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- Action (1985) Run Time: 100 Minutes A pair of cousins (Jackie Chan and Yuen Biao) take a break from their careers as mobile restaurateurs to help an inept private eye rescue a Spanish heiress. What follows is a sidesplitting, action-packed adventure you won't want to miss, starring the all-time biggest stars of comic martial arts cinema!

Starring: Jackie Chan (Rush Hour) Yuen Biao (Shanghai Noon) Directed by: Sammo Hung Kam-Bo BACK

- Action (2000) Run Time: 94 Minutes A Frenchman living in Los Angeles travels to the Turkish Riviera to meet the surrogate mother that carries his unborn child and falls in love.

Starring: David Carradine (Kill Bill) James Handy (Alias) Directed by: Jean-Marie Pallardy BACK

- Action (2001) Run Time: 92 Minutes

Two serial killers, One insane asylum. What better place to fall in love…

Starring: Jeff Fahey (Psycho III) Kellie Waymire (Six Feet Under)

Directed by: Curt Cressler


-Action (1990) Run Time: 87 Minutes A Sleazy bail bondsman thinks he has finally gotten his big break when a millionaire heiress is arrested in a drug bust. If she shows up in court, it means a million dollars to him. If she doesn't, he is ruined. When the situation gets out of control, he hires a playboy bounty hunter to keep an eye on his investment. But who will keep an eye on him? Starring: David Hasselhoff (Baywatch) Linda Blair (The Exorcist) Directed by: Max Kleven BACK

- Action (1990) Run Time: 84 Minutes

Mercenary Gold is sent from the CIA to seize the laser expert Braun in Cuba, before the KGB catches him. A recently stolen giant diamond could be used together with Braun's knowledge to construct a laser cannon which could bring power over the whole world. Who will succeed: CIA or KGB - or none of them? Starring: Brandon Lee (The Crow) Ernest Borgnine (Airwolf) Directed by: BJ Davis


- Action (2005) Run Time: 90 Minutes

Sometimes when you turn over a new leaf all you find is dirt. This is a story that captures the inner struggle of a man determined to change his life and regain his freedom. But will his ties in the mob be so easily forgotten... Starring: Joe Rigano (Casino) Rachael Robbins (Horrible People) Directed by: Paul Borghese BACK

- Action (1988)Run Time: 85 Minutes Elaine is an aspiring novelist ready to give up her dream after being dropped by her agent, when she accidentally gets caught in the middle of a Mafia drug deal. With a vicious hitman in hot pursuit, she recruits the help of a hard-headed New York cop to rescue her from the gangster, and return her to the life she once knew. Starring: Alec Baldwin (Pearl Harbor) Deborah Harry (Blondie) Directed by: Amos Kollek BACK

-Action/Thriller (2007) Run Time: 97 Minutes The legend says…that in 1863, before his tragic death, Don Antonio Feliz hid a cache of Spanish gold deep in a well on his estate. Spawned by an ancient family curse, a bloodthirsty netherworld beast was tasked to guard the riches, and all those who came near met a gruesome end. Years passed and the old haunted Feliz estate eventually became Griffith Park in Los Angeles. Based on a true story…

Starring: Kristina Morales (My Soul to Take) Daniel Bonjour (Dracula's Guest) Directed by: Julian Higgins BACK

- Action (1992) Run Time: 113 Minutes Millionairess Christine Sanders learns that her son has been kidnapped by his grandfather, a fanatic Emir who wants the child to be the next prince of the desert. She hires ex-CIA mercenary Tom Burton (Rutger Hauer) to bring him back. Against the advise of her lawyer (Elliot Gould), she decides to go with him into great danger. Starring: Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner) Elliott Gould (Ocean's Twelve) Directed by: Duccio Tessare


-Martial Arts (2000) Run Time: 90 Minutes

Cage match fighting at its goriest! This film is chock full of high intensity extreme cage fighting and does not stop until the blood sweat and teeth hit the floor. For any extreme fighting fan Blood Sweat & Teeth should not be missed.

Directed by: Adam Warren BACK

- Martial Arts( 2002) Run Time: 84 Minutes

You've never seen cage fighting so upclose and personal! This film follows some of the sport's most promising fighters as they follow their dreams for glory. Directed by: Adam Warren


- Action (1989) Run Time: 90 Minutes Danny Greene, an ordinary six-teenyear-old kid, is running from a secret splinter group of the CIA that wants him dead. Danny’s father is an ex-Greene quipped with a rag-tag bunch of urban guerillas and an entire arsenal of weaponry. Can five former Commandos defeat the largest most thorough network of government sanction assassins in the world? Starring: Sandra Bullock (Speed) Keith Bogart (The Fresh Prince) Directed by: J. Christian Ingordsen BACK

- Action/SFI (1990) Run Time: 102 Minutes In the future, natural disasters and humanity’s wastefulness have reduced Earth to a barren wasteland. Amidst this devastation, Matt Owens (Bill Paxton) kidnaps an accused murderer from police custody in order to claim the bounty for himself. Matt and his new prisoner flee across devastated country, pursued every step of the way by a vengeful policeman (Mark Hamill). While on the run, Matt learns some unexpected truths about his prisoner that may change everything. Starring: Bill Paxton (U-571) Mark Hamill (Batman) Directed by: Steven Lisberger BACK

- Action (1971) Run Time: 146 Minutes Chen (Bruce Lee), a country boy decides to live with relatives in the city. Fearing for her son’s life Chen’s mother asks him to take a vow of non-violence before he leaves BACK. He agrees to take the request and leaves the countryside to live with his family. His oath is abruptly challenged when he learns that his cousins are linked to a local crime scheme and have gone missing. Chen becomes pressured to destroy the ‘Big Boss’ and the villains involved with his family’s disappearance, and must take action.. Starring: Bruce Lee, Maria Yi Directed by: Wei Lo BACK

-Action/Fantasy(2007)Run Time: 78 Minutes Manchester is torn apart as the vigilante known only as The Boxer bludgeons through the cities criminal element, leaving a trail of broken bodies in his wake. An army of drug addicts, under the messianic leadership of The Needler, terrorize the city. The police are powerless to stop them. The line between good and evil blurs into one as both factions battle for the soul of the city. Starring: Damien Hannaway (Hill 16) Ana Rosa (Sparkle) Directed by: Adam Simcox BACK

- Action (2007) Run Time: 114 Minutes Amidst his broken life, Police Officer Grayson Reed is about to be thrown into the middle of a feud between the five Angels of Heaven and the leader of Hell. As faith ends in the world around him, Grayson will be faced with an ultimate choice that could decide the fate of our world. Starring: Michael Ayden (Born to Be Wild) Tellier Killaby (Seconds) Directed by: Nicholas Gyeney BACK

- Action (1990) Run Time: 87 Minutes Victor "Drug Kingpin" Lazarro, has been bribing and killing American customs agents to get his drug shipments from Mexico safely into America.

Starring: Jimmy Stathis (Brutal) Aldo Ray (Blood Red)

Directed by: Alan Kuskowski BACK

- Action (1985) Run Time: 113 Minutes Keitel plays Fred O'Connor a dysfunctional police officer who coowns a secret luxury bachelor pad with his partner, bought with dirty money. The city is going through a series of cop killings and paranoia is rampant, though O'Connor doesn't really seem all that concerned at first. He becomes a little jumpy when he finds himself being stalked by a mysterious weirdo (John Lydon), and positively freaks out when he turns up on his doorstep claiming to be the cop killer… Starring: Harvey Keite (Pulp Fiction) John Lydon ("The Sex Pistols“) Directed By: Roberto Faenza BACK

- Action (1983) Run Time:90 Minutes In the hight of World War II, Japanese forces manage to capture a key group of Western generals. Sammy (Jackie Chan) joins a team of commando warriors tasked to get the prisoners back. Along the way, they face challenges and fight battles that you'll have to see to believe!

