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Arena Blaze Training Day - Begin your Dominatrix journey Here All good pets have to be trained, right

? Well today is training day for your man-pet. This is obedience school, and you’re the teacher! This is a great scene for beginning doms and is a great way to teach your man his place. It’s also a good idea to repeat this scene on a regular basis, so no one forgets who the alpha dog is. Sit! Stay! Good boy! As always: Play safe. Domination is an exchange of trust. If you don’t have a “saf e-word” then establish one immediately (read here for safe word ideas). Make sure that the only thing your subject has to worry about is what you are going to do to him if he disobeys. For more tips on how to play safe, click here. PROLOGUE This scene requires very little setup, and it’s a great excuse to pick up a few of the essentials that every good dominatrix should have on hand.  RESTRAINTS: You’ll need restraints for your pet’s wrists. Both Eden Fantasys and Wicked Temptations are great sources for these items, as well as Amazon. If you are comfortable using rope, then by all means, knock yourself out. Just remember to play safe.  LUBRICANT: There is a wide assortment available in various formulations, scents and flavors. This is a matter of personal taste, so to speak, but my servant J seems to enjoy Cherry Flavored lube. It stays slick for a long time, and it tastes MUCH better than other water-based lubes. :grin:  THE NOTE: Write him a note. Nothing long and mushy, nor overly creative. Just a note telling your pet where to be, and what to be wearing…. My note for servant-J usually runs thusly: “Remove your clothes, and knock on the bedroom door. You have 5 minutes. Mistress Blaze”. Depending on whether or not his training is corrective, or just for my amusement, I may include instructions about blindfolds or restraints or whatever. Remember: YOU ARE IN CHARGE.  COSTUME: Your pet should be wearing as little as possible. Try here for Pet Wear. You, on the other hand, should be dressed like the vixen that you are. Men are affected by visual stimulation differently from women. This scene is about showing your pet the sweet treat that he wants, and making sure that knows that obedience is the only way to get it. Please try my shopping links at the left for some excellent suggestions.  OPTIONS: It’s hard to recommend ankle restraints for this scene, as it requires your pet to stand for the duration, but a blindfold is always a nice touch. A spanker or a paddle is a good way to get your pet’s attention. Whether you use it or not, just showing it to him will probably keep him in check. You should also consider picking up some candles, and throwing on a little music. ACTION Now for the fun part. You have set the scene. Candles are lit, music is playing. Your man knocks on the door (as instructed in his note). Ask him who it is, and then tell him to enter. Tell him your Domme name and make him repeat it to you. He is not to speak until he is spoken to. (Except to say, “Yes, Miss”) Under no circumstances is he to have an orgasm unless he asks your permission. He should stand in front of you, so that you may inspect him. 1

