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June 11-17, 2009 Volume 02 ~ Issue 08

A Complimentary Publication Serving Chautauqua County
Bluegrass Festival
2009 Mayville Bluegrass Festival Has International Appeal
Sneak Peek
Inside This Issue . . .
Pilot Programs
Area Airports Offer Flight Instruction for the Pilot-to-Be
Silver Creek Willow Fest
Three-Day Fun-Filled Festival is Always a Big Draw at Willow Creek Winery
Salamanca, NY • 1-877-553-9500
America’s Grape Country:
Annual Celebration Seeks Participants ... page 4
Lakeside Drive, Bemus Point
(716) 386-7000
Coming Sunday, June 28, 9am
Praise on the Lake
Bemus Point United Methodist
Church featuring Pastor Dan
McBride & The Praise Band.
Outdoor morning service for all.
Also on Sunday, June 28, 2:30pm
Ruby Shooz
The best rock ‘n roll band in upstate
NY kicks off our season with their
high-energy extravaganza!
Costume changes, trivia, dance
contests take us back to the 50’s-60s.
Friday, July 17th, 8pm
Leann Rimes
Tickets start at $30
Tickets to both concerts are
available at and all Ticketmaster
outlets, 1-800-745-3000 or
Saturday, July 25th, 8pm
Billy Squire
Tickets start at $30
Villa e
Bemus Point, New York
(716) 386-2333
Every Thursday
Karaoke Night with Jules R Us
Friday, June 12
Passion Works
Saturday, June 13
Every Sunday, 9-11pm
Dueling Pianos Comedy Show
The Mayville Bluegrass Committee
has announced the schedule for its
2009 festival, which is the eighth
offering of the annual series, and
is scheduled for June 20-21. This
The Mayville Bluegrass Festival will be held June 20-21, 2009. This event will focus on songwriters and young talents. It will be featuring
artists such as Chuck Pyle, Josh Williams, Will Callery, and rising star Sierra Hull. The event will also feature three award winning Canadian
bands, Creative Workshops, Food and Contests.
year the focus is on songwriters
and young talent, with 2008 IBMA
guitarist of the year Josh Williams,
Folk artists Chuck Pyle and Will
Callery, and rising star Sierra Hull
featured at the event.
The 2009 MBF is rife with
headline-worthy international talent,
also featuring three award-winning
Canadian bands - Hard Ryde, The
Foggy Hogtown Boys, and the
Creaking Tree String Quartet. The
young American bluegrass stars are
also well represented. California
teen Bluegrass Ambassador
Angelica Grim, Florida’s Cory
and Jerrod Walker, Kate Lee, the
Doerfels, The Roe Family Band and
Digger Davis and Tombstone all are
This year’s Willow Festival is expected to attract over 10,000 people to
the event, which will feature amusement rides, food vendors, a craft
show, live music and more.
It’s almost Summer, which in
Western New York means it’s
Festival Time! Willow Creek
Winery, located in Silver Creek,
holds a three day festival that you
won’t want to miss.
Their annual event began in 2000
as a two day affair, but has now
expanded to three days to include
their very popular weekly Thursday
classic car cruise night, “Cruisin’ in
at the Creek”. (Cruise Night is held
at Willow Creek every Thursday
from 5 – 9pm and admission is free.
Supported by Lake Shore Cruise
Club). The Willow Fest runs June
from 5 – 10pm, June 26
5pm – 12am, and June 27
12pm – 12am.
This year’s Willow Fest will
include amusement rides, 16 food
vendors, a craft show, a beer tent
and wine tent, live music and DJ’s
every 2 hours, a fireman’s hose race,
and fireworks Friday and Saturday
nights. The festival is expected to
attract over 10,000 people this year.
Friday fireworks begin around
9:30 and will be a 20 minute display.