Starring: Jackie Chan (Shanghai Knights) Brigitte Lin (Ashes of Time Redux) Directed by: Yin-Ping Chu


- Action - (2005) Run Time: 93 Minutes An irresponsible preppie, Preston West, is presumed to have murdered his parents for a sizeable inheritance, so he flees to find the real killer, Phantom 13, a crazed freight train hobo! Riding speeding boxcars, Preston encounters hostile train yards, vicious railroad cops, hidden hobo jungles, mysterious Lacy, the notorious Baron and his colorful Hobo Gang. In a surprise ending, Preston finally confronts Phantom 13. Based on the controversial Hobo Times books. Starring: Kate Orsini (General Hospital) Earnest Borgnine (Airwolf) Directed by: Bobb Hopkins


- Action (2005) Run Time: 89 Minutes In the farmlands of Iowa, an FBI agent commandeers control of a prison transport van and sets a convicted felon free. The prisoner IOWA, must find a briefcase of money that he buried in a river 15 years ago, in order to keep his freedom. But the FBI has no intention of setting him free. While in search of the money, Iowa meets a young runaway, ELLIE. With the money in hand, the two strike out on the road, attempting to escape the clutches of the FBI… Starring: Justin Lauer (Sonic Impact) Scott St. James (Quiet Kill) Directed by: Stephen Goetsch BACK

- Action (1986)Run Time: 90 Minutes

When a colonel and his men are captured by Northern Vietnamese, he negotiates with the shady commander of the P.O.W. camp.

Starring: David Carradine (The Donor) Mako (Avatar: The Last Airbender) Direced by: Gideon Amir


- Cartoons Run Time: 60 Minutes Come join Casper and all his friends in this rare collection of cartoons. Casper and his buddies go on adventures from helping animals to teaching everyone to be friendly!! Children of all ages will be glad Saturdays were meant for cartoons!! Contents Including: 1) Boo Scout 2) Boo Kind To Animals 3) Boos And Arrows 4) Boos And Saddles 5) Bull Fright 6) By The Old Mill Scream 7) Cage Fright 8) Casper Comes To Clown 9) Casper Genie 10) Casper Takes A Bow Wow Directed by: Izzy Sparber BACK

- Cartoons Run Time: 60 Minutes Casper the friendly ghost to the rescue! The night is Halloween, the night when witches, goblins and ghosts howl, shriek and scare the life out of you! But unlike the other ghosts, there’s Casper. He doesn’t want to scare people, he just wants to be friends. Contents Including: 1) To Boo Or Not To Boo 2) Boo Moon 3) Which is Witch 4) Boo Bop 5) The Deep Boo Sea 6) Spooking About Africa 7) Ghost Of The Town 8) Not Ghoulty 9) Frightday The 13th 10) Fright From Wrong Directed by: Izzy Sparber BACK

-Cartoons (2006) Run Time: 80 Minutes Surgeon Lemuel Gulliver, a softhearted colonial, is washed ashore an island called Sumatra (The Land of Lilliput), after a shipwreck. To his shock, Gulliver sees that the people are in inches, what he is in feet. Yet for their six-inch height, these little people are not short of problems that arise in the civilized world. A lunatic magician and a slimy minister influence the Emperor of Lilliput to go to war with the neighboring kingdom of Blefscu. Gulliver needs a ship to go BACK and the Lilliputians need his help to win the war. 3D computer animation!!

Directed by: Anita Udeep


- Cartoons Run Time: 60 Minutes Felix The Cat is back at it again with his magic bag of as Felix eludes the Evil Professor and Foils his plans of trying to get his hands on his bag of tricks. Contents Including: 1) The Magic Bag 2) Into Outer Space 3) Abominable Snowman 4) Do It Yourself Monster Book 5)Blueberino The Whale 6)Captain-No-Kidding 7) Sheriff Felix vs. The Gas Cloud 8) Felix Baby-Sits 9) Master Cylinder King Of The Moon 10) The Invisible Professor Directed by: Lynne Naylor BACK

- Cartoons (1995) Run Time: 70 Minutes Come and join Felix as he helps solve the mystery of the petrified cheese as well as making laughs and goofs all the way. Felix the Cat is using his Magic Bag of Tricks to get out of some sticky situations. Contents Including: 1) The Petrified Cheese 2) Manhattan Triangle 3) Now Playing Felix 4) Jailhouse Shock 5) The Sludge King PT.1 6) The Sludge King PT.2 7) Space Time Twister 8) Guardian Idiot 9) Step Right Up 10) Don’t String Me Along 11) Mars Needs Felix Directed by: Lynne Naylor BACK

- Cartoons Run Time: 60 Minutes Gumby adventures contains the rarest collection of one of the most treasured classic shows in history. Now your kids can enjoy the same Gumby classics you did as a kid. Contents Including: 1) Gumby Concerto 2) Gumby On The Moon 3) Lost And Found 4) Mirrorland 5) Moon Trip Part 1 6) Mysterious Fires 7) Robot Rumpus 8) The Black Knight 9) The Block Heads 10) The Fantastic Farmer 11) The Little Lost Pony 12) Too Loo 13) Trapped On The Moon 14) Yard Work Made Easy 15) Gopher Trouble. BACK Directed by: Art Clokey

- Cartoons Run Time: 60 Minutes Gumby adventures contains the rarest collection of one of the most treasured classic shows in history. Now your kids can enjoy the same Gumby classics you did as a kid. Contents Including: 1) Chicken Feed 2) Egg Trouble 3) Even Steven 4) Hidden Valley 5) Hot Rod Granny 6) Lion Around 7) Lion Drive 8) Richochet Pete 9) The Egg & The Trixie 10) The Glob 11) The Groobee 12) The Witty Witch 13) The Zoops 14) Toy Crazy 15) Toy Joy. Directed by: Art Clokey BACK

- FANTASY (2005) Run Time: 72 Minutes Eleanor, Queen of Fairhaven, sends her good friends Don Juan, Prince of Spain (Jose Granados), his daughter, the Princess Esmeralda (Dakota Star, and his silly sidekick Miguel (Douglas Kondziolka), on an adventure to the kingdom of Scarborough to save King Henry and Queen Anne from the clutches of the warmongering Krankenmal. Starring: Jose Granados Dakota Star Directed by: Duncan Pace BACK

- Cartoons Run Time: 75 Minutes Superman is back and stronger then ever in this action & Rare classics of Superman saving the day and Lois Lane from evildoers everywhere!! Contents Including: 1)Superman Pilot 2)The Mechanical Monster 3) Billion Dollar Limited 4) The Artic Giant 5)The Bulleteers 6)The Magnetic Telescope 7) Electric Earthquake 8) Volcano 9) Terror On The Midway

Directed by: Dave Fleischer


- Cartoons Run Time: 75 Minutes America’s favorite spinach-eating sailorman, Popeye, and his sweetheart, Olive Oil, find new ways to outwit bully Bluto in fifteen fun-filled, action-packed cartoon episodes. Contents Including: 1)Assault & Flattery 2)Cookin With Gas 3)Ancient Fistory 4) The Crystal Brawl 5)Gopher Spinich 6) Big Bad Sinbad 7) Bride & Gloom 8) Popeye Meets Ali Baba’s 40 Thieves 9) Popeye Meets Sinbad 10) Aladdin And His Wonderful Lamp 11) Greek Mythology 12) Parlez Vous Woo 13) A Haul In One 14) I don’t Scare 15) Insect To Injury. Directed by: Dave Fleischer BACK

- Cartoons Run Time: 30 Minutes

Come join all of your favorite HannaBarbara characters, as they surprise Casper! Yogi Bear, Boo-Boo, Huckleberry Hound, and more! Will Harry Scary ruin Christmas? Or will the joy of Santa Clause bring Merriness to all, including the grumpy old ghost who wants to ruin Christmas.

