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Strawberry Alert

Strawberry harvests have significantly declined with cold, damp mornings throughout California. Growers and production managers are warning that the transition from Northern California to Santa Maria/Oxnard area is treacherous, leading to smaller size berries and limited supplies. Prices are reflecting short supply conditions.

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produce market report August 27, 2013

Local Corner
The local markets have eased up in general as we move into the heart of harvest time. More product is readily available with a few notable exceptions. For example, there are no more heirloom tomatoes and grape tomatoes are very active. Green peppers from both local sources and from Michigan are much more available this week than the last few. Local cantaloupes are very nice and much bigger this week. They are less expensive and more “musky” than California melons but great this time of year. We will only have local blackberries for a week or so. Cole Berry Farm is the only local source now. Parker Farms is back in business with local summer squashTo quote our buyer, “yellow watermelon from Lois is very sweet, actually the best tasting watermelon we sell; it is consistently good.” Lois produce is also sending fresh elephant garlic which is a bargain. Local corn will make it through Labor Day but production is slowing. White corn will start to trail off the first week of Sept. We are receiving some really nice local eggplant from close-in Arnold Farms. Cabbage is coming from multiple sources, including NY and VA.

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Keep in Mind:
Raspberries are coming in with outstanding quality and plentiful supplies. This is one of the best times of the year for good raspberry prices. Cherry season is over in both Washington and Oregon. It was a short season this year and we are completely out of stock. Peaches, plums, nectarines and apricots will end earlier than normal this year. Iceberg and romaine lettuce are down a bit and green leaf is steady. Celery is down.

Red seedless, green and black seedless and red globe grapes are all steady with no issues. Honeydew melons are still tremendously sweet with steady pricing. Cantaloupes, on the other hand, are a little more active. Crenshaws and casabas continue with good quality. Maywood Farms are still sending excellent kadota and black mission figs. Serious issues prevail now on grape tomatoes. The market is very active and very small shipments are hard to come by. Regular size tomatoes are okay but there are no local heirlooms. Avocados are up in price with an active market.

Keep in Mind
Raspberries Honeydews Casabas and crenshaw melons Stone Fruit Grapes Cherries Lettuce Celery

The strawberry market is ridiculously active. The cooler weather on the west coast is yielding “just fair” berries with a heavy pro-rated condition. There are no stem berries available.

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Gateway to Gourmet with Cooseman Specialty of LA
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Michigan blueberJumbo aspararies are finished gus is tight and and Canada can’t up in price. No keep up. The result issues with has been a doubling of pricing in the last week. large and standard. The lemon market is “on fire.” Demand exceeds supply and we are searching all of our usual sources to no avail. High prices will prevail until Arizona starts in a week or so. Green beans are outrageously expensive and very tight for at least another week or so. We do have some local and NY beans.

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