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Class -VIII
Sitamarhi Talent Search
Session : 2012-13
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P. This book on slavery by Harriet Beecher Stowe is a bestseller of all times a. Truth d. Jim Corbet d. Jawahatrlal Nehru c. Narayanan c. We learn about Gandhiji from this book. Eugene O Neil c. Sarojini Naidu b. Forbes Magazine b. Uncle Tom‟s Cabin Q9. Sashi Tharoor b.Brilliant Public School. The famous novel Gone with the Wind has been written by a. Ernest Hemmingway c. Rudyard Kipling 1 . K Narayanan b. The book „For Whom The Bell Tolls‟ is written by a. „Discovery Of India‟ was written by this freedom fighter a.Arthur Conan Doyle c. Thomas d. K Narayanan d.2013 Class. a. Tabassum Khan c. Narayanan Q8. K.Dictionary Q2. Uncle John‟s Cabin c. Mahadevi Verma d. Margaret Mitchell d. Mahatma Gandhi b. Thomas Hardy b. Maya Angelou d. Maya Angelou Q3.Dorothy L Sayers Q7. Of Human Bondage c. Disillusioned by Communalism George Orwell wrote this famous novel a. Animal Farm b. R. K. c. Jungle Book d. P. K. Aldoux Huxley b.My Experiments with Truth d. This author is famous for her murder mystery novels a. Sayers. James Blade b.Agatha Christie Q12. Sitamarhi Talent Search . Jim Frost c. R. My Experience with truth c. Thomas Bryne c. Uncle Tim‟s Cabin b. R. Dorothy L. Salman Rushde Q14. N Tagore Q10. The book „Arms and the Man‟ was written by a. The book „Malgudi Days‟ is written by this author a. C. Sarojini Naidu b. Charles Dickens b.Limca Book of Records c. Arbind Adiga c.Guinness Book of World Records d. The latest Indian to win the „Booker Prize‟ in the year 2008 a.VIII Time:3 hrs ENGLISH Full Marks:140 1 BOOKS AND AUTHORS Q1. “Maneaters of Kumaon‟ was written by this famous naturalist and conservationist. Uncle Joe‟s Cabin d. Alfred Tennyson d. The book „Far From Maddening crowd has bee written by: a. Indhira Gandhi d. A E Houseman Q11. a. Noel Coward b. Name the world‟s all time best selling book a. Arundhati Roy d. Always speak the Truth Q5. Animal Kingdom Q13. Oliver Goldsmith Q6. Sydney Sheldon Q4. This poet‟s poems have English words but an Indian soul a.George Bernard Shaw b.

This Indian writer was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2001. diaries Q20. 18. W.Brilliant Public School. d a b c a c d d a d 2 . a. 17. a 3. 15. b 10. Sonnets b. ballads c. Sake Dean Mohamet b. John Milton Q19. 16. The short love poems written by William Shakespeare are known as a. Sydney Sheldon d. Narayanan b. d 9. 14. Sitamarhi Talent Search .2013 Q15. a 6. Somerset Mougham c. Rabindranath Tagore d. 20. Room on the Roof d. d 4. V S Naipaul ANSWER KEY : BOOKS & AUTHORS 1. R. c 7. K. b 11. c 2. Nirad C Choudry Q16. This story won young Ruskin Bond the prestigious John Llewellyn Rhys prize a. Rhymes d. c 8. Salman Rushde c. The first book written by and Indian in English titled Travels Of Dean Mohamet‟ was by a. Frogs in the fountain Q17. John Keats d. Paradise Lost was written by a. William Shakespere c. James Ellroy b. P. Cricket for crocodile c. b 5. The Novel „Of Human Bondage‟ is written by a. Ruskin Bond d. Robert Frost b. Treasure in the garden b. Lal c. 13. O Henry Q18. 19. 12.