Directed by: Carl Urbano BACK


- Cartoons (1986) Run Time: 132 Minutes A tongue-in-cheek stop-animation series starring mild-mannered private investigator Dick Spanner, the creation of Terry Adlam and Gerry Anderson. Originally screened on television as part of the series Network Seven, this DVD features Dick Spanner in two investigations, complete with lots of sight gags, wisecracks and satire throughout. Dick Spanner is voiced by Shane Rimmer, who was previously the voice of Scott Tracy in Thunderbirds. As a bonus there are interviews with Gerry Anderson at the end of each serial. Starring: Shane Rimmer (Superman II) Directed by:Terry Adlam BACK

- Family (2002) Run Time:85 Minutes Britta, the new kid at Highland High, has reason to rejoice this Christmas: her sadness has summoned Holly Boy, the very spirit of the season, awakening him from the stony sleep imposed by the dark elf, King Otto. This sets in motion an earthly as well as unearthly fight which rages simultaneously: Young Britta must face her fears and perform a death-defying aerial act in the schools Christmas Pageant, while Holly Boy battles the forces of evil.. Starring: Lindsay Wanger (The Bionic Woman) Martin Klebba (Hancock) Directed by: John Carl Buechler BACK

- Family/Fantasy (1998) Run Time: 90 Minutes On Christmas Eve, when his wife send him upstairs to put an end to his children’s fighting, Dad figures he'll tell a brief story that teaches them a lesson and be back downstairs in five minutes. Things don't work out quite according to plan, however, when his children, Scoop and Hela, take over the telling of the story, using it as a new battleground.. Soon, as the story twists and turns, the whole family is involved; everyone, including Mum, has a part to play in a world of renegade colonels, charging horsemen, laser battles, and an elf in a miniature village. Will Scoop and Hela learn to work together? Starring: Luke Aikman (Popcorn) Laura Holly (Broken Thread) Directed by: Stuart St Paul


- FAMILY ADVENTURE (2003) Run Time: 120 Minutes In this corner of the mystical island of Shundi, we have a cool drifter dude from Mumbai. A titan of good will and an all around giant of a guy, Aditya has found himself on the island where the local villagers are ten times smaller than our hero. At first seen as an aggressor, the tiny folk have now taken him in like an over-grown uncle adrift in this world. And in this corner, we have Jhamunda, who matches Aditya pound for pound, inch for inch. This monstrously proportioned fellow is the magical creation of Chattan Singh, who has his eye on over throwing the king and attaining the young, beautiful princess. Starring: Jaaved Jaffrey (Paying Guest) Directed by: Soumitra Ranade BACK

- DRAMA (2006) Run Time: 95 Minutes Hardly noticed at his job or in his small BACKtown, Jon is a recluse from society. Trapped in this prison of isolation, Jon begins to experience violent dreams of the life of infamous Alcatraz prisoner John Anglin, who remarkably escaped from the island fortress forty years ago. As Jon's dreams increase in frequency, the two men's lives intersect in a dramatic climax where Jon must tear free from the bounds of fear and finally change his life. Starring: Gary Sommers (HBO First Look) Directed by: Gulliver Parascandolo BACK

- Drama (2006) Run Time: 85 Minutes
When Bud discovers that his father Mike changed both their names after Bud’s mother much publicized disappearance Bud’s trust in his father was shattered. He gives up his partying lifestyle in Philadelphia and moves to New York. There he shares an apartment with Neil, who he later discovers to be gay. The other lead character of ‘God-Links,’ Holly, is a single professional living alone in New York. She decides to take acting classes to meet new people, and there she meets Bud, while he is accompanying Neil to his acting class. Introduced to Bud by her acting teacher, Holly likes Bud immediately. When Holly meets Bud, Earl is confused because Bud’s guardian angel is no longer guarding him. Holly & Bud meet during the week as Holly is going to work,and discover they are neighbors..

Starring: Josh Casaubon (One Life to live) Alison Becker (Law & Order) Directed by: Emily Fitzgerald BACK

- DRAMA (2006) Run Time: 101 Minutes
A magical book transforms all who come in contact with it in a neighborhood bookstore. Our main characters include Dante, manager of the bookstore, who harbors a crippling secret from his past; Gina, a quirky customer, who knows about every subject except the most important – love; Zoe, Dante’s former lover, whose life is falling apart; Norman, a clerk, who is short on size, but big on political paranoia; and Marcia, another clerk, who’s a wise-cracking movie buffWhen the magical book is used to hide incriminating data, we add to the mix some dangerous intruders and Rick, a whistle blowing doctor up against a powerful pharmaceutical corporation. What our audience will experience reflects what they might discover on the shelves ?

Starring: Tony Amendola (The Legend of Zorro) Karen Black (Hollywood Dreams) Directed by: Robert N. Zagone BACK

- DRAMA (2006) Run Time: 91 Minutes
Lawyer, wife and mother, Vicki Kino has recently hired Narelle as a PA. Narelle ethusiastically shares details of her sex life. She soon discovers the truth in a sees Vicky as a successful role model and turns to her for guidance. Vicki has been trying fro some time to rekindle the flames in her own marriage, but her husband, Anthony, cant perform in bed of late and doesn't want to talk about it. In a vulnerable moment Vicki seized a moment of abandoned passion with a stranger and discovers too late that her romantic fantasy is Narrelle's ex boyfriend, Billy. Hayden is an old university friend of Vicki and Anthony, who hasn't seen much of his friend recently. His possessive girl friend Britney would rather spend her Friday nights sharing the thrills of colonic irrigation with Hayden alone. When Hayden does manage to grab a night away he meets Narelle at a dinner party hosted by Vicki and Anthony.

Starring: Amanda Doug (Nine Miles Down) Ben Anderson (Neighbours) Directed By: Kate Gorman


- DRAMA (2006) Run Time: 90 Minutes Sam has been in high demand since the end of his miserable, six year marriage. He's smart, good looking and athletic, but his search for the relationship has come up empty. Until he meets and falls in love with Janet. Together, they embark on a perfect one year relationship. Sam fights it, but if he's ever going to give marriage another shot, Janet's the one. . .until he discovers their entire existence has been one big lie...

