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FROST Illustrated • Aug.21-27, 2013


Jr. Frost
Name: Libby Smith Age: 19, Grade: 12 School: Home School Hobbies: Writing, violin, singing, guitar Motto: Well behaved women seldom make history! Name: Ayaisha Davis Age: 13, Grade: 7 School: Towles New Tech School Activities: Basketball, Track Church: First Assembly of God Hobbies: Writing Motto: Follow Your Dreams Name: Malcolm Totten Age: 16, Grade: 9 School: Northside High School School Activities: Dancing Motto: Free to be me!

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Frost Illustrated along with Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation, and the Jennings Center conducted the rst Jr. Frost Conference, Aug 5-16.  The exploratory program, facilitated by Frost Advertising, Marketing & Promotions Director Nikki Tabron-Booker and Camille Curry of Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation, provided hands on training, instructional lectures and demonstrations of materials by applying them to real life scenarios of the newspaper production process. The lecture and clinical-based program covered the history of the news industry; basic knowledge and understanding of news production in print and other forms of media; general job searching skills; and enhancing communication skills. During the program, the students researched and wrote about various topics, conducted several interviews and covered press conferences with Denita Washington of Fort Wayne Girls Rock, James Scott of TGFMobile and Courtney Bowles of The Crossing.

Name: Shaibreontai Johnson Age: 14, Grade: 9 School: Wayne New Tech Hobbies: Volleyball Motto: Have fun, live life

Name: Shelby Crawford Age: 13, Grade: 7 School: Smith Academy Hobbies: Basketball, acting Motto: Have fun!

Name: Shondrea Johnson Age: 16, Grade: 10 School: Wayne High School Hobbies: Texting Motto: YOLO (You Only Live Once).

Name: Marcalin Hairston Age: 13, Grade: 7 School: Lakeside School Activities: Sports Motto: Talent fails when it refuses to work hard!

Name:Soniah Crawford Age:13, Grade: 8 School: Memorial Park Middle School School Activities: Bowling Hobbies: Reading, Writing, History and Singing. Motto: Life is a bunch of bananas. Name: Nate Magee Age: 17, Grade: 12 School: New Haven High School School Activities: Wrestling, basketball, track Church: Canaan Missionary Baptist Church Church Activities: Choir member, usher Hobbies: Playing basketball, video games, Twitter Motto: Respect all, fear none.

Name: Rain Franko Age: 14, Grade: 7 School: Shawnee School Activities: Basketball Motto: It’s not what you do but how you do it!


FROST Illustrated •Aug.21-, 2013



DISCLAIMER: The opinions and views expressed by Jr. Frost program participants do not represent the views of the Jennings Center, Fort Wayne Parks & Recreation Department or Frost Illustrated. Jr. Frost contains the expressed independent opinions of the program’s teen participants.

Who I am
By Libby Smith
Jr. Frost Writer

Facilitator Nikki TabronBooker (center) leads a group editing session.

Television influences children, adults
By Marcalin Hairston
Jr. Frost Writer

Students conduct one of several press conferences. See page 8 for highlights.

Music industry could have influence on teens
By Rain Franko With editing assistance from Ayaisha Davis and Marcalin Hairston The music industry isn’t the same as many years ago. I’m specifically talking about rap and hip hop, and not only the industry. I’m
Jr. Frost Writers

talking about how it influences teens and students. When a rapper is talking about drugs and alcohol and that’s all a teen/student is listening to, can it change the way they think, act and talk? The rapper Rick Ross is a big example of what talks about in his music. Rick Ross says in his song “U.O.E.N.O:” “Put molly all in the cup/she ain’t even know it/I took her home and enjoyed that/She aint even know it.” The Rapper 2 Chainz is another rapper who talks about drugs in several of his songs. Here is an-

other example 2 Chainz song: “Crack started from the trap now I rap, no matter where i’m at I got crack.” When rappers are talking about these drugs, what do teen/ students think? Do they want to try these drugs? Will they try to drug another girl because they heard Rick Ross say it, so it makes it cool? Can a rapper change the way teens/students buy and wear their clothes? The rapper Wiz Khalifa has a particular type of style—Levi Skinnies, Chuck Taylors and a blonde patch of hair called the Wiz Patch. What became a typical outfit for teens/students?

