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136 in Congress express concern Lubachivsky named cardinal

about "eternal prisoner" S/iuk/ievyc/islavROME — Major Archbishop Myro-
Lubachivsky, the head of the
Ukrainian Catholic Church, was among
WASHINGTON - One hundred the political prisoner's case by mail,
the 28 newly nominated cardinals
thirty-six members of Congress personally visited more than 250
whose names were announced by Pope
expressed their concern about the fate congressmen, kept in touch by John Paul II on Wednesday, April 24.
of Ukrainian political prisoner Yuriy telephone, and served as catalysts in the
Ukrainian American community for its A r c h b i s h o p Lubachivsky will
Shukhevych in an April 17 joint letter
constituent actions on Capitol Hill. become the fifth Ukrainian Catholic
addressed to Soviet leader Mikhail
cardinal. His predecessors were
Gorbachev. The 135 representatives Members of the Ukrainian Students
Cardinals Isidore (1439), Michael
and one senator urged that Mr. Association of Mykola Michnowsky
Levytsky (1816), Sylvester Sembra-
Shukhevych be released from internal (TUSM) also took an active part in this
tovych (1895) and Josyf Slipyj (1965).
exile and be allowed to travel to the endeavor, joining AHRU in intensive
A r c h b i s h o p Lu b a c h i v s k y ' s
United States for medical treatment. l o b b y i n g in t h e H o u s e of
nomination was hailed by Archbishop-
The 52-year-old Mr. Shukhevych has Representatives.
Metropolitan Stephen Sulyk of
become known as "the eternal prisoner" Mr. Shukhevych was adopted as a
Philadelphia, the leader of the
because he has spent 33 years in Soviet prisoner of conscience by Amnesty
Ukrainian Catholic Church in the
prisons, camps and internal exile. He is International, Americans for Human United States, who said the naming of a
currently in exile in the Tomsk region of Rights in Ukraine and many other Ukrainian cardinal is an occasion for
Siberia. organizations engaged in defending joy and a tribute to the Ukrainian
Mr. S h u k h e v y c h was first human rights. Through the efforts of Catholic Church.
incarcerated by Soviet authorities in AHRU's Albany (N.Y.) branch and the
The archbishop and the 27 other
1948 at the age of 15 for refusing to American Society for the Blind, a
cardinal-designates will be consecrated
denounce his late father, the "talking book" (taped novel published
in ceremonies in Rome on May 25,
commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian in the Soviet Union), a tape recorder
according to the Metropolitan's
Insurgent Army (UFA), which fought and a white cane were sent to him in Chancery in Philadelphia.
against both German and Soviet forces 1984. All the items were returned from
the Soviet Union undelivered. Archbishop Lubachivsky became the
for an independent Ukrainian state.
leader of Ukrainian Catholics
Roman Shukhevych died in 1950 at the Following are the names of U.S.
worldwide upon the death of Patriarch
hands of the Soviet security forces. representatives who signed the joint
and Cardinal Slipyj on September 7,
Mr. S h u k h e v y c h j o i n e d the letter to Mr. Gorbachev. 1984. Archbishop Lubachivsky had
Ukrainian Helsinki Monitoring Group California: Vic Fazio (D), Sala been named coadjutor with the right of Cardinal-designate Myroslav Luba-
in January 1979, and he renounced his Burton (D), Barbara Boxer (D), Ronald succession in 1980. chivsky.
Soviet citizenship in autumn of that V. Dellums (D), Fortney H. Stark (D),
year. In March 1982 he began serving a Don Edwards (D), Tom Lantos (D),
five-year exile term after having served Norman Y. Mineta (D), Robert J.
his third 10-year term of imprisonment. Lagomarsino (R), Bobbi Fiedler (R),
Mr. S h u k h e v y c h is a l m o s t
completely blind; he suffers from heart
Henry A. Waxman (D), Howard L.
Berman (D), Mel Levin (D), Julian C.
N.J. lawmakers, civic leaders tout
disease and chronic ulcers that require
specialized medical treatment. Under
Dixon (D), Matthew G. Martinez (D),
Mervyn M. Dymally (D), Daniel E. Olshaniwsky for famine commission post
such circumstances, Soviet law does Lungren (R), Duncan Hunter (R). coordinator of Americans for Human
JERSEY CITY, N.J. - A senator
permit the early release of prisoners Colorado: Patricia Schroeder (D), Rights in Ukraine, be appointed staff
and congressman from New Jersey,
from internal exile. Timothy E. Wirth (D). director of the Commission on the
several Ukrainian community leaders
The initiators of the letter to Soviet Connecticut: Barbara Kennelly (D), Ukraine Famine.
and the national ethnic liaison of the
Communist Party Secretary General Sam Gejdenson (D), Bruce A. Morrison S e p a r a t e letters urging Mr.
American Jewish Committee, have
Gorbachev were New Jersey Reps. (D), Stewart B. McKinney (R), Nancy Olshaniwsky's appointment were sent
recommended that Ihor Olshaniwsky,
Frank J. Guarini (D) and Matthew L. Johnson (R). to the recently appointed chairman of
Rinaldo (R). Both congressmen were Delaware: Thomas R. Carper (D). the commission. Rep. Dan Mica (D-
co-sponsors of the U k r a i n i a n Florida: Buddy MacKay (D), Fla.).
Famine Commission Bill and have been Michael Bilirakis (R), Bill Nelson (D), Sen. Bill Bradley and Rep. James
involved in many human-rights actions, Tom Lewis (R), Larry Smith (D), Florio, the New Jersey Democrats who
including letters and resolutions in de- Claude D. Pepper (D), Dante B. Fascell introduced the Ukrainian famine
fense of members of the Ukrainian Hel- (D). commission bill in their respective
sinki Monitoring Group and other Illinois: William O. Lipinski (D), houses of Congress, both cited Mr.
Ukrainian political prisoners. Henry J. Hyde (R), Cardiss Collins (D), Olshaniwsky's dedicated efforts in
Americans for Human Rights in Sidney R. Yates (D), John E. Porter securing the introduction and passage
Ukraine (AHRU) reported that Rep. (R), Frank Annunzio (D), Philip M. of the bill, as well as his work to
Guarini, who was especially committed Crane (R). promote human-rights issues.
to this endeavor, not only played a Indiana: Dan Burton (R). The Ukrainian National Associa-
significant role in this, the largest Iowa: Jim Leach (R), Berkley Bedell tion's supreme president, John O. Flis,
congressional action in defense of any (D). noted in his letter: "UNA urges the
Ukrainian political prisoner, but also Kansas: Dan Glickman (D). c o m m i s s i o n to a p p o i n t Mr.
delivered his message personally to Louisiana: W. Henson Moore (R). Olshaniwsky, a well-known and
Soviet government officials while Maryland: Roy Dyson (D), Barbara respected member of Ukrainian
visiting Moscow earlier this month. Delich Bentlev (R), Barbara A. American community who is well-
Mikulski (D). Marjorie S. Holt (R). versed in the subject in question and
AHRU, a national human-rights
organization headquartered in New Massachusetts: Silvio O. Conte (R), who has been instrumental in
Jersey, assisted Reps. Guarini and Barney Frank (D), Nicholas Mavroulis promoting the establishment of the
Rinaldo in their action to help Mr. (D), Thomas P. O'Neill, Jr. (D), Joe Ukraine Famine Commission, as a
Shukhevych. AHRU informed all Moakley (D), Brian J. Donnelly (D). director ofthe staff of this commission."
members of the U.S. Congress about (Continued on page 14) Ihor Olshaniwsky (Continued on page 4)

Alcoholism poll held in Ukraine

KIEV — Responses to a recent discussion asked readers to come up
Chronicle of questionnaire in a Kiev newspaper
regarding the effectiveness of local
with suggestions on how to improve
existing anti-alcoholism efforts.
the Catholic Church а1соЬоІ-аЬ"в'^ nroaramc indicate that
readers would like to see a greater effort
Suggestions included restricting the
operating hours of liquor stores and not
to eradicate alcoholism. allowing them to operate near factories
in Ukraine The survey was published late last
year in Radianska Ukraina. Almost
and workplaces, introducing harsher
penalties for selling alcoholic beverages
3,000 readers responded to the to minors or people already drunk, and
questionnaire, and the results were conducting special courses for young
presented in a 600-word article by M. people.
Volobuyev in a recent issue of the paper. "A significant number of readers
The following excerpts are from was denied a residence permit, but While most readers felt that not proposed the introduction of a 'dry
Issue No. 7 of the Chronicle of the finally everything was behind him enough preventive work was being done law,'" wrote Mr. Volobuyev. "Andthey
Catholic Church in Ukraine, an and he found work in t he department to combat alcoholism in their based their decision on the fact that,
underground publication which of pharmaceutical medicines. But collectives, some 33 percent felt that the according to them, all other means
made its appearance in January 1984 this did not fit the plans of the KGB! programs in their areas were adequate. being used today...are at present
hut has only recently reached the He was still a Catholic! As such, he A number of readers said that in some insufficient and ineffective."
West. Thus far, eight issues have had to suffer and live in constant fear cases officials doctored statistics in
made their way out of Ukraine. The that he would be taken away. This is order to make their alcohol-abuse pro­ Readers also complained that there
Chronicle is published in samvydav the righting of accounts - fear and grams appear more effective. were no sobriety clubs in factories,
form by the Initiative Group for the despair and uncertainty - that is the According to Mr. Volobuyev, the villages and schools, but only in the
Defense of Believers and the Church, basis of the Communist credo. question that produced the most republic's largest cities.
which was founded in 1982 to pro­
mote the legalization of the Ukrai­ Pious is the man who fears God!
nian Catholic Church, which has
been outlawed since 1946.
The Rev. Vynnytsky lives as becomes
a true Christian monk — with faith Poles capture fugitive publisher
and an open heart for all, ready to
react to all injustice, to all bleeding WARSAW - The fugitive director Word of the arrest was passed onto
The persecution of a priest wounds. Unshakable in their faith of a major underground publishing pro-Solidarity people, who spread the
and a belief in the Apostolic Altar, house has been captured by the police news. Mr. Polewski, an architect by
servants of God displease the and led off to detention with his head training, has been described as one of
Mykhailo llkovych Vynnytsky occupiers. On January 17, 1975, the wrapped in a bloody hood, reported the most active critics of the
was born October 14, 1926, in the day the Helsinki Accords were signed The New York Times on April 22, citing government.
village of Chaikovych in the Sambir [In fact, the Helsinki Accords on sources close to the outlawed Solidarity The dissident sources said Mr.
region. He attended elementary human rights and cooperation in movement. Polewski's arrest, after more than two
school in his native village and was a Europe were signed in August I975j The arrest of the man, Maciej years of clandestine activities, is a major
very good student. In time, he was arrested and sentenced on a Polewski, has not been announced by blow. He was regarded, along with
attended secondary school fabricated charge to five years in a the a u t h o r i t i e s . The Solidarity Adam Michnik, as among the
[gymnasium] in Lviv. In one year, labor camp and three years' internal sympathizers reported that he was opposition's most articulate writers.
Mykhailo fmishcd two gynmasium exile. [He was actually sentenced on seized on April 13 as he visited with his
classes; after the gymnasium, July 31, 1975, shortly before the children in a Warsaw apartment. As he Mr. Michnik, who has also been
M y k h a i l o e n r o l l e d in the Helsinki Accords were signed.1 was led through a courtyard, he arrested, is now expected to go on trial
Redemptorist monastery in Lviv. He reportedly shouted out his name, in Gdansk within the next month along
was 18 years old. His piety and He served his exile term in the adding that his pseudonym was with Bogdan Lis and Wladyslani
passion for learning a m a / e d same town as Danylo Shumuk. [Mr. Bielewski and that he was the director of Frasyniuk, two fellow Solidarity
everyone... However, the Soviet Shumuk, a former member of the the CDN. activists who were arrested in February
occupation came and with it new Ukrainian Insurgent Army, is The publisher CDN is one of at a meeting in Gdansk. The three have
blood and tears for our nation. serving his exile term in Karatobe in Poland's larger and more aggressive been charged with being members of an
Kazakhstan.J After the sentencing, clandestine publishers. It has reportedly illegal organization and planning illegal
an article was published by Pro­ distributed tape recordings and strikes, charges which could bring fiv^
Mykhailo Vynnytsky's father was curator Antonenko titled "Bunker videotapes as well as printed material. year sentences, the Times said.
drafted into the army and sent to the Religion" which was filled with
front, where he was killed in the hogwash and lies about the Catholic
battle lor Berlin. The family found
itself without a father, and in 1946
the mother died... Already the
priest. The regime is expert at writing
in such a way that the reader does not
know what's going on but one thing
Three named to Politburo
Redemptorist monastery was is clear — he who is against the MOSCOW - Soviet leader Mikhail intentions to press for domestic political
destroyed, persecutions began which regime faces eternal servitude and Gorbachev added three of his and economic changes. "Revolution
in fact had not stopped since the injustice... supporters to the ruling Politburo, changes are needed" in the Sov
Russians came... Mykhailo preparing the way for what he asserted economy, he said.
Vynnytsky was drafted into the will be a broad program of economic The new full members of
army, and in 1950 he was discharged; In 1983, the Rev. Vynnytsky was
released, but even though his change, according to several press Politburo are Viktor Cherbikov,the(
however, on his way home he was accounts. year-old leader of the KGB, the;
arrested by the KGB and sentenced brothers have a house, half of which
belongs to the priest, he was barred The Soviets news agency TASS police; Yegor Ligachev, 64, the
to 10 years in a labor camp, in typical announced the appointments on April responsible for maintaining discipli
Russian fashion, they had exploited from living there. A year ago he
managed to find work as a stoker at a 23, following a plenary meeting of the in the party apparatus; and NiJco
him in the army as a slave doing all Communist Parly Central Committee. Ryzhkov, 55, a technocrat who
kinds of building and cleaning, and kindergarten, but when the KGB
found out that a priest had a job and Mr. Gorbachev, in a speech to the the party economic department.
then arrested him only because he Central Committee, underlined bis (Continued on page 10)
refused to renounce God..In 1955, a piece of bread they had a "chat"
after the death of the tyrant [Stalin], with the director of the kindergarten,
Mykhailo Vynnytsky was released. Maria Stepanivna, and asked in
amazement why the Rev. Vynnytsky
was working. As if working was
In 1957, Mykhailo Vynnytsky was
ordained by Bishop Mykola
shameful or forbidden. Then the
KGB ordered that the Rev.
Ukrainian Weekly
Charnetsky. The Rev. Mykhailo Vynnytsky be fired, at which time the
director revealed that she was a
Vynnytsky showed him.self to be a
zealous Catholic and servant of God, Christian and would not do so. The Ukrainian weekly newspaper published by the Ukrainian National Association Jncj
and this obviously did not please the KGB then said that if this was the non-profit association, at 30 Montgomery St., Jersey City, N.J. 07302.
atheists who arc in power during a case they would dismiss her from her (The Ukrainian Weekly - USPS 570-870)
new wave of religious persecution. post, which in fact happened! The Also published by the UNA: Svoboda, a Ukrainian-language daily newspaper.
During the Khrushchev era, the Rev. priest is being threatened with a new
Vynnytsky was again arrested and sentence, and the KGB will find the
sentenced to three years in prison and how and the why because there is a The Weekly and Svoboda: UNA:
five years' internal exile. After campaign on to destroy the (201) 434-0237, 434-0807, 434-3036 (201) 451-2200
completing his "punishment" lor his Ukrainian Catholic Church.
faith and because he, as a Ukrainian Yearly subscription rate: 58, UNA members - 55.
priest, did not convert to the "ancient"
Postmaster, send address changes to: Editor: Roma Hadzewycz
Russian faith, the Rev, Vynnytsky Prepared bv Vasvl Kobryn THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY Associate editor: George Bohdan Zarydqr
.returned to Lviv. For a long time he July 5. 1984 P.O. Box 346 Assistant editor: Natalia Dmytrijuk
Jersey City, N.J. 07303