you’re not the one with their hands tied behind their back. If you are shy about oral sex. If you have a spanker. he wants me so badly that he’s usually willing to do whatever it takes to get into my pants.) Do you want me to touch you? (Make sure he says Ma’am. My favorite ending to this scene is to unbind my now hornier-than-usual servant boy and order him back into his clothes. kisses. until he is ready to explode. the better the reward. Besides. Make your pet answer questions (repeating questions is perfectly fine) and keep rewarding him with better and better “treats”. use it. Mistress. reward him with a few strokes.) What is your safe-word? How do I look? (Make him look at you and answer until you are satisfied. All of these are options. Try this scene and feel dirty while you are getting clean. REMEMBER: You are in charge. After all. He will beg and whine. PROLOGUE This is an easy scene to prepare. 2 . If he has done well so far. dripping wet ass in the shower. when I do finally have sex with him.      What is my name? (Make him say your Domme name. so he'd better not blow it if he wants to continue! Attire: Full Monty.”)  Would you like to have sex with me?  What is my name? (Answering the same question over and over is frustrating. How you punish disobedience is up to you. If he is going to get anything from you. Otherwise. and I’d love to hear how you decide to end the scene (you can leave a comment below using the "reply" button!). Dominant/submissive Shower Scene play There is nothing quite as satisfying as the perfect resonating sound of your bare hand forcefully meeting his soapy. etc. or if you’re feeling really adventurous. this may be a great. Without smiling. etc. blindfold. Your goal is to teach him that obedience and cooperation earn him attention. encourage him. safe way to try it. and begin asking him questions. The more he behaves. Here's what I suggest: Music: Something playful and fun. remind him that you can keep this up all night. you could make him watch you masturbate. Miss.) What do you want me to do to you? (The only correct answer is: “Whatever you want. if he behaves reasonably well. of course. Perhaps some raw Blues. You have what he wants. Apply the restraints (hands behind his back). but anticipation is it’s own reward. He hasn’t done anything to deserve your attention yet.)  Who does your body belong to?  What would you like to do to me? After a few questions. he has to earn it. or until you get bored. whatever you feel he deserves…just don’t go overboard. Restraints: Restraints are not needed in this scene unless your boytoy has not been properly trained to restrain himself. This scene is a real treat for him as well as you. DO NOT LET HIM HAVE AN ORGASM! At this point you might “allow” him to drop to his knees and give you oral sex.Circle him and inspect him.

have a little bit of mercy on him and let him cum 3 . but make sure you enjoy it more. Make him keep his hands on the shower-head. Shampoo.. Make sure he says. take the best shower of your life. Do not allow him to lower his arms during this abdominal inspection. Enjoy the sound it makes in the shower.and . get the water to the right temperature and set the mood in the bathroom with candles and music etc. Make sure you remember to enjoy yourself. ACTION Tell him to shave his beard before you begin so his face is super soft. At the same time he can also insert his thumb into you.a primal beast .. Let them soak up his flesh.and out of you. Oh. Drag your teeth around some more... (This part is way better if you remembered to make him shave his face before you began the scene). . Body scrubber. bend over and have him "do you" from behind until you roar with ecstasy. You want his body clean and squeaky for your enjoyment. Lots and lots of hot water. . Ask him if he likes until I roar with ecstasy.and into you. Turn him around and spank his shiny wet ass.front to back. Have him eat you anywhere else you want.. Bite him a little. while you inspect his armpits and run your hands up and down his sides. His delicious body is your treat and you get to fully enjoy every hard inch of it . especially your back. hold onto the shower-head. Now. but I do like it neat and trim. Bite him again. Scented candles.  Have him raise his arms. Massage oil. Have him shampoo your hair (And condition!). but do not cum until I say so". for pity's sake... or some other available handle. Use your boy's body for your pleasure. Have him prepare the shower. Nibble him a little.Accessories: Soap. Have him undress and let you know when the shower is ready for your pleasure. Here are some things to do in this scene:  Have him wash himself while you inspect him. his big hard thumb is way better than other fingers. Try this at your discretion. take this opportunity to shave all the hair off his balls and groin.. Tell him "F--. Scalp massage feels wonderful! Have him kneel and eat your sparkling clean girl parts.  If you have an electric shaver that will work in the shower. Fluffy towels. You are not there to please him. press your breasts against him. Make him take his time. . Next. I personally prefer a little hair there and not a total close shave. you get the idea. Have bang you until you almost pass out. Trust me. He exists to serve you. Then remember that he is a man . Have him wash you all over. so he might enjoy it. Yeah. and top to bottom. (Delicious!!) The shower is a good time to explore some "back door" play on his anus if you have not tried it before. Do it over and over. "Yes Mistress!" Drag your teeth over his back.