Starring: Gary Busey (Lethal Weapon, Buddy Holly) Ryan Brown (The Young & Restless) Directed by: Rick Walker BACK

- DRAMA (1988) Run Time: 90 Minutes In the 1930's an aging film producer and his much younger wife live separate lives. Whenever a young starlet catches the husband's eye, he eventually manipulates her onto his casting couch. Natica Jackson (Michelle Pfeiffer) is a Hollywood star who is far from innocent, but she finds herself falling in love with a married man who has several children. Starring: Michelle Pfeiffer (Batman Returns) Hector Elizondo (Chicago Hope) Directed by: Paul Bogart BACK

- DRAMA (1990) Run Time: 90 Minutes The young lady Panthea Vyne falls in love with the handsome highwayman who saves her from her brutal husband. He kills him in a fair duel. Later, when Charles II is reinstated as King of England she attends the royal court. But there she becomes the enemy of the King's former mistress and the plot against her thickens. Starring: Hugh Grant (Notting Hill) Michael York (Austin Powers) Directed by: John Hough BACK

- DRAMA (2006) Run Time: 82 Minutes
The world outside has ceased to exist. Brandon, his girlfriend Katie and his younger brother Guy have finally decided that it is better to die at their own hands in the company of the ones they love, then to continue living helplessly, confined to a dark, miniscule abandoned storefront. But before they can bring everything to a long overdue end, they must discuss the feelings that are plaguing them inside, all while staying true to their pact: that no one shall discuss the morbid details of their situation. Despite being confined to one room, several new characters are introduced into the situation as the end draws nearer. An unhinged, suicidal father and a catatonic young brother, throw new curves into the mix as the characters' darker truths begin to be revealed.

Starring: Justin Allen (Stream) Ashley Jensen (What I Like About You) Directed by: Marc Clebanoff


- Drama (2003) Run time:95 Minutes
Julianna (Jenna Mattison) is a struggling actress in a dead end relationship with Danny (Brad Rowe), a fireman who no longer lights her fire. When she decides to leave him and go “find herself” she ends up falling in love with an egotistical director, Michael (Bryan Callen), who can barely fit her in between Pilates classes. Julianna’s oversexed and cynical best friend, Vicky (Jennifer Blanc) convinces her to dump him too and sow her wild oats on the LA dating scene only to turn around and confess that she’s in love with Julianna. Between blind dates from hell and in-your-face intimacy issues, Julianna finds solace with Ben (Brian A. Green), her acting partner who is clearly Mr. Right—she just can’t see it yet. Tripping from one mistake to the next she meets Greta (Edie McClurg), a BACKless woman who teaches her to follow her heart. In the end Julianna learns some pretty big life lessons in this witty, no-holds-barred, coming of age dramedy that is being hailed as the female version of “Swingers.”

Starring: Jenna Mattison (The Third Wish) Bryan A. Green (Beverly Hills, 90210) Directed by: Brian A. Green


- Drama (2007) Run Time: 85 Minutes
Chris Payton is a twenty-something every-man; he’s married, no kids, lives in the suburbs of Chicago, has a nine to five job…and he hates every minute of it. In the weeks leading up to Christmas, he decides to do something about job, his friends, his everything. So, as his world unravels around him, his frustration hits its peak. And, when he fights with his wife, the only person who truly understands him, Chris finds himself alone. Cold December is a modern tale of a man going through a quarter-life crisis…and the path he chooses to go down. In the end, he must chose to sit back and watch his life happen to him, or live it fully.

Starring: Dan Macdonald (Little Red Devil) Megan Renee (Dead in the Water) Directed by: Brian Wright BACK

- DRAMA (1991) Run Time: 97 Minutes
In 1923, Nigeria was under British Colonial control, Through most of his fellow Africans were doomed to lives of menial labor, Mister Johnson has risen above, and through his own cunning, earned himself an education. He has spent his whole life trying to be an Englishman, but his heritage will always stand in the way of that goal. Maynard Eziashi delivers a moving performance as Mister Johnson’s English friend, and director Bruce Beresford (“Driving Miss Daisy”) brings the poignancy of Joyce Cary’s novel to life in the stark beauty of the East African desert.

Starring: Pierce Brosnan (GoldenEye,The Matador ) Directed by: Bruce Beresford BACK

- DRAMA (1982) Run Time:90 Minutes John (Paul Carafotes) is a gifted violinist and high school football star. But because a childhood accident left John with a hearing impairment, the school doctor cuts him from the football team. Without the stability his favorite sport gives him, John falls in with the wrong crowd. Will the support of his coach, his teammates, and his caring girlfriend (Demi Moore) be enough to help John make the choice to get back on the right track? Starring: Demi Moore (G.I. Jane, Striptease) Paul Carafotes (Scriptfellas)

Directed by: Silvio Narizzano


- DRAMA (2002) Run Time: 97 Minutes
Set in 1958 and adapted from the award-winning stage play by Julie Jensen, Stray Dogs is a Southern gothic film about the last night of a bad marriage. Darla Carter reaches her turning point this October day, when most of the men in her Appalachian town are engaged in a vicious, chaotic hunt to round up and kill stray dogs. In the afternoon, Darla gets terrifying news: she is pregnant again, and she believes the baby will be a girl. Legend has it that female children cannot survive on Carter Mountain. Darla has lost three female infants in a row, and has come to believe the curse is real. For the sake of her children's future, she resolves to leave her husband and Carter Mountain once and for all.

Starring: Guinevere Turner (In the Spotlight) Bill Sage (Heavens Fall) Directed by: Catherine Crouch


- DRAMA (2004) Run Time: 107 Minutes An alcoholic, Steve's mother's boyfriend rules the household, and through his attacks on Steve results in emergency room visits, mom's loyalty is to her boyfriend.

Starring: Austin O'Brien (My Girl 2) Mya Michaels (Nip/Tuck)

Directed by: Brent A. Bambic BACK

- DRAMA (2004) Run Time: 91 Minutes
Sebastiean (Oscar winner Martin Landau) sits hunched over a typewriter, typing out his demons. As he types, we are transported to a time he has suppressed. A time when, after years of separation, he and his three brothers reunite. As their mother lie motionless upstairs, two sets of brothers with two opposing plans collide: one plan, to end their mother's suffering; the other, a search for their father's insurance money. Kyle ("Queer as Folk's" Gale Harold), the youngest brother, grapples with his sanity and Sebastiean's deadly plan as their two brothers, Raymond, an escaped convict ("General Hospital's" Blake Gibbons), and his sidekick Jack (John Winthrop Philbrick) descend upon the house with party girls (Dusty Paik and Rainer Judd), guns and booze. Buttons are pushed, substances get abused and plans go awry leading ultimately to complete chaos.

Starring: Martin Landau (The X Files / Mission: Impossible) BACK Directed by: Roy Finch

- DRAMA (2004) Run Time: 104 Minutes Dee Wallace (E.T., The Frighteners) is Patricia Paradise, the Las Vegas singing star who rejects wealth, fame and success to seek love and build a family in her dream place, 'Shangri-La'.

Starring: Dee Wallace Stone (E.T.) Martin Kove (Bad Guys) Director: Roger Steinman BACK

- DRAMA (2006) Run Time: 87 Minutes
The grandchildren of Hubert Selby Jr.'s "Last Exit To Brooklyn" are not well. Director John Knapich and Co-writer Tom Kelly introduce us to an urban world of hope and heartbreak in this story of two bargain basement dreamers. Set in a workingclass Brooklyn and featuring a colorful array of intriguing misfits, this compassionately told comicdrama, about the intertwined fates of a troubled young man and a dim-witted janitor, observes an urban America both fortified and betrayed by two-bit fantasies.