East European groups score Ukraine Famine Commission profile

OSI's use of Soviet evidence
WASHINGTON - East European
organizations expressed outrage that
those accused for war crimes should be
tried for war crimes," Mr. Mazeika said.
Rep. Dan Mica, chairman
the U.S. Justice Department's Office of With regard to allegations made by Below is a brief profile of Rep.
Special Investigations is employing the World Jewish Congress that Dan Mica (D-Fla.), who was recently
Soviet-supplied evidence in its cases Ukrainian and Baltic "mainstream" appointed chairman of the Commis­
against persons alleged to be Nazi war organizations were anti-Semitic, Mr. sion on the Ukraine Famine.
criminals, and they made their Mazeika said, "Current remarks made
objections known at a press conference by Neal Sher and WJC consultant Eli Now serving his fourth term in the
held here at the Hotel Washington on Rosenbaum are defamatory and United States Congress, Dan Mica
Friday, April 19. sensationalist with deliberate intent to represents the fastest growing
According to the 1982 annual report obscure the real issues regarding Nazi congressional district in the country.
prepared by the Justice Department, prosecutions." He began his political career in 1968
the OSI considers evidence obtained "Responsible ethnic and Jewish as a congressional aide and, 10 years
from the Soviet Union "crucial to the organizations must stand together and later, became Florida's youngest
mission of this office." demand an accounting of OSI activities congressman at age 35.
Baltic and Ukrainian organizations before Congress and the American Within days of taking office in
have spoken out against the use of public," stated Mr. Mazeika. 1978, Rep. Mica was unanimously
Soviet evidence because they say it is elected president of his freshman
"We find it ironic that on the one
unreliable and, in many cases, class — a first for Floridians in
hand, the Justice Department would
fraudulent. Congress. He later was elected
openly collaborate with the Soviet
At the press conference, Baltic and regional Whip to represent the
g o v e r n m e n t while the S t a t e
Ukrainian r e p r e s e n t a t i v e s also interests of the Florida and Alabama
Department continues to document
addressed charges recently made by the delegations to the House leadership.
forgeries and frauds that the KGB is
World Jewish Congress, which accused Rep. Mica joined the prestigious
committing against the United States,"
East European ethnic communities in Foreign Affairs Committee fh 1978,
said Myron Wasylyk, director of the
the United States of carrying on a just as thousands of illegal refugees
Ukrainian Congress Committee of
campaign "fraught with anti-Semitism" began flooding into Florida from the
America Washington office.
in order to stop the OSI's prosecution of Caribbean, especially Haiti. He
Mr. Wasylyk added that "Just as the
war criminals. responded with legislation, which
Jewish and Ukrainian dissident
Tony Mazeika, national coordinator was signed into law as the Mica
movements behind the Iron Curtain are
of the Coalition for Constitutional amendment, linking U.S. aid to
firmly united against the Kremlin, so Rep. Dan Mica
Justice and Security (CCJS), explained foreign cooperation in immigration
should we Jewish and Ukrainian
the goals and principles of the newly control. The law is credited with needs of America's older population.
Americans unite against the corruption
formed coalition, which is opposed to d r a s t i c a l l y reducing illegal Rep. Mica has used his position on
of our U.S. court system bv KGB
OSI-USSR collaboration. immigration from Haiti. the House Select Committee on
Mr. Mazeika's coalition, which "One must remember, the Soviet- Known for his steady and forward- Aging to champion seniors' rights
sponsored the press conference, is supplied evidence that is being used looking approach to foreign policy. and to prepare for the public policy
calling for "immediate congressional against Americans in U.S. courts is the Rep. Mica's subsequent work on the challenges of an older America. His
oversight hearings to investigate the same type of evidence that is bringing Foreign Affairs Committee places efforts include ensuring the solvency
unrestrained OSI activities with regards so-called 'justice' to Dr. Sakharov, him firmly behind those allies who of the Social Security trust fund, and
to constitutional issues and national A n a t o l y S h c h a r a n s k y , Yuriy share America's democratic values. reauthorizing the Older Americans
security." Shukhevych and most recently Mykola He is chairman of the subcommittee Act and senior nutrition programs.
Mr. Mazeika claimed, "there are Horbal, who has recently been that oversees the United States Rep. Mica is a vigorous supporter
abuses of constitutional rights under sentenced to eight years in the gulag," Information Agency, including the of fair policies that stimulate
due process, including denial of trial by Mr. Wasylyk pointed out. Voice of America and Radio Free economic growth, and his activities
jury, lack of cross-examination of "We call uponthe World JewishCon- Europe, as well as the budget of the on international trade subcommittee
witnesses from the USSR and other gress and other Jewish organizations to U.S. State Department. have been aimed at restoring
Communist countries, and no free reassess their unquestioning support of As a ranking member of the America's pre-eminence in trade and
access to a public defender." the policy of OSI, in order to defeat this Veterans Affairs Committee, Rep. finance. His most recent focus has
"CCJS fully supports the goal of latest attempt by the KGB to divide and Mica launched a landmark study on been development of an Export
uncovering Nazi and other war criminals conquer the ethnic communities in the the long-term health care needs of Administration Act that is consistent
residing in the United States and United S t a t e s , " concluded Mr. Florida's large veteran population. with the competitive needs of
bringing them to justice. However. Wasylyk. That study was the basis for the American business.
Reagan administration's decision to Rep. Mica was born in
dramatically expand veterans Binghamton, N.Y., on February 4,
Czech cardinal protests Prague's attempts medical services in that state.
Rep. Mica has cosponsored
1944. He attended the University of
Florida and Florida Atlantic
virtually every major piece of University (1966, B.A.), where he
to interfere with religious anniversary veterans legislation in the past six
years. His advocacy has earned him
served as the first student
government president.
JERSEY CITY, N.J. - Cardinal under government control and many national recognition, including the Rep. Mica and his wife, the former
Frantisek Tomasek, primate of Prague, priests were jailed. Since then, there has National Commander's Award from Martha Fry of Fort Lauderdale,
Czechoslovakia, has protested attempts been some improvement in relations, the Disabled Veterans of America. Fla., have two daughters and two
by his country's government to interfere but the government continues to restrict A leader in the discussion on the sons.
with celebrations marking the l,l()Oth the work of priests and nuns, and
anniversary of the death of St. Metho­ seminary education.
dius, an apostle of the Slavs, accordingto Cardinal Tomasek's protest of
Jednota, the official organ of the First
Catholic Slovak Union of the United
government intervention with religious
activities is not his first criticism of
WCFU announces fund-raising
States and Canada.
The 85-year-old cardinal wrote to
Czeckoslovak religious policy. Last
April he criticized a Communist Party for Year of Ukrainian Youth
President Gustav Husak and Vladimir weekly for calling the pope one of the JERSEY CIIY, N.J. - The World " increasing youth participation in
Janku. head of the government's most reactionary pontiffs of the Congress of Free Ukrainians recently Ukrainian schools and in Ukrainian
Church affairs, about government century. "Your atheism does not give announced plans for a campaign to studies courses, as well as in youth
efforts to hinder the anniversary events, you the right to calumniate and offend interest Ukrainian youth in Ukrainian o r g a n i z a t i o n s and U k r a i n i a n
said emigre sources in Vienna. Austria. people with other ideological views," he community activities in order to ensure community work;
According to the emigre sources, who said in a letter to the publication the future of Ukrainian Churches,
said they had a copy of the letter, the Tribuna. organizations and families worldwide.
primate complained of "unwarranted" That some month he had invited ^ holding a World Congress of
In a recent statement, the WCFU. Ukrainian Youth.
measures and described the celebrations Pope John Paul II to visit his country, which at its fourth world congress
as purely religious and constitutional. but the Vatican said there was little designated 1985 as the Year of "Because our youth is the subject of
No information was made public on the likelihood of a visit in the near future. Ukrainian Youth, acknowledged that in our goals, we are obligated to give
measures taken by the government 10 to 20 years Ukrainian youth will be in young people the opportunity to
officials to interfere with the Recently, however, the cardinal read a position to take over community
a letter from the pope during a service become active in the community and
celebration. leadership and therefore must be well-
attended by some 10.000 Catholics public activities." added the WCFU.
Church-state relations have been up prepared ior the responsibility.
and dow n since belbrc the end of World celebrated at the central Moravian In order to realize its plans, the
The WCFU's plans include:
War II when Commiinisi authorities \ illage of Velehrad. beliexed to be the WCFU is calling for the financial and
began cracking down (Мі cluirch burial place ol St. Methodius. During ^ releasing books and other moral support of all Ukrainians. May is
institutions, reported .Iciliiota. In carl\ the ecremon\ belie\LTs called lor a \isil publications geared toward Ukrainian the month of the WCFU's annual lund-
1950, all religious communities fell f r o m th(.- p ^ ' M t ' i ; \4)uth; raising campaign.

Supreme Liberation Council responds to Ukrainian research continues at Keston

war crimes charges against Ul(rainians KESTON KENT, England -
Ukrainian research at Keston College is
office acquired by the college in
January. The temporary office houses
now being conducted primarily in a new the Ukrainian researchers, Andrew
NEW YORK - The Ukrainian response from Moscow to the activities Sorokowski, and three others on the
Supreme Liberation Council (abroad) of the Ukrainians in the free world, for grounds of Keston College. It will be
has responded to what it calls "a example, in making known the details used until additional facilities are built;
growing campaign of accusations of the forced famine of 1932-33 in construction of the new building is
against the Ukrainian people, as well as Ukraine, for their protest in defense of expected to begin at the end of this year.
the Lithuanians, Estonians and political prisoners and repressed
Mr. Sorokowski delivered an infor­
Latvians... on the ostensible pretext of Ukrainians in the USSR, for their
mal lecture on March 22 for the Ukrai­
tracking down alleged war criminals." protests against the Russification of
nian Academic Society in London on
The council's response came in the Ukraine and the politics of ethnocide
the Chronicle of the Catholic Church in
form of an English-language statement against the non-Russian nations of the
dated April 11. USSR," the press statement said.
Work has begun on a computerized
The council noted that recent media The Ukrainian Supreme Liberation list of thle names and biographical data
reports that the Ukrainian Galicia Council stressed that the pursuit and of imprisoned Ukrainian religious
Division had engaged in anti-Jewish punishment of war criminals and those believer^. The information will be
acts and that the Ukrainian nation as a who helped the Nazis liquidate the Jews stored an a magnetic diskette, which
whole is historically anti-Semitic and is a legitimate matter, however, the use will make it possible to make
collaborated with the Nazis are false. of Soviet-supplied evidence against corrections and additions electroni­
"Events in Ukraine during the alleged Nazi c o l l a b o r a t o r s is cally. Eventually it will be possible to
(second world) war have been a subject unacceptable. produce complete and up-to-date
of research for serious scholars all over The council also slated that, although printout of the list in only a few
the world for the last 40 years and they there is no doubt that there were war moments. The initial list is based on an
have failed to find the alleged crimes criminals among the Ukrainians as well existing typewritten list of persecuted
leveled at the Ukrainian people," the as other nationalities, "the practice of believers mentioned in the recently
council pointed out. "Moreover, they transposing the guilt of an individual
have confirmed the fact that millions of received Chronicle of the Catholic
onto the rest of his nation is a direct Church in Ukraine.
Ukrainians died in the war against Andrew Sorokowski
emulation of the Nazi policy of so-
Germany in the ranks of the Red Army called collective responsibility."
and in the underground and insurgent The council also took issue with the
struggle of the Organization of label of "historic Ukrainian anti- Flis tell Congress about reception
Ukrainian Nationalists and the Semitism," something, it said, is simply
Ukrainian Insurgent Army." not borne out by the historical record. WASHINGTON - In a letter dated by the association for use in connection
The council went on to note that there Finally, the Ukrainian Supreme April 22, UNA Supreme President John with the congressional reception.
is one source that does give full support Liberation Council emphasized: "The Flis informed members of Congress of In his letter, the UNA president
to these kinds of allegations against Ukrainian nation, which has lost no less the congressional reception to be held expressed his hope of seeing the
Ukrainians — "that is the well-known than 20 million of its people since 1917 May 22 in celebration of "100 Years of members of Congress at the May 22
propaganda apparat for disinformation as a result of Muscovite-Bolshevik and Ukrainian Immigration to the United reception and asked them "to help us
of the Central Committee of the Nazi-German terror, is deeply States." He also forwarded information celebrate our centennial by placing,
Communist Party of the Soviet Union." concerned with uncovering and about Ukrainian Americans and their sometime during the month of May, a
"These activities have increased bringing to a just trial and sentence history in the United States. statement about the Ukrainian
markedly in recent times, which brings those responsible for these crimes" — Mr. Flis noted that "while Ukrainians A m e r i c a n e x p e r i e n c e in the
us to the conclusion that this is a regardless of their nationality. first came to America with the earliest Congressional Record."
settlers, the first of three major waves of Official invitations to the reception
immigration to the United States began will soon be mailed to all members of
about 100 years ago."
ADP denies anti-Semitism motivates Enclosed with the letter was a
The reception, sponsored by the
brochure, prepared by the Washington- UNA in coordination with the
its campaign againstOSI methodology based reception committee, which briefly
describes the history of Ukrainians in
Ukrainian American Caucus, has
a t t r a c t e d s u p p o r t from The
the United States. It also outlines some Washington Group, the Ukrainian
WOODH AVEN, N.Y. - Americans bring any and all irregularities about of the contributions Ukrainian Association of the Washington
for Due Process, a public interest group their modus operandi to the attention of Americans have made to their adopted Metropolitan Area, and the Ukrainian
which monitors cases brought by the concerned legislators, other public- country and their concerns, among National Women's League of America.
Justice Department's Office of Special interest, legal and human-rights groups them recognition of the 1932-33 famine These organizations and other
Investigations, denied the World Jewish in the interest of the public good." in Ukraine and the millennium of individuals have formed a local ad hoc
Congress's recent charges that a In a statement of position that was Ukrainian Christianity in 1988. committee to help organize the
"widespread campaign fraught with appended to its statement in response to Also included in the packet provided reception.
anti-Semitism" was being conducted the World Jewish Congress, ADP to members of Congress is a booklet Ukrainian Americans from distant
"to derail the government's pursuit of wrote: "The OSI, by exercising a form about Ukraine and Ukrainians cities are encouraged to attend the
war criminals." of tunnel vision about Soviet-produced originally published on the occasion of reception and to urge their senators and
"Accusations of anti-Semitism and evidence and intents, has chosen the the American Bicentennial celebration. representatives to attend. Those
slurs against entire ethnic groups" serve part of collaboration with the Soviet The booklet was published by the planning to attend are requested to
only to "cause divisiveness and divert KGB - the moral equivalent of the Ukrainian Association of the Washing­ contact the Ukrainian American
attention from the very legitimate (Continued on page 10) ton Metropolitan Area and contributed Caucus, P.O. Box 2049. Washington,
problems of methods employed by the D.C. 20066, by May 13 with a list of ail
OSI" in prosecuting suspected Nazi attendees. Names of all those attending
collaborators, noted ADP. builder between the Ukrainians and
"The actual charges made by the NJ. lawmakers... other groups. must be supplied to the Capitol security
force for admission to the Russell
WJC seem to have been levied against (Continued from page 1) "It would be both a tragedy and a Senate Office Building where the recep­
any and all critics of the U.S. "Our organization is confident that travesty if the key post of commission tion will be held. (A form is provided
Department of Justice Office of Special Mr. Olshaniwsky will provide an staff director would be treated as a elsewhere in this issue to simplify the
Investigations, some of which are excellent liaison between the patronage job and offered to someone making of reservations.)
legitimate and reputable, some of which commission and the Ukrainian without cultural ties to the principal
a r e t o t a l l y u n a c c e p t a b l e and American community, which is crucial victims of the famine. Indeed, the staff
i r r e s p o n s i b l e . However, the to the commission's success," wrote Mr.
accusations, by their very nature, are Flis.
director must be trusted by Ukrainian
A m e r i c a n s , whose story the
Pysanky adorn
damaging to all of the critics John Oleksyn, president of the
indiscriminately," Americans for Due Ukrainian Fraternal Association, and
commission will tell, by the U.S.
government, as sponsor of the
Parliament library
Process noted. M e t r o p o l i t a n Mstyslav of the commission, and by the American
ADP went on to state that it stands by Ukrainian Orthodox Church authored OTTAWA — Two carved wooden
people, who must co-exist with the plates with Easter eggs have been
all - officially issued statements on this similar letters of support. government responsible for the
mauci. "The issues of due process, of David Roth, national ethnic liaison prominently displayed at the Library of
famine." wrote Mr. Roth. He added Parliament.
questionable collaboration between our for the American Jewish Committee, that the Soviet go\ ernment continues to
Dep^;' mem of Justice and the Soviet pointed out that the Ukrainian use food and depopulation as a weapon The displaN of car\cd wooden CI;CN
secrc '.ct (KGB) in the prosecution American community has a tremendous a^iainsl ethnic minorities. from the Carpathian region of Lkraiiw
of the- cases are much too important to stake in the issue of the Great Famine ol is identified b\' the following
)е -^'^ ured by defamatory statements 1932-33. which killed 7 million in In his mailgram to Rep. Mica. Mr description; "Presented to the І.їЬмк
a ' : . idenlious g leralizations about Ukraine, and he noted that the staft Roth went on to recommend that Mr. of Parliam.-n by Murray Smiii., М.Г.
en,..e American ethnic communities," it director of the commission should be Olshaniwsky. who has demonstrated a Winnipeg North, in recognition of the
said. someone with cultural and emotional capacity for hard work and has earned contribution to Canadian culture b\
"ADP continues to monitor the acti­ ties to that community, as well as the respect of those he has worked with, those people of Ukrainian origin"and
vities of the OSI and will continue to comeone who could act as a briage- be named the staff director. dated April 18. 1962.