I’m going to tell you in my perspective of influential television: First is the fact that CNN news is considered the most influential show in the last 20 years. In my opinion, however, children shows are the most influential. Those shows teach young minds right from wrong left from right and bsolutely turn them into young adults. Shows on PBS such as, Blues Clues and Dora The Explorer all have messages to guide the children in the right way. As for adults, I picked up some vital information from shows like Pawn Stars and American Pickers. You could find those on the History Channel. Pawn Stars you bring in historical items or family mementos passed down from a family member or attics—paintings, toys, baseball cards, anything. As for American Pickers, there are two guys who seek to find amazing junk all around the world—basically trash that you can turn into treasures.

I am going to tell you something about my struggle to overcome adversity: I am twice exceptional, which is someone who has two or more learning disabilities but is of very high IQ. I have dyslexia and ADHD—and I am very intelligent. But people do not see the intelligence. They just see the dyslexia or the ADHD. Because of that, my confidence in my abilities was non-existent, and from time to time it still is. I have struggled with this all my life. Following is some advice I have used to overcome. Maybe it will help you too: 1. Find humor in your mistakes. It is more fun to laugh when I use wench in a sentence when I supposed to use which. And, I remember the lesson better too. 2. Make the effort to work through the problem; around the problem; over the problem. Look at different ways to solve the problem. 3. Knock the problem down to size—like the riddle about eating the elephant: How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Problems are easier to solve in smaller components. 4. Like Mark Twain said, “I never let my schooling interfere with my education.” The whole point is to look outside the box. There is always more than one way to solve a problem. Be creative. 5. Create and sse a support team of friends, family and spiritual leaders to lean on when you are suffering from poor self-esteem. The journey may seem impossible sometimes. But, hopefully you can use some of these lessons I have acquired to ease your journey. In the words of Tim Gunn, “Make it work.”

Bullying isn’t always in person
By Nate MaGee With editing assistance from Ayaisha Davis and Marcalin Hairston
Jr. Frost Writer

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The meaning of bullying is to talk or spread rumors about other people. Bullying can be considered teasing, talking about people, hurting someone’s feelings, leaving kids on purpose. Bullying can happen in person, but also can happen on the Internet. That is called cyberbullying. The meaning of cyberbullying is people bullying another person online/the Internet, which can put that person down. Hate mail are messages that show racism, sexism, or a form of harassment. Now bullying is not that different from cyberbullying, it’s just not in person. In everyday life, bullying is one of the main factors of suicide from ages nine through 15.



FROST Illustrated • Aug.21-27, 2013


Jr. Frost participants work on their articles.

Frost Illustrated Managing Editor Michael Patterson presents students with a news story-writing exercise. Layout & Production Manager Andy Kurzen and Writer/Ad Representative Jeanie Summerville also participated in the Jr. Frost Conference.

The state of LGBT rights
By Shondrea Johnson With editing assistance from Marcalin Hairston
Jr. Frost Writers

Learn the signs of dating abuse
By Ayaisha Davis Do you know when you’re in an abusive relationship? There are so many ways to tell if your relationship is becoming abusive. One minute you have someone who makes you think they love you and you are everything to them, then all of a sudden you begin to doubt love and what it really is. Warning Signs: • The person you thought loved you becomes controlling and may make you feel like you are nothing. • Eventually, you begin to feel isolated from your family and friends. • When your partner is unhappy about something you feel nervous or they make you feel like it’s your fault. • You start to realize that your opinion doesn’t matter and everything has to go their way, whether its right or wrong. • You may eventually become afraid of your partner, doing things they would not normally do. Allowing this to continue may take
Jr. Frost Writer