Drum roll: Saturday fireworks will
be an hour and a half display! I
believe that’s a longer show than in
If you’ve ever contemplated getting
your pilots license or becoming
a career pilot, many area airports
within a half hour drive offer flight
instruction for the aviation enthusiast.
Getting your pilots license isn’t as
difficult as you may imagine, though
it does require skill, determination
and a lot of studying, you can have
your private pilots license in about
50 hours of flight time. The next
rating to get is your instrument
rating, which allows you to fly just
by looking at the instruments in the
aircraft. Next is usually your single
engine commercial rating, then your
multi-engine aircraft rating. Many
professional pilots decide from there
to get their instructor licenses to
build hours to go to the airlines.
As a commercial pilot, I recall
the first time I flew a plane with my
instructor. We were at an international
airport with an Airbus in front of us
and a Boeing 767 behind, in our little
Cessna 152 that weighed as much
as one of the aircraft’s doors. It was
more than exciting with your heart
pounding, taking the controls of the
aircraft and lifting off of the ground.
Flying has always been in my blood
with my father being in the aviation
business, and living abroad for much
of my life taking international flights
Jamestown Community College offers a professional pilot program
out of Jamestown and Dunkirk airports. Pictured above: A Cessna
172 awaits its next time to fly at Dunkirk Aviation.
on large passenger airport and often
times visiting the flight deck to speak
with the pilots.
Many are unaware of the
programs offered and available
flight instruction in the area. Olean
airports Tom Graves, owner of
Olean-Cattaraugus Aviation, has
been instructing for eight years and
has all types of students from all
walks of life. Olean Airport, which
is actually closer to Franklinville on
Route 16, has a 4,800 ft. runway and
is operated from 8am to 4pm daily.
The Chautauqua Lake Erie Wine Trail, Lake Erie Concord Grape Belt
Heritage Association and the Chautauqua County Visitors Bureau
announce the second annual celebration of regional flavors in America’s
Grape Country, August 15-23, 2009. The nine-day event highlights
the flavors and attractions of the Lake Erie Grape Region from Silver
Creek, NY to Harborcreek, PA. The week kicks off with the America’s
Grape Country Wine Festival at the Dunkirk Fairgrounds, August 15-
16. The Wine Festival will showcase some of New York State’s finest
wines along with live musical entertainment, food vendors, arts and
crafts, a farmers’ market, and educational wine seminars.
June 11-17, 2009 ~ The Villager, Chautauqua Lakeside ~
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Page 3
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AD DEADLINE: Mondays at 4pm
These “Golden Boys”, all born in Philadelphia and childhood friends, return to
Chautauqua for a walk down memory lane. American teen idols of the late 1950’s
and early 1960’s, these icons of the early rock n’ roll years will sing the songs that
made them famous. With dozens of Top 10 hits among them, their music represents
the sound track of an unforgettable era in American music. They will be performing
Saturday, June 27
at 8:15pm at the Institute. For more information, check out
Chautauqua SEASON OPENER: The Golden Boys
Reti rement Pl an Consul tants
35 Harrison Street, Jamestown, NY 14701
716.483.2003 • Fax: 484-6904
Securities by Licensed Individuals Offered Through Investacorp, Inc.
A Registered Broker/Dealer
Hadl ey A. Wei nberg, CFP
James D. Henderson
My search of the internet
revealed no less than 16 public
golf courses in Chautauqua
County alone! Six of these
courses take full advantage of
the beautiful views along the
Chautauqua Lake shoreline.
Others are located near
vineyards, on scenic vistas,
or are situated deep in the
woods. All are beautiful and
challenging to the expert and
novice, alike.
My own personal golfing
skills leave something to be
desired, but I keep coming back
for more punishment week after
week. I just can’t get enough of
the outdoor recreation aspect of
this frustrating sport. Combine
the camaraderie of good friends
with lots of laughs, then sprinkle
in some beautiful scenery, add a
touch of humility and a dash of
pleasant surprise and you have
a recipe for a very enjoyable
experience. Then there’s the
fashion aspect… Just love
those outfits!