The U.S. view of Soviet Union's position on human rights

Te.xi of address by Ellioti Ahrams, U.S. assistant President Ronald Reagan and later. Secretary George I ho Soviets have tended to respond to this approach
secretary of state for human rights and humanitarian Shultz, both came to the job deeply concerned about by reversing the equation. They have hinted on a
affairs, delivered April II to the fifth Sakharov this deteriorating situation. They believed that any number of occasions that we could expect an
Hearing in London. society which so abused the rights of its citizens was improvement in their human-rights performance —
dangerous internationally precisely because it was Jewish emigration is often mentioned here — in the
I would like to begin my presentation with a brief corrupt and oppressive at home. Soviet unwillingness wake of significantly improved relations. They argue
overview of how the United States government views to live up to the human-rights provisions of the Hel­ that when relations are bad, as they have been in the
the human-rights situation in the Soviet Union. sinki Final Act also cast doubt on the reliability of recent past, they have no incentive to alter their
As everyone here would agree, the human-rights Soviet commitments in other areas. internal policies. But when relations were significantly
situation in the Soviet Union has deteriorated in There was also an appreciation that we and the better, as was presumably the case in the mid-70s, they
recent years. Deterioration seems to be due to a Soviets are engaged in a struggle for hearts and minds. were more willing to be responsive to our concerns.
number of factors, both internal and external. The Systematic human-rights violations sadly occur in We vigorously reject the kind of linkage suggested
Soviet leadership recognizes that the country faces many countries throughout the world. But the Soviet here. We are interested in deeds rather than words and
serious problems at home and abroad, and that there Union is not just any other country. It is a superpower, see no reason to reward the Soviets for the mere hint
are no quick or easy solutions to these problems. Prior which aggressively markets its social and political of better times ahead. On the other hand, we do
to the election of Mikhail Gorbachev as general recognize that there has been a noticeable
secretary in March, the Soviet Union had gone improvement in U.S.-Soviet relations recently. We
through a period of prolonged leadership uncertainty. ... aifhough Ukrainians number have returned to arms-control negotiations in Geneva.
At limes of such uncertainly, it is not surprising that a We are currently engaging the Soviets in discussions
fundamentally repressive regime would seek relief less than 20 percenf of fhe popula­ on a whole range of bilateral and regional issues.
from these problems by increasing control and President Reagan has invited General Secretary
repression at home, while trying to reduce or eliminate
tion of fhe Sovief Union, fhey
Gorbachev to visit the United States. The presence of a
contact between their citizens and the outside world. account for over 40 percent of its relatively young and vigorous man at the Soviet helm
The course of events in recent years appears to fit itself provides an opportunity for us to move forward
some such pattern. The Soviets have conducted wave political prisoners. across the board on relations. For these reasons we be­
after wave of arrests aimed at destroying or isolating lieve that now is the time for the Soviets to live up to
those groups in Soviet society who to submit to the logic of their statements on the consequences of
the control of the state and who dissent from the tenets system as a model for the rest of the world. Soviet improved relations. They certainly have not done so
of Soviet ideology. They have eliminated the ability of propaganda has been all too effective in portraying the yet. The relatively minor gestures they have made
the average citizen to place direct-dial phone calls to Soviet Union as a progressive, peace-loving society. recently are simply that. 1 must s:iy in all candor that
the West, enacted more stringent customs search They have won a sympathetic ear in the Third World unless we see some significant progress soon, we will
regulations, made it more difficult to send package and among certain groups in the West. While we know have no choice but to conclude that an over-all
mail to the USSR, interdicted international mail and the grim reality that lies behind the sweet words of the improvement in relations is not going to be possible.
established new penalties for unauthorized contacts Soviet propaganda machine, we need to ensure that We believe that the Soviet Union does want
with foreigners. those who may be tempted by Soviet propaganda also improved relations with the United Stales. We believe
They have also cut all forms of emigration know that reality. The struggle for hearts and minds is that recent developments in our bilateral relations
dramatically. .Jewish emigration peaked in 1976 at a struggle we dare not lose. Making human rights a have created an environment in which significant
51,320, and by last year it had fallen to just 896. critical element in our over-all policy approach toward progress on human rights issues is possible. Our hope
Similar declines have been experienced by the other the Soviet Union has served the purpose of reminding is that the new Soviet leadership will have the foresight
two major groups once allowed to emigrate in large those who might be tempted by Soviet words of the and confidence to seize this opportunity. We will be
numbers: Germans and Armenians. brutal reality, of Soviet life. ready to reciprocate if they do.
In this context of generalized repression, there have In keeping with the critical importance attached to Let me turn now to the multilateral side of this
been renewed manifestations of anti-Semitism in the human rights in our relationship with the Soviet question, including of course to the CSCE.
Soviet Union. We are not certain how to explain this Union, our human-rights policy toward the Soviet [Conference on Security and Cooperation in EuropeJ.
disturbing phenomenon. One possibility might be that Union has taken on both multilateral and bilateral There is plenty of room for skepticism about Western
in cutting off the safety valve of Jewish emigration, the exchanges with Soviet leaders. In virtually every high- human-rights efforts, even for pessimism. In the years
Soviet authorities have brought on themselves a new level exchange we have had, we have detailed our since 1975, can we after all say the human-rights
upsurge of religious and national consciousness in one special human-rights concerns and made clear their situation in the Soviet Union has improved? It has not.
of the USSR's most assjimilated minority importance to the U.S.-Soviet realtionship. We have Let us candidly admit that we do not know how best to
communities, and are unsure of how to deal with it told Soviet leaders time and again that there can be no affect Soviet human-rights behavior; we do not know
over the long term. In the short term, they have over-all improvement in relations without some precisely what works and what does not.
embarked since last July on a campaign of arresting significant movement on our human rights concerns. We cannot even be sure of the relevance of over-all
and convicting teachers of the Hebrew language and Although I cannot go into the specific contents of East-West relations to Soviet internal affairs. After all,
others in the forefront of this new awareness and our bilateral exchanges, 1 can say that we routinely let us remember that de-Stalinization came at the
identity. These arrests have been combined with other discuss generic human-rights issues of particular height of the Cold War, and that at the height of
forms of intimidation, including a determined anti- concern to us and also raise the cases of specific detente immigration may have been loosened but there
Semitic campaign in the Soviet media. human-rights activists. was no large improvement in the Soviet internal
At the same time, Soviet treatment of other groups The Soviet response to raising our human-rights situation. We must always keep in mind that all
has barely been better. Ukrainian human-rights concerns in bilateral exchanges has been predictable. outside stimuli pale in comparison to internal factors
activists, as usual, have suffered particularly badly, They are visibly annoyed when we raise the subject and in determining the internal policies of the Soviet
and although Ukrainians number less than 20 percent regime.
of the population of the So\iet Union, they account This is not a counsel of doom, however. The Soviets
for over 40 percent of its political prisoners. We have told Soviet leaders time still act rationally, and we can think of our approaches
Continued Soviet efforts to suppress religion are to them in some sort of cost/benefit terms. Thus, for
equally disturbing, with Ukrainian Greek Catholics, and again that there can foe no example, they no doubt ask themselves whether
Lithuanian Roman Catholics, unregistered Baptists, particular human-rights improvements will gain them
Seventh Day Adventists and Pentecostalists coming in overall improvement in relations something in the West — a particular concession on
for particularly severe repression. v/ithout some significant movement our part, or a general improvement in their reputation.
There has also been little progress on the cases of And, of course, their calculation on this will change
major human-rights figures in the Soviet Union, such on our human-rights concerns. depending on whether it is made the day after they
as Dr. Andrei Sakharov and his wife Dr. Yelcna invade Afghanistan, or five years after.
Bonner, Anatoly Shcharansky, losif Begun, and Yuri It is certainly fair to ask what we have gained
Orlov. claim that our interest in their human-rights through the CSCE and the very many Western
Recently, there have been .some minor positive performance represents interference in their internal human-rights efforts. I would suggest three responses.
gestures on the Soxicts' part, While these gestures affairs. On many occasions, they have sought to avoid First, the issue of Soviet human-rights violations has
appear to be calculated, they arc also isolated. Quite discussion of human-rights issues on the grounds that in the last 10 years been thoroughly legitimized as a
frankly, we as yet s c lU) licfiiiilc signs of signilicanl they are not legitimate topics for discussion between matter of diplomatic discourse. For example, 10 years
impro\ement on the Soviet human-rigius nouzon. governments. On the other hand, it is our sense that ако it would have been impossible to think that the
Whether the arrival on the scene of a relatively young the Soviet authorities are coming to recognize and Soviets would come to an international human-rights
and presumably durable Soviet leader will have a accept that human rights will remain a permanent meeting in a Western country where their record will
positive impact on Soviet human-riehts policv over component of the U.S.-Soviet agenda. be repeatedly addressed, yet they will do precisely this
lime is impossible to say. We do not expect to see miracles overnight. The in Ottawa in a few weeks. And every Western
fhc current U.vS. administration took office in early Soviet Union is likely to remain a repressive society by go\e!iirncnt has accepted that discussion of Soviet
1981. at a time when the current deterioration in the Western standards for the forseeable future. But there internal affairs is in this sense now on the international
Soviet human-rights situation was already well under is no reason why Soviet authorities cannot agenda.
way. The administration qijickly identified four significantly lower the level of internal repression and Secondly, and consequently, it has been possible to
agenda items as critical to U.S.-Soviet relations: arms reopen the door to significantly higher levels of achieve a level of engagement on this issue that would
control, regional issues, bilateral issues and human emigration without endangeringthe leading role of the have been unimaginable 20 years ago.Virtually every
rights. Communist Party. Such actions could not help but NATO and neutral government in Europe and the
There were a number of factors involved in have a positive effect on our bilateral relations. This is North Atlantic area is now engaged in the issue of
identifying human rights as a critical agenda item. a point we have repeatedly made to Soviet authorities Soviet human-rights violations. It is now customary
There was an awareness that the human-rights and which we will continue to make until we get for senior officials to raise these issues when they visit
situation in the Soviet Union was deteriorating. results.' (Continued on page 12)