“The unexamined life in not worth living” by: a) Mahatma Gandhi b) Thomas Edison c) Socrates d) John Milton 33. Sitamarhi Talent Search .Brilliant Public School. Narayan d) Mahatma Gandhi 23. „The Animal Farm‟ by: a) Leo Tolstoy b) E. “We learn from History that we learn nothing from History” : a) Robert Frost b) Aristotle c) George Bernard Shaw d) Keats 27.K. A person who is upto date with the latest gadgets a) e-commerce b) user friendly c) tech savvy d) icon 25. King of Denmark in Hamlet a) Claudius b) Mcbeth c) Duncan d) Caesar 32. To waste time : a) Agog b) Kernel c) Mien d) Dawdled 3 . Which is a part of „The Mahabharta‟ a) Arthashastra b) Gitanjali c) Vedas d) Bhagavad Gita 22. Forster c) Ved Vyas d) George Orwell 31. Fear of dolls is :a) chorophobia b) pediophobia c) pyrophobia d) hydrophobia 26.2013 2.M. Which one writes in Hindi language : a) Munshi Premchand b) Sant Tukaram c) Nanak Singh d) Kaifi Azmi 28. Ad Valorem :a) For purpose b) In bed faith c) In secret d) According to Value 29. A greedy little boy who ate his Christmas pie without table manners: a) Alladin b) Dennis c) Jack Horner d) Rumpel Stilt Skin 30. The Permanent account number that Income Tax authorities give to Indian citizens: a) VRS b) PRS c) PAN d) GRS 24. Author of „Daughters of the East‟ :a) Salim Ali b) Benazir Bhutto c) R. LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE 21.

d 28.2013 34. b 35. Narayan d) Amit Chaudhuri 36. d 38. Sitamarhi Talent Search . b 32.K. d 31. Kennedy d) F. c 34. Laxman c) Adolf Hitler d) Jack Welch ANSWER KEY : LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE 21. „The Glass Palace‟ written by: a) Amitav Ghosh b) Shashi Tharoor c) R.K. a 27.D. Who wrote „Rip Van Winkle‟ a) Thomas Wolfe b) Raymond Chandler c) Robert Penn Warren d) Washington Irving 38. Spitz : a) chocolate b) small dog c) saliva d) biscuit 35. Roosevelt 39. a 26. c 33. “Superstition is the religion of feeble minds” a) Edmund Burke b) Napolean c) J.K. b 4 . a 22. Narayan b) R. d 40. “Ramayana” is written by a) Kautilya b) Kalidas c) Valmiki d) Vivekanand 40. c 39.F. c 36. b 25.Brilliant Public School. c 23. c 30. To put the cart before the horse a) to put things in the wrong order b) to praise one self c) stop working d) to work hard 37. a 29. „The tunnel of time‟ autobiography by : a) R. a 37. d 24.

was born in Gujarat. With what honour has Dr.. the highest honour that an Indian citizen can receive? A)Arjuna Award B)Padma Bhushan C)The Bharat Ratna D)Padma Vibhushan 43) What is the full form of the "APJ" in Dr.? A)National Advancement B) Monarch C) Globe D) Thespian 45) Exactly how many plays did Shakespeare write? A) 29 B) 46 C) 40 D) 37 46) The disappearance of which famous queen of fiction led to a nationwide search? A) Agatha Christie B) J K Rowling Allcott 47) C) Sarojini Naidu D) Louisa M Mohandas Gandhi. later called Mahatma. Kalam's name? A)Ahmed Panthwawala Jain B) Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen C) Ali Ponnuswamy Jampiru D) Akbar Panneer Jalant 44) The theatre with which Shakespeare is most closely associated is the. FAMOUS PERSONALITIES 41.2013 3. he went to England to study at University College. When he was 19. What did Gandhi study in England? A) Political Science B) Poetry C) Law D) Dentistry 48) Who was the first to command the Indian navy? A) Kartik B) Katari C) Katira D) Krutari 49) Who was the first Muslim lady to sit in the throne of Delhi? A) Noorjehan B) Razia Riaz Monnera C) Iltumisha D) Sultana Razia Begum 50) Who was the first person in India to win a Nobel Prize? A) Nowroji B) CV Raman C) Rabindranath Tagore D) Chandrasekhar 5 . Name this Indian Tennis player who has turned Hollywood filmmaker? A) Leander Paes B) Mahesh Bhupathi C)Vijay Amritraj D)Ashok Amritraj 42. India in 1869.. London (UCL).Brilliant Public School. Sitamarhi Talent Search . Kalam been decorated.

