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Freedom is a very subjective term.

For example, a prisoner might not be free physically, but free to cast his mind elsewhere, thus having mental freedom. A religious zealot might be chained by religious zeal and doctrine, but that person will also be free from doubt. So what is freedom? It is the right to self determination on the course of action one wants to take. By this argument the Declaration of Independence was signed, Martin Luther King Jr was shot, and countless millions have given their lives to in the pursuit of freedom. Now, todays million dollar question is, should parents grant more freedom to their teenagers? Teenagers often complain they do not have any freedom. They compare themselves with their classmates who might be allowed to stay out later than them. They complain of the lack of new gadgets, thus limiting freedom of communication. They express a desire to stay out later, have more allowance, do fewer chores and have fewer responsibilities, all in the name of freedom. Parents, on the opposing end of the table, view the modern teenager as having too much freedom. Whereby they once rode bicycles to school, which may be an hours ride of mo re away, teenagers now travel in the comfort and safety of parents vehicles or public transport, thus giving them freedom of transportation. Parents provide allowances to teenagers who use it to buy the things that they want, thus giving their children financial autonomy. Modern parents even allow their children to stay out beyond the Cinderella hour, as compared to the previous generation whereby grandparents wanted parents home when the sun sets. The crux of the matter lies in successful negotiations between parents and teenagers. Parents and teenagers should have a discussion to reach an amicable balance between freedom and responsibility. Parents control the finance of the family, and thus can use it as bargaining power in order to pressure teenagers into performing as they desire. Teenagers have the power (and desire) to rebel against orders; at least until the wifi modem is unplugged. The balance of power in families is up to the parent to decide. Too much authoritarian control and the teenager runs away from home. Too much autonomy and the teenager might end up in undesirable activities. Personally, I support allowing more freedom to teenagers, BUT with the condition of responsibility of that freedom. A teenager cannot expect to run afoul with the law, and then expect his or her parents to shield them from prosecution. A teenager cannot blow his/her allowance, and then ask for more. A teenager cannot suffer from poor performance in any field, be it academic or physical, yet expect an unjust reward. Only when teenagers are mature to the idea of freedom with responsibility, then should parents condone giving more freedom.

Parents must learn to raise their sons and daughters on a good path, and they have responsibility for the behaviors of the kids .This is speech from Arabic culture. The priority for parents is to educate and discipline their children. Children need some freedom to build their self-confidence that parents see their children as their future .Although some people give more freedom to their children and they think that their decisions are in correct direction; others think that more freedom has negative influences on childrens behavior. It seems to me that more liberty has the negative influences on the ethics of the children for several reasons.

Society has the largest impacts on the children manners .if the parents give to their children the make connection with society without control ,the children will make relations with anyone in the community .Basically, children dont have any experiences in the their lifes and this relationships toward to bad situation .For example, in my country , some research have taken for many years and studied the sources of the drugs crime. Consequently, the psychological people found that was the highest percent of the crimes with children who lived in the same area and these crimes related the children who took the drugs. So, these results show that the society has negative feedbacks on the susceptibilities of the children. An old Arabic history said that parents

should choose the appropriate accompanies for their children. On the other hand, some people think that the children must have good connections with the community to build their experiences and they can educate from the society how to deal with other people . Children will spend more money if parents give more independence for them. Nowadays, children need more money for their lives in the schools and the colleges and parents have to help and give their children what they need from money. However, parent should follow and hold accountable their children for this money. In addition to giving more money for the children has unfavorable effects on the feeling of children. For example, in the high schools, students have more money and can buy anything, such as drugs. Moreover, more money will create the big problems between the poor and rich people in the school .For example, in my country , rich children bring expansive food like apple and others ,but the poor children cannot bring any food .So, in some countries ,the governments have made the good laws that there is no difference between the students and the rich people must not bring any money from their houses because they can take the breakfast from the schools. As a result for giving more money for the children wont be dependent on their lives and they dont care about the money. In the contract, some people think that they must subsidy their children by giving to them more money and dont ask people to borrow from money. By giving more freedom to the children, parents cannot control and discipline their children and parents will lose the good connections if they give more deliverance to their children .So, children dont obey their parents and they will take their opinions by themselves .For example , nowadays, the parents cannot control their children because the connections between the children and the parents are very weak .Even though the children and the parents live in certain place, they don t have any connection between them .Consequently , the relationship between them become weakly. Because , children will refuse any order from their parents and do not obey them at all . To sum up, the freedom for the children is very substantial .However, more freedom give negative results for the childrens behavior. In my opinion, the parents shouldnt give more liberty to children for many reasons ,such as, the society affects , influences of spending money and the parent will lose their dignity behind their children
Freedom is meant by someone can do whatever they want in their life as long as they do not against law. Nowadays, many parents did not trust their own children and some of them take an action by control their childrens life and also their activities. This is not the best way for children because it makes they feel stress and it will lead them to do crime and vandalisms. In my opinion, children should be given freedom because they can learn how to manage their own life without hoping from others. So, children of today should be given freedom for their own benefits. Firstly, children should be given freedom to make their own decision in what they want to do in their life. In this way, children know how to manage their own life and their will learns how to solve any problems that they will face in future. In this case, parent should give a supports and not just condemn or control them for do anything their want. All children in this world have their own life and they always want the best in their life. For example, children can make their decision to choose their course in university and parents should gives big support to them as they know their ability on what they can do and they can accept. Besides, children should be able to do what they want as long as they did not against law and their own parents. Parent can admonish their children if they do any mistakes but do not stuck them to do something that they like because they also should given a chances to overcome their own mistakes. For me, parents can control their own child but make sure they can do something that they want to do because parent cannot treat them as they do not know in anything. Just give

them chances to go along with their life and their hobbies or anything that can lead them to manage their life. Last but not least, parent should give their children in freedom to choose their own friends because this will help them how to communicate with others even in different races or gender. Children have their personal possessions to make and choose friends as they know what they need in friendship and parent need to monitor their children to avoid them to take a wrong way in their life but not shackle their life. So, in this way children will feel that they have their own life and they have a parent that always support them in whatever they do so the relationship between parent and children will become more tide. In a nut shell, children need their own freedom to make their own decision, do what they want and even choose their own friends. In this issue, we need to know that all people have their own freedom even for children because different people have a different story in their life. Remember that success in not the key of happiness but happiness is the true key off success. So, if children happy in what they do they will be successful in their life.