Starring: Larry Fleischman (Mulberry Street) Joe Gannascoli (The Sopranos) Directed by: John Knapich BACK

- DRAMA (2006) Run Time: 103 Minutes Teenager Ellen moves in with her alcoholic father for what seems like the hundredth time, to a tiny trailer with his ex-wife, Hilly. Ellen soon discovers Hilly is still married to Roy, who was disabled in a logging accident. Brokenhearted, Hilly refuses to see or hear anything about her husband, but Ellen can tell Roy's still there. So when her father skips town again, it falls to Ellen and her new boyfriend to rescue Roy, and reunite Hilly with her true love. Starring: Sarah Aldrich (The inner Circle) Georiana Tarjan (ER) Directed by: Tim Everitt BACK

- Drama (2008) Run Time: 82 Minutes Set in the early 90's, Dana plays a recently divorced young woman embarking on an acting career. Enter Jack a young, charismatic theater classmate who, in a lifeless relationship, spends his days as a writer for the local paper. Flashbacks expose Dana and Jack's brush with romance. Starring: Kate Albrecht (Table For Three) Matt Baker (Big Day) Directed by: Donna Persico BACK

- DRAMA (2000) Run Time: 88 Minutes
Marshall has done well despite the hard hand fate dealt him as a boy. He's getting a raise at his marketing job and will soon marry Kitty Lehuesen, the most sought-after girl in his Brooklyn neighborhood. Though he's never forgotten the betrayal of his grandfather, things are now good - that is, until a bizarre image of the old man appears in the middle of the night. Henry Pike, whom Marshall hasn't seen since before his parents' death, glares eerily from a television set without saying a word. The elder Pike has died at that very same instant, more than 3000 miles away in Arizona. Marshall and his foster brother Freddie, a recent law school graduate and amateur philosopher, fly west to dissolve the estate and collect Marshall's inheritance. But there they find the storied old Catalina Inn, a historic landmark where the eccentric staff welcome Marshall ..

Starring: Jay Harrington (Desperate Housewives) Arabella Holzbog (Ocean Park) Directed by: Will Conroy


- DRAMA (2004) Run Time: 89 Minutes
"Cotton Flowers" centers on the lives of four privileged teenagers. Though still safe and innocent, a dysfunctional value system leaves them unprepared to defend themselves against predators and temptation. Brit (Keila Collins), Sophie, Todd, and Andy, a very unlikely group, find themselves working together on an economics project their teacher Miss Rose assigns. Each student believes they are in control and wiser than they really are. They face harsh consequences that their parents are oblivious to. Sophie deals with a slutty reputation and a virgin's frame of reference. Todd feels invincible and decides to mug a stranger with dire results. Andy faces a homosexual experience when the disrespect for his parents forces them to lock him out after a curfew.

Starring: Keila Collins (Punish the Wicked) Rose Cole (Dimension) Directed by: Paul Lafayette


- Drama (2006) Run Time: 86 Minutes
When fire fighter Jack loses his beautiful wife, Harriet, he feels there is nothing worth living for. That is until his wife’s friend and ‘spiritual mentor’, Marty, pays him a visit and they strike up an unusual friendship. Through the efforts of Marty and Todd, his twelve year old son, Jack slowly begins his journey of recovery. However, when he makes an incredible discovery about his wife, Jack falls into a renewed despair, rejecting his son and threatening to destroy all progress he has made. But a chain of events has been set in motion that will change his life forever. Jack must learn that life is far greater that his own sorrow and find it in himself to live, and love, again.

Starring: Angus Benfield (Lex and Rory) Directed by: Hanna Eichler BACK

Drama (1988)Run Time: 100 Minutes A young widow shelters a desperate man from his pursuers in her remote West Virginia BACK; however, she soon learns that the man she is protecting may have been responsible for her husband's death. His presence in her life and her BACK forces her to come to terms with the kind of man her husband really was - and whether he deserved to die after all. Starring: Peter Weller ("24“) Bill Smitrovich (Iron Man) Directed by: David Saperstein BACK

- DRAMA (2004) Run Time: 98 Minutes You have all the money and power, but when something affects you personal life, what do you do? Robert, a drug king-pin of sorts has his life turned upside down when he finds out his kid sister Janice becomes hooked on heroine. Robert's efforts to help his sister lead him to question his own activities in the drug trade and ultimately bring him into conflict with his long-time partner Marcus, ending in explosive results...can he get out? Can he save his sisters life? Will he survive? In his underworld its all part of the game... Starring: Richard De Klerk (Mr. Rice's Secret) Jovann Huguet (Numb) BACK Directed by: Rick Alyea

- Drama (1988) Run Time:143 Minutes The Sobibor Death Camp was the site of this heart-wrenching story set during World War II. The 600 Jewish laborers enslaved there longed to escape, but the camp commandant gave orders that for every prisoner that tried to escape, and equal number of those left behind would be executed. Knowing this, the prisoners will all have to escape together, or perish in Sobibor one by one. Starring: Rutger Hauer (The Hitcher) Joanna Pacula (Virus) Directed by: Jack Gold


- DRAMA (2001) Run Time: 91 Minutes

A charming hustler, Sandy insinuates himself into the life of his restless teenage son, Billy, tearing apart mother and son, husband and wife, and sister and brother, in order to catch whatever broken soul falls his way.

Starring: Joe J. Garcia (The Perfect Getaway) Mickey Blaine (Daredevil)

Directed by: Aslam Amlani BACK

- Drama (2008) Run Time:96 Minutes
Julius (Jason Rose) has a secret which threatens to jeopardize everything - his daughter has charged him with abuse. Things begin to go wrong for Julius when against the advice of his American lawyer, Helen he confronts his daughter to disastrous effect. And when he's made redundant, Julius finds himself on the scrap heap: 55 years old, divorced, unemployed and facing jail. As far as Julius is concerned, life isn't worth living and he decides to end it all. But then he meets an angel and decides to take her with him as he says goodbye to the city he loves. This sets off a chain of events that delves into the underbelly of his psychosis, leading him to face the demons that beset him. Julius discovers that sometimes it's harder to take the easy route.

Starring: Jason Rose (The Bill) Jefferey Kissoon (Kiss of Death) Directed by: Mark Norfolk BACK

- DRAMA (2003) Run Time: 102 Minutes “Letting Life In” explores a single year of life between two people. Michael, a reclusive novelist, lives in a small town in upstate New York; he knows nothing of living life beyond the suffocating walls he has built for himself. Sara (Anna W. Griffin), a cancer survivor, takes a job as Michael’s personal assistant. Now free of her illness, she uses this opportunity to live life for the first time, finally experiencing all the things she never could. Starring: Anna W. Griffin (Nowhere Fast) Directed by: Steven James Creazzo BACK

- Drama (2001) Run Time: 107 Minutes
A recently windowed Indo-Montreal restaurateur finds Maarya, the “perfict” girl for his Canadian born son. After a hastily arranged marriage, he discovers that the BACK fire is not burning as it should, so he decides to teach his son the traditional art of “seducing” and falling in love with your wife. Little does he know, his son is gay. Instead of his son winning Maarya’s heart, the widower winds up falling head over heels in love with her. Before long, he meets Maarya’s violent brother, coming all the way from India, a family secret is revealed. Who is Maarya? Is she that “perfect” girl?...When Maarya announces her pregnancy, the entire family is thrown into chaos. Treated with equal measure of tragedy and comedy, religious, cultural and sexual taboos explode in this tale of old world values vs. new world sensibilities. Winner of the “Best Director” at the Newport Beach International Film Festival.