.P. A) India B) Bangla Desh C) India & BanglaDesh D) India and Nepal 57) Who is the founder of Advita philosophy? A) Swami Vivekananda B) Basaveshwara C) Adi Shankaracharya D) Sri Ramanujacharya 58) Who is the only woman to have won the Nobel Prize twice? A) Madame Cama 59) B) Madam Curie C) Margaret Thatcher D) Mother Teresa Which Asian leader was called “the little frown saint”? A) Dalai lama B) Jawaharlal Nehru C) Kemal Pasha D) Gandhi 60) Name the first man or men to reach the North Pole? A) Robert Peary B) Edmund Hillary C) Tensing Norway D) Yuri Gagarin 6 ...Brilliant Public School. looking after wounded British soldiers in which war? A) Franco-Prussian War B) Afghan War C) Crimean War D) Boxer Rebellion 52) Disgraced cricketer Ajay Jadeja is the son-in-law of which politician? A) Jaya Jaitley B) V.? A) Mahatma Gandhi B) Jamnalal Bajaj C) Acharya Vinoba Bhave D) Mother Teresa 55) Who. started the 'Indian National Army'.. Sitamarhi Talent Search . in the hope of expelling the British from India? A) Gandhi B) Tantia Tope C) Bhagat Singh D) Subhash Chandra Bose 56) Rabindra Nath Tagore composed the National Anthem of. in collaboration with the Japanese.Singh C) Jaya Lalitha D) Jaya Prada 53) Which is the headquarters of the Missionaries of Charity founded by Mother Theresa? A) Nirmal Hriday B) Shishu Bhavan C) Asha Sadan D) Shanti Nagar 54) The 'Satyagraha Ashram' was founded in 1921 at Wardha in Maharashtra by.2013 51) Florence became famous as "The Lady with the Lamp".

60.2013 ANSWER KEY : FAMOUS PERSONALITIES 41. 55. C 48. 56. 58. C 45. C 51. C A A B D C C B D A 7 . 57. D 42.Brilliant Public School. 52. C 43. A 47. 53. D 46. B 49. 54. Sitamarhi Talent Search . 59. B 44. D 50.

had collapsed d) had left. [sleep ] a) sleep b) were sleeping c) slept d) are sleeping 65. They --------------------. [ read ] a) is reading b) reads c) has been reading d) read 74. He ------------.the painting just now . Delhi ------------. collapsed c) left . collapse ] a) left .Our examination ----------------------.when the thief entered the bedroom .After he ---------------. he --------------------.Brilliant Public School. ENGLISH GRAMMAR : TENSES Fill in the blanks with the proper tense or form of the verb given in brackets :61. [ finish ] a) finished b) had finished c) finish d) have finished 66.happens c) came .the roof ------------.[ leave .on 4th March . Sitamarhi Talent Search ..hard for the last four hours.2013 4. collapsed since May 1980 . happen ] a) came . A moment ago I -----------------. [teach ] a) teaches b) is teching c) had been teaching d) has been teaching 68. happened 69. They ------------.I ---------------. [ live ] a) is living b) have been living c) are living d) has been living 62. I told him that I -------------------. [ stand] a) stood b) is standing c) stands d) has stood 71.this book since January last . [ come .the child . [ work ] a) worked b) was working c) am working d) had been working my house to tell me what ---------------.on the Yamuna .my instructions ? [ carry out ] a) carry out b) carried out c) carrying out d) had carried out 70.there for five years . When I visited him in Mumbai .strange news . [hear ] a) have heard b) heard c) hear d) am hearing 73.collapsed b) has left .Look there . the man London next year . Bali -------------------. had happened d) had come . [ go ] a) went b) go c) had gone d) are going 8 . [ begin ] a) has begun b) is beginning c) begins d) began 63.Have you -----------------------. [beat ] a) is beating b) beats c) beat d) has beaten 67. happened b) comes . Raj and his family --------------------.