You could spend one whole
summer season trying out each
of these courses, and what a
great accomplishment that
would be. It’s just too darn bad
other priorities always seem to
be standing in one’s way.
Golfer’s understand one thing:
to golf is to enjoy, no matter
how swell or awful you play.
It’s just the whole idea you’re
outside taking advantage of
being in the best place in the
world at the best time of the
year. Does it get any better than
Until next week! JZ-B
Crash Landing! Apparently this boater wasn’t aware of all the available dock slips along
Chautauqua Lake when he crashed into the Ferry Landing by the Village Casino in
Bemus Point this past Saturday night at about 10:30 p.m. Please use caution and have
a fun and safe summer!
Boat Crashes into Ferry Landing in Bemus Point
Live On Stage
Arcadia to be Performed at the Chautauqua Institution
The Chautauqua Opera Company Presents I1 Trovatore
a play by Tom Stoppard, will
be performed July 4-12 at the
Chautauqua Institution. Claret
cups and coffee mugs; puns;
ponds; seduction and learning:
all these and more figure into
this dazzling mystery-comedy
by England’s most celebrated
contemporary wordsmith. Set
in the drawing room of a stately
British manor house, both in 1809
and today, Arcadia brilliantly
unites the past and present
alighting on tops as disparate
as chaos theory, Romanticism
and landscape gardening. After
its Broadway debut, the New
York Times declared. “There’s
no doubt about it. Arcadia is
Tom Stoppard’s richest, most
ravishing comedy to date.” For
tickets and information, visit
Chautauqua Opera Company
presents Il Trovatore (The
Troubadour) on Friday, July
and Monday, July 13
7:30pm. Music by Giuseppe
Verdi, Il Trovatore has political
intrigue; mistaken identities
and babies switched at birth.
An insane gypsy. Seduction.
Suicide. Revenge. These are
just a few of the theatrical
elements that make Il Trovatore
one of Verdi’s most famous
music dramas. But Il Trovatore
comes to life with great
singing, and Chautauqua Opera
promises to have the cast for it.
Barbara Quintilani returns in
her signature role – Leonora, the
woman torn by love and destiny.
Written between Rigoletto and
La Traviata, Il Trovatore is one
of Verdi’s most heart pounding
scores. Don’t miss a note. For
more information and tickets go
FREDONIA – “Dear Ruth…
The Monologues of Ruth
Draper” with Josephine Hogan
and Tina Rausa will be held
June 26
at The Fredonia
Opera House at 8:00pm with
General Admission being $11.
These two acclaimed actresses
join forces to present three of
Ruth Drapers most popular
monologues: The Italian
Lesson, Doctors and Diets and
Three Women and Mr. Clifford.
A number of terms have been
applied to Ruth Draper and the
art she practiced professionally
from 1920 to 1956, including
monologist, recitalist and
diseuse. She preferred to be
known as a character actress.
That is where her true talent lie
– in creating characters. “My
God, how brilliant she was!”
exclaimed Katherine Hepburn
to Draper’s biographer, Dorothy
Warren. “What fascinated me
was to see this enormously
distinguished creature turn into
a peasant instantly.” Draper
spent nearly 40 years portraying
a vast array of characters.
Josephine Hogan and Tina
Rausa will be presenting the
three most popular monologues.
For ticket information go to:
Dear Ruth...The Monologues of Ruth Draper
JAMESTOWN – In an effort
to assist students with college
expenses, Jamestown Business
College will extend its Scholar
of Excellence scholarship
benefits to those who continue
in the bachelor degree program
at JBC. Students named as
“Scholars of Excellence”
scholarship benefits to those
who continue in the bachelor
degree program at JBC.