Then all of a sudden you use your knee to knock mine out from under me and push me down so that I'm on my knees. next you trace my lips with your finger and slowly insert it in my mouth making sure that I get a good taste. my mouth hung open in disbelief at the sight In front of me. drift off to sleep relaxed and satisfied. Your finger comes up to my jaw just below my ear and as you walk around me you trail it down my jaw line to my chin then back up the other side. Again smiling never once saying a word. Then. Enjoy his warm soft hands all over your body. you then lower yourself down on my naked chest and slowly start to grind yourself on my chest I can feel your wet slowly starting to build and I can now smell your scent. Your hands slide back up my body to my shoulders and you start to massage them. I suck on it hungrily and plead to have more. Once on my knees you walk back around so that you’re in front of me. You stop and with a wicked smile you get back up on your knees and wiggle yourself up my body so that you’re over my face. and you start to pull of my shirt. you just smile. a mini skirt that barely covers your ass and thigh high lace up boots. You slide your hands down my arms and work their way to the front of my pants. You then remove it making sure that I see how wet you are and how slick it is. and more. your left hand grabs my hair and you pull my face up into your pink wet pussy while your right hand opens up your lips giving me a clear shot at your now erect clit. Silent Seduction I come home from work and enter the house. again you say nothing you just smile. Your stop and spin around so that I can get a good look at you. You run it under my nose making sure that I breathe in the scent of your sex. again smiling and not saying anything you lower yourself onto my face and start to grind it. Next you stand overtop of me giving a perfect up skirt shot. trailing your hand along the wall again you say nothing.Exit the shower. Finally -. You then push me backwards with your foot so that I'm lying down on the floor half naked. I bring my head up so that I can kiss your wet lips but your grab my hair and pull my head back down and with a thump you slam it on the floor. and more. Now have him use the massage oil all over your body until you moan in ecstasy. showing me that you don't have any panties on. while he cleans up the bathroom. This will keep him eager to please you because he will be wanting more. You walk up to me and stand inches away from my face you move in to kiss me but stop short of my lips and just kind of tease me. You slowly shake your head in the negative never once saying a word just smiling. 4 .if he's been a good boy. You undo the button and zipper and slide a hand down to my semi hard cock and gently squeeze it and tease it to full erection. your middle finger slides in your hot wet slit and you slowly rub it up and down spreading your wetness as you go. one of my dress shirts buttoned up to just below your bra your breasts visible. I call your name and you appear from around a corner wearing a great big smile. You start toward me again with an exaggerated wiggle in your hips. You are nowhere to be seen. You slowly slide your fingers up your thigh and start to tease yourself slowly playing in your wetness. You slowly insert it inside yourself and wiggle it around abet making sure that its good and wet. Have him dry you off and lay you on the bed on some soft towels.

For over 3 years of our relationship we shared subtle fantasies. but never expected to have the adventure we dreamed about. The time had arrived. We checked into the hotel. how I love to suck on that huge cock. I start to tremble and converse as I start to cum yet you don't stop and I start to scream out your name half in hurt half in ecstasy. “Don’t smile at me. No Longer Vanilla I had my bag of trix… He asked for me to dominate the situation yet we were both entering uncharted waters. no backing out now. leaving me on the floor to ponder what just happened. You bite down on your lower lip so as not to let a sound escape as you start to cum hard on my face. My tongue finds its way to your hot little hole as you start to shake pushing you further over the edge. “Yes Mistress. Once your satisfied that you've managed to milk ever last drop of cum from my body you slowly start to stand up and with the look of the devil in your eye and a wicked smile you say two words. I smiled knowing nothing would ever be vanilla for us again… I slid the spiked. “What is your Safe Word?” I asked. How would he receive the scene I prepared? I spent days mentally preparing myself. you just close your eyes the smile on your face growing bigger with every ragged breath I take. Then you walk away. “Green” he says. leather collar out of the bag and turned to him. There he stood completely naked with his huge hard on.” he whispered as he knelt down. With your breathing heavy and ragged you slide yourself off my face and down my body you hover over top my waist freeing my cock from the prison that is my pants.” he whispered. You start to rock your hips forward and back again never saying a word.I tongue at your slit uncontrollably. vanilla. I ordered him to take off all his clothes and kneel in front of me. again you smiling like a mad woman. "Welcome Home”. “What is your name?” “Bitch. “What is my name?” “Mistress” he whispered. I could do this and I could do it well. I lit some candles. I asked. I licked my lips. He smiled. Bitch! Get on your knees!” I stated firmly. God. lapping up every last drop. 5 . holding it straight up in the air you slowly lower yourself onto it right down to the root once there you push down as hard as you can so as not to waste a millimeter of my rock hard cock. you start building up speed in anticipation of my cumming. as you wish.