I -----------------. [finish ] a) shall have finished b) have finished c) finish d) finished 79. [ send ] a) had sent b) have sent c) was senting d) sent ANSWER KEY. [c] lessons . [a] 79. written b) was . [c] 74. written 80. I -----------------------. [ come ] a) came b) comes c) is coming d) had come 78. ENGLISH GRAMMAR : TENSES 61.[c] 68. [d] 72.[b] 70. The bus ---------------. [b] 73. Sitamarhi Talent Search . [ know ] a) know b) are knowing c) have known d) had known 76. [d] 75. [d] 77. written d) had .each other for the past ten years .[a] 67. written c) have . [b] 62.Brilliant Public School.this exercise by ten o‟ clock . [c] 63. [c] 78. We -------------------. [c] 80.not ------------------.[c] 69.round the corner .[d] 64. [ write ] a) am.2013 75.a letter to her yesterday . I --------------------. [c] 71.[d] 66. I shall go there after I -------------. [d] 9 .[b] 65. [ do ] a) did b) do c) am doing d ) have done 77.the letter yet .

Dryden c. Hazlitt d.“The child is the father of the man”.“Man is born free. Sitamarhi Talent Search . Wordsworth d. and everywhere he is in chains”.“Anger makes dull men witty. Emerson c. Keats d.“It is easy to hate.“The secret of success is constancy to purpose”. Karl Marx d. Voltaire b. but it keeps them poor”. Bernard Shaw 93. Disraeli c. Carlyle 85.“All happy families resemble one another. a. Tolstoy c. Socrates b. T. is a short but full description of a a happy state in this world”. Plato 82. a.“Fortune befriends the bold”. a. Aristotle d. Socrates b. Kautilya d. Rousseau d.“Style is the shadow of personality”.“People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges”. Shakespeare c. Shakespeare c. a. Tolstoy d. Galsworthy 90. by untruthfulness Truthful conduct alone can reach truth”. Carlyle b. Mark Twain 97. Newton d.Newton 96. Swami Sivananda b. Sydney Smith b.“Fools rush in where angels fear to tread”. Socrates 87. a. Rousseau c. Keats b. S. V.F. Pope d. Emerson c. Franklin b. a. but it is easy healthy to love”. Tolstoy c. J.“One cannot reach truth. Confucius 98. Tolstoy 95. V. Aristotle 100. Tagore d.F. Shakespeare 83. Cardinal Newman c. Voltaire b. a. Francis Bacon c. Tolstoy d. Aristotle d.“Fame is the perfume of heroic deeds”. a.“Brevity is the soul of wit”. Disraeli c.“Silence is one great art of conversation”.“A sound mind in a sound body. a. a. Wordsworth d.“Early to bed early to rise Makes a man healthy. a. Fielding c. Hazlitt 91. QUOTATIONS Choose the correct answer: 81. Keats d. Tolstoy c. a.V. but they are not the best”. Goethe c. Voltaire b. a. c.“Common sense is not so common”. a. Carlyle 89. John Locke b.Radhakrishnan d. Voltaire d. a. George Moor b. “Clever men are good. every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way”.Brilliant Public School.2013 5. Pope b. Milton 84.“Self trust is the essence of heroism”. Nissim Ezekiel b. Emerson 86. Mahatma Gandhi d. wealthy and wise”. Dryden 92. Milton b. Samuel b. Milton 88. Socrates 99. Johnson d.Samuel d. a. Socrates 94. a. Mahatma Gandhi 10 . S. a. Hazlitt c. Nehru c. a. Pope c. a.Radhakrishnan. Disraeli b. “A thing of beauty is a joy for ever”. Shakespeare b.Newton c. Samuel b. Disraeli b.

b 99.a 92.b 87.b 89.c 94. Sitamarhi Talent Search .d 85. b 82. c 88.a 86.a 97.a 95.c 84.d 11 .c 98.d 96.b 93.Brilliant Public School.d 91.b 100. a 83.2013 Answer Key: QUOTATIONS 81.a 90.