Students named as “Scholars
of Excellence” are in the top
25% of their high school classes
and are eligible to receive
awards of up to half of their
college tuition as part of the
program. Students receiving
this scholarship must attend JBC
directly after high school. “Our
Scholar of Excellence program
has been of great assistance to
large numbers of students at
the college, allowing many of
them to attend JBC tuition free,”
said JBC Director of Financial
Aid Diane Sturzenbecker.
“Our eligible bachelor degree
students will be able to receive
those same benefits throughout
their college career at JBC.”
JBC offers business-focused
associate and bachelor degree
and certificate programs that
include targeted professional
development activities.
For more information
on registering for these
programs, call 664-5100 or
visit them online at www.
Jamestown Business College will Extend ‘Scholar of Excellence’
Scholarship Benefits
MONDAYS Family Night, buy one get one free kids meals 12 and under and
$1.00 in free tokens for the arcarde with the purchase of a kids meal. Family Fun for All!
TUESDAYS Trivia night, from 8-10pm. Draf night with $1.00 of all domestic
drafs. You cannot believe how much fun this is. Come see what everybody’s talking about!
WEDNESDAYS Special Event Night, Check out our Website, Facebook,
or MySpace page for current Wednesday events through the summer.
THURSDAYS Karaoke night, the area’s best and longest running - 10 years
and going strong! Join the area’s best karaoke singers, hurricane specials, the lake’s best!!
FRIDAYS & SATURDAYS We ofer the area’s best live entertain-
ment and dancing. Come meet your friends and party. Bands from all over the U.S.
perform from 10pm-2am each Friday and Saturday all season. Check out our website: bemus- for more information. $5 Cover for most bands. Must be 21 for most shows.
SUNDAYS Dueling Pianos, adult comedy show, from 9-11pm. It’s a
packed house and WOW what fun!
* dine in only, excluding samplers
Village Casino: Bemus Point, NY (716) 386-2333
Friday, June 12th
Passion Works
Songs from the Heart
Saturday, June 13th
Rockin’ Group from Erie, Pa.
I’d like you to meet Cortney Bish and her mom, Susan.
My name is Cortney. I am 12 years old and have been on the kidney
transplant list for about two years. I am “O” Positive. I like cheerlead-
ing, dancing and swimming, but am unable to participate anymore be-
cause of the tube in my stomach. I’m a very active person and would
like to have a kidney soon so I can be free from a machine. I usually
have no energy, and I don’t eat much. I try so hard to help my mom
but sometimes I can’t because I don’t feel so good due to my dialysis
treatments. My mom just found out that she also has kidney problems
and needs a kidney. My mom’s bloodtype is “A.”
If you are blood type “A” or “O” Positive and would like to be
Cortney’s or Susan’s living kidney donor,
please e-mail or call 716-450-8958.
To the world you may be just one person, but to one person, you just may be the world.
Thank you from the Western New York Kidney Connection.
