Employee Attendance Policy

1. PURPOSE In order to bring about a uniformity and disciplined approach in attendance system at all our locations, it has been proposed to observe the following attendance guidelines and process by all employees. 2. SCOPE This policy shall be applicable to all employees including retainers and trainees at all locations. 3. OFFICE TIMINGS: All our offices in India will observe 8 hours and 30 minutes work schedule. Any work session shall be of minimum 4 hour and 15 minutes for half day. 4. WEEKLY OFFs Location Corporate_Mumbai R & D_Navi Mumbai Plant_Bhuj Truck Centre_Hazira Pune_Spares Regional Office Locations Weekly Offs in Month Sunday, 2nd & 4th Saturday Sunday, 2nd & 4th Saturday Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday, 2nd & 4th Saturday

5. LUNCH BREAK: An employee can avail lunch break of 30 minutes in a given 8 hour 30 Minutes duration. 6. ATTENDANCE RECORDING: • Employees who have been given an Identity and access cards are requested to mark their daily attendance with access cards and this attendance data will be linked Attendance Module in HRMS.

Employees are allowed to avail 3 Short Leaves in a month for duration of 1hour 30 minutes. This Short Leave can be adjusted against 3 late coming or early leaving. This is not en-cashable, or carried forward or clubbed in any form. The Short Leaves are automatically approved by Reporting Manager in the system. The Short Leave must be applied after availing this leave and no advance request to be raised. Any late coming/early going after availing above 3 Short Leaves shall be considered as absent for half a day. If the employee doesn’t raise the Short Leave in Attendance Module, it will be treated as LWP for Half Day and deducted from salary. Post this policy coming to effect no regularization of attendance will be permitted except for official outdoor duties.
Exit time will be based on the card swiped while leaving the office.

AMW Corporate Human Resources 2012

• 7.00 13.5 Hours between First ‘In’ and Last ‘Out’ Punch. Their Attendance will be captured in the system and they need not do Attendance Regularization.30 to 12.15 to 22. At location specific Attendance. However. Navi Mumbai_R & D.00 to 16.45 to 18.45 to 00. • All Employees who are visiting Bhuj.45 to 15. GENERAL • Employees need to swipe their card in the morning and evening to ensure both ‘IN’ and ‘OUT’ records are captured.00 14. • It will be the responsibility of the employee to ensure he/ she adheres to attendance policy. in this case employee has to ensure 8.45 11.30 to 10. Any unapproved attendance shall be considered as absent and will be considered in the next payroll cycle if attendance/leave is approved on time. • This policy shall come into with effect from 1st July 2012. and Bhuj_Plant.15 to 17. Employees from Mumbai visiting Bhuj must swipe their Attendance at Bhuj locations.15 to 15. Mumbai Corporate Office and Navi Mumbai R & D locations must carry their Identity Cards.30 to 13.30 23.00 12.00 GENERAL SHIFT st 1 Half Schedule 9.45 9. • Attendance Machines are installed at Mumbai_Corporate. Either Employee can raise his Attendance Regularization or his Reporting Manager can raise Attendance for all his subordinates in HRMS. EMPLOYEES ON OFFICIAL OUTDOOR DUTY: • When an employee is on outdoor duty he/she is expected to apply in HRMS upon returning to office and seeks approval for the same.30 06. • This policy shall be amended / modified from time to time based on management discretion.30 to 19.45 to 18.30 - nd AMW Corporate Human Resources 2012 .30 11. Single swipe will be treated as half day. employee need to use ‘Attendance Regularization’ in HRMS module and ensure his attendance data is updated by 16th of each month ( for attendance and leave records from 16th to 15th of the month).00 to 9.45 9.00 19.15 06. The system shall consider ‘FIRST IN’ and ‘LAST OUT’.• At location where such access cards are not operational. • Employee has to regularize his attendance within 15 days of absence • In case the employee loses the card the same shall be made available on request by the employee with an amount of Rs.30 11.30 to 9.00 to 13.30 15. It is the employee responsibility to ensure his Attendance is approved by his Reporting Manager before Cut off date of Payroll.00 to 18.15 07.30 to 11.00 15.45 9.00 23.30 13.100/-which will be deducted from the salary.15 14.15 to 16.45 7.45 7. 8.15 3 SHIFT rd Mumbai Corp Office Navi Mumbai R & D Bhuj Plant Bhuj Plant Bhuj Plant Navi Mumbai R & D Bhuj Plant Bhuj Plant Navi Mumbai R & D Bhuj Plant Navi Mumbai R & D 2 Half Schedule 13.15 to 19.45 nd 2 SHIFT 15.00 10. The approval will remain with Reporting Manager for 15 days .30 to 13.30 18.00 9.30 to 7.30 to 9.15 st 1 SHIFT 07. Timings Overview for General and Shift category In Time 9.

9. If an employee remains absent without intimating for three days at a stretch. 4. AMW Corporate Human Resources 2012 . an employee reports to work after a long absence. written satisfactory explanation should be obtained for his/her unauthorized absence.” 3. seeking written satisfactory explanation for the said absence. 2. his/her immediate superior or HR representative shall send a communication to his/her last known address mentioning “REPORT DUTY IMMEDIATELY. his/her immediate superior or HR representative must ensure that a letter is sent to the employee's last known address and email id available with the Company through registered post with acknowledgment due. A copy of such letter should be forwarded to the Human Resources Department along with the copies of other previous correspondence. The employee would be allowed to report to duty only after the immediate superior finds it appropriate. In case. Continued long absence shall be dealt as per the disciplinary procedure. Employees remaining absent without prior permission shall lose his/her Salary for the duration of his/her absence. If such an employee continues to remain absent for five days at a stretch. ABSENTEEISM Absenteeism shall be dealt with as under: 1. 5.

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