flutter across 104. move in a quick manner a. a hawker. with no excitement at all d. to disagree with someone c. to convince someone a. Sitamarhi Talent Search . with complete attention c. WORDS AND PHRASES Choose the correct answer for the following words and phrases from the given choices: 101. confused. unable to do anything c. d. with great joy d. move in a slow manner b. agog with excitement 105. very excited b. secretly and gradually gain access 109. terrorists d. a vendor 102. improvement b. seeing or hearing things that are not really there c. criticize or scold someone b. managed to do something inspite of difficulties b. a person who sells miscellaneous items c. to praise someone d. an act of accepting something 12 . contrived a.Brilliant Public School. rapt attention 107. a dream a. with no attention at all a. enterpreneur 108. with less interest b. distinguished d. excited a. unable to see anything. d. take one to task 106. d. unable to hear anything b. move in an orderly manner c. men from neighbouring country c. an act of abandoning something c. a person who makes money by starting new business b. very quick to react a. infiltrate a. renunciation a.2013 6. hallucination 103. group of attackers b. move in a haphazard way d. with less excitement c.

a well planned system d. in a hurry d. puzzled. completely filled a. explode with impatience 115. d. a confused state c. d. a state in which you do whatever someone else wants you to do. can wait patiently b. the property can be changed c. thrill d. saddened a. volatile a. surprise b. young people who are illiterate c. confused a. excited c. without expression b. a situation where there is a lot of noise and confusion. good for one‟s health b. run out of 114. excitement c. reacted in an unhealthy way. those who recently learned to read and write d. bafflement 116. nothing left b. a. people who are illiterate b. obstinate 117.panicked 119. reacted in a fearless manner c. pandemonium 13 .2013 110. liable to change rapidly d. stubbornly refusing to change one‟s mind b. d. reacted in a frightened manner a. astound 113. a pending job c. bad for one‟s health c. Sitamarhi Talent Search . c. d. unsuitable for one‟s health. not in a hurry c. thrilled b. willing to change 111. the property cannot be changed b. an unhealthy situation 118. a quiet situation b. group of old people a. d. unwanted for health a. couldn‟t wait any longer. neo-literate a. unable to change rapidly a. salubrious 112. a state where you remain idle.Brilliant Public School.

Brilliant Public School.2013 120. c 111. b 110. A 14 . a 117. a 112. a French window. a 113. a large window with several glass panes c. a 102. a large window with one pane of glass b. c 118. d 119. a. d 104. a 105. ANSWER KEY : WORDS AND PHRASES 101. a small window with several glass panes.c 116. d 109. b 107.d 115. a 106. Sitamarhi Talent Search . 114. c 120. picture window a. b 103. d. a 108.

O. A B C D copies to Chief Executive Officer any other business approximately 123 public limited company I owe you pound (weight) incorporated 124 public limited company I owe you pound (weight) junior 125 public limited company I owe you junior month 126 Inc.E. A B C D mo. A B C D Jr. A B C D gross domestic product gross national product hire purchase Incorporated 15 .Brilliant Public School.2013 7. Sitamarhi Talent Search .U. A B C D I.O. ABBREVIATIONS: 121 lb A B C D public limited company gross national product pound (weight) Incorporated 122 C.

P.w.Brilliant Public School. Sitamarhi Talent Search . A B C D Nb A B C D plc A B C D PA A B public relations please turn over per week per annum 131 not applicable pay attention to this pound (weight) junior 132 public limited company gross national product hire purchase incorporated 133 not applicable pay attention to this 16 . A B C D gross domestic product hire purchase cash on delivery extraordinary general meeting 128 VAT A B C D N/A A B C D public relations please turn over per week value added tax 129 not applicable I owe you pound (weight) Junior 130 p.2013 127 H.

Sitamarhi Talent Search .Brilliant Public School.a. A B C D pd. A B C D personal assistant junior not applicable pay attention to this personal assistant per annum 135 Ltd. A B C D PR A B C D gross domestic product hire purchase incorporated limited company 136 pay attention to this personal assistant per annum paid 137 public relations pay attention to this personal assistant per annum 138 Cc A B C D PTO A B C D copies to Account annual general meeting any other business 139 public relations please turn over personal assistant per annum 17 .2013 C D 134 p.

2013 ANSWER KEY : 121– C 122– B 123– B 124– D 125– E 126– D 127– C 128– D 129– A 130– C 131– B 132– A 133– C 134– D 135– E 136– E 137– A 138– A 139– B 18 . Sitamarhi Talent Search .Brilliant Public School.