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English 235 02: American Nonfiction Narrative Hendri !

ollege Instructor: "essica "aco#s Instructor Email: $aco#s%hendri &ed' Assignment Email:

Spring 2014, Class Sc edule: ( (h 1:15)2:30, *& +& ,e-nolds, ,oom . !""ice #ours: /- appointment Site: $$aco#sco'rses&0ordpress&com1EN223502

3Art is born of the observation and investigation of nature&4 5!icero Course $escription +hat is it a#o't nat're that fascinates 's so6 7s it an id-llic trove of metaphors and similes 8we sew seeds of compassion and reap crops of understanding96 A place for retreat and contemplation6 A deadl- $'ngle 0hose con:'est demonstrates the might of man6 ;r a storm that 0ill flood and devastate o'r cities6 (his semester, 0e 0ill e plore these and other aspects of h'manit-<s relationship 0ith nat're #e amining nonfiction in man- forms: #oo=)length memoirs and narratives, critical, personal, and pers'asive essa-s, and a collection of doc'mentar- poems& +e 0ill read of people 0ho delved into nat're to see= ans0ers a#o't themselves, societ-, and the f'ndamental order of the 0orld, to ret'rn 0ith var-ing degrees of s'ccess>or not to ret'rn at all& +e 0ill consider o'r impact on the nat'ral 0orld 8increased 'r#ani?ation, glo#al 0arming9 and the nat'ral 0orld<s impact on 's 8H'rricane @atrina9& A variet- of teaching methods 0ill #e 'sed in this co'rse& (he primar- approach 0ill #e class disc'ssion& St'dents 0ill #e e pected to have read assigned material, to have responded to it in 0ritten form, and to come prepared to disc'ss& ,espect for the opinions of ever-one in the gro'p is essential& As a res'lt of reading and anal-?ing te ts, participating st'dents 0ill increase their artistic% istorical% and literar& compre ension, #etter 'nderstanding ho0 the arts interpret, e plore, reflect, challenge, and shape social val'es, as 0ell as develop and artic'late responses to aesthetic e periencesA t in'ing s'ills, especiall- anal-?ing thin=ing processes, incl'ding ho0 -o'r e periences, feelings, ideas and int'ition affect thin=ingA and communication s'ills, especiall- 0riting and spea=ing 0ith clarit-, grace, and tho'ghtf'lness, as 0ell as reading and listening 0ith 'nderstanding and insight& (earning )oals Bpon completion of this co'rse, st'dents 0ill #e a#le to 1& *isc'ss nonfiction narrative as a genre, incl'ding man- of its s'#genres and availa#le craft formsA 2& ,eflect on the 0a-s Ctr'th,< seemingl- inherent in a 0or= la#eled nonfiction, can mean different things to different a'thorsA 3& /e a0are of nat're as an archet-pe and to'chstone in American literat'reA 4& And, most significantl-, read te ts closel-, thin= criticall-, and 0rite #oth creative and arg'ment)#ased academic papers&

*e+uired ,exts *avid 2rann, The Lost City of Z: A Tale of Deadly Obsession in the Amazon 8DE.14000E.4559 "on @ra=a'er, nto the !ild 8DE.03.54.F.049 Gatricia Smith, "lood Dazzler 8#$%&'((%#)&%(* !her-l Stra-ed, !ild: +rom Lost to +ound on the ,acific Crest Trail 8DE.030E4EF0E49 Articles posted on the co'rsesite& H(ho'gh 7 0ill not ma=e it mandator- for -o' to have ph-sical copies of these te ts 8as opposed to e#oo= versions, etc&9, 7 highly recommend -o' p'rchase print copies as this allo0s -o' to more activel- interact 0ith the te ts thro'gh mar=ing favorite 8or least favorite9 passages, and tal=ing #ac= to the te t thro'gh -o'r marginalia>all of 0hich 0ill help -o' in #oth class disc'ssions and 0hen -o' ret'rn to the te ts to 0rite -o'r re:'ired critical essa-& All #oo=s are availa#le at Iillage /oo=s *e+uirements Class ,articipation: !lass participation is mandator-& Attendance and tardiness 0ill #e reflected in -o'r class participation grade, 0hich also incl'des acti-e participation in class activities& -uizzes. !riting /0ercises. 1 ,rewriting: Ever- class 0ill have either a reading :'i?, 0riting e ercise, or pre0riting assignment d'e that da-& 7n addition to noting -o'r attendance for the da-: /log comments 0ill re0ard -o' for doing the necessar- 0or= of the co'rse, as 0ell as assess those 0ho are not as active in class disc'ssion& !n da&s "or . ic t ere is a reading assignment% comments are due posted by no later than noon be"ore t e rele-ant class /i.e. "or reading .e .ill discuss in class on a ,uesda&% &our blog comment s ould be posted be"ore noon on t at ,uesda&0. 7n)class 0riting 0ill help -o' to f'rther contemplate ideas raised #- the te ts, instr'ctor, and -o'r peers& Gre0riting assignments 0ill allo0 -o' to 819 refine the ideas that 0ill provide a fo'ndation for -o'r essa-s, 829 create a doc'ment for 0hich -o' can receive peer s'ggestions and criti:'es, 839 provide an opport'nit- to receive instr'ctor feed#ac= to help shape -o'r event'al essa-& /ssays: Jo' 0ill receive assignment descriptions in class& 7n #rief, for the first essa-, -o' 0ill choose #et0een 0riting a $o'rnalistic or a personal essa-& (he second essa0ill e plore an iss'e 'sing the evidence of t0o of o'r te ts1a'thors, s'ch that 0e learn more a#o't a larger iss'e and a#o't each individ'al te t, from $oint consideration& )rading !lass Garticipation /log !omments, 7n)!lass +riting E ercises 10K 15K