~ The Villager, Chautauqua Lakeside ~ June 11-17, 2009 Page 4
America’s Grape Country
Annual Celebration Seeks Participants
• Egg and Cheese Wrap with Bacon, Ham or Sausage
• Sausage, Ham or Bacon with Egg & Cheese on a toasted English Muffin
• Sausage, Ham or Bacon with Egg & Cheese on a Buttery Croissant
Served Hot or Cold ~ Your Choice of White or Wheat Roll
All Subs come with your choice of:
* Mayonnaise, Miracle Whip, Italian Dressing, Regular or Spicy Brown Mustard *
* American, Swiss or Provolone Cheese *
* Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Pickles, Hot or Sweet Peppers, Mushrooms *
Turkey, Virginia Baked Ham, Assorted, Tuna, Cheese Salami, Capacolla, Roast Beef
Taco, Pizza, Meatball, The Cuban, Deluxe Club, BLT w/Cheese, Chicken Tender,
Cheeseburger, Grilled Chicken, Hot Italian or Philly Steak
#1 Grilled Chicken ~ #2 Turkey-Bacon-Ranch
#3 Ham and Swiss ~ #4 Chicken Finger
Garden ~ Chef ~ Chicken Tender
Taco ~ Grilled Chicken
CHICKEN WINGS with Bleu Cheese & Celery
Baked to your liking - HOT, MEDIUM, MILD or BARBECUED
Personal Size CALZONES
Meatball, Buffalo Style Chicken,
Sausage & Cheese or Breakfast
* Thick Crust 16” Whole Round Pizza
* Sheet Pizza with a Light Firm Crust
(32 squares per full sheet)
* Personal Size Round or by the Slice
Also Available at LCD:
Bagged Ice ~ Cold Beverages ~ Beer ~ Dairy ~ Groceries ~ Snacks ~ Chips ~ Ice Cream
Gas ~ ATM ~ NYS Lottery ~ Propane Exchange ~ “Payspot” (phone and gift cards)
FALCONER Main St. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 665-4802
RANDOLPH Main St. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 358-5512
WESTFIELD Main St. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 326-2044
LAKEWOOD at Chautauqua Ave. . . . . . . 763-5621
ASHVILLE Rt. 394 & Rt. 474 . . . . . . . . . 763-7504
ARCADE W. Main St. . . . . . . . . . . (585) 492-3816
MAYVILLE Rt. 430 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 753-3355
JAMESTOWN Washington St. . . . . . . . . . 488-0294
GREENHURST E. Lake/Rt. 430 . . . . . . . 488-2580
Should you be unhappy with your food purchase, we will replace the item or refund your money upon request.
Check Out Our Great Prices on Deli Meats & Cheeses Sold by the Pound!
Ask about special pricing for your school, organization or special event!
rs W
rs W
rs W
Say that three times fast!
Some things sound much
more intelligent on paper.
The Villager Newspaper is seeking Feature News Writers.
Interested applicants may send resume and writing samples to: or call directly (716)860-0118.
The Villager Newspaper is looking to expand its team of writers.
Interested applicants may send resume & writing samples to:
PO Box 178, Ellicottville, NY 14731
Sales Position Available
Looking for part-time salesperson familiar with the Chautauqua region.
Send resumes to
Chautauqua Lake Erie Wine
Trail, Lake Erie Concord Grape
Belt Heritage Association
and the Chautauqua County
Visitors Bureau announce the
second annual celebration of
regional flavors in America’s
Grape Country, August 15-
23, 2009. The nine-day event
highlights the flavors and
attractions of the Lake Erie
Grape Region from Silver
Creek, NY to Harborcreek,
The week kicks off with
the America’s Grape Country
Wine Festival at the Dunkirk
Fairgrounds, August 15-
16. The Wine Festival will
showcase some of New York
State’s finest wines along with
live musical entertainment,
food vendors, arts and crafts,
a farmers’ market, and
educational wine seminars.
Throughout the following
week, local produce, regional
tours, epicurean delights,
and a Great Grape Race will
be featured. Organizers are
filling the schedule with
activities for kids, outdoor
adventurers, art and music
lovers, and history buffs. The
addition of a Great Grape Race
will encourage visitors to tour
the area all week long to find
answers to questions about
local businesses, industry, and
local history in an entertaining
and educational treasure hunt
designed to highlight all types
of regional flavors. “We hope
to generate additional business
for everyone and at the very
least, a sense of celebration
about the beautiful area we live
in,” states Jennifer Johnson,
president of the Chautauqua-
Lake Erie Wine Trail and one
of the event organizers.
Businesses and organizations
in the region are welcome to
participate in activities during
Celebrate America’s Grape
Country Week by offering tours
or specials, featuring local
foods, or joining in the Great
Grape Race. Participation in
the Great Grape Race requires
a nominal fee for supplies and
administration. Businesses
will be asked to prominently
display a purple pennant
outside their locations for
the nine-day event, provide
questions about their business,
industry or local history for
the race form and have staff
available to answer those
questions posed by tourists
and customers during the
event. Organizers are also
collecting prize donations for
the Grape Race to encourage
tourist participation and entice
visitors back to the area.
