1 OLD SCHOOL SETTING: AT RISE: A coffee shop/Internet cafe in a college town.

HAROLD is typing slowly on an old laptop, frequently backspacing as he writes then deletes then rewrites; JONATHAN and FRANK are at an adjacent table, texting and e-mailing on their phones; JONATHAN notices what HAROLD is doing.

Dude. Huh?

JONATHAN What is that program you're using? This? HAROLD Oh, this is Appleworks. JONATHAN

Applewhats? Appleworks. Like Word? (HAROLD snorts.) No, not like Word. HAROLD Lots better than Word. Word sucks. HAROLD It's a word processing program. JONATHAN

(Intrigued, JONATHAN gets FRANK's attention; they move in to look over HAROLD's shoulders.) Better than Word? Me either. HAROLD Probably 'cause it's old, and Apple abandoned it years ago. It's kinda the Donkey Kong of word processing software. JONATHAN Donkey what? JONATHAN How come I've never heard of it? FRANK

2 HAROLD Never mind. You kids wouldn't appreciate it, even if I told you about it: it's too low tech, too old school for you. FRANK We like old stuff. JONATHAN Yeah, we do. FRANK I've had this phone for over a year. JONATHAN Bro, seriously? FRANK Eight, nine months, easy. There, you see? JONATHAN (to HAROLD) Old stuff.

HAROLD Boys, if we had more time, I'd go into a rant about the impermanence of the present and how we lose so much in this modern world in our headlong rush to the next shiny tech doodad and app gizmo, but you'd lose interest long before I ever finished the first compound sent/ (JONATHAN's phone chimes, perhaps a Daft Punk ringtone; he looks.) JONATHAN (to FRANK) Yo, check it. (Shows him image on phone; they get up.) It' been great, old dude. You got some good ideas; keep at 'em. See ya. (They exit; HAROLD shakes his head; goes back to typing.) BLACKOUT