Gregory Halverson Age Date of Birth Gender Location Nearest Train Station Nationality Email Phone Current Visa

Status Education Level Availability 30 April 11, 1983 Male Meguro, Tokyo Toritsudaigaku United States 080-3502-9685 Instructor Bachelor’s Degree Immediate

Language Abilities English Proficiency Japanese Proficiency Native Intermediate/Conversational

Career Objectives My goal is to apply the communicative language teaching skills and test preparation skills I have developed over the past year and a half in public school to a smaller, more personal setting in conversation classes and private lessons.

Skills Communicative language instruction Flashcard and PowerPoint material production EIKEN Preparation Interview and essay grading/assessment

Certification Certification Name TEFL/TESOL Teaching English as a Foreign Language Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Certification Authority Certification Date Description i-to-i ( June 2011 My TEFL training provided me with core knowledge regarding the English education process, including English grammar, level assessment, lesson planning, and engaging activities.

Education History

Degree Completion Date School Description

History May 2010 California State University, Northridge ( I have extensive knowledge of the interaction of the world's cultures and a great deal of experience writing, critiquing, and presenting information using the English language. I gained academic experience through grading peer-review papers and leading class discussions.

Degree Completion Date School Description

Psychology June 2009 Los Angeles Valley College ( I gained a deep understanding of human behavior which has directly contributed to my ability to empathize with and assess the progress of students. I completed courses in child, adolescent, and developmental psychology, and I am able to understand and effectively work with the diversity of learning processes of students at any level.

Work History Position Title Employment Period Company Country Description Assistant Language Teacher March 2012 to July 2013 Interac ( Japan In this position, I had the rare opportunity for an Assistant Language Teacher to plan and teach full-period lesson plans on a regular basis. This course required the communicative method of language teaching, which focuses on conversation skills. I assisted many students in preparing for EIKEN exams. I also led an elite group of students in preparing for Ibaraki-ken's Interactive Forum competition, in which students are judged by conversation ability in small groups. I taught primarily at the middle school level but also taught regularly at the kindergarten level.

Hobbies Japanese language study, Kendo, hiking, snowboarding