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Marketing Aspect In studying the marketing aspect of the feasibility, I can say that the market aspect is very

well researched and the overall chapter is indeed very good. The feasibility study shows the current structure of the market or the approximate number of AHSSI and APSSI small-planter members which approximately totaled to 1,600 ARBs The study shows that there are currently287 member of ARBs and seventy percent or 200 out of the 287 members have expressed their interest on availing of the loan. With these number of ARBs who are interested to avail on loan from SPLP; most likely the institution will survive in and will eventually grow. Also the study shows about the competition of existing micro financing institutions in Silay City and in EB Magalona yet it stated the edge of SPLP over these institutions. It is for this reason that we should determine our business edge over our market competitions to determine if the business will survive or will not. It is very crucial to know what the unique qualities of the target business to enhance or to develop good-working marketing strategies that would attract more clients and will provide a good customer based satisfaction. The study also shows a marketing strategy of the 4 Ps Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. In fact, this is an old fashioned marketing strategy, yet it worked for many years now and is being tailored to meet expected market results of the management. The product which is purely financial in nature is one of the most in need aspects of the society. In fact, no one could ever say that they dont care about their financials. Every small scale planter needs a capital for growth in harvest and development of his equipment. In addition to these, small scale planters also need money to purchase fertilizers to help the plants grow healthier and pesticides to help control weed in their field. The price, which is one of the major factors to attract clients. The study reveals how SPLP could compete in terms of prices since SPLP favored to give relatively low interest rates. SPLP interest computation is based on a diminishing balance of the loan principal, which is really the effective interest rate of the loan. With this type of interest computation, it would be simple and be more appealing to the borrowers and for the public as well. Place is one major advantage of an institution. Studies shows, that clients go to a firm/ institution being accessible to them is most. It is more likely for a business to attract more borrowers/clients if their office location is more accessible than those firms/institutions which are not very accessible to the public. The study states how the place/location can be an advantage for SPLP since it is located along the hi-way in Silay City. Lastly the promotion is one thing that the management could not afford to miss. Many successful companies grow with the help of advertisement on the target market. Advertisement and promotion should be so hand in hand to achieve the goal of making the public, especially the target market, know about the business and how they can be able to benefit from it. In the

feasibility study for SPLP, their strategy is of making brochures in English with Hiligaynon (Ilonggo) translations that would further make things easily understandable for the public. These brochures would be given to the target market (small-planters) during SIMAGs training and seminars. Although the marketing aspect chapter is very well written, it is still useless if the management failed to comply with the mentioned strategies. Yet there are also some instances during the course of the operations where the management can use some other marketing strategies according to the demand of the public. If the management opted to use another strategy, well it is their decision and the goal of a feasibility study is to show some available techniques or strategies that will work and that the management can use it in their operations that can help for their success. Overall, the marketing aspect chapter of the feasibility is very understandable yet has full of analytical approach in the operations itself.

West Negros University College of Business and Management Bacolod City Name: JerwinR. Joguilon BSA IV- E41 ACTG 431-Semi-Final Exam Reaction Paper on the Technical and Marketing Aspect of SPLP Professor: Mr. Rodel T. Parcon Date: September 25, 2012

The technical aspect give an insight about the target product as well as it gives basis for its process. Under the technical aspect we can give specific requirements in order to have a good flow of the business. The feasibilitys technical aspect chapter illustrates the physical area of the office as well as the process for applying and granting loans and a time table which shows the flow of the business. I was really amazed how the feasibility illustrates the detailed flow of each transaction and is summarized in tables and graphs. The technical aspect of the feasibility is one of the chapters that will serve as a guide for firm operations and I think this chapter would serve as manual for the upcoming operation. Through the detailed process which is summarized in a form of a table and graph, one can easily understand the flow of the operations and what to expect thereafter. This chapter is really analytical since this shows the proper procedures in the operations which the management can easily control and document transactions for audit purposes. The success of this business would most likely become true when the technical aspect chapter is followed completely. This chapter also shows the technical area which the operations would take a places as well as it gives a layout of the office for ease of access. Also this chapter presents a time table for applying and granting loans which would help a lot in the processing stage of the documents. It also pinpoints the only people who are authorized to accept and approve loan applications. The feasibility is also equipped with a chart which summarizes the flow of transactions. I carefully examined the Application to Approval of Loan Flow Chart and, I am really amazed how this flow chart can help trace documents while in the process for approval. With this flow chart, we can easily know who are the people behind the loan approval and this shows the destination of the document in every process. Through this feasibility study, the management as well as the clients will be properly informed about schedules and the next step in the process of the transactions they make. Also included in the study is an alternative repayment schedule which is in favor for both management and client, since the client/borrower can negotiate about the schedule of re/payments that will coincide with the time of his harvest and the time for the milling season.

The SPLP program is being analyzed up to collecting of past due accounts. The study states that the cashier monitors the repayment dues on a daily basis and the Loans Head is in charge for collection. This method ensures that that the work is being divided and most importantly that the receivables will be properly collected only by the authorized staff at the right time. And as the end of the study allows the technical aspect is the writing the past due accounts which is presented in systematic manner and only authorized body can approve or disapprove the writing of accounts. The overall chapter is indeed very detailed about the process of the operations. It focuses on the systematized process that will be encountered in the actual business operations. This will provide a means for everyone to fully understand the work and to have a fairly division of work according to their respective position in the management.

Management Aspect

In studying the management aspect of the feasibility, the first part which Mr. Tabligan presented is the type of organization which is said to be a lending unit under SIMAG Foundation. Stated also are the positions needed, which the existing staff will be selected for this additional workload and additional compensation for the workload. The management structure for SPLP should be composed of an approving body, an evaluating head or loans head, a field investigator, a clerk, a cashier and a collector. These positions will be filled by the existing employees of SIMAG Foundation. The management will take its pick over the current employees to put those who are qualified in the position. Also, Mr. Tabligan mentioned the existing organizational structure of SIMAG Foundation, which can be understood by just looking in the organizational chart. Since SIMAG Foundation would like to engage in a lending venture, the management needs for the project should always be considered. The need for qualified employees should be the first thing in mind. There should be a defined set of goals and objectives, so that the venture will know whether they are meeting the desired goals and objectives of the management. This will allow hard work and discipline in dealing with transactions to pour out the best efforts from the employees. There should also some rules and regulations separate from that of SIMAG Foundation. Accordingly, it is always a wise thing, to make the employees know that there are written rules and regulations, dos and donts in this venture. As I carefully studied the chapter, Mr. Tabligan mentioned the in need positions for SPLP that will be filled up by the existing employees of SIMAG Foundation. That they should receive additional compensation for every additional workload. In my opinion, Mr. Tabligan failed to make a scheme for salaries and compensation. It is a crucial to have a scheme so that the employees will have a basis of their salaries as well as to ensure the workers that the net pay they receive is just and found within the bounds of law.