Starring: Nandana Sen (Sharpe's Peril) Cas Anvar (The Factory) Directed by: Hunt Hoe


- DRAMA (2000) Run Time: 93 Minutes A moving portrait of how BACKlessness can happen to anyone. A business man is made BACKless when his car, which holds his briefcase and credit cards, gets towed away, leaving him out of luck for the weekend until the bank reopens on Monday. Two actual BACKless people help him out and in the process of this interaction, a human face is put on the typical perception of what a BACKless person is supposed to be. Theatrical Release in Scotland Starring: Hazel Ann Crawford (Postmortem) Paul Cunningham (Red Rose) Directed by: Robbie Moffat BACK

- DRAMA (2000) Run Time: 92 Minutes
This is the story of Adam Blande who is a charismatic dreamer obsessed with his quest to find his mother he never knew and a father who spent his life as a petty criminal. Devin, who grew up on the streets with Adam, is moved by his friends endearing but impetuous schemes towards that end, and often finds himself stepping in to protect Adam from the volatile situations his obsession frequently creates. Even the love of the same woman, the beautiful and haunting Kobe, has not torn the fabric of their relationship. But Adam’s reckless impulses to provide a perfect life for the parents he is not even sure exist finally puts both their lives in jeopardy. Devin is forced to weigh the value of their friendship against the value of his own life when…

Starring: James Franco (Spider-Man 3) Brian Thompson (The X Files ) Directed by: Gerrit Steenhagen BACK

- DRAMA (1999) Run Time: 91 Minutes Inspired by the real-life experiences of English stockbroker Nicolas Winton, who saved hundreds of Czech Jewish children from the Nazis in 1939. Starring: Rupert Graves (God on Trial) Josef Abrham (Hrabenky) Directed by: Matej Mirac
Winner "Best Actor Jiri Bartoska" Czech Lion 1999 Festival Nominated "Best Script" Czech Lion 1999 Festival Nominated "Best Film of the Year" Czech Lion 1999 Festival Winner "Best Camera" Igric-Annual Slovak Film Prize Winner "Best Film Edition" Igric-Annual Slovak Film Prize


Winner "Viewer's Award" Finale Pilsen 2000 (Czech Republic)

- DRAMA (2006) Run Time: 100 Minutes Country Concert tells the nineteenth century love story of Clara Victoria, the privileged daughter of a wealthy Brazilian plantation owner and the Maestro, a destitute Spanish musician. Though separated by social and economic barriers, the Maestro's music not only unites the two lovers, but also inspires her father to reconsider his own priorities in life.

Starring: Antonio Abujamra (Syndrome) Sirmar Antunes (Pé Na Porta)

Directed by: Henrique De Freitas Lima


- COMEDY (2003) Run Time: 90 Minutes Making a movie in Hollywood looked easy, especially when you're a sexy aspiring film maker. Sarah Wilder arrives in Hollywood ready to start her career by making her first picture. Sarah's only contact is her Uncle Lou who was a screenwriter in the old days of the studio system. With his guidance and connections, she embarks on a wild journey into the world of Hollywood, where she encounters crazy studio executives, insane producers, and a gangster who agrees to finance her film ... for a price. Starring: Mike Myers (Wayne's World) Ben Stiller (Meet the Fockers) Directed by: Bill Tannen BACK

- Comedy (2006) Run Time: 80 Minutes
Welcome to Chicago and brace yourself for a hilarious standup comedy show, that's not just some comedy show, but it's for sure to revolutionize where comedy shows are being held. Barber Shop Jokes takes us, yes, into a real barbershop on the South Side of Chicago where four comedians that are soon to be household names perform their standup material in front of a live audience. This has never been done before! Mark Harris has reached deep within the Earth’s atmosphere to pull out Barber Shop Jokes, a comedy show that's not just some comedy show but gives us four of Chicago most funniest, well-known, make you grab your stomach and smack yo' mama comedic performances that's going to be the talk on everyone's lips across the globe.

Starring: BLT (Why Men Cheat, The Evil One) Reggie Reg (Remember The Titans) Directed by: Mark Harris BACK

- COMEDY (2005) Run Time: 107 Minutes Losers of the Year is a teen comedy about a boy named Herman, an innocent sheltered boy who has been BACK-schooled by his loving, over-protective mother all his life. Forced to attend public high school in his senior year, Herman faces the realities of friendship for the first time. He falls in love with the popular girl in school and wishes to impress her; however, his appearance, in terms of style, is less than appealing. Starring: David M. Zuber (Synapse) Amanda Bernen (Ultrachrist) Directed by: Ken Bogardt BACK

- Comedy (2006) Run Time: 82 Minutes When their shortstop "strikes out" permanently, the fun loving 60 to 75 year old "Kids at Heart" decide to go for their secret dream... to win the Senior World Series. Renaming themselves "Big Guns," they get serious and play hard. Maybe just a little too hard. Illegal bats, booze, ringers and wild women bring out the worst in them. Making even wise old guys think twice as they rediscover that love and friendship are most important than winning. Starring: Barry Primus (James Dean) Mel Novak (Exit to Eden) Directed by: John Rester Zodrow


-Comedy (2005)Run Time: 94 Minutes "A Christmas Too Many" is a comedic romp that examines the relationships of the "perfect" Christmas family. When Oscarwinning actress Lana Myers decides to invite her estranged family back BACK to California for the holidays... everything goes incredibly and inexplicably wrong.

Starring: Austin O'Brien (Apollo 13) Gary Coleman (Different Strokes) Directed by: Stephen Wallis


- ROMANTIC COMEDY (2002) Run Time: 80 Minutes Cesar thought it couldn't get any worse than his college sweetheart leaving the country to study abroad, but when she comes back engaged to another man, Caesar learns the true meaning of heartbreak. Surrounded by unsupportive and uninterested friends, Caesar seeks solace in a night-time radio talk show, and more specifically, the show's host. Julie hosts this college radio talk show where confused couples and desperate singles call up and complain about their love lives. Julie, who is in a passionless relationship of her own, gets the opportunity to dispense the advice she knows she should be taking. But when Caesar calls up her show, a spark is ignited. The trouble and fun begin when they flirt with the idea of turning their on-air relationship into an off-air romance. Starring: John Catucci (The Doodlebops) Catherine Rossini (Ryan's Babe) Directed by: Alex Zavaglia


- Comedy (2001) Run Time: 88 Minutes An important film that addresses the age old question: What do bridesmaids talk about in the powder room? Deborah Gibson stars in this "slice-of-life" comedy about the trials of a modern-day ItalianJewish wedding reception, as seen through the eyes of her ex-boyfriend, who just so happens to be a zealous member of the wedding reception band. This hilarious film takes us through what we love - and hate about weddings!! Starring: Deborah Gibson (The Pop Star Icon) Dom Deluise (The Godson) Directed by: Martin Guigui BACK

- Comedy (2004) Run Time: 80 Min A film crew is making a Reality TV show about a couple brought together by a dating agency. However, the couple is so incompatible that the crew must manipulate the relationship to get the footage they need.

Starring: Michelle Ang (The Tribe) Alistair Browning (The Lord of the Rings) Directed by: Mark Prebble


- Comedy (2006) Run Time: 105 Minutes Get Ready To Laugh Your Head Off!! Welcome to an evening of Stand-up Comedy at the Miami Comedy Club. Starring the hottest comics in America! You have seen theses hilarious comics in the movies and many television shows. Now you get to see them LIVE, RAW, UNCUT and UNCENSORED!!! This movie promises to keep you laughing till you can't laugh any more! Starring: Tomahawk, Javi, J-Baby, Larry Dogg Directed by: Shon Greene


- COMEDY (1994) RUN TIME: 88 Minutes

MOVE OVER ROCKY HORROR, BREAKFAST IS SERVED! ! ! A lovable loser, Walter Clydepepper eats an alien from outer space in his cereal and becomes a deadly stand-up comic.