Alcoholism and alcohol
By Soniah Crawford Alcohol is the one drink that causes hangovers and sometimes is very addictive. Also, alcohol can cause problems like low selfesteem, depression, anxiety and other mood problems. In the U.S., people begin drinking alcohol in their mid-teens. Alcohol can affect teens, women, men and the elderly quite differently. If you drink alcohol there’s two signs that you know you drank some alcohol, and they are: • The smell of alcohol in the breath and • The smell of it on the skin. Another sign of a person who drinks alcohol is if they have glazed bloodshot eyes. Alcohol abuse affects about 10 percent of women and 20 percent of men in the U.S. Almost 2,000 people under 21 years of age, die each year in car crashes, which are caused by under age drinking. Drinking too much alcohol can make you dizzy and kind of crazy. Alcohol is involved in nearly half of all violent deaths involving teens. Most people die because they were drunk and they were also driving. Alcoholism starts because young kids get depressed easily and some people get too depressed and start to drink a lot. If you drink alcohol then you will most likely start to smoke, and smoking can get you lung cancer and you can die from that too. There is 12.5 percent alcohol in
Jr. Frost Writer

the average wine and an average five percent of alcohol is in beer. When you get pulled over by the police, they tell you to get out of your car and walk a white or a yellow line. You will also have to take a test called the breathalyzer test, which means that you will have to breath in the tube and it tells the police if you have been drinking or not. If it is higher than .08 percent, then you’re going down. One more thing about drunk driving is that the police can do another test to see if you’re really drunk and that is: they give you a dizzy mask and a ball. The police will throw the ball and if you don’t catch it, you’re going to jail. Alcohol is the most commonly used psychoactive drug in the world. Alcohol is very much so poison, you can have relationship problems and mental problems. Also beer, wine, and whisky are poison for your brain and your body.

LGBT is an organization originally formed in the lateto mid-1980s. LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender Organization. This Organization helps gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgenders accept themselves. LGBT is not accepted in all states. Ninety-four countries have signed an LGBT rights declaration in the UN General Assembly as sponsors of the 2011 rights resolution. Fiftyfour countries had signed a statement opposing LGBT right in 2008—initially 57 but three switched to support LGBT rights. Forty-six countries have not officially opposed or supported LGBT rights in the UN. The LGBT rights are actually human rights and civil rights. The LGBT rights never actually gained acceptance in the United States. States are now slowly letting gays get married. I think that all tates should let gays get married. If you love somebody, nobody can stop you from loving that person.

away your identity, which means you may no longer be yourself, but you feel like a robot on call for your partner. Some things you may do to try and prevent becoming in an abusive relationship: • Beware of characteristics of the person you’re in a relationship with. • Observe how the person treats others, such as being respectful, not degrading people. • Pay attention to if that person wants to know about you, or just wants to talk about themselves. • Look for the person if they trying to be overly cocky or insecure. People who are insecure tend to be more abusive to others. If you need more tips go to http://findyouthinfo.gov/youthtopics/teen-dating-violence/resources. Finally if you find yourself in an abusive relationship, look for options to leave. You may need a plan, or family support, if your partner is not willing to get help. Remember, you deserve better. “It’s better to be alone for the rest of your life, then to be with bad company for a minute,” according to Big Momma from the movie “Big Momma’s House: Like Father Like Son. If you need more tips go to www.stayteen.org/dating-abuse/.

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FROST Illustrated •Aug.21-, 2013



Jr. Frost press conference highlights

Frank-O Johnson
PSR Radio Network Frank-O Smooth Show

To 21st R&

The R

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(Photo: Taylor Booker)

Press conference with (left to right) Clarence McFarland, Lakiya Fikes, Owner James Scott and Lawanda Bowen. Jr Frost Reporter: “When did you start this company?” James Scott, Owner: “We are officially six years in.” Jr Frost Reporter: “What are some of your successes and failures?” James Scott, Owner: “Still being open for business today is a great success especially since we started out business right in the middle of what they call a depression for our country...TGFM stands for, Thank God For Mobile, so we definitely thank Him for being able to stay open for business.”