Capping off the nine-day
celebration will be the annual
Fredonia Farm Festival,
a Pesto Festo at Barlow’s
Mill in Fredonia, the Great
Chautauqua Air Show in
Jamestown, Bluegrass, BBQ
& Blues at the Peek’n Peak
Resort, and the Chautauqua
Bon Vivant, a festival of
cuisine, wine and spirits, at
Chautauqua Suites in Mayville.
A full schedule of the week’s
activities can be found at
com and will be updated as
events are added.
The Lake Erie Grape Region
is home to America’s native
grapes. With 30,000 vineyard
acres, this is the largest grape
growing region in the United
States outside of California
and the oldest Concord grape
growing region in the world.
For more information on the
2009 Celebrate America’s
Grape Country festivities and
Great Grape Race, contact the
Chautauqua County Visitors
Bureau at 716-357-4569 or
the Chautauqua-Lake Erie
Wine Trail at 877-326-6561.
scheduled for the mainstage.
Each of these acts feature
artists under the age of 20 yrs.
Kentucky Thunder guitarist
Clay Hess, Jen Larsen and
Straight Drive, Kati Penn
Band, Doug Yeomans, are
some of the established
Bluegrass artists from
throughout the USA slated to
The local bluegrass community
is also well represented, with
performances by The Dirty
Mountain Band, Bill Ward
and Amanda Barton, Old
Dawg and Wind River.
The Mayville Bluegrass
Festival will hold its mainstay
Sunday morning Bluegrass
Gospelfest at 11 am with many
of the festival performers
joining Bill Ward for a music-
filled time of worship and
The new Workshop and
Performance tent will play
host to workshops, contests,
and special performances
throughout the weekend.
Craft and food vendors will
be on-hand, and festivalgoers
are encouraged to bring their
instruments for open jam
sessions held by the lake.
As in past years, the festival
moves indoors Saturday night
to a variety of Mayville bars
and restaurants for a free late-
night component.
This year, the MBF and the
Chautauqua Belle have teamed
to present a special “Bluegrass
Cruise with the Doerfels”
as one of the Saturday late-
night options. Tickets for that
event are available through
the Chautauqua Belle at
Gates open at 10 am each day.
Special $25 weekend passes
are now available through
June 13 at select locations
throughout the County
including the Reg Lenna
Civic Center. Weekend passes
and more information are also
available on-line at www.
com or by calling
Admission to the festival is
Willow Creek has much to
offer throughout the summer,
as well. The winery is set
on 26 acres in a park like
setting. There is a stocked
fishing pond, a gazebo set on
an island in the middle of the
pond, picnic areas, waterfalls,
nature trails, and apple groves.
There’s a first time concert
series beginning at the winery
this summer opening with
Edgar Winter on July 18
followed by Chuck Wicks on
August 9
The Wine Tasting Room
is open daily to the public
– Monday – Saturday,
10am – 5pm, and Sundays
12pm – 5pm. Be sure to try
their new ground-breaking
chocolate wines: Chocolate
Temptations ($11.99 bottle)
for the sweet tooth and their
brand new Chautauqua
Chocolate ($12.99 bottle) for
the dry wine drinker. Both
chocolate wines are red wines
– guaranteed to go well with
Willow Creek Winery
grows most of their own
grapes to produce their wines.
According to Ray Bernisky,
manager of Willow Creek,
any grape juice for production
that is not from their own
vineyards is purchased from
local growers.
Willow Creek Winery
is located at 2627 Chapin
Rd., Silver Creek, NY.
Graves can work around those
hours to fit your schedule. As
a multi-engine instructor, he
can teach private, instrument,
commercial and multi-engine
lessons. Olean airport is 50
years old this year and will
be hosting a fly-in/drive-in
breakfast from 7-10am and a
chicken BBQ from 4-7pm, all
on Saturday, July 18.
