 2013 Eileen Buchanan (Speaker) calls the meeting to order

at 4:00PM It is noted that this is Eileen’s last meeting as Speaker of the Assembly The following persons in Oxford are participating via video link and email: Stuart Patterson (faculty), Sarah Walls, Trillian Bergman, Sam Elalouf, Lilian Martinez, Trevor Griffith, Zachary Fazio, Alexis (all students) Approval of minutes from the meeting of 3/17/13 David Shiner (faculty) noted that the minutes appear to be in draft form. Aron Dunlap (Secretary of assembly) apologized for sending incorrect document and promises to send correct version shortly. Committee Reports APC: Eileen Buchanan thanks David Shiner for his many years of service in the Dean’s office. Admissions: Ben Bornstein (students) asks if reported numbers are what admissions office was expecting. The response from thie committee is that numbers will come up in the next couple weeks due to May 1 national admissions deadline. Motions from the Governance Committee (as amended in the version disseminated by Albert Fernandez (faculty) on 4/29/13 I) To be inserted into Section V of the Constitution: Institutional Goals and Assessment Committee The Institutional Goals and Assessment Committee represents the Shimer community as a whole in the setting of long-term goals for the College and contributes to the composition and implementation of the College’s Strategic Plan. To this end, the Committee: 1. Promotes ongoing, community-wide discussion of the identity, mission, and longterm objectives of the College. 2. On the basis of such discussion, identifies and recommends strategic goals for the College to pursue. 3. Disseminates its strategic goal recommendations to the Shimer community.

4. Presents its recommendations in writing to the committee that is periodically formed, at the initiative of the Board of Trustees, to write or revise the Strategic Plan. 5. Includes general budgetary recommendations among its recommendations, to financially sustain and give due priority to the strategic goals it proposes or supports. Specific amounts for budget line items are not within the purview of the Committee. 6. Advises the President or other senior staff when they seek the sense and opinions of the community as a whole on strategic issues 7. Selects at least one Committee member to participate in the interviewing of candidates for senior administrative positions. 8. Assesses the progress of the College toward strategic goals: a) Checks that departments and offices are assessing their progress toward strategic objectives. b) Checks that such self-assessment is adequately informed by evidence. c) Makes recommendations to departments and offices regarding their strategic self-assessment. d) In the event that the Committee finds that strategic goals are not being adequately pursued, or progress toward them not adequately assessed, by one or more departments or offices, it may, at its discretion, bring the problem to appropriate authorities. e) Shares in the responsibility for disseminating to the Shimer community, annually and on the basis of departmental and office strategic selfassessments, information regarding institutional progress toward longterm goals. The Committee shall consist of seven elected members: one member each from the Faculty and the administrative staff, two students, one internal member of the Board of Trustees, and two members from the Assembly-at-large. The President shall be a member ex officio without a vote. In the event that no candidates are available for reserved constituency seats at the time of election, their seats may be filled by members from the Assembly-at-large. Members must have attended or been employed by Shimer College for at least one year, and students must be in good academic and social standing to serve. After the first election, members are elected for overlapping two-year terms in the spring semester. Trustees whose terms on the Board end during their term on the Committee cease to be members and are replaced by election. The Chairperson is elected by the Committee membership at its first meeting. When the Committee is without a Chairperson, the Committee is convened by the most senior member from the internal community.


To be inserted after the first paragraph of section V of the Constitution:

Procedure for Plenary Elections of Committees Whose Members Serve Two-Year Overlapping Terms At the first election of a committee whose members serve two-year overlapping terms, or in the event that all seats in such a committee are vacant, up to 60% of the members elected (four in the case of seven-member committees) may opt for one-year terms. If fewer than 40% (three in the case of seven-member committees) do so, additional members, selected at random, will have one-year terms until the proportion of single-year members reaches 40% of the total elected.


To be inserted after the first paragraph of section V of the Constitution: First election of New Committees

At the discretion of the Agenda Committee, the first election of a newly constituted Assembly committee may take place at a time of the academic year different from the time prescribed in the committee’s constitutional description. Discussion and vote of the first of the above motions Eileen Buchanan notes what Susan Henking (president) said at a recent fireside meeting, namely, that Susan needs a committee to consult with concerning goals and assessment, as much needs to happen in a short time. Therefore, if the assembly does not appoint a committee Susan will. Eileen also noted that discussion will be short because we have already had much community discussion on these motions . Eileen calls on Barbara Stone (Dean of Faculty) to motivate. Barbara states that a lot of feedback has been received. One result of this has been that the APC is only bringing one proposal to assembly. Since this is a Constitutional amendment we need a vote a 2/3’s majority vote. Ann Dolinko (Faculty): This motion comes unanimously approved from the Governance Committee. Albert Fernandez: We expect this committee to be tweaked in the future Barbara Stones endorses this comment, and adds that the proposed committee itself will need to be assessed in some way. Nate Wright (Student) inquires if students who are serving on the board would be limited in how they can participate in the proposed comittee? This results in David Shiner proposing a friendly amendment (in 8.e) that the “comm shall consist of 7 elected members” (incorporated in the above version). James Eastling (Student) noted that the President’s promise to assign a committee should assembly not vote one in made him feel coerced. Vote on the above motion: None opposed (unamimous approval) Applause