Effective Media Relations

Ukrainian WeeHY by Andrij Bilyk
P.O. Box 9653, Alexandria, Va. 22304

Famine commission staff director

The passage of the Ukrainian famine commission bill last fall Handling ''anti-Ukrainian" news stories
marked a tremendous victory for the Ukrainian community in its
Lately, it seems, every day there is a ^ That Soviet Russia, having
effort to publicize Moscow's complicity in the Great Famine in destroyed Ukrainian Catholic and
negative or erroneous story about
Ukraine (1932-33), during which some 7 million Ukrainians starved to Ukraine or Ukrainians in our Ukrainian Orthodox Churches, is
death. Now comes the nuts-and-bolts part — manning the commission newspapers and, sometimes, on our about to once again Russify Ukrainian
and naming a staff director. The latter will be up to newly appointed local radio and television stations. history by usurping the 1,0(ЮіІі
commission chairman Rep. Dan Mica(D-Fla.), who is rumored to be Though I won't agree with many of you, a n n i v e r s a r y of K i e v a n - R u s '
considering making an appointment based on the time-worn patronage 1 don't blame you for feeling like the Christianity.
principle. entire press corps has ganged up on us. ^ The 1932-33 famine in Ukraine,
The way we see it, this would be a terrible mistake, one that could The past three weeks have been which claimed 7 million lives, is a
compromise the original intent of the commission bill. The staff especially bad. For example. holocaust equal to the Jewish
director is inarguably the most important commission post because he Holocaust — yet ours continues to be
^ There was the spate of stories aired ignored.
would handle day-to-day operations, have direct contact with and p r i n t e d a b o u t the c o u r t e That we will no longer allow for
survivors and likely coordinate the direction of the work. recommendation to extradite John our holocaust to be ignored. And that,
The ideal staff director would be someone who is bilingual, is trusted Demjanjuk to Israel to face charges that therefore, we recommend to all
by the Ukrainian community, has experience in working with he allegedly murdered Jews during Americans that they read Miron
Congress and other branches of government and has cultural and World War II. Dolot's eyewitness account of the
moral ties to the subject. The whole point of the commission is to study e There were all those stories about a Ukrainian famine just published by
all facets of the famine and, clearly, the staff director should be recent World Jewish Congress study W.W. Norton and Co. and titled
intimately familiar with this nefarious chapter of human history. that concludes that Hitler's attempted "Execution By Hunger: The Hidden
extermination of Jews was "aided" by Holocaust."
Naming a Ukrainian is also important for another reason. The
hundreds of thousands of East e That the 1932-33 attempted
Great Famine in Ukraine is our national holocaust brought on by what European "collaborators."
was clearly an attempt at ethnocide through genocide. Can anyone but biological genocide of U kraine has been
^ Then there was the lengthy April 16 replaced by what we call the
a Ukrainian have that instant, elemental and passionate Philadelphia Inquirer interview with Russification of Ukraine and that by
understanding of this terrible tragedy? Naming a non-Ukrainian as Allan A. Ryan Jr., former director of Russification we mean cuhural geno­
staff director would surely be akin to naming a non-Jew to coordinate the Office of Special Investigations. cide.
a Holocaust commission. Both acts would betray a marked insensiti- Headlined, "He Labels U.S. A Refuge The bottom line is that the genocide
vity to the terrible suffering of an entire people who lost millions of of Nazis," the story begins by discussing of Ukraine continues, and this genocide
their mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers to abominable tyranny. a local Ukrainian alleged collaborator is being ignored by the Western world.
Certainly, Rep. Mica would be sending the wrong message to and, it shows once again Mr. Ryan's
Ukrainians, and indeed to all people of good will, if he were to make a prejudiced view of East Europeans, Lashing out
strictly patronage appointement to head a commission that will particularly Ukrainians. Buried in the
story is a feeble attempt at "even- The hardest part of knowing how to
investigate an event that so deeply affects every Ukrainian in this
handedness." The reporter writes that react to stories is deciding which stories
country. He would also do an injustice to the memory of those millions "Not all 'pro-Nazis' were war criminals,
who died so horribly and needlessly some 50 years ago. to react to, and which to ignore.
and, of course, most of the 400,000 For example, proper reaction and
There is no room for patronage here. This should not be a throw- immigrants were honest tailors and unfortunate over-reaction are both
away appointment. The scope of the famine was too monstrous, the farmers and mechanics and their evident in the recent Ukrainian
memory of it too painful, the investigation of it too important to be families..." Congress Committee of America
considered in an off-handed way. We strongly urge Rep. Mica to name Did I say even-handed? Baloney! (UCCA) decision to tackle head on the
a qualified Ukrainian to be staff director of the Famine Commission, Given that the word "Nazi" is about as World Jewish Congress study
one who is in tune with the needs of history, the community and the damning a word as you can find mentioned earlier. (And lest anyone
government. Not to do so would be ill-advised, impolitic and unfair to anywhere, labeling400,000 God-fearing misinterpret what I am about to say as
all the Ukrainians who fought so long and hard to get the original bill immigrants pro-Nazi is tantamount to onesided, let me hasten to add that
libel. i n a c t i o n by o t h e r Ukrainian
ж Finally, there were the Easter organizations on this or any other vital
stories datelined Moscow, which spoke issue might be interpreted by some as
only of the Russian Orthodox Easter. p a r a l y s i s of those particular
Ignoring the fate of Ukrainian organizations).
Churches and religions, the stories In the past two weeks, the UCCA -
made much of the fact that Russians
TO THE WEEKLY CONTRIBUTORS: celebrated Easter despite various
working t h r o u g h its Ukrainian
National Information Service - has
government ploys to keep them at home been written up in The Washington Post
(e.g., from popular TV programs to (and other papers using its newsservice)
We greatly appreciate the materials - feature articles, news stories, blatant use of troops). and by The New York Times.
press clippings, letters to the editor, and the like - we receive from our Without getting into details, suffice it
readers. Reversing negative publicity to say that the Post story was based on a
In order to facilitate preparation of The Ukrainian Weekly, we ask press release with the following
that the guidelines listed below be followed. All of these stories and others you can headline, "Ukrainians Charge World
cite make us want to lash out at those Jewish Congress With Defamation
individuals and organizations behind Campaign: WJC Being Manipulated By
^ News stories should be sent in not later than 10 days after the the stories and at the media for printing the KGB." The widely circulated press
occurrence of a given event. or airing them. I want to lash out, too. release was reacting (over-reacting?) to
e Information about upcoming events must be received by noon of But I don't want to fight hatred with an April 3, nine-inch story headlined
the Monday before the date of The Weekly edition in which the hatred or disinformation with "Jewish Group Says Emigres are
Information is to be published. disinformation (or lack of information). Thwarting Hunt for Nazis." It resulted
Why be defensive? The story of in a 42-inch story with a headline
e All materials must be typed and double-spaced. Ukraine is so dramatic, and when reading "East European Emigres Are
understood, so overpowering that my Accused of Impeding Hunt for Nazis in
e Newspaper and magazine clippings must be accompanied by the judgement is that we should take the U.S."
name of the publication and the date of the edition. opportunity afforded by the negative What did the press release
publicity and turn it into positive stories accomplish besides reinforcing and
^ Photographs submitted for publication must be black and white by continually reminding journalists
(or color with good contrast). They will be returned only when so magnifying the negative aspects of the
and those individuals and/ or organiza­ original story fivefold? To an objeclivc
requested and accompanied by a stamped, addressed envelope. tions with negative thoughts of the observer, not much. The issue of Offia
following. of Special Investigations using of
e Full names and their correct English spellings must be provided. ^ That the story of Ukraine in World falsified evidence supplied by the USSR
War II is a tragic one and when it is in cases involving alleged Na/i
e Persons who submit any materials must provide a phone number
presented in the media the presentation collaborators was completeK lost.
where they may be reached during the working day if any additional
is one-sided because it ignores the
information is required. sacrifices of millions of Ukrainians who The New York Times story was based
died fighting Hitler (an excellent on a news conference in which the I'NIS
^ MATERIALS MUST BE SENT DIRECTLY TO: THE UKRAINIAN took part. Here the story of the OSI's
WEEKLY, 30 MONTGOMERY, ST., JERSEY CITY, N J . 07302. description of these sacrifices can be
found in the latest issue of The use of falsified evidence gets acros;. -
Ukrainian Forum magazine). (Continued on page 14)

A glimpse of Soviet reality

Communist Party cracks down
on Ukrainian social scientists Ukrainian Christianity's Byzantine roots
Byzantine Roots of- Ukrainian material. He examines the penetration
Christianity hy Ihor Sevvenko. of Christianity to the Ukrainian lands
by Roman Solchanyk decisive about-face of our scientific and he discusses the roles of
Camhriil^e. Mass.: Harvard Ukrainian
institutions and every scientist in Studies Fund. 1985. 26 pp. S3. Constantinople and Rome in the
The Communist Parly leadership in particular to the real practical questions process. He explains the timing and
Kiev has once again served notice that it that life places before our society." motivations for the conversion of the
by Frank E. Sysyn
й unhappy with the contribution of ІП'complete accordance with Soviet Kievan state.
Ikrainian social scientists to "the bureaucratic procedure, the Presidium Finally, he concludes with a
The most recent booklet in the
building of communism." of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences Millennium Series published by the discussion of the place of Kievan Rus'in
In a decree titled "On the Work of the met in .July to examine the tasks of the Harvard Ukrainian Studies Fund and the Christian world and the spiritual
Institutes of the Social Sciences Section academy in light of the June plenums. the Friends of the Harvard Ukrainian and cultural achievements of the newly
of the Academy of Sciences of the Once again, the same problems were Research Institute is titled "Byzantine Christianized society. The article is an
Ukrainian SSR in Fulfilling the discussed and the same institutes, Roots of Ukrainian Christianity." exposition of complex events and
Decisions of the 26lh Congress of the particularly the Institute of Social and Comprising two articles by Prof. Ihor should serve as a basic text for non-
Party, the June (1983) and Subsequent Economic Problems of Foreign Sevcenko, associate director of the specialists who wish to understand the
Plenums of the Central Committee of Countries, were taken to task. The HURI, the booklet examines the role of h i s t o r i c a l significance of the
iheCPSU," the Central Committee of appropriate decree was adopted, Byzantium in the conversion of Kievan Christianization.
ihe Communist Party of Ukraine stating: "particular significance was Rus'and discusses the long-term impact The second article, "Byzantine
(CPU) has expressed its dissatisfaction attached to research in the social of Byzantine culture on the Ukrainians. Elements in Early Ukrainian Culture,"is
niih"thcas yet sluggish turnaround of sciences, and to improving its The foreword by the Ukrainian reprinted from Ukraine: A Concise
ihe scholars of the institutes of the theoretical level and practical direction. Studies Fund as.serts: "Under the Encyclopaedia. It di.scusses elements of
Social Sciences Section of the Academy vSpecifically, measures are foreseen with Byzantine Christian influence Kievan influence of Byzantium and Byzantine
of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR in regard to strengthening the prognostic Rus' flourished spiritually and culture on Kievan Rus' and the
researching the real and practical tasks functions of research in the economic, culturally. Within a short time it Ukrainian nation. Entries include:
put forth by life." ideological, spiritual and upbringing produced important contributions to Church affairs, language, law, art and
Concretely, the resolution notes that spheres; improving ideological up­ art, literature and architecture. It is literature.
research "has not been active enough" bringing work in the republic; counter- that vitality of Christian development The article serves as a reminder of
in such areas as the dialectics of propaganda activity; and publishing." t h a t t h e M i l l e n n i u m .Series how many essential aspects of
productive forces and the relations of Virtually the same scene was re- commemorates today." Ukrainian culture are adaptations from
production; the theoretical bases and enacted at a conference-seminar of The brochure was published thanks Byzantium and the Greeks, including
practical methods of accelerating the heads of social science departments of to a subsidy from Franka Dachniwska, the pervasive song of celebration
^hift of the economy on the path to institutions of higher education in Walter Denys and .Jaroslaw Hura. "Mnohaya lita."
intensive development; and the Ukraine, which was held in Kiev on The first article, "The Christianiz.a- During the millennium commemora­
lormation of a more perfect economic October 21 and 22, 1983. It, too, yielded tion of Rus' " was published almost 20 tions, not only Orthodox Ukrainians,
mechanism. The problems associated "many valuable propositions" and years ago in the Polish Review, during but Catholics and Protestants as well,
with introducing scientific achievfe- adopted the appropriate recommenda­ the m i l l e n n i u m of P o l a n d ' s should remember how deep their ties
menl.s into the production process have tions. Christianization. It serves to explain with the patriarchate of Constantinople
noi been tackled with a view to their Ihc problem of getting Ukrainian why Poland chose the Western Church, and with the Greek people have been.
iiegrated elaboration, and the study of social .scientists "to produce" was taken while Kievan Rus' took its Christianity Those ties have continued to modern
questions of the theory and practice of up next at a session of the general from the Eastern Church. Prof. times, including Greek participation in
Micialist competition is said to lag assembly of the Ukrainian Academy of Sevcenko provides a discussion of the Ukrainian brotherhoods and schools —
behind current demands. According to Sciences on December 8. 198.3. In the distant events based on the source (Continued on page 15)
ihc decree, some of the research main speech delivered by the president
conducted by the Institute of Social and of the academy, Borys Pat on,
Economic Problems of Foreign Ukrainian archeologists, historians and
Countries, the Institute of State and scholars of the fine arts were chastised LETTERS TO THE EDITOR
law. the Institute of Literature, and the for the low methodological level of their
Institute of Art. Folklore and research. "Social scientists." said Dr.
indeed contributed toward the Polov­
Fihnography "does not yield the Paton, "must intensify their research of
appropriate theoretical and practical topical problems of the social .sciences,
Contribute to chak defense fund.
rflurn." And the results of the work of on the basis of which proposals for the Polovchak fund
me Department of S c i e n t i l i c draft of the new CPSU f^rogram could
Information in the Social .Sciences are be formulated." Another area that was Dear Editor:
Influence libraries'
я\іі to be "entirely minimal." found lacking was the input of social
The decree a l s o refers to .scientists into the counterpropaganda
The matter I wish to raise is urgent.
After reading Boshena Olshaniwsky's
book collections
ihorlcomings in work with cadres, effort, which Dr. Paton linked to the letter C'Polovchak fund needs funds") Dear Editor:
txpectations have been lowered with forthcoming I.OOOth anniversary of the in The Ukrainian Weekly, March 10, I urge and encourage all Ukrainians
ieprd to the work of many doctors and Christiani/ation of Rus': "Obviously, the first thought that came to my mind to make everv effort to increase the
Mndidates of sciences, some o( w hom bourgeois propaganda will sharply was: Why should it need funds? With Ukrainian collections at their public
iretotally non-productive. On the other intensify the How of disinformation in over a million Ukrainialns in North libraries.
liind. there is a deficu ol highly connection with the thousandth America a dollar from each would more First, make sure you have a library
jualilicd specialists in those institutes anniversary of the introduction of than cover the legal expenses connected card. Your bargaining position will be
;oncerned with economic matters. Christianity in Rus'. It is therefore with Walter's defense. The amount much stronger if you are, in fact, a
jt-ncraily, "the great scientific potential necessary to activate efforts for the neede^K represents only a fraction of library user. Check the card catalogue to
II ihe social scientists is not being preparation of scholarly work and what will be spent on booze alone find out how many books there are on
iiili/cd in lull measure." materials in the appropriate institutions during the Ukrainian Easter holidays. Ukraine and on other nations. With
So as to preclude any speculation of the Social Sciences Section that Let's face it! your research, you can point out the
iboul "new d e v e l o p m e n t s " in elucidate the struggle of progressive But why limit it to individuals? Where inequities.
nnncction with the recent change in public opinion in Ukraine against are all the Ukrainian churches, fraternal Find out the procedures your
wdership in the Kremlin, it should be religion and clericalism, the struggle ol organizations, credit unions and other particular library uses in ordering new
lointed out that the criticism of the population of the Ukrainian lands in organizations with millions of dollars in books. What criteria does the book
krainian social scientisis reflected in medieval and modern times their treasuries? They would not even selection committee follow? Submit
lie Central Committee decree is the Catholic expansionism, and unmask notice the insignificant amount that book reviews, and if necessary, bring in
iicsi in a series of initiatives aimed at ti.^ і ^iiciiuiuii ^ iiMc . '' ' \',uic4Ui and each could very easily contribute books (your own or from a Ukrainian
jorc elTectixe utilization of the social the Uniate Church in the history of the toward the cause. bookstore) for the committee to
ciencc disciplines for the party's Ukrainian people." evaluate.
olitical, economic and social in this connection. Dr. Paton Here is our opportunity, Ukrainians Point out that you are a taxpayer and
rograms, and can be traced directly to criticized the Institute of Social and in both the United States and Canada, long-time resident of the community (if
So June 198.1 plenum of the Central Economic Problems of Foreign to prove our "Ukrainianism" not only you are), and that since your tax dollars
ommittee of the CPSU. Several weeks Countries, which, it turns out. is by our words but also by our deeds! support the local library, you would
Her the Moscow plenum, the responsible for "coordinating the Khrystos Voskres! very much like to see the Ukrainian
ikrainian C e n t r a l C o m m i t t e e elaboration of the scientific bases of collection augmented.
imvcned to discuss the same problems c o u n t e r p r o p a g a n d a " within the H. Piniuta If necessary, donate Ukrainian
n the republican le\el. At that time. boundaries ol the entire republic, Fort Frances, Ont. books. It can be done. It's up to you to
PU leader Volodymyr Shcherbytsky discharging the function of the main do it.
iimplained that some research projects instilutionfin thisareal. 1 heln.siituteof
mounted to "obvious \ iilgari/ation, if Philosophx'. It was disclosed, plays a Editor's note: Ukrainian institutions Jaroslawa Benko
1)1 primiti\ ism." "In short." said Mr. similar ri^lc ЧЧІ.'. ІЄІІІПЧІ iv n.ivv'iwi.ical- and organizations, among them the Trustee, Niles Publi.' 1 Л)гагу District
Iichcrbvtsk\. "what we ';ccd is a (Continued on page 15) Ukrainian National Association, have \iles. 111.

