Paintball Fun (wfw) I woke up early one spring day with a smile on face from the dreams I had

last night in anticipation of all the fun I had planned with my best friend. Today is Sunday, and the weather is finally warm enough out side to play paintball. The winter was long and cold, and we have been waiting like kids for school to let out so we can go outside. The past few weeks have been very cold. Usually we have enough friends to make teams, but today is going to be different. Only the 2 of us are able to play, and I couldn’t be happier! Rachel and I have been friends for a few years. Sometimes we cross the lines of friendship. We have always had strong chemistry between each other since we met. I feel so drawn to her in so many ways. It has been a while since we spent alone time together, but today that is going to change! We are going to be alone in the woods for a few hours today, and I’m not going to waste a second of it. I gathered up all my gear and headed over to Rachel’s. I am known for showing up late, but today I am going to surprise her by being on time and ready to go! When I got there, Rachel ran outside to greet me with open arms and big hug! The hug alone had me tingling all over, and I just got there! Rachel is a knock out! She has silky blond hair, gorgeous blue eyes, athletic thighs, and a smile that blinds you at times. She is like a sporty barbie doll with all the right curves, but with a great personality and laugh that turns all heads as she enters a room. Girls and guys all want her and crave her attention. A simple look into hers eyes and your forever lost in her her beauty. She certainly makes an impression on everyone she meets. After we hugged, I gazed into her eyes, letting her know I came over today to “play”. A simple look at each other and we always know what each of us is thinking. I think that is one of my biggest attractions to her. Being able to connect like that is so powerful and strong that I simply can’t think of anything but her when we are even near one another. We put on all our gear, filled our guns with paint balls, downed a couple of beers, and headed down the trail to our playing field. We are both wearing camo pants and shirts, boots, and our protection mask. Even wearing all the gear gets us worked up and ready for games. We placed our extra amo and cooler of beer at the head of the trail and discussed what we were going to play this time. I told Rachel I wanted to go hide first, and for her to give me a few minutes to get in position. We drank another beer before starting the game. Her hair was falling down around her face, and I reached up to pull it back out of her way so she could see. Just touching her hair and brushing her skin with my hand sent chills up my spine and butterflies filled my stomach. She looked up at me with an evil smile and I stepped in to embrace her with a kiss before we started. I did not want o let her go, but what I had in store for her today was going to be worth the wait. I entered the woods with my gun and told her to fire 3 shots before she came looking for me. I ran to a spot that I had cleared once before the winter and hunkered down in a bunker to wait. I was so wet from the kiss only moments earlier that I thought I would just die until she came looking for me. I leaned up to stretch one more time before she came, and as I did, I pressed my had against the crotch of my pants ease the throbbing that she already created. When I am alone I can just think of her and I’m wet for her touch, but there is no substitute for the real thing. Rachel usually makes the first move. She is in a relationship, and I try not to push her too much, but when she lets me know its ok, I jump at her with all I have. I crave her constantly, all day I think of her, and I have so much love for her in every way. I can’t dream up a more perfect woman. Everything about her turns me on. She fired off 3 shots and entered the woods. I was hid so well that I worried she would not find me, but I wanted to catch her by surprise to fulfill the fantasy I had dreamed up the night before. I could hear the leaves rustling under her feet from the fall, and I knew she was drawing near. I was trying to be as still as I could as not to give my location away, but it was hard to do with all of my throbbing. I needed relief and soon! I was in a bunker with logs stacked up. I could see her coming from above me with her back turned as she looked around for movement. It was time!

Rachel stepped back once more. She was 2 feet from me and I jumped up from the bunker and grabbed her from behind. She screamed so loud I thought I was going to loose my hearing. I caught her totally off guard, and her heart was pounding in her chest. I told her she was now my hostage to be very quiet and listen to what I told her to do. My gun was on the ground because I had no intentions of shooting her. I took her gun and placed it near mine. One of my arms was around her waist and with my other hand, grabbed her hand and pulled it behind her. I whispered “caught you” in her ear and began to kiss and bite her neck. I took the hand behind her back and placed it on my crotch so she could feel that I was packing more than my gear this time. She moaned as I pressed the strap on against her ass. He ass was sliding up and down and the the base of the strap on was stimulating my clit. I no longer had to restrain her as she fell right into my trap as planned. She surrendered freely and became my sex slave in the bunker I so carefully prepared for her. I wanted to feel her bare skin and stripped her of her shirt. The chill in the air made her nipples appear before me, and I took them in my warm mouth one a t a time to keep her hot again. I wanted to see what she had on underneath and I reached down to tear violently at her pants and shred them off of her as quickly as I could. Her torn pants were now around her boots and she was exposed all over except for some cute white boy briefs that made her ass so appealing. Rachel has the most beautiful body I have ever seen, a small round ass with 2 lower back dimples that were made for thongs and lingerie. I took a few moments to gaze at the gorgeous woman before me. I slid my hand underneath her shorts as she faced me. We kissed deeply as I felt her wet lips, and my fingertips teased her opening and released a slight moan into my ear. I didn’t want her to come just yet, so I placed my hands on her shoulders and forced Rachel to her knees. I commanded her to unzip my pants and go down on me. She caressed the tip of the dick between here lips and then slid the strap aside to access my clit. She hungrily licked and sucked me, and I told her to stick her tongue inside me. I forced her deeper inside me as I pressed the back of her head up and down until I came into her mouth. I ached for her for so long, and I was finally getting the very need relief. Now for the moment I was waiting for. I laid our pants over the logs for her and picked her up from her knees and bent her over the logs. I examined her ass positioned up in the air and tightened the straps. I wasted no time, and forced my dick half way inside her releasing loud moan. Rachel plays hard to get some times, but I know just what she needs and desires….I slid it in back and forth a few times and then slid back out. I asked her how bad she wanted me to fuck her pussy and teased her hole with the tip. I reached around and teased her clit with my fingers and told her to beg for it or she was going to be left to throb. Rachel backed her ass into me as far as she could and screamed for me to fuck her hard, fuck her now! I grabbed her hips and began to pound her in rhythm of her moans. The scent of her sweat and skin as she rocked into me was intoxicating. We were working it with the same pace, she thrust wert strong and pounded the dick into my clit, and from the moans I know she was about to explode. She gasped a few times and she yelled out loud. We came at the same time and continued to fuck for 2 more orgasms. I pulled out and we collapsed and fell to the forest floor. We never fired off any shots from our guns, but I didn’t really come over for paintball. It was just a nice cover and excuse to be alone that day.

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