John Locke defined it as 'taking what no body doth have a right to take'

PREAMBLE: in law HC and the AG can continue to act like corporations and be abusive to anyone who 'agrees to be governed' under their new MMPR program and they can prosecute and shut down anyone who objects to be governed under the MMPR rules, because we are all governed under the archetypal form called “The Supremacy of Parliament” where like Henry VIII, the Harpster, and all those acting under his AG are immune from prosecution [under Sec 126 CC] in order to protect and preserve the ponzi scheme called the Sovereign's interest AND frankly the only way around this disparaging situation is to join our party and in this way [after Sept 1st] it's now a punishable crime of state for an AG to even press charges on any member in good-standing of our BC-MMAR program 1. in law. [after this Sept 1st UCC shredding of immunity] every one in power loses immunity from prosecution under UCC rules and frankly that means that some 'body' is being empowered with 'enforcing' this change of UCC status, and frankly as i see it that means that all kinds of old Instrument holders just lost their immunity to ignore the total abuse of power that is being dished out under Sec 16 CC in order to enforce Sec 15 CC -[ Any authority who defends defacto law is criminally insane] AND frankly the only Officers who had the Constitutional power to tell an AG: “no” [before the 1998 the Police Act] were Order of the Garter Instrument holders. - Who else is there that can drag up the liability that's it's not business as usual other than Instrument holders? I can force the issue [like i am] BUT the AG's employees will simply carrying on with business as usual when they are enforcing that no one is above their law, until Instrument holders do their duty and start arresting politicians and banksters and even judges for clear infractions /violation of the rule of law that occur after Sept 1st because they really can't defend that they must be treasonous so that nothing changes As i see it: [after Sept 1st] Risk Management and the Order of the Garter [like Sheriffs, JPs, Coroners] must enforce that it's a crime of state for any of the AG's employees to break the Peace, with anyone acting under our claim of right because the AG is directly forbidden to use arbitrary power, under our Constitutional rule of law and respondeat superior, because we are in the body called Parliament that guarantees that we can administer our affairs and can demand to be ruled under Sec 8 CC common law jurisdiction, AND a genuine catch-22 trap is created, where authority's trust is irrevocably broken at the onset, by 2 or 3 witnesses [Heb 10] who insist that we have no such right. I'm well aware that i'm raising the stakes by just calling for a Millennium Trust Challenge and frankly what i'm pressing is only now possible because of what the OPPT, and the new Pope did. - They did it so that somewhere, middle management [like you] would have to make a choice that condemns them all if they can't get over 'the fear of the one who is in authority' [Rom 13]. AND then it says: when all debt in the world is paid, the only remaining debt is the eternal love for our neighbour... I accept that: in our end times, people will be repelled by a religious defence like mine but then again no one can make a Millennium Trust Challenge without it. I accept that Archibald Cox inspired me, and describes me when he warns to respond to someone who is peculiarly self-confident by challenging the public trust because he might be offering the only chance to trigger a make-over. Past generations have made a mess of things and the hopes and dreams of a thousand generations is held in a message just like mine that unleashes a metanoia - Proof that a metanoia occurred from Challenging the Act in 1559 is that all art worldwide went 3-D that year, and this awakening triggered the age of enlightenment. AND i know that our Golden Age starts with the Grand Awakening that's triggered by just recognizing an Act challenge. AND the answer on how to do it is in Rom 10on riddle: 14 How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And so on... 18 But I ask: Did they not hear? Of course they did





BOTTOM LINE: There is no substitute for good first fruit. AND i'm setting the stage for this to occur thru the Gentle Spirit [1Cor4:20] - It all comes down to Faith or lack thereof.

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