ensemble mcmixi liohdaii Kriiiiak. Without deUing into any more legal
Kryvenkyj's lyrics, howeser. were used detail, the danger of mislabclling an
MUSIC NOTES verbatim and should have been credited original song as a folk song becomes
to the original author. obvious. For example, Kryvenkyj's
1 he Vodohray band from New York, "Moyi Yaseny " is still protected by
Errors of omission on recordings: on its onlv LP titled "Jidemo Hraty"
(Vodohray P r o d u c t i o n s , 1979),
copyright law (as are also the other two
songs cited above). If an artist or
mistakenly identifies the song ensemble mistakenly assumes that it isa
unprofessional, unethical, illega "Vodohray" as being a Ukrainian folk
sonu. Quite the contrary. This is one of
lolk song and thus public domain. a.s
Promin did when recording it on its
into thinking that he is purchasing the best-known songs by the late album, he places himself in the position
by Oles Kuzyszyn Volodymyr Ivasiuk (both music and of infringing upon international
an original recording), none of Apon's
releases indicate the composers and/or lyrics). Ihis glaring error occurs also on copyright law. Thus, it becomes
When one takes into consideration the first LP of the Kobzari folk apparent, that for ethical and legal
the obstacles to be faced when authors of the individual selections.
ensemble from Nebraska (Monitor reasons, it is important to be aware of
attempting to release a new Ukrainian Considering that the original Soviet Records, MFS 779, 1976). which, like and to indicate all information
record, the efforts of those who try are recordings from which the Apon Vodohray, refers to Ivasiuk's popular regarding authorship of the musical
surely deserving of the highest praise. records are duplicated always provide song as a folk song. work to be recorded.
With recording and production costs this basic information. Apon's attitude
escalating to astronomical heights and displays extreme negligence of the most Finally, the Mria band from Chicago Although to most readers the
the virtual absence of professional amateurish proportions. This, together on its onlv LP by the same title, problem of crediting composers,
Ukrainian record labels (with the with the fact that a re-issue recording (Concept Records, CNCP 8101, 1981) authors and arrangers may appear to be
exception of the very successful costs much less to produce than an indicates t hat "Zacharovana Desna" is a trivial, it most certainly is not for the
Yevshan label of Montreal), Ukrainian original one (for obvious reasons), leads folk song, which it is not. Again, this is a reasons cited above. To the composers
artists arc forced to take on not only the one to conclude that Apon's intent is to song of relatively recent origin by two and authors ofthe works in question the
financial, but also the production-end make a "fast buck" rather than to prominent writers from Ukraine, D. matter is hardly trivial. It is their crea­
responsibilities of a recording project. All produce a recording of true worth and Lutsenko (lyrics) and 1. Shamo(music). tions that are on exhibit - an
this, without the guidance of industry quality. For all three of the songs cited in the exponent of their artistic skill and
professionals, relying on the limited above examples, information regarding craftsmanship, and an integral element
AltKough re-issues of otherwise
experience of artists such as themselves authorship was easily available in of their personality and soul — as well
unavailable recordings are necessary
who had perhaps gone through the various printed song collections and on as their personal property. A parallel
and valuable since they enable the
process once or twice before. other recordings of these same works. can be drawn to the painter exhibiting
listener to be aware of the various
The particular case of miscrediting his canvases, a master carpenter taking
Yet. the Ukrainian releases of recent musical trends developing in present-
original songs as folk songs is more pride in his woodwork, or a scientist
years usually give evidence of the artists' day Ukraine, the label must provide
serious than it may appear. According presenting his patent.
genuine aspiration toward a information regarding the origin of the
recording and the authorship of the to United States copyright law, a folk Thankfully, in the free world, original
professional-quality final product.
various selections. Otherwise, the result song or any other musical work written creation in any field is valued very
Four-color jackets (often more
is misinformation and a disservice to before 1910 (in the case of Ukrainian highly. To a creative artist, it often
expensive to produce than the record
both the artist and the listener. folk songs, this is true 99 percent of the represents the meaning and purpose of
itselO predominate, and the quality of
time), is considered "public domain." his existence. Failure to acknowledge
the recordings is usually very adequate Apon, unfortunately, is not the only
This means that it may be performed the credit due to the creator of an
and, in some cases, superb. label at fault here. Similar omissions
without the permission of the composer original work, no matter how small or
Very often, however, perhaps due to occur on releases of other Ukrainian
or author (usually anonymous in the specialized the scope of the project and
inexperience or ignorance, there are labels.
case of the folk song). its intended market, shows an extreme
some serious shortcomings which do Because of the lack of professional
Ukrainian record labels, producers or This is due to the fact that a copyright lack of professional ethics and
not necessarily have anythingto do with discredits the industry as a whole.
other sponsors, artists or ensembles are claim (according to U.S. copyright law)
the visual or audio aspect of the record,
often forced to undertake the recording can extend for a maximum of 75 years
but with standard industry procedures
process on their own. Although a large after the original date of copyright. The immediate correction of this
and regulations. The most serious and
majority are "greenhorns" at this, this Thus, for example, an artist performing error of omission on the part of
common of these shortcomings, in my
again does not excuse the frequent lack or recording in 1975 is permitted by law Ukrainian recording artists, producers
opinion, is the failure to credit
of information provided on the record to use any musical work copyrighted and record labels alike would be a
composers, authors and arrangers of
jacket. It is the responsibility of the before 1900 without requesting the major step forward in the effort to
the various selections. In the eyes of the
artists to find out who wrote the author's permission to do so. For works elevate the Ukrainian recording
record industry, this alone reduces an
selections that they are recording, and written outside of the United States, the industry to a professional standard of
otherwise high quality recording to
in most cases, this involves no more copyright claim can be extended to 50 excellence, worthy of the admiration of
"bootleg" status.
research than looking at the sheet years after the composer's death. Ukrainians and non-Ukrainians alike.
Needless to say, it probably doesn't
matter to most buyers who wrote or music, consulting previous recordings
arranged the songs recorded on the of the same work, or asking a
album. This, however, is no excuse, knowledgeable individual. In the very ART SCENE
because in any artistic endeavor, no infrequent case where, after extensive
matter how commercial the intent, one research, this information is truly
should never be content to simply unavailable, the title of the selection
"satisfy the masses," but should strive to should be followed by the phrase Ethnocultural treasures in Winnipeg
meet at least the minimum standards set "author unknown" or "anonymous."
by the art form in question. The In comparison to the countless hours WINNIPEG - The recent multicul­ defined as "ethnic."
willingness to ignore standards is one of spent in the studio recording the tural art exhibit at the Ukrainian "The one thing that struck me was
the greatest dangers facing the project, the relatively minimal effort Cultural and Educational Centre how much art work there was around."
Ukrainian record industry today. required to find out a selection's received praise from both Doug White- she said "[But] I didn't want items
Not only is the failure to credit composer and/or author is certainly way and Randal Mcllroy, reviewers for people normally think of as ethnic art-
composers, authors and arrangers a justified. The lack of this information the Winnipeg Free Press. not tapestries, or easter eggs. 1 didn't
disservice to them as artists, it also displays negligence, ignorance and In his article, dated March 2, Mr. know what I would find but I wanted to
breeds carelessness and ignorance questionable aesthetic principles. Whiteway said the exhibit, titled broaden the definition [of ethnic art)
among those involved in record Regrettably, there are numerous "Treasures and Traditions - Art from specifically to find painting, sculpture
production, and - above all — is examples of this type of negligence on E t h n o c u l t u r a l C o l l e c t i o n s in and drawing," she added.
illegal. Imagine, for example, the part of Ukrainian recording artists. Manitoba," "might be called ethno- "About the only common thread in
purchasing a book which nowhere Equally incorrect is the miscrediting culture's greatest hits." Although he this app'opriately named exhibition."
indicates the author of the work. of certain selections. This occurs most said that the display was not overly wrote Mr. Whiteway, "is that the art
By far the most serious offender in often in the case of original songs, which large, only about 60 items are exhibited, and artifacts do not derive from any of
this respect is the once prolific, but have achieved such widespread "the variety is so broad as to almost defy Canada's Anglo-Saxon, French and
recently inactive, label from Astoria, popularity that they are mistakenly categorization." native Indian cultures."
N.Y.. called Apon Records. Aside from identified as "folk" or "traditional" Mr. Mclllroy, in his review, dated After listing some of the items on
the fact that 36 of 42 of the company's songs on the record jackets. Following March 23, noted that the show was "rich display, including a Gregorian chant
releases are re-issues (often of are several examples of this type of mis- and often elevatingly beautiful" even if manuscript dating to 16th century
questionable quality) of Soviet releases, crediting. it didn't "talk enough for a historical Spain, and oils merely five-years old.
a fact never indicated on the record The Promin vocal-instrumcnial exhibition... Treasures and Traditions Mr. Mcllroy noted that the show is an
jackets (an infringement of industry ensemble from Chicago, on its only LP turns out treats buy the trunkload from intersection not only of culture, but of
standards which deludes the consumer titled "Promin" (Dub Records Ltd . the Chinese. Icelandic, Jewish, time and style.
UKR 1003. 1979). credits the Mennonite, Polish, Serbian and Although he had some reservations
Oles Kuzyszyn, a member of the Iskra authorship of the words lo "Moyi Ukrainian communities," he added. about the exhibit, which included the
band, is a musician and music critic. Yaseny," a very popular song from Susan Turner, a Winnipeg print- fact that although a S2 catalogue
Ukraintf, as being "traditional." This, of maker and curator of the exhibit, told provided information on the pieces,
The author would like to express his course, is incorrect. I he words and Mr. Whiteway that this was the first information actually accompanying the
sincere gratitude to Myron Surmach of music to this song were written by S. time the province had seen such a display in the museum was lacking.
the Surma Book and Music Лей Kryvenkyj. a composer and lyricist diverse grouping of ethnic art and craft. "Yet." he continued, "this is still a
York for so ^^raciously allowitJ^ his from Ukraine. Promin, incidentally, did According to Ms. Turner, there are 120 magnetic and provocative show, a show
extensive record inventory to he used not use Kryvenkyj's melody in its museums in Manitoba, about 18 of of surprises. The stylized, commanding
for researcliini' this article. rendition, substituting a new melodv bv which serve communities which may be (Continued on page 11)

New U.S. Olympic volleyball coach brings winning record to job

by Bohdan Hodiak coaches' volleyball association, which enough to qualify to even play in coaching the Olympic volleyball team.
Mr. Liskevych co-founded, has more Olympics. Prior to that he was the women's volley­
PITTSBURGH - Taras Liskevych than 600 members. Despite their silver medal, Mr. ball coach for nine years at the
calls volleyball an ethnic sport because Liskevych believes the U.S. women did University of the Pacific in Stockton,
it's especially popular here among not play up to their potential. In 1980- California. His 10-year coaching record
nationality groups. 81 they were considered the best is 281 -84 for a winning percentage of 77
He should know. Last November he volleyball team in the world. But by the percent.
was named the Pacific Coast Athletic 1984 Olympics they were surpassed by So far nine women have been chosen
Association's volleyball coach of the the Chinese women for the gold. for the 1988 team with several more to
year and about that time was also But a silver medal is not bad, and be added. Unfortunately, most of the
named the United States women's much of the credit should go to Arie great 1984 veterans have retired, but M r.
volleyball coach for the 1988 Olympics. Selinger of Israel who was hired to be Liskevych hopes that four will still join
Yet, until he was 18, Mr. Liskevych the U.S. women's volleyball coach for the 1988 team.
didn't even play volleyball. "I thought it 1980 and 1984. He expected his players Becoming a world-class volleyball
was a girl's game," he said in an to be totally dedicated to volleyball and player is grueling. The women practice
interview. "I was interested in baseball, it paid off. about three hours daily plus do weight
basketball and football." Now Mr. Liskevych is going for the training, jump training and running.
But now, at the age of 37, he may be gold. When everything is added up they
the best volleyball coach in the country. He was born in Germany in 1947 and frequently spend nine to 10 hours a day
And the "girl's game" has become a fast, came to the U nited States at the age of 3, on volleyball.
aggressive sport, as many television growing up in Chicago. He attended St. Unlike Soviet athletes and athletes of
viewers learned while watching the 1984 Nicholas Ukrainian Grade School there many other countries who are
Olympics. The best volleyball players and from the age of 6 was a member of supported by their governments,
don't serve the ball anymore. They jump Plast, the Ukrainian youth organiza­ Americans must earn their keep.
up and spike it across the net. And they tion. But many American companies hire
don't run to the ball. They lunge. Most It was at a Ukrainian resort near Olympic athletes under special terms, as
can jump up at least three feet to get to Chicago that he started playing volley­ their contribution to the Olympics.
the ball. ball and later became a member of a They pay them full salary but have them
team, the Chicago Ukrainians. work half-time and also give them five
Needless to say, the game of Taras Liskevych He graduated from Loyola Univer­ months off annually for training.
volleyball has been exploding across the sity, attended one year of medical Mr. Liskevych believes that quality
country. The national collegiate In 1984, for the first time ever, U.S. school and discovered he didn't want to training is as important as quantity of
volleyball teams won medals in the become a doctor. He then got a master's training. To retain excellence an athlete,
Reprinted with permission from the Olympics. The men won the gold and the degree in physical education and then a Mr. Liskevych said, should have room
use Newsletter published by the women the silver. In 1972 and І976 Ph.D from Ohio State University. for a few other things in his or her life
Ukrainian Sports Club of Pittsburgh. U.S. volleyball teams weren't good Currently he lives in San Diego, besides sport.

Rock band to donate recording's profits to Lady Liberty

NEW YORK - Surgery, a New York City-based the Volcanos. However, even before the demise of that numbered and autographed copy of the single and will
rock band composed of four Ukrainians, has pledged band. Surgery's current members would, on occasion, be invited to appear in a video of the song that the
10 aonaie me ргоЛіі fium iia Пім ICLUIU iciease, a play together, and they had been doing so for several band expects to shoot this summer at the foot of the
single called "4 U (and me 2)," to the restoration of the years. Statue of Liberty. Technicians affiliated with French
Statue of Liberty. The band blends East European musical influences television have offered to film the video.
Lady Liberty, as the landmark statue is popularly with contemporary rock sounds reminiscent of U2, Once the record is released, all proceeds will be
known, will mark its centennial in 1986, and special David Bowie, The Doors and Talking Heads, and the donated to the Statue of Liberty Foundation through
ceremonies will be held at the site of the statue on J uly title of their first recording, "4 U (and me 2)" is an the Freemasons of America, an official Torch
4 of that year. A mammoth restoration project oblique reference to U2. Club/Liberty Leader fund-raiser.
financed by corporations and individuals alike is The song is mostly an instrumental with a group Thus far. Surgery's efforts have been financially
already under way in preparation for the celebration. chant featuring lyrics incorporating words from "The supported by members of both the Ukrainian and
The musicians who belong to Surgery say they feel a New Colossus" by Emma Lazarus, the sonnet French communities, and the fund-raising continues.
special fondness for this special lady who greets engraved on the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty. The Contributions may be sent to: Uke Tunes Ltd., 1760
newcomers to the United States, since they themselves, music is by Mr. Zholobetsky; the arrangement is a Dannet Place, East Meadow, N.Y, 11554.
or their family and close friends are immigrants. joint effort by band members. The idea of donating the proceeds from Surgery's
Serge Zholobetsky, 32, the group's guitarist and The group is producing its first record by itself and is first recording came from the band's manager, who
lead vocalist, came to the United States from Ukraine now conducting a fund-raising campaign for this says he is personally committed Jo the Statue of Liberty
eight years ago. He was a musician and music teacher production. The amount of donations received will restoratioll^roject. "Being French, and now a U.S.
whose dream was to come to the United States to work determine the quality of the production, explained citizen," he i|tolained, he ^yanted. to help Lady
in a different, and artistically more free environment. Mr. Dumaurier. The song will be recorded in about Liberty, whici^Pk''given by the country where I was
two weeks and is expected to be released on Memorial born to the counffy of my choice." Of course, the
He has been trying ever since his arrival in this
Day weekend. The single's jacket will list all group will benefit Trom the. project by getting
country to put together a Ukrainian band with a
contributors to the production (donors, S25; sponsors, exposure, and "the more we do for the statue, the more
Ukrainian identity. He has done odd jobs to support
SlOO; patrons, S500). Contributors will receive a it does for us," said Mr. Dumaurier.
himself, and is currently the manager of a men's cloth­
ing store on Orchard Street.
Roman Iwasiwka, 28, who plays the bass and does
vocals, was born in Argentina of Ukrainian parents.
He is a professional photographer, studied piano for
four years with a Ukrainian teacher in New York City
and is a former member of Plast, a Ukrainian youth
Andrij Sonevytsky, 22, was born in New York City
of emigre Ukrainian parents; his father, Ihor, is a
prominent U k r a i n i a n m u s i c o l o g i s t . Mr.
Sonevytsky, who studied music at Queens College, ^
plays synthesizers and also does vocals for the band.
He is currently studying communications at the
Institute of Audio Technology affiliated with New
York University and is an active member of Plast.
Twenty-two-year-old Peter Strutynsky was born in
New York City of Ukrainian parents. He is a former
member of Plast and is majoring in chemical
engineering at City College. Mr. Strutynsky is
Surgery's drummer and he sings as well.
All four members of the band are, as their manager,
Francis Dumaurier, put it, "of Ukrainian blood,
culture and education,"and their main base of support
is young Ukrainians.
Surgery was formed in the fall of 1984 afteranother
F60 Rl - Camera Ь
rock band, the Volcanos, disbanded. Two of Surgery's
members, the bassist and drummer, used to play with Surgery: (from left) Andrij Sonevytsky, Serge Zholobetsky, Roman Iwasiwka and Peter Strutynsky.