Discussion and vote of the 2nd of the above motions An explanation of this motion is asked for. Barbara Stone notes that all assembly committees have always had one term only (except the Financial Aid Policy Committee). Adam Kotsko notes that there is a similar provision in US constitution. Bev Thurber requests that members be selected randomly as opposed to alphabetically by last name. It is decided that “selected at random” should replace “alphabetical” in the motion (reflected in the above version). Stephanie Fong asked if this motion prevents fourth years students from being elected. Albert Fernandez replies in the negative, because such students can opt for 1 yr terms. Vote: none opposed, with two abstentions The motion passes Discussion and vote of the 3rd of the above motions Vote: With 8 members abstaining, the motion passes MOTION FROM THE FINANCIAL AID POLICY COMMITTEE: That the Financial Aid Policy Committee remain as a body except for necessary replacements until elections in the spring of 2014. Discussion and vote It is explained that because the current committee was elected last year they are basically asking to serve for two years instead of one. There has been some turnover among students. Current members are Glendalyn Booker, Daniela Barberis, Ed Vlcek, Aron Dunlap, Janet Henthorn and Lena McCain. Adam Bechtol speaks out against this motion, stating this it goes counter to democracy in not allowing an opportunity for those who want to see change on the committee. Sarah Scalise responded that, because of the nature of the committee’s work continuity is a priority. Janet Henthorn also noted that it is hard to get people to serve and stay on the committee. It is decided that this vote requires a 2/3s majority. Vote: 34 yes, 3 no, with 2 abstaining. The motion passes. Elections Speaker of Assembly: Stuart Patterson runs uncontested and is elected Parliamentarian. James Eastling and Adam Kotsko are nominated. Adam Kotsko is elected.

Ombudsperson: (David Shiner reminds the Assembly that students cannot be elected to this position. Grey Litaker notes that JAG are still exploring the insurance issue surrounding this. James Bowers and Albert Fernandez are nominated. James Bowers is elected Three new members of the Agenda Committee. Mey Lee, Joseph Fitzpatrick, Bryan Maddox, and Zach Parton are nominated. Joseph Fitzpatrick, Mey Lee and Bryan Maddox are elected. Five students for the APC. Sam Kepp, August Lysy, Jo Becker, Matt Kawahara, Sarah Scalise, Sam Elalouf, Zack Parton, and Alexis Resendiz are nominated. Sarah Scalise, Alexis Resendiz, Jo Becker, Matt Kawahara, and Sam Elalouf are elected. JAG. David Shiner, Adam Kotsko, Daniela Barberis, Sarah Walls, Sam Elalouf, Mey Lee James Eastling, Trevor Griffith, Janet Henthorn, and Colleen McCarroll are nominated. Janet Henthorn, Colleen McCarroll, David Shiner, Adam Kotsko, Daniela Barberis, Mey Lee, and James Eastling are elected. Three student member of the Board of Trustees. It is noted that these are only nominations, as the board does the electing. Brenton Stewart, Nate Wright, Sarah Walls, Matt Kawahara, Ben Bornstein, Bryan Maddox and Dan Lakemacher are considered. Brenton Stewart, Nate Wright, and Matt Kawahara are nominated. Institutional Goals and Assessment Committee. This committee will have seven members (1 faculty, 1 administrative staff, 2 students, 1 internal trustee of the board, and 2 at large members). A question arises as to whether voting at this time is appropriate seeing as we are not quite sure how to count members who are already sitting on the board of trustees Nate Wright, Jim Ulrich (faculty), David Shiner, Grey Litaker (student), Sarah Scalise (student), Jim Donovan (faculty), Albert Fernandez (faculty), Sarah Walls (student), Bryan Maddox (student), Daniela Barberis (faculty), Bev Thurber (faculty), Sam Kepp (faculty) Sara Walls (student) Dan Lakemacher (student) and Zach Parton (student) are nominated. David Shiner notes that we need to know whether or not Jim Donovan counts as member of board of trustees before we vote and suggests that we count him as internal member. It is noted that this Committee will be at work during the summer. David suggests that “one internal member of board” means both current member or member elect. Jim Ulrich, David Shiner, Daniela Barberis, Nate Wright, Grey Litaker, and Jim Donovan are elected. There is a runoff between Albert Fernandez and Bev Thurber. Bev Thurber is elected.

At 6:06pm Eileen informs us that we must move to extend the meeting. James Eastling moves, Grey Litaker seconds, to extend by 20 minutes Vote: 20 for, 8 against. It is agreed to extend the meeting by 20 minutes. Governance Committee (1 student replacement). It is noted that this committee will help in rewriting the constitution for assembly. Dan Lakemacher, Sarah Scalise, Brenton Stewart, and Zach Parton are nominated. Dan Lakemacher is elected. Financial Aid Policy Committee (2 students replacements). Mey Lee, Sarah Walls and James Eastling are nominated. Mey Lee and Sarah Walls are elected. Announcements Nate Wright and Dan Lakemacher announce that Solidarity is next week. Many activities will take place, such as a bowling tournament, karaoke, and an announcement by the president. Barbara Stone thanks Eileen for her service as speaker. Janet Henthorn thanks QLC for their coffee during the final weeks of the semester, and admonishes the community to keep the kitchen clean so free coffee can be offered in the future. Eileen Buchanan reminds everyone that the Shimer theater is having their last performance tonight. Eileen Buchanan adjourns the meeting at 6: 20pm

Respectfully submitted, Aron Dunlap