DaphneLoader v2 Changelog ------------------------v2.2.5 - Improved transfer rate calculations yet again so that they are more accurate.

- Improved bandwidth distribution when uploading so that each peer gets about th e same amount of bandwidth. - DaphneLoader self update should no longer trigger a UAC prompt on Vista. v2.2.4 - Fixed problem on linux where DaphneLoader would crash when browsing for files/ directories. - Fixed case-sensitivity problem on linux that prevented DVD's from being identi fied. v2.2.3 - Added additional debug feedback if auto-update fails. - Fixed problem where input remapping wouldn't work. v2.2.2 - Fixed detection of the 20th Anniversary Digital Leisure DVDs. v2.2.1 - Fixed blocking incoming port warning dialog which had been accidently broken. v2.2.0 - No bugs reported, so I am calling this v2.2.0 (stable)! v2.1.59 - Fixed bug where home directory could not be changed due to changes made in v2. 1.54. v2.1.58 - Fixed bug with HTTP chunked encoding parsing that would cause tracker errors i f the tracker used chunked encoding. v2.1.57 - Fixed rare crash bug that could occur if bad data is in the prefs XML file. v2.1.56 - In Transfer window, changed local/remote unchoked columns to local/remote unch oked columns. Added two columns to show queued block requests. - Torrent client will now queue more than 5 block requests depending on download speed from remote peer. - Transfer speeds for individual peers are now calculated only once every 10 sec onds to save CPU. - Transfer speeds are now no longer rounded to the nearest 820 bytes, but they a re still based on 16KiB blocks. - Fixed widths of some columns on transfer window so that they do not need to ex panded. - Made Space Ace Euro, and Dragon's Lair Euro available for auto-download. v2.1.55 - Fixed Hardware Acceleration dropdown in the Video section, which I accidently broke for previous build. v2.1.54 - Added ability to choose whether to always auto-update to the latest developmen t build, even if the current build is a stable build. - Added precompiled header support to source code to dramatically improve build

Improved DVD scanning on linux (some DVD's are case sensitive for some reason) .1.45 .49 . v2.51 .48 .Added a "Why do I need a disc?" button to the DVD prompt dialog so people can stop coming to the chat room to ask us this question. Also changed 'Please Wait' message to either 'Veri fying' or 'Allocating'.Improved transfer progress dialog so it doesn't show a transfer speed indicato r when verifying/allocating. .Corrected drive search for DVD volumes on OSX. if a DVD will eventually be req uired. .Corrected PPC/x86 detection on OSX. .xml ("Infinate".Added a "Learn More" button to the "Required files are missing" dialog.1.Only display warnings about manually providing video/audio files if auto-downl oading is enabled.1. . .52 . v2.Added specific Daphne icon (no more generic icon).Added support for four more Digital Leisure discs (two DL and two SA).0beta" to the beginning of the DaphneLoader version number to help c lear up some confusion. . . . cached versions are now properly used if avai lable. v2. v2.Added a cancel button to the command line display. .times.53 . :) . . .1.47 .Main window is now centered on startup. DaphneLoader will now only be minimized to the systray if a file transfer is active. .Added warning to the transfer progress dialog.Added warnings about manually providing video/audio files when automatic downl oads are available.50 . . .Fixed typos in config.Added support for a Dragon's Lair 2 PAL DVD.Added ability to turn off warnings about games not working properly.Fixed linux URL handling when using KDE. v2.If corrupt files are downloaded. and "Bega's" when referring to # of liv es) .Added "v1. v2.Improved Dragon's Lair 2 DVD-ROM detection for linux.1.Added support for alternate versions of the 20th Anniversary DVD's.46 .1. .Made the 'download prompt' message a bit more descriptive to hopefully be less confusing. the transfer progress dialog now says "Ple ase wait" instead of "Downloading".Added support for another Dragon's Lair PAL DVD.When allocating or verifying files. v2.Changed DVD scan dialog to say 'Validating' instead of 'Converting' to avoid c onfusion.When closing the DaphneLoader window. v2.1. v2.1. . .Improved HTTP caching so that unchanged files are not re-downloaded.1.