The ubiquitous pysanka: Chinese newspaper features

New York to Nebraska The Ukrainian Museum
JERSEY CITY, N J . During this creators accompanied the story.
year's Easter season, stories about the I he Obser\er. a Rhode Island paper, .n-:RSi:Y Cl I Y. N.J. An article
ancient Ukrainian art of egg decorating ran a story about George and Marta on The Ukrainian Museum in New
popped up in newspapers not only in Kuzmowycz, who in\ iied friends from York and Ukrainian Easter eggs
places like New York that ha\e large Rhode Island and New York to \isit recently appeared in the World
Ukrainian communities, but in places them on Palm Sunday weekend to make Journal, a Chinese-language daily
like Broken Bow. Neb., as well. p\sanky after church services on newspaper published in New York
Sunday. Besides their daughter. Tatiana, and Los Angeles.
In New York, for example,
announcements about Easter egg I - the only one who didn't do
much egg decorating guests included Ihe article suggests that the reason
decorating classes at The Ukrainian
Helen Kandiuk, Katria Kuzmowyc/, "very lew people understand this
Museum on Second Avenue in
I lana Suski, Juliana Oslnchuk, Ihor historical nation in Europe
M a n h a t t a n a p p e a r e d , not so
Slabicky and Ivanna Hanushevsky. [Ukraine]" is because once Ukraine
surprismgly. se\eral times in The New
"The hardest part is getting the lines became a part оГ the Soviet Union "it
York Times Weekender Guide, and.
straight," Miss Osinchuk told reporter minimized c h a n c e s for the
rather surprisingly, in a Chinese-lan­
Polly Barnes, who noted that Ukrainians to interact with the free
guage newspaper (see bo.\).
Ukrainians will be celebrating their world." 1 he article goes on to
The Bridgeport Post, a Connecticut-
millennium of Christianity and that a mention that the museum, at 20.'^
based newspaper, carried a story about
petition is currently being made to the Second Ave., was opened in 1976,
Frank Stuban, 62, who has been
postmaster general to have a stamp that the major source for the
ecorating pysanky since he was a child
commemorating the event. museum's collection was the private
m western Ukraine.
The Skywriter, an unofficial weekly sector and that among the most
"At 62. he has many stories to tell,
serving the Wright-Patterson Air Force popular exhibits is the annual Easter
and his eggs arc exquisite. He is eager to
Base in Dayton, Ohio, first que.stioned egg display held each March.
recount Easter egg lore and keeps alter
his three children, now grown, to keep whether "it is art," but concluded that According to the article, which
decorating the eggs," wrote reporter "Perhaps one of the best indicators is an notes that the art of making
Debra Judge. She continued the article art form's ability to evolve through the Ukrainian Easter eggs is some 2,000
by quoting Mr. Stuban. years, yet keep true to the traditional." years old, the pysanka "symbolizes
" 'Not only the egg is in\4)l\ed,' he The paper noted that Capt. Frank P. life, energy, even power that one
explains in his deep accent. 'There is the Mayernick, Orthodox chaplain for cannot resist... It is colorful, delicate
dancing,, the embroidery, the music. Wright-Patterson, coordinates a and unique."
What good is it lor me to lake it with me workshop each year teaching Easter egg
decorating the Ukrainian way. The article was accompanied by a
when 1 die? It is not only the Ukrainians,
photograph of a carved wooden plate The World Journars story about The
a lot of people coming to this coum:y
filled with Ukrainian Easter eggs. Ukrainian Museum in New York.
know a lot of things we can all benefit And finally, out in Broken Bow, the
from.' " Custer County Chief ran a story about
As in the other articles, the reporter Oresta Fedun and her Easter eggs. Miss
goes on to explain briefly the batik Fedun, a microbiologist, was born in Three named... ADP denies...
method used in the decorating process Manhattan, moved with her family to (Continued from page 2) (Continued from page 4)
and a little of the folklore surrounding New Jersey and received a master's Also. Soviet Defense Minister Nazi Gestapo."
the pysanka, including what the various d e g r e e from Rutgers University She M a r s h a ! S e r g e i S o k o l c . ' , 7 3 , war. пат/^Н Thf' v-taif"m^nt o f Dor.ition atrvjav-J.
decorative designs symboli/e and the landed a job with Becton Dickinson in a candidate member of the Politburo. "The points raised by Americans for
p a g a n - C h r i s t i a n traditions they Rutherford, N.J., and was eventually Mr. Ligachev and Mr. Ryzhkov both Due Process may be critical of the
embody. And, as in the other articles, transferred to Nebraska to install a new skipped this intermediate step by procedures employed by the OSI, but
photographs of the pxsanky and their product line. jumping to full merhbership of the certainly do not deny the necessity of
ruling body. the congressional mandate which every
The appointments strengthen the rational and moral person should
basic coalition — of the party, military support and actively encourage.
The U krainian National Association and the KGB — that has dominated the
Politburo in recent years. Mr. "Americans for Due Process fully
in coordination with Gorbachev can now count on a solid endorses the idea that war criminals
seven-vote majority in the extended 13- should be brought to justice. The
member body, composed of members question remains, however, whether
appointed in the 1980s. Moreover, he injustice, administered in the name of
The Ukrainian American Caucus appears to have consolidated power justice, can ever bear uncontaminated
without offending the party's old guard. fruit."
cordially invites Ukrainian Americans to a

Congressional Reception THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY

celebrating 100 years of Ukrainian immigration to the We cover it all.
United States Can you afford not to subscribe?
DATE: Wednesday, May 22 PLACE: U.S. Senate Caucus Room I would like to subscribe to The Ukrainian Weekly
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U. of New Haven presents Dubno Losten address Catholic educators

its Distinguished Alumnus Award STAMFORD, Conn. - Bishop
Basil H. Losten, on the invitation of the
enter a Catholic marriage, a good one-
third marries a non-Catholic. In other
National Catholic Education words, one-half of Catholics will never
WEST HAVEN, Conn. - Orest G. administration and his master's degree
Association board, gave the main see their father or mother receive the
Dubno of New Haven, former in public administration; participated in
address at the banquet of the leadership sacraments, and more often they will
commissioner of the state's Department annual alumni phonathons; lectured in
of Catholic education that had not see either of them practicing any
of Revenue Services and executive economics, public finance and taxation;
assembled for the 94th annual National religion. Only an intensive religious
director of the Connecticut Housing and served as a member of the board of
Catholic Educational Convention here education in a Catholic school could
Finance Authority (CHFA) since governors.
on April 8 - 12. offer a remedy. The Church of the next
January, received the Distinguished In addition to regional and national
The convention registered some decades will be an entirely different
Alumnus Award from the University of professional affiliations through his
14,000 participants. Bishop Losten's place than we have been accustomed to.
New Haven at the second annual revenue services and housing authority
speech was delivered on April 10, before e Only 20 percent of Catholic
Alumni Scholarship Ball on Saturday, positions, Mr. Dubno's resume is filled
some 150 professional leaders and children receive their primary and
April 20, at the Laurel View Country with community activities. He has
generous sponsors of American secondary schooling in Catholic
Club in Hamden. helped raise money for the United Way
Catholic education. schools, while the rest attend public
One of Mr. Dubno's first moves as and Mental Health Association; served
In introducing himself, the bishop schools. The public schools may
CHFA executive director was to initiate on the board of trustees of Sacred Heart
admitted that the system of schools sometimes be academically equal to
an "open door" policy, a management Academy and been a commissioner of
maintained by the Ukrainian Catholic Catholic schools, but they are highly
strategy that won him professional and New Haven's Redevelopment Agency
Church is not extensive, but because the detrimental because they never mention
media applause as tax commissioner. and Fair Rent Commission, as well as a
Ukrainian dioceses and parishes religion, and by this deafening silence
"1 want to tell our story," Mr. Dubno member of the city's Board of Finance.
encounter the same difficulties faced by implant imperceptibly into youth the
said. "The CHFA is generally re­ Prior to being tapped by Gov. Ella
Catholic school administrators, he thought that God and religion are
cognized as the number-one state Grasso for the position of deputy
could offer some observations which something u n m e n t i o n a b l e , and
housing finance agency in the United commissioner of the Department of
could be of value to the entire Catholic unnecessary, perhaps on the order of
States, but few residents, unless they're Revenue Services in 1975, he was
Church in this country. astrology.
personally involved, know what we're assistant vice-president of the First New
Among the comments made by the e Clearly only the most intensive
all about." Haven National Bank, a firm he joined
bishop were the following. Sunday school religious instruction is
The CHFA has more than 38,000 in 1963, following three years with
ж American Catholics are city the answer. A broadening of such a
home mortgages and more than 12,000 General Motors Acceptance Corp.
people, engaged in rapid social curriculum to include all aspects of
units of multi-family rental housing for Mr. Dubno and his wife, Irene, also of
mobility, upwards toward the Church life is needed, and parishes must
low- and moderate-income families. Ukrainian heritage, have two children.
professions. At the same time, the sacrifice more means for this under­
"But, behind the facts, is the state's Their son, Gregory, a high school
number of children of such urban taking, such as employing professional
commitment to helping its low-income junior, is named for Mr. Dubno's father,
families is going down. Catholics have teachers instead of amateurs.
residents afford a decent place to live," Hryhorij. Their college sophomore
daughter's name is Bohdana. It means still increased in absolute numbers, but Bishop Losten stressed that the
he said. "We're a lender of last resort
"God-given" in Ukrainian. their proportion in the population of raison d'etre of Catholic schools is the
and not intended as competition to the
the United States has decreased from 24 benefit accruing to the individual child;
banks and other lending institutions."
percent to 22 percent, and this is only the his or her life will be immensely en­
Mr. Dubno's personal commitment
to public service probably dates to his Ethnoculturol... beginning. However, the upward rise of riched by the religious and moral in­
struction received under the motherly
Catholics gives them more financial
youth in war-torn Europe and his
(Continued from page 8) means, and thereby justifies the wings of the Church.
gratitude to both the United States and
continuation of a Catholic school Bishop Losten closed his address with
the University of New Haven for giving prolraits of St. John the Baptist and St.
system maintained by the parents. We these words: "What our Catholic
him the opportunity to serve this Romanus the Melodist, matching
cannot claim poverty of financial means community is in need of is not just
country and the educational skills to traditional shapes with modern colors
but only poverty of spirit. money but more idealism, a deeper
implement his public and private goals. just shy of day-glo, were painted in 1980
^ A Study of Church statistics shows faith, a stronger commitment to the
He was born in Ukraine. At the age of by Father Nikidom Pribojam in the
classical style of Byzantine icon that one-third of Catholics marry children entrusted to us all by God, our
7, he, his three sisters and their parents
painting. No less compelling is Ivan outside the Church, and from those who maker and judge."
were interned in a labor camp for a year.
They spent the next four years in a Trusch's oil-on-canvas Portrait of Ivan
displaced person's encampment. At the Franko, whose blue eyes not only carry
age of 12, Mr. Dubno and his family great weight but also pierce like
immigrated to New York and shortly diamonds. It isn't known who painted
thereafter moved to New Haven where the show's other remarkable oil
his father, a former Ukrainian judicial portrait, that of Andrei Vovk. Viewed
system employee, became a carpenter. up close, the bald stoic's skin virtually
But Mr. Dubno, an optimist with a pulsates in its multiple shades of pink."
sense of humor, prefers looking ahead. The show was held February 10 to
He's very proud of his heritage and an April 21. Some 300 showed up for the
active member within Ukrainian recent opening which was attended by
American organizations, but he doesn't Multicultural Minister Jack Murtaand
dwell on those hard early years. provincial Culture Minister Eugene
A graduate of H illhouse H igh School Kostyra.
and a U.S. Marine Corps sergeant, he The exhibition was produced by the
entered the University of New Haven as Manitoba Multicultural Museums
a cooperative education engineering Committee, which is composed of the
student in 1957 and has been associated Jewish Historical Society, the
with the university ever since. In those Mennonite Village Museum and the
28 years, he's earned his associate's and Ukrainian Cultural and Educational
bachelor's degrees in business Centre.

FOR ONLY 2Ф PER DAY The Ukrainian Weekly

you can be insured for
under an George Karpiuk, Thunder Bay. Ont S2
A. Stadnychenko, Abington, Pa S7
ACCIDENTAL DEATH M. Lewycky, Maplewood, N.j SI
and Nicholas Marushka, Chicago, III S5
Wasyl Kovach, Stratford, Conn S5
DISMEMBERMENT CERTIFICATE Basil Nakonechny, Bethesda, Md S4
of the Maria Handler, Ambridge, Pa. S4
,The low, low premiums for new ADD Certificates, A. Boyko, Vancouver, B.C S5
issued after Oct. 1, 1983, are as follows: Marta Baziuk, Brookline, Mass S^
S6.50 ..^, Annually Alexander Palatash, Lake Orion , S24
S3.35 Semi-annually William j . Pastuszek, Swarthmore, Pa S5
Si.75 Quarterly Michael Mowchan, Newmgton, Conn S15
John Chorney, Saskatoon, Sask S5.60
.60 Monthly
Voiodymyr Pushkar, Philadelphia, Pa S5
Premiums are the same for all members, age 16-55.
-Omelan Zulynsky, Irvington, N.J S5

human-rights issue a matter of East-West tensions or crucial goals and methods must be to mobilize private
The U.S. view... bilateral relations, and makes it clear that the issue is opinion in the West, sothat our scientists, ourdoctors.
(Continued from page 5) an unavoidable one for free nations. our writers, carry on the campaign for human-rights
Certainly we have learned that we must always keep progress themselves - personally and in their own
the USSR or the East European countries. It is human rights on our agenda with the Soviets. If one organizations, and directly with their counterparts in
customary to discuss them at international gatherings thinks of carrots and sticks, one often gets too literal. the Soviet elite. For this human-rights struggle is not
;П and out of the CSCE. Discussion ot these issues is The fact is the Soviets care a great deal about what we fundamentally that of Western governments, but that
common in parliaments and in the press. say about them. Too often we think only in terms of of Wcsterji societies.
linkage between human-rights improvements and a
And third, the issue has proved to be one on which It is easy to be pessimistic, but let us recall again the
variety of relations with the Soviets on trade matters,
there is substantial unity among the free nations. desire of the Soviet regime for acceptance and
cultural affairs, scientific exchanges and the like. All
Thinking back to Madrid, the harmony among the legitimi/ation by the West. We speak of a regime
are crucial, but let us never forget that our pressure on
neutral and non-aligned and NATO countries on East whose ideology is discredited and unpopular and
human-rights issues is itself viewed as a stick by the
Bloc human-rights violations was quiet remarkable. whose economy has never been made to function
Soviets and that any reduction of that pressure is itself
There may be divisions on arms matters or some effectively except for the production of weapons.
a carrot. Or, to change the metaphor, one of the most
political questions, but there are no divisions on
important forms of linkage is between Soviet human- It craves the legitimacy that we in ihc West can
rights performance. One of the great prices they pay confer. This gives us a great asset in holding firm to our
From this experience of 10 years, perhaps there are for their miserable repression is that we tell the world standards of human-rights performance. The CSCE is
some lessons we can learn. Certainly we have learned about it agam and again, and there is obviously a a valuable forum for carrying on the human-rights
that pressure and attention are crucial: pressure and direct link between how they behave and what we say struggle between the free societies in which we live and
attention from governments, from parliaments, from about them. those which, denying freedom, will forever be seeking
the press, from public groups, through international It is important here to delinethat"we."lt isanerror from us the approval their repressive systems deny
organizations, and in every possible way. And to think only of relations between our governments them from their own populations. Weerr if weideali/.e
certainly we have learned that joint pressure is much and the Soviet government, and forget relations the CSCE, but we are also greatly mistaken ifwefailto
the preferable form. Joint pressure avoids making the between our societies and Soviet society. One of our utilize the CSCE.
j^v'^^ ^їїх'ічїчійй^ V' ^-iv^.'''^'.'V'" ^(-''/іЛ'ЇУ X'" ' '''