Gre0riting Assignments Essa- L1 8Geer *raft, 5KA Geer ,esponse, 5KA Mirst 7nstr'ctor *raft, 40KA Minal 7nstr'ctor *raft, 50K9 Essa- L2 8Geer *raft, 5KA Geer ,esponse, 5KA Mirst 7nstr'ctor *raft, 40KA Minal 7nstr'ctor *raft, 50K9

15K 30K 30K

/0tra Credit: 10 points of e tra credit for attending a literar- event d'ring the semester and 0riting a 1)2 page response to the reading, 0hich incl'des: a #rief s'mmar- of the material read, -o'r reaction to that material, a critical reflection of the 0or= in terms of o'r in)class disc'ssions of 0riting craft& A calendar of !entral Ar=ansas readings 0ill #e posted on the co'rsesite& 8&2 points each. up to )0 per semester3though encourage you to attend more49

Course 1olicies Attendance is re:'ired& 7t 0ill #e diffic'lt for -o' to pass this co'rse 0ith more than three 'ne c'sed a#sences 8t0o 0ee=s of class&9 Jo'r grade 0ill #e dropped #- a letter grade for each da- after those three that -o' are a#sent, therefore si a#sences 0ill res'lt in a failing grade 8E ample: 7f -o' have an A in the class and miss five classes, -o' 0ill receive a !&9& !hronic tardiness also co'nts as an a#sence or a#sences& If you miss class, it is your responsibility to get the reading assignments for the following week from your fellow classmates and ma=e 'p missed 0or=& 7f -o'r assigned 0or= is late, -o' are allo0ed 'ntil F:00 p&m& the follo0ing da- to e)mail it to me 0ith the 'nderstanding that there 0ill #e a late penalt-& An-thing t'rned in after this time 0ill not #e considered for a grade 'nless -o' have a doc'mented medical or emergence c'se& 7f -o' do miss class, please chec= the co'rsesite for an- ne0l- posted Go0erGoints or assignments and contact -o'r peers to learn 0hat -o' missed& 1& 2& Laptops. phones. and other wireless devices: (hese are not permitted in class, 'nless re:'ired for disa#ilit- accommodation 8see #elo09& I" &ou use &our p one in class% &ou .ill be counted as absent "or t at da&. Learning Disabilities: An- st'dent 0ho needs accommodation in relation to a recogni?ed disa#ilit- sho'ld inform the instr'ctor at the #eginning of the co'rse& 7n order to receive accommodations, st'dents 0ith disa#ilities are re:'ired to contact "'lie /ro0n in Academic S'pport Services at 501)505)2D54& /mail: Email 0ill #e 'sed to contact the entire class for comm'nicating changes to the s-lla#'s and other matters& !hec= -o'r Hendri acco'nt dail-& Academic ntegrity: 7ntellect'al dishonest- 0ill not #e tolerated& See the academic integritstatement and polic- in the st'dent hand#oo=& Mre:'entl-, fail're to doc'ment and attri#'te 3&

secondar- so'rces ade:'atel- is not a deli#erate attempt to pass another<s ideas and 0ords off as one<s o0n, #'t rather a mis'nderstanding of ho0 to give that other person s'fficient credit properl-& Glease cons'lt 0ith me on an- doc'mentation :'estion so 0e can avoid pro#lems& /ssay +ormat: All essa-s m'st follo0 the NOA st-le for format, doc'mentation, and #i#liograph-& Specificall-: NOA format: 12 point font, do'#le)spaced, 0ith serifs 8(imes Ne0 ,oman preferred9& 14 margins all aro'nd 8camp's NS +ord defa'lt is 1&54 left margin& No cover sheet& No folders& Gage n'm#ers m'st appear in the 'pper right corner of each page& All papers m'st have a heading, a title and a 3+or=s !ited4 section&As an e ception to NOA format, if -o' have room, add -o'r entire 3+or=s !ited4 section at the #ottom of -o'r last page& NOA doc'mentation: NOA calls for parenthetical doc'mentation 0ith a +or=s !ited page, not footnotes or endnotes& !ons'lt the 5LA 6andboo7 in the li#rar-, or the online g'ide lin=ed via the English *epartment<s 0e#site& 8ule of thumb: 9iven the conte0t of the surrounding passage and the bibliography listing. include the absolute minimum amount of information necessary within the parentheses: Naming Jo'r *oc'ment: Ever- doc'ment t'rned into me sho'ld follo0 these naming conventions 8min's the commas9: Mirst 7nitial, Oast Name&Assignment Name&*raft Iersion& E ample: ""aco#s&Essa-1&*raft1 progresses to ""aco#s&Essa-1&Minal*raft