Jamestown Community
College offers a professional
pilot program out of
Jamestown and Dunkirk
airports. According to its
website, students will apply
to admission to JCC and take
their liberal arts courses and
aviation courses through JCC
and complete flight training at
Jamestown or Dunkirk airports.
Upon completion, students
will have their commercial
pilot license and will have
accumulated between 220
and 250 flight hours, and will
then earn their flight instructor
rating which gives one the
ability to teach flying and build
hours towards going to the
airlines. The airlines usually
ask for anywhere between 750
and 1,500 hours to become
a pilot, usually starting with
commuter type aircraft, but
there are many choices for
pilots such as doing charter,
instruction, or for companies
such as life flight or fed-ex,
or for banner towing or flight
ferrying companies.
Along with the pilot ratings,
you will also earn a four-year
degree from JCC. Flying isn’t
cheap, and it will cost you
anywhere from five to seven
thousand to get your pilots
license. JCC’s flight program
for all ratings will cost around
forty thousand, but for a career
with the airlines, it is a sound
investment. JCC also offers
financing and many programs
offer you payback periods
of up to thirty years, and
payments are deferred until
after you finish the program.
Flying is a fantastic way to
go. You can start at any age,
and your pilots license is good
for life. There are many
opportunities for advancement
and jobs, and a great deal of
fun for the private pilot. For
more information regarding
JCC’s flight program, contact
Rick Rupprecht at 716-338-
1322. At Olean airport, contact
Tomas Graves at 378-4301.
Heard by millions of listeners on his ever popular public radio show A Prairie Home
Companion, Garrison Keillor walks and talks the best of Americana. Blending poetry,
song, and his famous down-to-earth musings about life in the American Midwest,
the masterful storyteller captivates audiences across the country with his unique gift
of observation in intimate, solo performances. Chautauqua Institution is thrilled to
welcome this well-loved Radio Hall of Fame inductee, best-selling author, Grammy
and Peabody Award winner, and recipient of a National Humanities Medal back to the
Amphitheater stage. Monday, June 29, 2009 - 8:15pm at the Chautauqua Institution,
for tickets and information visit
An Evening with Garrison Keillor
The best rock n roll band in upstate NY will kick off the Bemus Bay Pops season with
their high energy show. This extravagant Rock-N-Roll show with costume changes,
trivia, and dance contests makes it a step back into time to an era not forgotten …
playing songs from the 1950’s and 60’s. Their audience includes all ages and walks of
life from children to grandparents. June 28
at 2:30pm
Ruby Shooz to Perform June 28th at Bemus Bay Pops
Arno Ralph Minnkkinen is the featured artist for JCC’s Global Collection of
Photography summer exhibition. The Scandinavian Folk Festival will present
Minkkinen as the Distinguished Scandinavian Speaker on Saturday, July 18
at 3:30pm
which will be followed immediately by a reception for the artist. The Weeks Gallery
will be open during the festival from 10am to 7pm on July 18
and 12-5pm on July
. Visit for information on the festival.
The ‘Weightlessness’ exhibition and Scandinavian Folk Festival lecture are
supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts,
which believes that a great nation deserves great art.
ART EXHIBITION: JCC Gallery Presents ‘Weightlessness’
JULY 25, 2009
8 PM

Tickets starting at $20
All ages welcome, but under 18 must be accompanied
by an adult. Tickets on sale at The Logo Shop, and
JULY 17, 2009
8 PM

Tickets starting at $30
AUGUST 15, 2009
7 PM
EXIT 20 OFF I-86
777 Seneca Allegany Boulevard
Salamanca, New York 14779
1-877-553-9500 º
st be accompanied
he Logo Shop,


2009 Gus Macker Competition ~ Jamestown, NY
3-3 Basketball Tourney Held June 6 & 7