B. Objectives of the On-The-Job Training On-the-Job Training is a tool for employees to recruit new employees.

Supervisors got the chance to check on the trainee’s skills and abilities so they can gauge based on their performance, behavior, and attitude. The internship strategy brings fresh ideas into the organization. Given the facts of the advancement in technology, the new Computer Technician is equipped of the new ideas in Computer Technology. Being deployed in such chosen government offices, the interns are faced with the actual and hands on realities of the cases or problems encountered by computers. Troubleshooting the specific computer unit means the application of the ideas learned in school and likewise, learning a new theory is possible. Interns may contribute significantly in brainstorming sessions or research and eventually help in improving the organization. Supervision also teaches them how to share what they know and be receptive to questions. Accommodating on-the-job trainees is beneficial to both parties. This is why trainees must take their internship seriously as it is a powerful tool and even a source of recommendation when they take that big lift of being a student to career professionals or managers of their own business.


C. Time and Place of the On-The-Job Training Our instructor, who is also the Head of the IT Department Mrs. Wilyn S. Marzo, deployed us last December 10, 2013. We were assigned to different offices and we were tasked to have our OJT at the Department of Agrarian Reform Office of the Municipality of Aglipay, San Leonardo, Aglipay, Quirino. Our On-the-Job training schedules were Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


CHAPTER II DESCRIPTION OF THE COOPERATING OFFICE/AGENCY A. Land reform in the Philippines had its beginnings in 1962 when Section 49 of Republic Act (RA) 3844 or the Agricultural Land Reform Code. is the executive department of the Philippine Government responsible for all land reform programs in the country. History of the Office The Department of Agrarian Reform (Kagawaran ng Repormang Pansakahan) abbreviated as DAR. 4 .

Republic Act 3844 reorganized existing agencies involved in tasks related to land reform and realigned their functions toward attaining the common objectives of the land reform program. Section 49 of this act mandated the establishment of a new self-contained department. On July 26. Marcos signed RA 6389. It also 5 . and this effectively replaced the Land Authority. the department was organized something structurally and functionally through Executive Order (EO) No. and the Department of Agrarian Reform was renamed to Department of Land Reform. 1963. the Department of Agrarian Reform. Republic Act No. 129-A.necessitated the creation of Land Authority. into law. It is an act instituting a CARP with the aim of promoting social justice and industrialization. 1987. making it responsible for all land reform in the country. otherwise known as the Code of Agrarian Reform of the Philippines. Aquino on June 10. under the parliamentary form of government. In 1988. 364. otherwise known as the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law (CARL) was signed into law and became the legal basis for the implementation of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP). This EO also broadened the scope of the department. President Ferdinand E. 6657. In 1978. It was signed by President Corazon C. signed Executive Order No. On September 10. President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. 1971. the DAR was renamed the Ministry of Agrarian Reform. RA 6657 also provided the mechanism for its implementation. 2004. On September 27. This agency was tasked to implement the policies set forth RA 3844 and was created on August 8.

under the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP). since “the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law goes beyond just land reform but includes the totality of all factors and support services designed to lift the economic status of the beneficiaries. Goals and Objectives 6 . 456 and renamed the Department of Land Reform back to Department of Agrarian Reform. 2005.” B.placed the Philippine Commission on Urban Poor (PCUP) under its supervision and control. Mission and Vision of the Office C. President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo signed Executive Order No. On August 23. Recognition of the ownership of ancestral domain by indigenous peoples also became the responsibility of this new department.

General Objectives: Specific Objectives: D. Aglipay. Quirino ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE 7 . Organizational Chart DEPARTMENT OF AGRARIAN REFORM San Leonardo.


Our on-the-job training at the Department of Agrarian Reform Municipal Office at San Leonardo. December 12. Quirino has been an educational and experience-enriching one. A. Narration of Experiences / Activities December 10. we had to fix the Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) because the fuse was broken. 2012 I went to the PGSO office and had my second day of OJT. 2012 This was our first day in our On-the-Job Training. Noel Martinez. After the orientation. It has been nervecracking yet exciting. He reiterated on the procedures and analysis in coming up with a productive training. Mr. 9 . We were given 200 hours to complete and there are varieties of experiences we have met. the Provincial Government Department Head gave us an orientation. I was so nervous. Dr. Aglipay. Bicarme gave us a computer to troubleshoot. Mr. But before anything else. Jaime Bicarme. He explained the basic rules and regulations with regards to the whole duration of our field work. our immediate supervisor took us in his office and introduced us about the nature of our work.

