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Carolyn Ellis <> Bar Complaint - estate of Joseph Ardolino RFA No. 12-18459 May 31, 2013 3:03:28 AM PDT,,,,,,,,,,

To the Florida Bar, First - Maria Betancourt has been dead since 2010. Erol Vural has been dead since 2004. Please update your site accordingly. Imagine what our country would be like if every victim of a crime had to provide a written statement, in 25 pages or less, defining exactly who committed the crime and which exact laws were violated. Our country would be overrun by criminalswhich is exactly what is happening with the bar. I am not a lawyer, so how can you possibly require me to write like one? I sent you everything you needed to prove a massive conspiracy was going on involving no less than 23 attorneys and 4 judges. Yet you REJECT my complaint? If you are going to allow your attorneys to litigate an estate unnecessarily for OVER SEVEN YEARS, then DO NOT tell me I can't send a complaint that's more than 25 pages. I told you in my letter that I had difficulty writing the complaint. I have ADD/bipolar and it's very hard for me to communicate, either verbally or written. As far as I am concerned, your requirements are highly discriminatory. For me, communicating is an issue. For the Ardolino family, resources are an issue. They don't even have computers or an ability to research because YOUR ATTORNEYS TOOK EVERYTHING FROM THEM. Your staff attorney tried to tell me the bar didn't keep copies of my complaint, but I think the roller marks on the documents returned to me would indicate otherwise. I started to revise the complaint, but decided my time was better spent working on the other complaints I will be sending. There are at least 15 more coming your way and they will all be similar to the first one. I will include a form for every attorney involved with each of the estates because it is a conspiracy. I am not going to write a separate complaint for each. That's just plain ridiculous. If you want to try and bury these complaints, that's your choice. However, every complaint I file, in addition to my UPL complaint, will be published online. I have people helping me, so it's only a matter of time before I get someone to help write

really good articles about what your probate attorneys are doing. I'm not just talking estates here. The picture is crystal clear of a criminal organization engaging in human trafficking for profit (CHILDREN, elderly, military, etc). I absolutely will not tolerate the bar covering for these attorneys any longer. The actions of the attorneys in my complaint regarding the estate of Joseph Ardolino has been an embarrassment to the entire legal system. I can't speak for other counties, but in Monroe County, the entire system is a joke. Richard Warner has been collecting $6k to $7k a month in rental payments, yet he's only paid the property taxes for one year out of the 7 and 1/2 which he's controlled it. A certificate for one of the parcels allegedly comes due TODAY and since no one will pay it, the property will be auctioned. If the bar still refuses to accept my complaint, and will not take immediate action against the attorneys on this estate, I will send a copy of the complaint to every major news organization in the country. I will tell them how the main perpetrators are the same attorneys who draft new laws and write amicus briefs for the appeals courts. I will tell them to start talking to the CHILDREN in South Florida. I am not going to pay to send another copy of my complaint to you. I have put a copy of the complaint here: I will send the ACAP forms (for the same 23 attorneys) if requested, but otherwise I will not waste my time. The blog still needs a little work, but given that your attorneys are letting a tax certificate default today, well there is just no time. All of the documents related to the Ardolino and other estates are in the process of being uploaded to the Scribd account provided in the link above. Now, I've spent the last two years pulling data on your attorneys AND the astronomical violent death rate in monroe county. What I have found is so egregious and reprehensible that I will not rest until the predator attorneys are stopped once and for all AND the bar no longer serves as prosecutor. Of course, these attorneys terrify me, so I am not naive to what they are capable of. That's why I have other people helping me. For more than a year, the same two words have kept coming to mind and they are, "HELL NO." Our ancestors fled the persecution of the star chambers, yet here we are again with history repeating itself.

Regards, Carolyn Ellis