Now, get more life insurance Aslic

for less money plan for a
- through the UNA rainy day.
With the Ukrainian National Asso-
cation's new reduced premiums on UKRAINIAN NATIONAL ASSOCIATION
S ome people manage
to go through life without ever
having a rainy day. But most people run
into a storm now and then.
five-year (T-5) and 10-year (T-10) So it pays to plan for a storm and
TERM PLAN INSURANCE then hope it never happens.
term insurance certificates, policy- AMOUNT S20.000 The Payroll Savings Plan is one
holders age 16 to 55 can get more sure, safe, easy way to force yourself to
start saving. And savings are a must to
insurance coverage at a lower cost. PLAN T - 5 PLAN T—10 keep any financial plan from going on
The new reduced premiums make the skids.
Issue Issue The little you set askle each payday
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"You bet. The Ukrainian National
commercial life insurance com­ Association offers your family more
panies and banks. than ^ life insurance. The UNA's seven
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coverage decreases to reflect the members are designed to answer the
unpaid balance of the mortgage. educational and financial needs of your
Under a UNA term policy, how­ children.
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certificate does not fluctuate, and in become eligible for scholarship oppor­
the event of the policy holder's death tunities, camping programs and various
the full amount of insurance is paid. other youth activities coordinated by
The chart on the right provides an UNA'ers who are genuinely interested in
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UNA term policy can be. The figures "The UNA believes in Ukrainian youth.
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year terms. To determine what a Inquire about UNA financial and fra­
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locating your age. Although the
chart provides costs for insurance Name:
on the basis of annual and monthly Address:
payments, premiums may also be
paid quarterly or semiannually. Tel.: -
Number of children:
Dates of birth:
For further information, con­
tact your local UNA representa­ Send to:
tive or the Ukrainian National U K R A I N I A N NATIONAL
Association main office, 30 Mont­ ASSOCIATION
gomery St., Jersey City, N.J. 30 Montgomery Street, 3rd Fl.
Jersey City, N.J. 07302
07302; (201) 451-2200. Tel.: (201) 451-2200
(212) 227-5250

St. Basil professor receives papal medal 9Є

STAMFORD, Conn. - Prof.

Myroslav Borysiuk, instructor of
classical languages at St. Basil Prep and
St. Basil College, was awarded the A fraternal service
papal medal Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice at
a recent special liturgy celebrated at St. to UNA members
Basil's College chapel.
Bishop Basil Losten conferred the
honor on Prof. Borysiuk in recognition
of his service to the Church and to the
Prof. Borysiuk earned his master of
philosophy degree from the University
of Lviv, Ukraine, in 1936, and was
subsequently appointed assistant
professor of Latin there. He served as a
professor of Latin and G reek at the state
lyceum in Poland in 1938 and served as
superintendent of schools in the USSR
at Stanyslaviv, western Ukraine, from
1939 to 1941.
He came to Italy after the war and
organized and directed the gymnasium-
lyceum in Rimini. In 1946 he was
appointed a representative of U krainian
detainees in Rimini by the apostolic
visitor for Ukrainian Catholics in the The loan will bear a modest
diaspora, Bishop John Buchko, Interest rate of З^/о a year only
who also served as chairman of the on loans made. Interest will
Ukrainian Committee for Refugees at accumulate during the period
Rome. of schooling and be paid during
Prof. Borysiuk worked to unite repayment period.
Ukrainian refugee families in the U nited Bishop Basil H. Losten confers the papal medal Pro Ecclesia et Pontiflce on Dr. Children up to 4У2 years of
States, Canada and South America, Myroslav Borysiuk, professor of classical languages at St. Basil College Prep and age who enroll for S15,000 ot
took part in the "Pax Romana" as a St. Basil's College. insurance will be guaranteed a
delegate for Ukraine, and assisted the
S5,000 educational loan. Should
Ethnic Commission in making known citizenship in 1954. Dr. Borysiuk went of service to Ukrainian Catholics and to they enroll for ^25,000 of in­
the plight of Ukrainians under German on to earn an M.A. and Ph.D. in classics his students at St. Basil's. surance, they will be guaran­
and Soviet domination. from Columbia University in 1954 and Dr. Borysiuk is a member of the teed a loan of S7,500.
Dr. Borysiuk came to the United 1956, respectively. Ukrainian National Association Juvenile теглЬегз age 5 to
States in 1947 and obtained his Dr. Borysiuk is completing 38 years Branch 350.
10 enrolled for S15,000 of new
Insurance will be guaranteed a
S4,000 Educational Loan. If
enrolled for S25,000 of protec­
tion, they will be guaranteed a
Український Народний Союз, Інк. loan of ф6,000.
The protection herein re­
20 Certificate.
P.O. Box 76 ' 30 Montgomery Street ' Jersey City, N.J. 07303 A formal notice that loan is
Teleptione; (201) 451-2200 guaranteed will be sent with
Certificate of Protection when
it is issued.
Certificate must remain in
good standing with all assess­
ments and dues paid until Edu­
UKRAINIAN cational Loan is granted and
NATIONAL throughout repayment period.
ASSOCIATION Certificate must be assigned
to UNA during the period of the
loan and its repayment. Either
Offers 16 types of life parents or guardian must gua­
insurance protection; rantee repayment of loan if
There is no limit to the juvenile is under age 21 when
amount of insurance; loan is granted.
Educational Loans wii; be
Pays out high dividends
on certificates; made over a four-year i-eriod
only for tuition to the CO !ege
Publishes the "Svoboda" or institution of higher learn­
daily, the English-language ing.
"Ukrainian Weekly" and
the children's magazine
Repayment of loan begins
"Veselka" (The Rainbow); three months following gra­
duation of applicant and must
Provides scholarships be fully repaid over a maximum
for students; of 20 equal quarterly install­
Ov/ns the beautiful ments.
estate Soyuzivka. Should period of education
for which loan was secured be
reduced or terminated the re­
JOIN THE UNA - payment period will begin im­

For information contact

the UNA main office:

30 Montgomery St.
Українська Будівля - Ukrainian Building Jersey City, N.J. 07302
(201) 451-2200

The only unfortunate part of the

Handling. press conference and the Times story 136 in Congress... Frank J. Guarini (D).
New Mexico: Bill Richardson (D).
(Continued from page 6) was the fact that, in the reporter's (Continued from page 1) New York: William Carney (R),
words, "The speakers ... were unable to Thomas J. Downey (D), Robert J.
even in the headline, which says supply specific examples of Soviet- Michigan: Mark D. Siljander (R), Mrazek (D), Norman F. Lent (R),
"Emigres Criticize U.S. Na/i-Hunlcrs: supplied evidence that had been proved Dale E. Kildee (D), David E. Bonier Raymond J. McGrath (R), Joseph P.
Eastern European Groups Say Kederal false."' (D), Dennis M. Hertel (D), Sander M. Addabbo (D), Gary L. Ackerman (D),
Investigators Use Some False Evidence. Levin (D). James H. Scheuer (D), Charles E.
Minnesota: Bill Frenzel (R), Schumer (D), Edolphus Towns (D),
At the press conference, the UN IS Bruce F. Vento (D), James L. Oberstar
and the Baltic American Freedom Be prepared Major R. Owens (D), Stephen J. Solarz
(D). (D), Guy V. Molinari (R), Bill Green
League, to their credit, are no longer Missouri: William L. Clay (D),
over-reacting by lashing out at the We cannot afford to shoot from the (R), led S. Weiss (D), Robert Garcia
Robert A. Young (D), Ike Skelton (D), (D), Mario Biaggi (D), Joseph J. Die
World Jewish Congress, as the UN IS hip. As the (positive) New York Times Harold L. Volkmer (D).
did in its pressrelease. In tact, the Times story clearly shows, we'll get caught. On Guardi (R), Hamihon Fish Jr. (R),
reporter notes that "...The Baltic the bottom line, the time has come for Montana: Pat Williams (D). Benjamin A. Gilman (R), Samuel S.
American Freedom Feague (and, by U krainians to be honest, first of all, with Nevada: Harry M. Reid (D). Stratton (D), Gerald B. Solomon (D),
implication, the UN IS) is depicted as each other, and then, with the world. New Jersey: James J. Florio (D), George C. Wortley (R), Matthew F.
seeking "solidarity with our .lewish I he media, particularly the U.S. media, William J. Hughes (D), James J. McHugh (D), Frank Horton (R), Fred
brethren" in pursuing war criminals by knows no favorites. And. it's only as Howard (D), Christopher H. Smith(R), J. Eckert (R), Jack F. Kemp (R).
"constitutionally correct" procedures. good as the information it gets. Bernard J. Dwyer (D), Matthew J.
North Carolina: Steven L. Neal (D).
Rinaldo (R), Robert A. Roe (D),
Ohio: Tony P. Hall (D), Marcv
Robert G. Torricelli (D), Peter W.
Kaptur (D), John F. Seiberling (D),
SOYUZIVKA - UNA ESTATE Rodino Jr.(D), DeanA.Gallo(R)Jim
Douglas Applegate (D), Edward F.
Courter (R), H. James Saxton (R),
Feighan (D), Mary Rose Oakar (D).
HELP WANTED for SUMMER Louis Stokes (D).
Oklahoma: Mike Synar (D).
Pennsylvania: Thomas M. Foglietta
KITCHEN HELP and MAITENANCE Kostmayer (D), Lawrence Coughlin
(R), William J. Coyne (D), Don Ritter
Salary negotiable. Interested persons please contact:
(R), Doug Walgren (D), Austin J.
Foordemoore Rd., Kerhonkson. N.Y. 12446 Tel.:r(914) 626-5641 South Carolina: John M. Spratt Jr,
A UNA (D).
Texas: Joe Barton (R).
NAZI WAR CRIMINALS IN AMERICA insurance policy Virginia: G. William Whitehurst(R).
Thomas J. Bliley Jr. (R).
is an investment Washington: John Miller (R), Mike
Lowry (D).
Wisconsin: Gerald D. Kleczka (D),
daugther of JOHN DEMJANJUK who is facing deportation to the Soviet Union and extra-
in t/ie Ukrainian Jim Moody (D). .
Sen. Bill Bradley (D) of New Jersey
dition to Israel in order to stand trial as an alleged NAZI WAR CRIMINAL community also signed the appeal on behalf of Mr.
To order send S 10.00 donation plus S I 00 postage for each Part ordered to: Shukhevych.
P.O. BOX 31424
CLEVELAND, OHIO 44131 GEORGE A. S T E C E N K O , D.D.S. - Long Island, New York
"FAMILY DENTISTRr, 891 Middle Country Rd., St. James, N.Y. 11780
3 min. West of Smithhaven Mall on Rt. 25
"To save and restore your teeth and smile - my professional goal." By appointment. Tel.: (516) 265-0220
II I I R R M ^
11 iinnfell
ly^krainian institute of modern art
2320 Wcbl Chic igo Avenue . Chicago, Illinois 60622 -


S5,000. - Dr. and Mrs. Achilles Chreptowsky
5,000. - Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Szandra Join US in 1 9 8 5 for the fifteenth consecutive
2.000. - Ms. Kalyna Pomirko session of the Harvard Ukrainian Summer Institute. We offer
1.500. - Mr. Alam Hartler accredited university instruction by some of the top specialists in
1.500. - Mr. Steve Borysewych Ukrainian studies:
1,200. - Dr. and Mrs. Thornas Kochman
1.000. - Dr. Petro and Dr. OIha Mociuk
9 Beginning Ukrainian 9 Ukrainian Literature
1.000. - Dr. and Mrs. Teofil Dernus
1.000. - Mr. and Mrs. Orest Klufas A Intermediate Ukrainian 9 Modern Ukrainian History
1,000. - Mr. and Mrs. Ihor Wyslotsky 9 Advanced Ukrainian 9 Ukrainian History to 1 8 0 0
1.000. - Mr. Zenon Petesh
1.000. - Dr. Elias Mula . . . And an exciting calendar of cultural activities, including guest
1.000. - Mrs. Marie Durbak Myskiw lectures, exhibits and films on Ukrainian society and culture
1,000. - Dr. and Mrs. Roman Smyk
1.000. - Dr. and Mrs. Modest Ripecky
570. - Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Andruszczyszyn
500. - Dr. and Mrs. Jaroslav Panchuk SCHOLARSHIPS to those w h o qualify for
500. - Mrs. Aka Pereyma tuition scholarships are as
500. - Dr. and Mrs. Mychajlo Holovaty
are available to members of
the Friends of the Harvard follows:
500. - Mrs, Luba Oharenko Application: S15
500. - Dr. and Mrs. Paul Nedzilewycz Ukrainian Research Institute
Registration: 340
500. - First Security Federal Savings Bank (minimum 4-year silver Health S Fees 535
500. - Dr. Paul and Dr. Julia Sydor membership) or those who
250. - Dr. Bohdan Zarychny Room 8 Board 5975
join by making a ^ 2 0 0 (21 meals/wk)
250. - Dr. and Mrs. Myroslav Kolensky
contribution. Room Dep.: 525
250. - Dr. and Mrs. Alexander Farion
225. - Ms. Lilia Kuchma
200, -
105. -
Dr. and Mrs. Volodymyr Kassaraba
Dr. Maria Fisher Slysh
100. - Dr. and Mrs. Ihor Galarnyk ACADEMIC INFORMATION
100. - Dr. and Mrs. Basil Marchuk
100. - Mrs. Sophia Lule CALENDAR CONTACT:
100. -
100. —
Mrs. Olena Quirnbach
Dr. George Hrycelak
JUNE 24 - Harvard Ukrainian
100. - Mr. and Mrs. Petro Zelisko AUGUST 17 Summer Institute
100. - Mr. Boris P. Durbak 1 5 8 3 Mass. Ave.
50. - Dr. Pavio Dzul Cambridge, MA 0 2 1 3 8
50. - Mr. Ihor Gawryk

