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March 28th – April 21st 2009 www.esntrain.


In 2009 we celebrate:

The 20th Anniversary of ESN

The Erasmus Student Network was founded in 1989

20 Years of European Reunion

• Fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9th 1989
• Fall of the Iron Curtain on Mai 2nd 1989
Foster open dialogue and a sustainable
form of mobility – on train !

Make a positive contribution to the

European society – with ESN !

Become a communication platform

for students – with all kinds of
cultural backgrounds !

Celebrate 20th anniversary of ESN – as

well as the 20 years of European
Reunification !

Motivation for all/new ESN-members ! ! !
Organisation Committee

Bernhard Jäggle

Remo Weber
Marketing, Media & PR

Kaspar Schüpbach
Country Coordinator
Patronage Committee
Matthias Fenner,
President of the ESN (Brussels)

Prof. Dr. Patrick Aebischer, President of the

EPFL (Lausanne)

Prof. Dr. Ralph Eichler, President of the ETHZ


Prof. Dr. Konrad Osterwalder, Rector of the

United Nations University (Tokyo)

Adolf Ogi, former Swiss Federal Minister and

Special Adviser on Sport for Development and
Peace to the United Nations Secretary-General
until 2007

Dr. Erhard Busek, former Austrian

vicechancellor, President of the European Forum
Alpbach, President of the Institute for the Danube
Region and Central Europe (Vienna)
The ESNtrain

silent loud loud silent

beds Communication Platform beds
1 Train = 16 Waggons
• 9 Couchette coachs
For the whole trip
600 sleeping berths
• 2 Pullman coach
30 sleeping berths
• 2 Palace cars
total of 30 sleeping berths a. 30 seats with tables
• 1 Logistic waggon
150 footings
• 2 Community waggons
total of 300 footings
• 0-1 Firstclass waggon
80 seats with tables
• 0-1 Eating waggon
50 seats with tables
Discover Europe
Bratislava Kraków
Vienna Warsaw • The route is ordered!
Klagenfurt Malbork
Mallnitz Gdańsk • New timetable is on the web
Innsbruck Berlin • Dates are fixed, time could change a bit
Vaduz Sassnitz
St. Gallen Trelleborg • Start with the planning of your events…
Winterthur Linköping
Zurich Stockholm Do 9 Gdansk an 13.00 Uhr
Lucerne Uppsala Fr 10 Gdansk ab 0.00 Uhr
Berne Trondheim
Fr 10 Berlin an 9.00 Uhr
Lausanne Oslo
Kandersteg Copenhagen Sa 11 Berlin ab 0.00 Uhr
Sa 4 Budapest Keleti pu. ab 1.00 Uhr
Genoa Hamburg Sa 11 Linköping an 10.00 Uhr
Pisa Bremen Sa 4 Bad Fischau an 7.00 Uhr
So 12 Linköping ab 0.00 Uhr
Rome Utrecht Sa 4 Bad Fischau ab 11.00 Uhr
Siena Amsterdam So 12 Stockholm an 7.00 Uhr
Sa 4 Wr. Neustadt Hbf 11.15 Uhr
Ljubljana Brussels So 12 Stockholm ab 14.00 Uhr
Zagreb Strasbourg Sa 4 Wien Südbahnhof an 13.00 Uhr
Budapest Heidelberg So 5 Wien Südbahnhof ab 2.00 Uhr
Bad Fischau Berne
So 5 Brno hl.n. an 6.30 Uhr
Vienna Zurich
Prague Munich So 5 Brno hl.n. ab 14.00 Uhr
Dresden Linz So 5 Praha hl.n. an 17.00 Uhr
Wrocław Bratislava
Mo 6 Praha hl.n. ab 0.00 Uhr
ESNtrain - FAQ

The FAQ is now online

Info Points

• Info Point in the Train

• Explication of the next town
• Get on board for free for one night

• Info Point in the Town

• Buy the ESNtrain-Money (electronic)
• We accept € and local currency of the stop
• 1€ = ESNtrain Thaler
• There is no cash in the ESNtrain!
• drinks are bought with the ESNtrain-
• Place to go for new participants
• Possibility to charge your apparatus

• Description of the Town

personal description of your town

• Photos
personal photos of your town

• Tips
special places, bars, meeting points, …

Coming very very soon on

-> Insert topics above by yourself…
ESNtrain – To Do

• Schedule for Country Responsible

• December
• Definition of the Activities
• Look for Sponsors
• January
• Definition the Activity Details
• February
• Write the ESNtrain Guide
• March
• Subscription of the Participants for
the Activities
ESNtrain - Registration

• Every section has 2 places for the whole trip

• They are just reserved but NOT for free
• Reserved until mid of January for sections
• Afterwards registration open for everybody
• If needed, reserve more than two places
• We try to get them to you whenever possible
• BUT no guarantee to receive more than 2 places

• Define your own route

• Join us for the whole trip
• Join us for some days
• Join us several times
ESNtrain - Registration

• Define your own route

• Join us for the whole trip
• Join us for some days
• Join us several times
• Invite your friends
• If there is some space left you could invite
your friends to participate in the train

Registration opens mid December on!

-> Internal ESN Registration JUST FOR ESN Members!
ESNtrain - Costs

• General Costs
• Registration fee of 20 €
• Includes a welcome package (once)
• Has to be paid only once

• Costs per night

• 6 berth cabin: 30 €
• 3 bed cabin: 60 €

• Included in the price

• Breakfast
• Bed lines
• Journey of 1 night
• …and many specials (e.g. spa)
ESNtrain - Payment

• Payment
• By SEPA to our Bank Account
• Within 10 days after reservation
• Just pay for yourself (per payment 1 person!)
• Using the unique Registration-ID...
• Payment Reason:
• RegistrationID_
• Name_Lastname
• ESN-Section
• => 12345_Remo_Weber_ESNWinterthur
After 10 days the reservation is going to be
cancelled if the money hasn't be paid.
Payments without the RegistrationID in the “Reason of
payment” are going to be paid back and the registration
is going to be cancelled after 10 days
Section Contacts

• Connection possibility
each country has a responsible in Switzerland.
Please read the documents on the homepage before
ask your section contact a question!

E-Mail address is:
Bernhard Jäggle

Remo Weber
Marketing, Media & PR

Kaspar Schüpbach
Country Coordinator

Please do not hesitate to contact us!

We look forward seeing you on the train :-)