Fort Wayne Girls Rock
Press conference with Denita Washington (center), co-founder and executive director, accompanied by students Madison Wallace (far left) and Cloe Starks.

The Frank-O Smooth Show is a radio advertising promoti www.soulandbluesreport.com Checkmates Ltd Unreleased @ www.youtube.com/drfrankos www.bluescritic.com www.boogiesmusicreporters.ning.com/pro le/boogie
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Jr Frost Reporter: “What was the purpose of starting this organization?” Denita Washington: “Part of it was that we started tosee a need for girls to know who they are. I started to realize that the media was portraying women as something hard to live up to. The Beyonces, Rihannas, they’re great women but that’s just one dimension of a woman. So Angeles • KTLZ, Los Angeles • WMPD, Cerritos, Calif. • our goal was to begin to show women from all spectrums of life. And and WLTS, Cleveland. *BECAUSE Century OF PRIVACY ACT ALL R&B 21st Frank-O STATIONS NOT LISTED* show that we do rock. ” Johnson Top 20 Soul) T (Reel 2 Reel PSR Radio Network Frank-O Smooth Show Jr Frost Reporter: “What type of services do you offer?” 21st Century Contemporary/Traditional Gospel 1. Cee-Lo Green..... Forget You Denita Washington: “We have expanded from the one-time work2. Carl Sims....Just One Night 1. Jake Roberson.....Love R&B Soul shop...we are now working with guidance counselors. We have about 3. Carl Love....Help Marshall.....Let's 2. Benny Me God Step 4. Floyd Taylor.....All OfReel You All Of Me 3. Mickey Jones....Priest Hood(levi) The Soul eights guidance counselors from all over the city that will come in and 5. Monica Ludacris........Still Standing 4. The Heaven Feat. Gate....Say God Loves Me team up with us to work with the kids.” Frank-o 614-829-3248 Jr......I'm • Columbus, Ohio 6. Joe B.• Cutchings To Tired Too Cheat 5. Smooth Roy C.......Let’s Go Back To God

1. Monica.....Everything To Me 2. Bruno The Frank-O Mars........Grenade Smooth Soul Show can be heard on the 3. Carl Marshall.....Let's StepAla. • KAKJ, following stations: WAPZ, Wetumpka, 4. Nelly.....Just A Dream West Helena, Ark. • KCLT, West Helena, Ark. • WPRL, 5. Lorman, Frank-o....Sexy Feeling Miss. • WNBN, Meridian, Miss. • WTYJ, 6. Patrick Green..... Rated PG Natchez, Miss. • KTLR, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma • 7. O.B. Buchana....That Thang Thang WFSK, Antioch,Tenn. • WJAK, Jackson, Tenn. • KGOT, 8. Magi 9......Sweet And Sexy Dallas, Texas • WMGJ, Gadsenden, Ala. • KALA, Rock 9. Roy Woman Needs Love Island, Ill.Roberts....A • WPMD, Long Beach, Calif. • WGNG/WGNL, 10. James Jr./Kurtis Blow/Terry Troutman....Girl Li Greenwood, Miss. • WQMA, Marks, Miss. • WROX 11. UveeClarksdale, Hayes Feat. Otis Clay.....Steal AM-FM, Miss. • VOL, Boston • WUFO, Away To Th Ray.....It's B.Y.O.B. 12. BuDonnie alo, NY • WZZA, Tuscumbia, Ala. • KHITS, Los