Added more six more serial port choices to accommodate USB->Serial devices. and 99-lives options (they weren' t correct at all) .Fixed elusive torrent bug that would sometimes cause a disconnect immediately after a connect . .Added more auto-updating features to the linux and OSX builds.Fixed bug in linux daphneloader script where spaces in paths weren't being han dled properly. . .Fixed Badlands (Standard) 2-lives and 3-lives options (they were swapped) . Piece Selection Priority.Improved torrent CPU performance (probably only noticeable on slower machines) .39 .Fixed problem in mpolib where data would become corrupted if it wasn't sent al l at once.1. and Max Peers. and added a little color because people ar e still asking me how to donate.37 .41 .Added 'custom command line' to the advanced game options .1.Added ability to disable hint arrows in all versions of Super Don Quixote .38 .Added connection logging for failed incoming torrent connections .1.Fixed bug in linux auto-updater script where spaces in paths weren't being han dled properly. v2. U pload Slots.Added ability to disable auto-downloading.Added 'tilt' to keyboard remap controls v2.Added RoadBlaster cheat .Fixed Bega's Battle 4-lives and 5-lives options .Added changelog for Daphne (separate from DaphneLoader's changelog) .1.Added warning that a DVD will be required when auto-downloading Digital Leisur e games .1.Added simple automatic max upload speed detection to improve performance for t hose newbies who don't know their max upload speed.Improved speed of 'check for update' process that occurs when DaphneLoader sta rts. .Fixed Thayer's Quest 3-lives and 2-lives options v2.1.Improved linux URL handling.1.Fixed Badlands (Prototype) 4-lives..43 .40 . . v2. .Incoming torrent connections that don't do anything will now get disconnected sooner .Added better 'fast resume' support for torrents with encrypted files.Fixed some MACH3 5-lives options . v2.Added support for older version of Dragon's Lair DVD-ROM v2.Added the ability to specify an alternate audio filename suffix to be able to do things like play Esh's Aurunmilla with Japanese audio. v2. .Added Dragon's Lair 2 to the Digital Leisure torrent. .Widened donate button.1 .1. . v2.44 .42 .Added 'fastboot' option to Dragon's Lair Enhanced v1. moved it up. 5-lives.Added four more statistics to the 'View Transfers' window: Leech Resistance.

Added ability to have a message displayed inside the game options (for games w ith no dip switches) .xml where Cobra Command (Dedicated) random scenes .Did major work on game/laserdisc configuration UI so that each game is listed on the main menu only once .Fixed joystick button input remap bug .1. .Fixed bug where DaphneLoader could crash if no torrents are active.1.Fixed problem with config.Torrent client identification improved (uTorrent and mac OSX are properly iden tified).1.29 .Added ability to auto-download Dragon's Lair if a valid Digital Leisure DVD is present.Fixed Bega's Battle so that the ROM revision is selected as a game version ins tead of a dip switch v2. .File verification can now be done using bit torrent or md5 hashing (set in pre ferences) v2.Improved bit torrent library to distribute bandwidth evenly among multiple torrents. v2.30 .33 .Added cheats for CobraAB and CobraM3 .36 .ogg file (for audio).1.1.26 .Updated Dragon's Lair torrent with a better .1. v2.Managed torrents should be able to be restarted (ie resumed) in most cases now .Added ability to auto-download Space Ace and Thayer's Quest if a valid Digital Leisure DVD is present.Managed torrents are now automatically updated v2.Added a check when parsing the configuration XML to make sure arguments are in proper format.Fixed problem in config. v2.28 .Added input remapping v2.31 .32 .1.1. .Added ability to load command-line arguments from a DaphneLoaderCmds.35 .Added volume adjustment options .v2.xml where Badlands 'SHOOT!' message would never disp lay (thanks Rockford) v2.Fixed problem where paused managed torrents were auto-started when daphneloade r is run .Fixed 'browse framefile' button which was broken in v2.Added GPWorld to game list .Changed firewall check so it only occurs if a torrent is active.1.1. v2.Added better support for wxWidgets if it is built in UNICODE mode .34 .27 .1.32 .txt file .Added home directory support . v2.Removed requirement to start a managed torrent if you already have all require d files .1.

Added ability to see the completed files of other peers.Added OpenGL and Rotation options to the Video tab v2.Fixed problem with 'Completed Files' dialog not displaying correctly on Windows .1.Added 'fastboot' options to Dragon's Lair.17 . in addition to one's own completed files v2.Fixed bug introduced in v2.Fixed 'start' and 'config' buttons so the space around them is more balanced v2.Added ability to view daphne_log.24 .18 .19 . Space Ace.1.Added more fast-resume options for torrent v2.1.19 where list of real laserdisc players had an extra entry at the beginning that didn't belong there v2.Added a button to the 'Transfer Progress' dialog that explains why a user may be getting slow download speeds.Multiple instances of DaphneLoader should now be prevented.20 .1.25 .Added this changelog.Reworked OpenGL and Rotation options so they are hopefully more clear v2. That is.Fixed problem with SAE lives-per-credit dip switch setting .Finished updating Laserdisc tab in Config section so it uses the same dropdown list convention as the rest of the config UI (with a * indicating the recommended choice) .Added 'reversed' screen resolutions such as 480x640 and 768x1024 (for pre-rota ted screens) v2.23 .1.21 .Added 'donate' button .xml where pay-as-you-go dip switches for Dragon's Lair rev f2 were incorrect v2. with the ability to view it from DaphneLoader .22 .Reworded 'incoming connection' warning so it is shorter (with the hope that more people will read it) . .DaphneLoader now minimizes to the systray . and Cliff Hanger .Added ability to go to web site and documentation via Help menu .Fixed problem where real laserdisc player and baud rate indices were not being initialized .1.could not be enabled .txt file from DaphneLoader v2.Fixed bug in config.1.1.1. you should only be able to run DaphneLoader once .Added support for real laserdisc players .1.

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