2012 After the computer troubleshooting last Wednesday.December 14. December 21. Bicarme taught us some lessons and strategies in computer troubleshooting. 2012 December 26. Likewise. we had prepared for the presentation we are going to have for the PGSO’s Christmas Program. December 17. 2012 We have a review for we are told to be evaluated of the lessons we have learned during our first week. December 19. He taught us on how to survey a Power Supply Unit (PSU) including the wire colors with its equivalent voltage. 2012 10 . 2012 December 28. Mr. 2012 We didn’t report at the PGSO because we had our Preliminary examination.

January 7. change the name of a computer and network several computers.January 4. Bicarme. 2013 Today. as a group worked together to find out on the problem on why it’s not functioning well. January 11. lights (LEDs) signify the unit is operating.And he assigned us individually in cleaning all the system units in our working area before we started troubleshooting January 9. 2013 It’s a brand new year and we reported at the office this day. Network routers receive their power from an ordinary home electrical socket. 2013 We had a discussion on networking computers and the proper using of routers. 2013 We had no class at school today so we decided to report for our OJT supervisor Mr. Network 11 . There are laptops brought in the office for us to troubleshoot and we. Bicarme on how to router computers. we were taught by Mr. When powered on.

Routers contain built-in software to enable setup. It is easier and more efficient because it automatically installs an audio and video driver that makes the computer useful and not time-consuming in the area of reformatting.routers must be carefully configured when they are first installed. 2013 My co-trainee had his installer so still had reformatting today. We were glad that everything we did was successfully done. January 16. we used Windows 7. Bicarme assigned us today to do some home service. routers must be set up with IP addresses. Routers also offer optional (but strongly recommended) security features. 12 . 2013 Today. Cabarroguis. Like computers and other devices on the home network. we did some reformatted on the computers at the office and to make it fast. January 14. We were brought to the Lagawe Cooperative located at Gundaway. You access this software through your Web browser on any computer connected to the router. We installed Windows 7 on their computers. January 18. 2013 Mr.

After cleaning. We had to open the printer. January 28. We cleaned its nozzle and some other parts of the printer. We installed Windows 7 on their computers. We went at the Engineering Office. 13 . 2013 This day we went out again for home service. we did some cleaning and fixing at the office. It was good accomplishment again on our part. We had it shared to other computers as usual. 2013 We we’re asked again today to go out and went to the Department of Social Welfare and Development Office. I and John Leo worked on it. Afterwards. 2013 We reformatted a computer again today at the Provincial Human Resources Office. we assembled it again and we’re relieved again that it was a success. January 23. January 25.January 21. 2013 We checked on a printer because the ink spilled out. We reformatted a computer infected by virus.

we look for something valuable work to do like working on our narrative report. 2013 Nothing much to do today so we worked on our requirements in school. 2013 There’s no much tasked given to us today so.January 30. We searched on the internet on some important update on our tasks. 2013 We reformatted a Compaq Personal Computer using Windows 7. We connected it to the internet using a router. 14 . January 30. February 3. February 1. 2013 We went to the Governor’s Cottage today to take some PC not in use and we brought them at the PGSO.

2013 Mr. Bicarme assigned me to reformat a PC he brought. Unfortunately. 2013 I went early to the office. 2013 We have a review today for the evaluation that was given by Mr. 2013 We had some downloading of Antivirus today aside from repairing some computers from another office. February 8. Bicarme to us.February 6. February 10. 15 . Bicarme was out for seminar so we were told not to report yet. February 29. We surfed on the internet on the software we needed to use in our reformatting tasks. In the afternoon. 2013 We reformatted another computer today. Mr. he allowed me to leave early. my co-trainees were absent. February 13.