He flinches. I kiss him. then the metallic mesh top with a woven chain and leather 6 . “Who does your body belong to?” “You. I know I could melt into his arms right then and there. If you move. Then I crack the back of his thighs with it. I can’t wear the “*censored* me now” shoes cause they don’t make them in my size… I wonder briefly. I’m trembling as the adrenaline rushes through my body. You will stay in this position. or else you WILL be punished severely! “Yes Mistress. He reaches to touch my ass “Don’t touch me! You did not ask permission! You were not granted a request! You may not touch me until I order you!” His eyes glance downward. Do you understand me Bitch?” “Yes Mistress. I tease his cock with the leash. Then you will be punished. I ask “Who does your body belong to?” “You Mistress. as you wish. I ache to lick it off. I kneel in front of him and make me look me in the eyes.I gently tease his balls with the collar. I ask him again. The white lace thigh high stockings go first. Our tongues dancing together so perfectly.” He trembles. His moans and Ows make me so wet.” He says this time through clenched teeth. Mistress. Don’t move. I tell him he cannot be trusted to follow orders. he whispers “Yes Mistress. If you do not move I maybe I will reward you. I will know it because these quarters will fall.” he whispers again as I see him struggle to keep his composure. no turning back now.” is all I hear as I grab the bag of trix and go into the bathroom. Then I place the pile of quarters on his back.” I stand behind him and crack the collar across his ass. I smile and whip him again. I smile and crack his ass with the leather collar again. But can I look the part? I weigh more than I want to. I stop and move away. I warn him sternly. I stop and walk behind him.” He replies. “You took too long to answer me!” I whip him across the ass with the leash. I take out the leash and attach it to his collar. I can see him wince in the mirror. I order my Bitch to kneel on all four on the floor. “Who does your body belong to?” “You. “I’m going to change into something more comfortable. It is everything I have ever dreamed of so far. Mistress. Will he think I’m sexy or stupid? I strip naked and start to get into my gear. I retrieve the four quarters from my bag. I ask him again. his cock gets harder and I can see the bead of pre-cum glistening on the tip of it as it throbs in front of me.

belt. I lay on the edge of the bed holding the dildo in my hand and order him to lick my pussy. “Who does your body belong to?” “It belongs to you Mistress. I lick my lips and it bounces. I tell him exactly how I like it and he makes me cum twice before I let him stop. I’ve got him under my spell already. My pussy is dripping by this point. “Oh Bitch. I smile and lean forward to lick the tip of it. I order him on all fours again and stand in front of him. I am so horny that my own desire is unable to be ignored.” He kneels up and I see that throbbing cock standing at attention. I massage his asshole with the lube and enter it with my finger.” I wrap the leash around the base of his cock and pull it tight. collar on leash hanging beside him. “You like to *censored* me up the ass. I laugh. He obeys. As I *censored* him hard I whip his thighs. I push my cock in his face and order him to lick it. Such power as I thrust into him from behind. you were such a good boy. Finally. Kneel up. I stand up and release the cock.” I whip him some more and tell him now he is going to know what it is like to be *censored*ed up the ass by a cock.” I whip him with the leash a few more times and enter him with my dildo. don’t you?” “Yes Mistress.) I give him a little bit of praise. I don the leather crotch-less dildo harness. He obeys. There is my gloriously naked Bitch on all fours. wondering if my Bitch will be able to handle being *censored*ed up the ass by this thing jutting out from me.” “Who does your asshole belong to?” “It belongs to you Mistress. “Yes Mistress.” “Who is going to *censored* you hard?” “You are Mistress. Such a day of firsts for both of us. quarters stacked high on his back. He winces. I take the 7 . I talk dirty to him the whole time asking how he likes it and how I know he likes to bury himself deep inside me. pleading for my attention. I squeeze the lubricant on my hand and dildo. He clenches. I am very proud of you. I kneel in front of my Bitch and ask him. I admire the huge cock I am wearing. I withdraw and massage his ass a bit and then whip him a bit just because I feel like it. I walk back into the room. I walk behind him and smack his ass with my hand. so how does he like it. Teasingly I kiss the base by the leash and lick it up and down avoiding the tender tip that is begging for me. I order him to stop. I order him to suck it. I ask him if he enjoyed sucking my cock. He obeys.