Starring: Donald Gibb (Hancock) Johnny Dark (Skin Walker)

Directed by: David Lee Miller BACK

- Comedy (2006) Run Time: 95 Minutes I hate you/I love you...Dan Lake is a veteran TV newsman beyond his prime with an ego the size of an empty room; Ms. Gabby is a young, popular and feisty Hollywood newspaper gossip columnist. When they are together as hosts of a weekly TV talk show called “Movie Celebrities”, they are like cats and dogs. Is it hate or love? Only a jealous LuLu knows for sure. Starring: ROSEMARY GORE (Oak Hill) GUY CAMILLERI (Crossing Jordan) Directed by: PETER LAVILLA


- Comedy (2007) Run Time: 92 Minutes All Matt (Justin T. Bowler) wants to do is pass the bar exam and win back the heart of his ex-girlfriend, Maria. How hard could that be? Sure, he's already failed it twice...and he works for a lunatic who wants him to house-sit while he's studying...and the boss' kids are determined to have a party...their friends are determined to distract him any way they can...his slightly odd roommate, Stack wants to play...with his study partner Scott...and the neighbors want to convert him, but he can handle it, right? ...Did we mention there's a monkey clown? Starring: Justin T. Bowler (Port Charles) Meredith Giagrande (Nip/Tuck) Directed By: Timothy Snell BACK

- DOCUMENTARY (2006) RUN TIME: 65 Minutes

Ice-T, Coolio, Ish Butler, Fatal and other artists discuss "Gangsta" rap. The film features interviews from fans to anthropologists in an attempt to try and find a context for this style of hip-hop. Starring: Ice-T, Coolio, Ish Butler, Fatal Directed by: John Montoya


- COMEDY (2001) Run Time: 87 Minutes A whimpering girl turns Superheroine in order to help the planet battle Supervillains Virginia Svelte and Cosmetic Chick.

Starring: Julia Lee (Paparazzi) Hilary Shepard (L.A. 7)

Directed by: Jurgen Vsych BACK

- COMEDY (2005) Run time:79 Minutes Cheryl Laesen is doing a documentary on stand-up comedy. Her subject, Rich Burns is a likable, up and coming comedian. His opening act, Sean Payne is not. Rich and Sean have vastly different ideas about "making it" as a comedian. It Burns When I Laugh, follows Rich and Sean on the road, to document the life of an average comic trying to make it. Rich and Sean may be average guys, but the barrage of people they meet at all the comedy clubs and one-niters are anything but: drunk fans, egotistical club owners, psychotic bartenders, ditsy waitresses, non-supportive relatives and trash talking newcomers. See what Backstage West called' "A cleverly funny comedy about the rigors of the stand-up comedy scene." Starring: Gabriel Diani (Alliance) Brian Allen (Shake City 101) Directed by: Ian Harris


- COMEDY (2002)Run Time: 90 Minutes Jack Livingston is looking for true love. He is a successful computer chip salesman. With a suggestion from a friend, Jack reluctantly subscribes to an internet dating service. Jack falls madly in love with Julie. Julie and Jack begin an intense and passionate affair. With Julie, Jack has found his soul mate. And love is forever. But this seemingly perfect love is more than he had envisioned. So, Jack's love for Julie is put to the ultimate test! Starring: Jenn Gotzon (Frost/Nixon) Tippi Hendren (Fashion House) Directed by: James Nguyen BACK

- Horror (1984) Run Time: 82 Minutes

A group of forest rangers go camping in the woods, and trespass into an area where a backwoods mama likes to kill people who come onto her turf.

Starring: Daryl Hannah (Kill Bill/Splash) Joe Pantoliano (The Sopranos)

Directed by: Andrew Davis BACK

- Horror (1999) Run Time: 90 Minutes
Lynn Richard's, (Colette O'Connell) the spitfire new Talk Show DJ on KBST in Los Angeles tempts her audiences into thinking about the illusions and themes of life. Balancing the jealousies of fellow DJ and Psychologist Angie Mason, (Morgan Fairchild) the expectations of her Manager and the station owner's obsession with ratings - Lynn is on a collision path with the realities of life. Constant nightmares of her father Henry's alcohol abuse culminate with the horrible accident that killed her mother and permanently impaired her sister, Carrie. As a patient unleashes a bloody escape from a nearby Psychiatric Ward, a secret evil from Lynn's past is reborn. As Lynn battles the low ratings, she's informed by Carrie's therapist that Henry has been paroled after 12 years of imprisonment. Suddenly, Lynn receives a call …

Starring: Morgan Fairchild (Fashion House) Colette O'Connell (Thirteen Days) Directed by: Becky Best


- Thriller (1998) Run Time: 100 Minutes Somewhere between love and fantasy lies a sacred boundary no man or woman should ever cross.

Starring: Mario Lopez (Pacific Blue/ Saved by the Bell) Antonio Garcia Guzman (Training Day) Directed by: Rogelio Lobato


- Thriller (2005) Run Time: 90 Minutes Unwittingly framed for murder, Jim Mix is desperate to escape the prison walls of an insane asylum in the Deep South. Joined by two other asylum inmates in his flight from the institution, Jim embarks on a physical and spiritual quest to regain his life in False River. On the run, the three escapees realize that the line between insanity and reason is a fine one, and the outside world is crazier than the institution they just fled. Starring: Salvator Xuereb (Oranges) Mike Pniewski (Miami Vice) Directed by: Rex Hauck BACK

- Thriller (2003) Run Time: 90 Minutes Independent girl Rachael is tricked by the hardheaded Rafe, her former school boyfriend, into returning to the remote island neighborhood of Devil's Gate where she grew up. Rachael had moved away to search for her mother who went missing many years ago. Now her father, Jake, is apparently dying and she reluctantly goes back. Matt, a city boy who is passing through Devil's Gate, knows that Rachael has been tricked into returning and decides to stay and find out the truth. The trouble is, the truth in Devil's Gate is not what is seems. Not many people live in the remote town and those who leave will never be the same. Starring: Laura Fraiser (Vanilla Sky) Callum Blue (Stone House) Directed by: Stuart St Paul BACK

- Thriller (2002) Run Time: 93 Minutes
'Insignificant Other', a Hitchcockian version of Sex and the City, follows the intersecting lives of two couples having extramarital affairs, who live lives of paranoia, wondering if their significant other has found out. It is a dark comedy that challenges the traditional ideas of marriage and questions the societal values of money and sex. Sarah, an unfulfilled, calculating wife, takes pleasure in having her voyeuristic lover watch her on video cameras that she has hidden inside the vents of her house. Her lover, a psychiatrist twice her age, becomes twisted in Sarah's sordid plot to kill her husband for his large inheritance. The plan slowly unravels when Sarah and her lover suspect that her husband has found out.

Starring: Laura Clifton (The King) Brandon Howe (Dogs Bark) Directed by: Sean Corrigan BACK

- Thriller (2003) Run time: 100 Minutes Theresa is immediately taken by John's charm. A rape victim from childhood, she is shy and somewhat an innocent who is ever hopeful she will fall in love. Theresa offers John a ride to a youth hostel, meets him for drinks, and soon takes him BACK. Together in her apartment, they take Ecstasy, the first time for Theresa. Through a maze of drugs, wine, and warmth, she shares her troubled past, her hopes and dreams with John, all the while slipping more and more under his control. Slowly John's haunted past begins to filter into their dream world and Theresa's life is changed forever. Starring: Emmeline Hawthorne (Shortland Street) Christopher Brown (Invisible) Directed by: Harold Brodie BACK

- Thriller (2000) Run Time: 96 Minutes When a street-savvy private investigator Darrell Chisum (FAUSTINO) learns of the mysterious disappearance of billionaire Montgomery Montague's (CARRADINE) daughter, he takes the his side Erik Denham (CONRAD) an unemployed adexecutive. Together they learn that a local advertising agency run by sleazy Dick Bunche (YORK) who turns out to be running an underground white-slave market. Starring: Chris Conrad (Young Hercules) David Faustino (Married with Children) Directed by: Mark Freed


- Thriller (1998) Run Time: 90 Minutes
For the past 16 years, commercial airline pilot Nick Rawlings had an ordinary life in Dallas with his wife JoBeth and their son. However, when JoBeth finds a receipt in Nick’s car for an engagement ring, her curiosity peaked. Through a private investigator, she learns of her husbands second wife, Allison, who lives in Chicago; all the while, Nick is about to tie the knot with a third woman who lives in Hawaii. As the three women become aware of one another, Nick’s world begins to crumble around him.