2013 We were told to review for an evaluation that was given by Mr. 16 . Bicarme for assisting and guiding every activity we had during the training. Mr. March 7. 2013 We had completed the 200 hours of our On-the-Job Training today. March 5. 2013 It’s a tiring day for me because we had to install the internet cables at the ceiling from the main server up to the Tourism office.March 2. I felt so proud accomplishing a lot and I’m so thankful to God for sustaining me all the way. 2013 We went to theUniversity of La Sallette. We were given our Rating Forms and DTR and other requirements from our work site. Santiago City for a seminar on the new trends of computer technology. And we are so thankful to our supervisor. Bicarme. March 9.

Dr. He monitored us all the way to check on how every task is being done. Noel Martinez. Working with the Office Head It has been great working with the Office Head. We felt welcome in the office that we didn’t feel awkward and uncomfortable in every activity that we undertake. making sure we are grasping something and that we are going forward on our actual learning. C. He was a former instructor at Quirino Polytechnic College so it was not that hard for him to relate with us. Working with Personnel We had the chance to work with personnel who are always ready to hand their unsolicited advice and lessons needed in order for us to learn much things from our On-the-Job training. 17 . He is a good office head since he sees to seek our learning from the field of work.B. They were so warm and caring.

” This is very true because my co-trainees MR. Working with Peers They say that “Two head is better than one. It has been a raise to our selfesteem to be working in such office. E. 18 . Mr.D. Working with the Community Working in the Provincial Office is a great chance especially with us because we have given the opportunity to meet with the high and respected officers of our community. Adolf Castillo. We have the chance to explore on the different offices of the Provincial Government Office of Quirino. worked as a group and every tasked we had taken has been done successfully. Noel Navasero Jr. It makes us realize that we are grown-ups that we can now begin to be of-service in the development of wherever we are bound to be working in the future. John Leo Fajardo and Mr.

19 .

B. There are several personnel to deal with and really it is necessary to have a good attitude in dealing with people from all walks of life. discipline. hard work. It teaches us the good habits a worker must do like managing our time. 20 . Troubleshooting lessons were amplified as what we have learned in school is done in actual in our area of work. the training program gave us the view of our future work area. Aside from checking on the work ethics.CHAPTER IV INSIGHTS GAINED. PROBLEMS ENCOUNTERED AND RECOMMENDATIONS A. Insights Gained The On-the-Job Training Program offers a lot of lessons for every person involve. Problems Encountered Becoming a computer service technician offers a number of outstanding benefits. camaraderie with one’s co-worker. willingness to work without the supervisor. Moreover. we also had the chance to put into action the theories we learned in school. obedience to the superior. being punctual at work and many more.

There are. however. experience is the best teacher. And as they say. During our training. we had experienced some problems. too. C. and knowing how to deal with them will help your work run smoothly. Learning comes everywhere we go. Also. For the personnels who needs our services. which will enable you to minimize downtime. you are looked upon as an expert and are well respected. Recommendations As for us. And so the bringing up of ideas among our peers had been helpful in our training. you can fix computer problems. they must be more understanding and more patient in waiting for the services we deliver for us to 21 . we must not be contented of what our teacher teach us in the four corners of our classroom. some common problems that computer service technicians run into. Some computers are so messed up that it is impossible to back up the data.For one. A common problem that computer service technicians face is the blame for lost data. And the troubleshooting by group is a learning situation itself. . And the number one problem was the hardship it brings when we are unable to detect the problem of the unit ourselves. Computer Technician trainees. especially in what is related with our chosen course. One of us knows something we don’t know. which will help in building up your confidence.

focus more in our work and will bring a good outcome in the computers we troubleshooted and fixed. We learn things we need when time arises. we grow. APPENDICES 22 . In having a teachable heart or being always ready to learn. They must also give some hints on what might be the cause or problem on the computers they brought for us to know what we can do to the problem.

23 .



26 .


28 .

Aglipay. March 19. JR.CURRICULUM VITAE PERSONAL DATA NAME BIRTHDATE GENDER Civil Status Address Religion Height Citizenship : : : : : : : : LITO SEBASTIAN. 1989 Male Single San Leonardo. Quirino Roman Catholic 5’7’’ Filipino EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND Elementary School Address : : San Leonardo San Leonardo 29 .

Cabarroguis.Year Graduated Secondary School Address Year Graduated Tertiary School Address Year Graduated : : : : : : : 2001 San Leonardo San Leonardo 2006 Quirino Polytechnic College Capitol Hills. Quirino 2013 PICTORIALS 30 .

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