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www.myspace.com/21stcenturysoul 7. Patrick Green......Rated PG 6. James Pad....Holy One 8. Frank-o........Sexy Feeling 7. Big - O.....Help 9. Ms. Jody........The Jody Juke 8. Tony Jones....God’s Love And Sexy 10. Magi 9......Sweet 9.Gary Weaver.....The Holy One Way To Say Goodbye 11. Queen Emiley......No The Frank-O Smooth Soul Show can be heard on the following stations: WAPZ, We10. West Frank-o....Praise The Lord 12. Sheba "Potts" Wright/Ms. Did Your tumpka, Ala.; KAKJ, Helena, Ark.; KCLT, West Helena, Ark.; WPRL,Jody....You Lorman, Miss.; WNBN, Meridian, Miss.; WTYJ, Natchez,Powers......Knocking Miss.; KTLR, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; WFSK, 13. LaRome Antioch, Tenn.; WJAK, Jackson, Tenn.; KGOT, Dallas, Texas; WMGJ, Gadsenden, Ala.; Press conference with Courtney R&B Soul Dozen KALA, Rock Island, Ill.; WPMD, Long Beach, Calif.; WGNG/WGNL, Greenwood, Miss.; 14. Chuck Roberson......Gonna Make My Move On WQMA, Marks, Miss.; WROX AM-FM, Clarksdale, Miss.; VOL, Boston, Mass.; WUFO, BufRoy Roberts....A Needs 1. Tommie Leveal....Midnight Love Los A air Bowles, campus administrator falo, NY; WZZA, 15. Tuscumbia, Ala.; KHITS, Los Angeles;Woman KTLZ, Angeles; WMPD,Love Cerritos, Calif.; and16. WLTS, Cleveland, Ohio. *Because of Privacy Act, not all stations are listed. Away To T Hayes Feat. Otis Clay.....Steal 2. EL Uvee Willie.....Man On A Mission The Frank-O Smooth Show is a radio advertising promotional service. The Original 17. Nelly....Just Dream Floyd Taylor....Cut ToA The Chase Checkmates Ltd3. Unreleased @ www.youtube.com/drfrankosmooth 18. Roy Roberts....Hey Jr Frost Reporter: “What type 4. Luther Lackey....Man Up To It Baby R&B SOUL DOZEN Taking My Man Back 19. Stephanie Pickett....I'm 5. Ms. Jody.....Weekend Loving of student is this school geared1.toMonica.....Everything To Me 20. Bruno Mars.....Grenade 6. Frank-o....Only Time Will Tell

The Crossing

Now Playing: 7.5 million listeners,52 broadcasting stations and 29 internet stations, www.myspace.com/21stcenturysoul, www.jamsource.net, www.moshows.com, www.zydecoevents.com, www.frostillustrated.com, www.ning.com/franko_smooth, www.souldandbluesreport.com, www.bluescritic.com, boogiesmusicreporters.ing.com/profile/FrankJohnson and Saturdays at 10 a.m. dr-love.com click on southern soul on the Tom Davis show airing out of ATL


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2. Bruno Mars........Grenade wards?” 3. Carl Marshall.....Let's Step The Hell On 7. Mr. Zay....Get 4. Nelly.....Just A Dream Courtney Bowles: “Students 8.Contemporary/Tradition Gregg A. Smith....Time To Go To Work 5. Frank-o....Sexy Feeling 6. Patrick Green..... Rated PG 9. Tommie Leveal....Here We Go who haven’t found a fit in school 1. Blood Brothers.........Lord Help Me 7. O.B. Buchana....That Thang Thang 10.JT Watkins....Blind Woman On AGiving Cane 8. Magi 9......Sweet And Sexy 2. Lori Jones.....Thank's systems.” 9. Roy Roberts....A Woman Needs Love 11.Sheba Potts Wright....Put Your Hands 3. BeBe & CeCe Winans..... I Up Found Love James Jr./Kurtis Blow/Terry Troutman....Girl Like You Jr Frost Reporter: “What 10. are 12.O.B. Buchana....I’m Rowdy Rowdy(remix) 11. Uvee Hayes Feat. Otis Clay.....Steal Away To The Hide Away 4. Kenny Reese.... Stormy Weather 12. Donnie Ray.....It's B.Y.O.B. 5. James Sneed.....Praise the Lord some of your challenges?” 6. David Austin.......Loving Him Century R&B 21st Century R&B SoulSoul Courtney Bowles: “Keeping 21st 7. Stanley Straube... A Touch of Life 2 Reel Soul) Top 20 (Reel (Reel 2 Reel Soul) Top 20 the students engaged, diligent and 8. Carol Lockridge....Jesus Is 1. Cee-Lo Green..... Forget You 1. Tommie Leveal....Midnight Love A air 2. Carl Sims....Just One Night 9. Patricia Conroy........God Speed maintaining peace.” 3. Carl Marshall.....Let's Step The Hell On 2. Mr. Zay....Get

