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Brenchley & Matfield Church of England Primary School TEACHING AND LEARNING COMMITTEE Meeting held Tuesday 3rd March

2009 at the School

MINUTES Present :

Mr A Dottridge - Chair Mrs S Cockroft –Head Teacher Mrs T Cunningham Mrs M Gailey Mrs G Hughes Mrs A Layton Mr J Underdown

Mrs J Izzard - Clerk

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Apologies – Mrs A Cunningham Mrs S Ashoka and Mrs A Layton had sent apologies. Minutes of previous meeting The minutes of the meeting held on 13th January 2009 were agreed as accurate. Matters arising – a) Training & Development – A Bespoke Training Course on Governor Visits has been arranged for 18th March 2009. All Governors are encouraged to attend. b) Classroom Visits – Following training Subject Governors will arrange 2 ½ day visits with Mrs Layton. Mrs T Cunningham has, following recent Governor Training, already arranged a preliminary meeting with Mrs Carole Stirling to discuss Religious Education. Feedback from latest lesson observations – Mrs Cockroft gave a detailed explanation of the process and intended goals. A Learning Walk took place in January; the lessons observed that day were satisfactory or good. Sue Huxley, Advanced Skills Teacher, has undertaken Lesson Study Work with staff. The Leadership Team will be trained to undertake Observations. During Staff Meetings staff have had the opportunity to ‘critique’ a video of a lesson taking place. (See also Confidential Minutes 4) Updated data on the proportion of children at age appropriate levels is currently being collated and will be circulated for Governor information following analysis. Mrs Cockroft will update Governors on progress towards SATs. Feedback from INSET Training on 23rd February 2009 – Training took place at Cranbrook Primary School, staff were able to look at Standards in Subjects and Evidence of Progress with colleagues. There has been positive feedback and the possibility of follow up evening sessions will be investigated with Mr Peter Wibroe, Head Teacher at Cranbrook Primary School.




Teaching & Learning Policy Review – Mrs Cockroft informed the committee that the Leadership Team had recently agreed to use a document obtained from a visit to another school entitled ‘A Generic Teaching Pattern’ as the basis for a statement of the school’s approach to teaching & learning, and this will replace the current Teaching & Learning Policy. This will be presented to governors prior to the FGB Meeting in May for formal approval. Specific Curriculum Areas – Subject Leaders will be invited to present to governors on a rolling programme. An updated list detailing areas of responsibility was circulated. Mrs Cockroft agreed to arrange for a Subject Leader to attend the next T&L committee meeting to discuss a particular curriculum area. • Maths - Miss Gee • Science - Miss Beaumont • ICT - Mrs Root • RE - Mrs Stirling • SEN - Mr Devlin • History - Mrs Layton • Geography - Mr Brown • French - Mrs Boyd • Music - Mrs Hodgson • PE - Miss White • Design Technology - Mrs Naish • PSHE & Citizenship- Mrs Stirling



Future Work Programme – It was agreed that this would be produced following the Bespoke Training on 18th March. Any other Business – The committee were advised that the previous round of interviews for a Parent Support Advisor had been unsuccessful. A second recruitment drive had been initiated and interviews would be held on 20th March 2009. Date of next Meetings - Monday 11th May 2009 @ 2pm and 30th June 2009 at 9.30 am NB : School Plan Working Party to meet 19th March 2009 at 2pm



Brenchley & Matfield Church of England Primary School TEACHING AND LEARNING COMMITTEE Meeting held Tuesday 3rd March 2009 at the School

STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL MINUTES 4. Feedback from latest lesson observations – Two Formal Lesson Observations have taken place. One observation was deemed Inadequate, Informal Support has been given and has now moved to the Informal Formal Capability Process. One observation was good.