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City of Baker City, Oregon

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Baker City, OR 97814-0650
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November 16, 2011
Larry McBroom (Baker City Water/Design/Const. Supervisor)
Ph: 541-524-2019 Cell: 541-519-3385
Department of Human Services
Public Health Division
Drinking Water Program
700 SEEmigrant,Rm: 240., "
'Pe'ndletoniOR 97801'- '
FAX (541) 276'4778
Goodrich Reservoir:

NOV 1 8 2011
Drinking Vlfater Program
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Watershed Management Report
Goodrich Dam seepage as detailed in last year's report has not increased in volume, Tom Hanley (PEl
was not able to inspect the dam last fall or this fall as anticipated. Rick Lusk, the local Watermaster
conducted a complimentary dam inspection this year and found some minor improvements that we will
rectify, but overall the report looks good.
The reservoir was drained this year for inspection of the inlet structure. The condition of the inlet gate,
grates, and concrete looked to be in good condition. We also inspected the 27" concrete outlet pipe
and metal fittings from an access manhole located near the downstream toe of the dam, to upstream
240 ft. to the junction of the overflow intake hole (Morning Glory). The pipe was video inspected using
the city's 'reirrotely controlled pipe camera, with a DVD saved for future reference. All pipe and fittings
looked in good condition with very little sign of corrosion or wear, The information obtained from the
darrl inspectioh will be added to our 0& M Manual later this winter.
Jake Jones, the City's primary water operator will be conducting a snow survey this winter and early
spring. The course will be adjacent to Goodrich Reservoir and was the same used in previous years. The
snow survey at Goodrich Reservoir in past years was standard practice but was discontinued in the late
1990's. Knowing the snow moisture content will enable City personnel to make critical decisions for
storing water in the reservoir.
Diversions and the Auburn Pipeline
As always we are continually monitoring the Baker City Watershed, maintaining the locked, gated points
of entry, signing all points of entry, regulating public entry by issuing permits and patrolling the
watershed during times of public usage (hunting season). The City's policy of not allowing any hunting
during times of extreme fire danger was again implemented this year as most of archery season was
under the extreme fire rating category. Diversions used for collection of surface water are visited by
city personnel on a regular basis throughout the year (weather permitting) as part of our operations.
The Auburn Pipeline from Little Mill Ck. to the Elk Ck. Settling Tank is rapidly degrading as grass, brush
and tree roots are finding their way through the joints of the concrete pipe. Once inside the pipe a single
root can form into a near solid mass, the diameter of the pipe and up to 10 ft. in length. This of course
severely limits the amount of water that can be conveyed through the pipeline. This fall the root cutting
crew was able to clean 3.13 miles of line, from Salmon Ck. to Little Marble Ck. The crew will continue
upstream from Little Marble Creek next year as time and weather permits.
Marble Creek and Goodrich Pipelines
Maintenance on the cathodic protection system for the two pipelines was started this last summer. The
anode bedS for three rectifier stations were replaced and the rectifiers were placed back into operation.
A pipeline survey of the system will be performed in the near future to check for continuity.
Key Individuals and Qualifications
Our Director of Public Works is Michelle Owen. She has been employed by the City of Baker City for
approximately 8 Y, years. She has been our Public Works Director for nearly five years.
Jake Jones (Water Treatment Operator I and Water Distribution Operator II) continues as the City's DRC
for the Water Treatment Facility as well as maintaining the Watershed Diversions and Goodrich Dam.
Jake is also certified as a Cross Connection Inspector. Jake has been working at the Water Treatment
Facility and Watershed for approximately 11 years.
Dennis Bachman will remain as Jake's primary backup for the operation of the reservoir facility. Dennis
is also certified as a Water Distribution Operator Level II and Water Treatment Operator Levell.
Nearly every Public Works employee that works in water maintenance and construction has certification
in Water Distribution.
Water Quality
In accordance with EPA and DHS, the City tested untreated surface water for Cryptosporidium and
Giardia for the Long Term 2 Enhanced Surface Treatment Rule. The City's raw water tested positive for
cryptosporidium. Out of 24 tests, three samples tested positive for crypto, with a total of 4 cysts being
In order to better protect the Elk Creek Diversion Intake we will be constructing new fence next spring
along the boundaries of the city owned 40 acre parcel. The new fencing will prevent any livestock from
entering into the city property.
Seventeen locking manhole covers were installed on all of the existing manhole vaults along the Auburn
and Elk Creek Pipelines. The manhole covers are now nearly impossible to open without the use of a
special key. These manholes are outside of the gated watershed and presented an opportunity for
nearly anyone to gain access to our water system and contaminate the water supply as the old covers
could easily be removed.
The Elk Creek Settling Tank is in our capital plans to receive a major remodel. The wood frame and
metal siding will be removed and replaced with CMU construction and a steel door. This will prOVide a
substantial deterrent to vandalism and possible terrorist acts.
New Projects/Maintenance:
Pressure testing a newly constructed replacement section of the Elk Creek Pipeline was conducted this
year. After correcting a slight leak at one of the fittings, the 6000 ft. of 20" diameter ductile iron line
passed the 240 PSI zero loss hydrostatic test, as required by the project engineer, Robin Harris of
Anderson-Perry. This section of pipeline was constructed in 2010, starting at the Elk Creek Settling Tank,
extending downstream for 6000 ft. The new line will be disinfected and placed in service when all
the waterline has been reconstructed from Elk Ck. Settling Tank to the Fore Bay (approXimately 4 miles).
We hope to complete construction in the next couple of years.
Litigation for the Auburn and Elk Ck. Pipelines has come to an end with the City, USFS and BLM settling
out of court. The settlement agreement will allow for the maintenance and replacement of the Auburn
and Elk Ck. pipelines. At this time we have plans on replacing a %mile section of undersized steel line in
the BLM section upstream of the City Reservoir a couple of miles. Road construction for this project will
begin in June 2011, with pipe installation beginning after July 1, 2011.
A ~ ~
Larry McBroom (Water, Design & Construction Supervisor)