"The very idea of elaborating a

Communist Party... republican integrated scientific
program with a social science profile
(Continued from page 7) signifies a new approach to long-term There's no place like Soyuzivka
upbringing work. Dr. Paton found fault and ongoing planning of social science
with its work as well, noting that the
preparation of practical recommenda­
work in the republic, an attempt to
organize the research activities of SOYUZIVKA
tions for "the directive organs" was
moving slowly.
As on previous occasions, the accent
thousands of scholars with a view to the
future and for a lengthy time...Let us
note that this kind of a program will be
was placed on the prognostic functions
of social science research: "The
worked out and implemented for the
first time in the republic, that is, its
creation is itself a scientific endeavor of
coefficient of practical utilization of the
scientific eleborations of social sorts, and the experience that is
scientists depends to a large degree on accumulated in the process could be THIS SUMMER,
their orientation not only towards the useful in the future for elaborating treat yourself to the breathtaking beauty of the Catskill Mountains at the
present but also the future. In this integrated scientific programs with a
year-round resort of the '
connection, it is necessary to develop insocial science profile on the republican
every way the prognostic elaborations (inter-republic) as well as on the all- UKRAINIAN NATIONAL ASSdCIATION
of complex processes that are taking union level."
place in society." Great hopes are being The editorial noted that Ukrainian
social scientists were obligated to being
placed, in this regard, on the findings of
sociological studies. At the June 1983 p r e p a r a t o r y work immediately, в Newly renovated Ukrainian-style buildings/lodges nestled in the lush Catskill
plenum of the Ukrainian Central announcing that a reorganization of the Mountain estate.
Committee, Mr. Shcherbytsky, echoing Institute of Philosophy was already в Authentic international cuisine prepared by experienced chefs; their specialty.
the proposal put forth in Moscow planned. Forthcoming issues of
Filosofska Dumka, according to the of course: Ukrainian dishes!
concerning an all-union center for the
study of public opinion, called for the editorial, would report on the progress в Eight tennis courts
establishment of a republican "sociolo­ that was being made in setting the new в Olympic size swimming pool, and toddlers' pool,
gical service." It has now /become program into motion.
A year has passed since Mr. в Volleyball courts,
routine to cite Mr. Shch^rbytsky's
proposal, and Dr. Paton noted that Shcherbytsky's proposal was put forth. в Hiking trails.
such an institution is "foreseen." He During that time, there have been no в top names in Ukrainian entertainment,
also remarked that "the time has come reports about the new project either in
Filosofska Dumka or in the journal of в Weekly art exhibits and cultural presentations.
to establish an appropriate department
(viddilennia) of sociology in the the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, в On-going program of dances, cocktail socials, outdoor luncheons, films, campfire
Institute of Philosophy, which would be Visnyk Akademiyi Nauk Ukrainskoyi sing -. a longs and more!
the coordinating center for scientific RSR. Nor, for that matter, is the
research in this field." proposal referred to in the recent decree
To date, the "single sociological that has been adopted by the Central RESERVE A ROOM TODAY!
Committee of the Communist Party of
service" in Ukraine appears still to be in SOYUZIVKA UNA ESTATE
the planning stage. The department of Ukraine. All of this is rather unusual, Foordemoore Road. Kerhonkson, N.Y. 12446. Tel.: (914) 626-5641
and a departure from normal practice.
sociology in the Institute of Philosophy,
however, was indeed established in One can only conclude that the project
February 1984, under the direction of has been shelved even before it was able
V. P. Chornovolenko, a candidate of to get off the ground.
philosophical sciences and deputy In the meantime, there will no doubt
director of the Institute of Philosophy. be a meeting in the near future of the
In his address to the assembled Presidium of the Ukrainian Academy of
There's no place like Soyuzivka
academicians, Oleksandr Kapto, the Sciences that will discuss the Central
ideological secretary of the CPU,
expressed the hope that this subunit
Committee resolution. It, too, will
adopt an appropriate decree urging
U k r a i n i a n social s c i e n t i s t s to
would eventually form the nucleus of an
Institute of Sociological Research in theconcentrate their efforts on further
Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. Mr. improving..., etc. etc. The more things
Kapto has been a strong and consistent "change" in the Soviet Union, the more
advocate of sociological studies, thc\ seem to sia\' the same.
particularly in terms of their usefulness
for ideological work. He touched on
many of the same issues that had been Ukrainian... 1985 SUMMER/FALL
raised by Dr. Paton, emphasizing such
areas as counterpropaganda and the (Continued from page 7)
prognostic functions of the social the infiuence of Mohyla's Kiev on the
sciences. One little-known aspect of the revival of Greek Orthodox learning and,
work of the Social Sciences Section to activities of Greek patriots in
i.e., the so-called groups for the southern Ukraine in the 19th century. TENNIS CAMP - June 2 3 - - July 3
operative analysis of bourgeois The millennium offers an opportunity
literature that have been established to renew and strengthen these ties. The (Boys and Girls ages 12-18). Food and lodging 5180.00 (UNA members),
within the s e c t i o n ' s s c h o l a r l y Ukrainian Studies Fund has begun 5210.00 (non-members). Tennis fee: 560.00.
institutions, were singled out by Mr. sending the booklet and information on
Kapto for "not producing the expected the millennium to Greek scholars, BOYS' CAMP - June 2 9 - July 13
results." clergymen and laymen. Recreation camp for boys ages 7-12, featuring hiking, swimming, games.
The program of the social sciences in Ukrainian songs and folklore. UNA members: 5100.00 per week; non-members
Ukraine came up once again at the next 5120.00 per week.
session of the general assembly of the
Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, which
was held on March 30, 1984. In his GIRLS' CAMP - July 14-27
speech at t h e m e e t i n g , Mr. Similar program to boys' camp; same prices.
Shcherbytsky noted that: "the time has
also come to think about implementing UKRAINIAN FOLK DANCE WORKSHOP - July 2 8 - August 10
in the 12th Five-Year Plan a republican
integrated program with a social science Traditional Ukrainian folk dancing for beginners, intermediate and advanced
profile, for example, with regard to dancers. Instructor: ROMA PRIMA-BOHACHEWSKY. Limit 60 students. Food and
topical questions of Communist lodging 5195.00 (UNA members), 5225.00 (non-members). Instructor's fee:
upbringing. Party committees and 5100.00.
ideological o r g a n i z a t i o n s need
scientifically grounded recommenda­ UKRAINIAN CULTURAL COURSES - August 10-24
tions. We are waiting for initiative
proposals from comrades LukinoN, 1.1.. Classes in Ukrainian language, history, geography, literature, arts.
Yurchuk. V. 1.. and Yelimcnko. H. H." UNA members 5200.00, non-members 5230.00.
In a subsequent editorial comment
in Filosofska Dumka. the journal of the
Institute о 1 P h 11 о s о p h \'. Mr.
17.18.19. For more information, please contact the management of Soyuzivka:

Shclicrbyisk\'s proposal was treated as

a major new dc\eIopment in the
огцапі/ation ol social science research:
Foordemoore Rd., Kerhonkson, N.Y. 12446 m (914) 626-5641

North Dakotans to celebrate roots

PREVIEW OF EVENTS DICKINSON, N.D. - "God opened describe his role as a Ukrainian
up America and the people here. I don't Catholic priest in North Dakota, and,
know what the conditions would have through his experiences, the history of
May 2 May 5, 19 and June 2 been had it not been for America... God the Church in the western part of the
led, as Moses led out of Egypt — state.
CAMBRIDGE, Mass.: Dr. Vera PITTSBURGH: The Ukrainian nothing else," said Pearl Basaraba, Prof. Michael T. Soper of Dickinson
Rich, Soviet and East European Sports Club of Pittsburgh will be describing her feelings about the State College will serve as moderator
correspondent for Nature Magazine playing volleyball at 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. transition from western Ukraine to the and will conclude the symposium with a
will give a lecture titled "Lesia at Ss. Peter and Paul Hall on United States. discussion on the evidence of Ukrainian
Ukrainka's The Boyar's Wife' " at 4 Mansfield Blvd. For more informa- Her views, recorded by the North ethnicity in today's North Dakota
p.m. in the Seminar Room of the tion, call Myron at (412) 331 -5459 or Dakota Ukrainian Oral History Ukrainian American community. He is
Ukrainian Research Institute, 1583 Greg at (412) 375-0885. Project, probably describe those of a long-time associate of the Ukrainian
Massachusetts Ave. many Ukrainians who found freedom Cultural Institute and is currently
May 9 and economic opportunity after director of the North Dakota Oral
May 2 and 9 immigrating to the United States or History Project.
CAMBRIDGE, Mass.: Prof. Jerzy Canada, For them it is as important A concert by students of St.
JENKlNTOWN^Pa.: Manor Junior Kloczowski of the Catholic today as it was then to keep alive their Vladimir's College in Roblin,
College, Fox Chase Road and University in Lublin, Poland, will old-world heritage and to remember Manitoba, will begin at 7 p.m. on
Forrest Avenue, will hold a "Word give a lecture on "The Current State their struggles and successes in the new
Processing on the Microcomputer" Saturday in the Stickney Auditorium at
of Research in the History of land. Dickinson State College. The concert
workshop at 6:30 - 9:30 p.m. Partici- Chri.stianity in Poland and Ukraine" With this in mind, the Ukrainian
pants will create, edit and print will include performances by a choir
at 4 p.m. in the Seminar Room of the community here will hold a Ukrainian under the direction Michael Ryczak
various types documents while Ukrainian Research Institute, 1583 History Symposium on May 3-4 as part
learning the basic concepts of a word and a dance troupe under the direction of
Massachusetts Ave. The lecture will of "A Ukrainian Experience," which will Gerald Bzdel and will be followed at 9
processing program. No computer be given in Polish. also include a golden jubilee celebration
experience necessary. Fee: S60. To p.m. by a dance at the Holiday Inn to
on May 5. the music of Marvin and Bill Cerkoney.
register or for more information, call
The symposium will begin at 2 p.m., Tickets are available at Jacobsons
the Office of Continuing Education IRVINGTON, N.J.: Branch 86 of the Friday, May 3, at the Dickinson Music, The Fad, Fairfield Store, UCI
at (215) 884-2218 or 884-2219. Ukrainian National Women's Holiday Inn with two presentations and Headquarters, Circle K. Construction,
League of America will sponsor a discussions.
panel discussion titled "Defamation R o u n d Up L a n e s , Thompson
May 3 Jaroslaw Sztendera, East European
of Ukrainians" at the Ukrainian H a r d w a r e and Frank's TV A
historian, author of a history of western Appliance.
HAMTRAMCK, Mich.: The senior National Home, 140 Prospect Ave., Ukraine and Ukrainian specialist with
class and chorus of the Immaculate at 7:30 p.m. Panelists will be: Dr. A golden jubilee celebration,
the Voice of America, will describe the sponsored by the Ukrainian Cultural
Conception Ukrainian Catholic Myron Kuropas, UNA vice- Ukrainian experience in western
High School will present "The president and vice-chairman of the Institute, honoring three Ukrainian
Ukraine that led Ukrainians from North Dakotans will begin with a 12:30
Princess on the Pea," a fairy tale and board of the National Center for Galicia and other parts of the Austro-
musical by Vasyl Sofroniv Levytsky, Urban/Ethnic Affairs; Dr. Bohdan p.m. divine liturgy at the Trinity High
Hungarian Empire to emigrate to the School Auditorium, and end with a 2:30
at 7 p.m. in the high school Vitvitsky, author of "The Other United States.
auditorium, 11680 McDougall St. Holocaust"; Halia Kozak of the p.m. testimonial banquet at the Knights
Americans Against Defamation of Alvin Kapusta^, a Slavic specialist, of Columbus hall. To be honored are: the
Following the performance there will will follow with a presentation on the
be an "afterglow" sponsored by the Ukrainians; Ihor Olshaniwsky, Rev. Bobersky, Dr. Bohdan Hordinsky
coordinator of Americans for Ukrainian Baptists' search for religious and Dr. Bohdan Terlecki.
parents club. Admission: 55 for freedom which caused some to flee the
adults, S3 for children and senior Human Rights in Ukraine; and The public is cordially invited to all
Roman Kupchinsky of the Prolog persecutions of tsarist Russia for the events. The symposium is being
citizens. plains of North Dakota. Mr. Kapusta,
Research Corp. Admission: S5. sponsored by the North Dakota
born near Max, N.D., in the heart of the Humanities Council, the Ukrainian
May 4 North Dakota Ukrainian Baptist Cultural Institute and Dickinson State
May 19 community, has spent many years in the
United States foreign service and since For more information, write to:
Ukrainian American Veterans Post S A N P E D R O , Calif.: T h e 1978 has been the special assistant for
19 will hold its annual Installation of Ukrainian Cultural Institute, Box 6.
T a m b u r i t z a n s of D u q u e s n e Soviet nationalities in the Soviet and
Officers Dinner Dance at the Ukrai- University in Pittsburgh, will per- Dickinson State College, Dickinson,
East European branch of the Bureau of N.D. 58601.
nian Hall, 16 Twin Ave. The installa- form at the Warner Grand Theatre at Intelligence and Research, United
tion will begin at 7 p.m., dinner at 3 p.m. Tickets, at S13, SIO, and S8, States Department of State. He has
7:30 p.m. at dancing and 9 p.m. For may be obtained by writing to: written numerous studies on Ukrainian
t i c k e t s c o n t a c t : T e d d y B.
Dusanenko, 5 Hickory Drive, New
Yugoslav-American Club of San
Petro, 1639 South Palos Verdes St.,
Baptists and Soviet nationality policy. ADP schedules
During the symposium, a display
City, N.Y. 10956; (914) 634-5502. San Pedro. Calif. 90731. Include a
SASE. A dinner/dance, featuring
about North Dakota Ukrainians will be
exhibited at the Holiday Inn and a
seminar on OSI
May 5 music by the Tamburitzans, will publication including excerpts from WOODHAVEN, N.Y. - Americans
follow their performance. Dinner i n t e r v i e w s , s u m m a r i e s of the for Due Process based here is planninga
WOONSOCKET, R.I.: The Odessa tickets: SI2, adults; S6, 12^and under. presentation and photos of interviews series of workshops dealing with the
Ukrainian Dancers will sponsor a For more information call (213) 831- of the Oral History Project will be functioning of the U.S. Justice
Ukrainian Cultural Concert at 2 p.m. 2629. available. Department's Office of Special
at 74 Harris Ave. Donation: S3. A social hour, beginning at 7 p.m., Investigations. The workshops will take
with music provided by the Ukrainian place on Saturday, May 11, and will be
PREVIEW OF EVENTS, a listing Folk Orchestra, will also be held on hosted by the Ethnic Community
PITTSBURGH: Adrian Bryttan and of Ukrainian community events open Friday in the Holiday Inn. Services in Chicago.
Ralph Zitterbart will give a violin to the public, is a service provided On Saturday, May 4, at 9 a.m.. Prof. Among the topics to be covered at the
and piano recital at 6 p.m. at the free of charge by The Weekly to the Theodore Pedeliski of the University of sessions are the following: legal issues,
Frick Fine Arts Auditorium to Ukrainian community. To have an North Dakota, will continue the press r e l a t i o n s , organizational
benefit the Ukrainian Technological event listed in this column, please symposium program with his views of a responses, political issues, and reaction
Society's Scholarship Fund. Tickets: send information (type ot event, Ukrainian settlement in North Dakota to OSI responses.
S7.50. For more information call date, time, place, admission, and the problems faced by the early The scheduled speakers are Prof.
Irene Grimm at (412) 464-1117. sponsor, etc.), along with the phone immigrants. Prof. Pedeliski, born into R o m a s V a s t o k a s , Lithuanian
number of a person who may be the Ukrainian Catholic community of newspaper editor M ykolas Drunga, and
reached during da^ime hours for western North Dakota, has been several lawyers who have been involved
IRVINGTON, N.J.: Branch 28 of the additional information, to: PRE- researching Ukrainian settlement for in denaturalization cases, including
Ukrainian National Women's VIEW OF EVENTS, The Ukrainian several years as part of "Slavic Mary K. Kelly, Thomas Kuhns, Laima
League of America will sponsor a Weekly, 30 Montgomery St., Jersey Settlement in North Dakota," a chapter Nainys and Charles Nixon.
"Living Newspaper," which will City, N.J. 07302. in the forthcoming ethnic history of the The day of workshops is intended to
include lecturers Olha Kuzmowycz, state. provide participants with information
on "Where Ukrainian Youth is PLEASE NOTE: Preview items Agnes Palanuk, a founder of North and suggestions on how lo deal with
Headed," and Archmandrite Victor must be received one week before Dakota's Ukrainian Cultural Institute, some of the problems raised by the
Pospishil, on "My March Meetings desired date of publication. No will analyze the interviews she denaturalization cases brought by the
in Lebanon with Eastern Catholic information will be taken over the conducted for the North Dakota OSI.
Patriarchs." A question and answer phone. Preview items will be Ukrainian Oral History Project. She For further information and registra-
session will follow. The lectures will published only once (please note will look at the lives of those who tion contact: Americans for Due
be held at the Ukrainian National desired date of publication). All immigrated as children or who Process, P.O. Box 85, Woodhaven,
Home, 140 Prospect Ave., at 4 p.m. items are published at the discretion comprised the first generation born in N.Y. 11421. The number of participants
Refreshments will be served. Dona- of the editorial staff and in accor- America. in the workshops will be limited, and
tion: S5. dance with available space. In the afternoon session, beginningat registration will be accepted only until
1 p.m.. the Rev. Michael Bobersky will Mav 6.