Starring: Jack Wagner (Melrose Place) Nicole Eggert (Baywatch) Directed by: Alan Metzger BACK

- Thriller (2005)Run Time: 82 Minutes
Hat Trick is a young modern "cat and mouse" thrill ride. Premised within the perfect crime genre, it is the story of two film school graduates on the brink of a masterpiece. King and Jack are hip, slick, and cool. They have written a solid gold robbery script and it ended up in the wrong hands, someone who thought of this robbery long ago. Before they know it, a backstabbing friend, a B-movie hustler, two thugs, and a Russian gangster will do anything to see them not finish their movie: including murder. Everyone is forced to play a hand of long odds. Navigating a train wreck of obstacles with breakneck twists, "Hat Trick" strikes at the heart of want, where dreams might come true - if you are willing to take the risk.

Starring: Brian Bentley (Endings) Jon McPhalen (JFK) Directed by: JASON MCAFEE


Chain of Souls
- Horror (2002) RUN TIME: 105 MINUTES
Kyla Travis, fresh from Podunk, Texas, has come to Hollywood to become a real actress, over older sister Angela's protests. For years, she has acted in community theater productions, and now feels she's ready to move up to the next level. Initially clueless, she makes friends with some more experienced actress wannabes, who guide her through the ins and outs of the LA actor's life: where to stay; where to find the cheapest head shots; how to find auditions; and what to wear to them, etc. Kyla tackles her chosen profession with more gusto than talent, unperturbed by failure, until she finds herself auditioning in a rundown theater in the heart of Los Angeles for producer Carl Reese. Reese, as she later discovers, is not looking for actors--he has something far more deadly in mind...

Starring: Denise Gossett (Taken by force) Suzanne Talhouk (The man Show) Directed by: Steve Jarvis BACK

- Thriller (2005) Run Time: 93 Minutes
In an isolated small town in the Pacific Northwest, Sylvia's teenage life of juggling two boyfriends and an over protective father is turned upside down when she discovers she has a bizarre virus which has randomly plagued the woman in her community for decades and shamefully forced those affected into hiding. Sylvia undergoes a horrifying physical transformation, and finds herself drawn into a persecuted underworld where she begins an astonishing journey of freakish self discovery. Marker is a classic coming-of-age tale with a horror twist, which pits its heroine against her oppressors - the towns non-afflicted - in a battle for self-determination....and survival.

Starring: Iris Graham (Heroes) Link Baker (Bob the Butler) Directed by: John Paizs BACK

- Horror (1987) Run Time: 88 Minutes Mike and Josh arrive in a small Southern town for what should have been a relaxing vacation. But they find the town nearly deserted upon their arrival, its inhabitants turned into vampiric zombies by the reckless disposal if toxic waste. Soon Mike goes missing as well, its up to Josh, the local sheriff, and a school teacher to save the day!

Starring: Bo Hopkins (Big Brother) Wings Hauser (The Insider) Directed by: John ‘Bud’ Cardos BACK

- Thriller (2001) Run time: 93 Minutes A father and his daughter travel to Oregon to find and meet the donor's family of the daughters heart transplant only to discover a corporate organ harvesting conglomerate.

Starring: Dianne Luby (The Surprise Party) Richard Gross (Malcolm in the Middle)

Directed by: Tom Moore BACK

- Erotic Thriller (2003) Run Time: 90 Minutes A tropical vacation goes sordid when Corrine learns her husband is a crook who's plundered his parents. The trip turns into an eco-adventure into hell when three gringo scammers hold her as collateral against stolen millions. Starring: Ryan Barton-Grimley (Criminal Minds) Danielle Bisutti (Without a Trace)

Directed by: Percey Anress


- Horror (2007) Run Time: 88 Minutes
It's the 1980's and a group of teenagers are getting together to hold a seance in a haunted house. All the typical 80's horror movies characters are there: the cool hero, the innocent girlfriend, the goth chick, the tough guy, the beautiful blonde girl, the shy guy in love with the beautiful blonde girl, a couple of lipstick lesbians and two big geeks. In true low budget 80's horror movie fashion, weird things start happening around the house. One dimensional characters are dying preposterously bloody deaths, girls are getting naked for no apparent reason and people walk into dangerous..

Starring: Ashley Schneider (Autopsy) Lindsay Gareth (The Comebacks) Directed By: Jeff C. Smith BACK

- Horror (2007) Run Time: 85 Minutes We follow a group of high school students with a twisted sense of fun. Instead of studying, partying and worrying about who to take to the prom, these teens get off on playing mean spirited pranks on anyone who crosses them. Soon, their appetite for vengeance cannot be satisfied by childish tricks alone.

Starring: Neil Brown, Jr. (Tigerland) Stephanie Chavara Directed by: Kristian Alexander


- Horror (2006) Run Time: 97 Min When Mark, Parker, Melissa, and Karen decide to go camping in the small town of Pleasant Point, they find the town has much to offer…including a string of brutal murders. When Melissa is kidnapped by a psychotic doctor who thinks she is his late wife who has come back to him, the three friends must rescue her, team up with the local police to bring down the killer, and escape with their own lives before they are pushed past the point of fear. Starring: Austin Musick (Waterville) Jason Benjamin (Boys of Summerville) Directed by: Brooks Benjamin BACK

- Thriller (2007) Run Time: 131 minutes
The Ghost – “Useful things to have around, children, never really bothered with them before, but now I find I can use the little brats to get back into the real world I’m just interested. That little git son of mine will do just what I want him to do. Funny the things you find out when you’re dead.” Ophelia – “It’s because I’m a woman isn’t it? People think that just because you’re a woman you can’t think. Well if I’m so thick then how come people always say how nice my room is? I picked all the colors. It was me. You can’t be thick and do that sort of thing”

Starring: Patrick Monckeberg (Bonekickers) Tallulah Sheffield (Dorian Gray) Directed by: Alexander Fodor


- Horror (2006) Run Time: 90 Minutes "Nobody knows exactly how it happened.
Some think it was the tail of a comet that passed to close too the earth, while others believed that it was simply time for man to atone for thousands of years of sinning. Whatever the reason, the dead had risen from the ground, and they were hungry! After years of war only small rebel bands of humans remain in the war against the undead. When Brian, the leader of a military group, is captured by the enemy he is taken to a nearby farm where he learns of a horrific secret -- the zombies are farming groups of humans and harvesting them as food. Now it is up to Brian to organize an uprising and reclaim the freedom of his fellow humans.

Starring By: Dean Chambers (The X Files) Mike Holley (BACKwrecker) Directed By: David A. Prior


- Thriller (1990) Run Time: 90 Minutes No one is safe from the terror that stalks through the ranks of Michael's friends and fellow students as they pass through his dreams and then emerge into reality. Starring By: Cecilia Tijerina (Rosa de Guadalupe, La) Gabriela Hassell (Perla)

Director by : Ruben Galindo