” “Why?” “Because it’s my favorite place to be. “Yes Mistress. I order him to talk dirty to me and let me know when he is ready to cum.” “You may not. he cringes and groans. I release the beads and he tries to enter me. “Please Mistress. Making sure I avoid his cock and balls. I ask him if he has a request. Mistress. The beads are wrapped around his balls and cock and I hold the ends of the strand in front of my pussy. I want him to ache for me so badly he begs for what he wants. I make him beg before I allow him to cum. As my Bitch *censored*s me ever so slowly I talk dirty to him and can tell his restraint is cracking as I begin to ride the huge wave of orgasm. “Yes Mistress. Mistress. I love it. I stop sucking his cock and straddle him.” I want nothing more than for him to *censored* me hard right now. I order him to grab fistfuls of my hair while I suck him. I begin to massage his cock with the beads. I ask him if he would like to cum and he pleads. But you may not cum. I pull a strand of beads out of the bag and wrap them around his rock hard shaft a few times. “You may *censored* me deep and slowly. I smack his thighs while I suck he moans.dildo off.” “No Bitch.” I tell him.” I massage his body from head to toe with my lips. circling my tongue slowly around his entire head. I double wrap the strand of beads around his balls. I begin to suck on him in rhythm with my stroking.” he breathes heavily. I moan while he is deep in there because I know it drives him wild. I continue to suck his cock taking the whole length of him deep into my throat. The tip of his head is swollen and it pulsates as I stroke his length. Perfect. “What is your request Bitch?” “I want to plunge my cock deep inside you.” He rasps at me. He has *censored*ed me dry already. I feel him tremble with restraint and remind him he cannot cum until I allow him to. I love the sounds he makes as he reaches climax and 8 . I order him to talk dirty to me while he *censored*s me and tell me how much he likes *censored*ing me. I tell him to insert the tip of his penis into me and then I order him not to move. Do you understand Bitch?” “As you wish Mistress. As I begin to ride him the beads rub my clit and I quickly soar towards orgasm AGAIN! As he is ready to join me I stop and order him to *censored* me from behind. I cross them at the base of his cock and pull them tight. He obeys again. As my body clenches and juices his cock I can tell he is having a difficult time holding back. He grabs the lube and tries again. Let me come down your throat. So I say. I tell him he can make any request he wants. God I love how he pulls my hair while I suck his huge cock. All the way in and all the way out until you make me cum. I bend forward and lick the tip. now get out of me and lay on the bed hands behind your head.

Please get this collar off of me.” I obey. I just smile and tell him next time I will have to punish him for not having faith in me. He texts me later…Thank you Mistress. As we collapse on the bed he whispers. “Mistress. We dress to go back to our other lives.explodes inside me.” “Yes Bitch. Our afternoon was more than I ever could have wished for…I can’t wait for next time. 9 . He smiles too. As we lay there he tells me that he thought I would chicken out and not go through with it.

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