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3. Willie B.....She Made A Freak Out Of Me 4. EL Willie.....Man On A Mission 5. Jaye Hammer.....I’m In Love 6. Ms. Jody.....Weekend Loving 7. Donnie Ray....Southern Soul Blues Slide 8. Stepanie Pickett....My Love Is Guaranteed Record Pool & Street Team Promotions 9. LaRome Powers....Knocking 7107 Creek 10. RB &Hickory Company......Hey Baby Dr., B-1 Ft. Wayne, IN 46809 11. O.B. Buchana....Can’t Get You O My Mind 260.241.7001 12. Frank-o......Ruby Red Ring 13. Tommie Leveal....Here We Go kennyreese2001@yahoo.com Contemporary/Traditional Gospel 14. Randy “Wild Man” Brown....Cold Weather Kenny Reese 1. Blood Brothers.........Lord Help Me 15. Sonny Mack....Sit Her On The Table 2. Lori Jones.....Thank's Giving Send resume & cover 3. BeBe & CeCe From the Frank-O Smooth Soul Show I Found Love 16.Winans..... Kelly Rowland/Lil Wayne....Motivation Stormy Weather letter to: FROST 4. Kenny Reese.... 17. Floyd Taylor....Cut 5. James Sneed.....Praise the Lord To The Chase ILLUSTRATED 6. David Austin.......Loving Him TOP 10 18. Magi 9......Sweet And Sexy 7. Stanley Straube... A Touch of Life 3121 S. Calhoun 8. Carol Lockridge....Jesus Is 19.21st Jim Peeler....Stop Me Ce ntury R&B Soul Patricia Conroy........God Speed 20. J.T. Watkins....Hey Bartender St. Fort Wayne, IN 9. 10. Frank-o.....By His Strife

4. Floyd Taylor.....All Of You All Of Me His Strife 10. Frank-o.....By 5. Monica Feat. Ludacris........Still Standing 6. Joe B. Cutchings Jr......I'm To Tired Too Cheat 7. Patrick Green......Rated PG 8. Frank-o........Sexy Feeling 9. Ms. Jody........The Jody Juke 10. Magi 9......Sweet And Sexy 11. Queen Emiley......No Way To Say Goodbye 12. Sheba "Potts" Wright/Ms. Jody....You Did Your Job Right 13. LaRome Powers......Knocking 14. Chuck Roberson......Gonna Make My Move On You 15. Roy Roberts....A Woman Needs Love 16. Uvee Hayes Feat. Otis Clay.....Steal Away To The Hide Away 17. Nelly....Just A Dream 18. Roy Roberts....Hey Baby 19. Stephanie Pickett....I'm Taking My Man Back 20. Bruno Mars.....Grenade

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1. Roy Roberts....A Woman Needs Love 2. Stephanie Pickett....I'm Taking My Man Back 3. Frank-o...Sexy Feeling 4. Patrick Green...... Rated PG 5. Ms. Jody........The Jody Juke 6. Magi 9.....Sweet And Sexy 7. Carol Lockridge.......You're So Special To Me 8. Nelly....Just A Dream 9. Joe B. Cutchings Jr......I'm To Tired Too Cheat 10. Uvee Hayes Feat. Otis Clay.....Steal Away To The Hide Away

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