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3:92 (for instance wealth).

We may hide and spend or spend openly 13:22, we should neither be extravagant nor niggardly 25:67. We should spend in prosperity and adversity 3:134, day and night 2:274, willingly 2:184 seeking Allahs (SWT) attention for our own good 2:272. That which we spend in the way of Allah (SWT) will be paid back to us 8:60. We should not spend bad things 2:267, should not stress our obligation on, should not annoy those on whom we spend and we should not spend to show people 2:264. We should not spend on stopping people from Allahs (SWT) path 8:36, and we should not spend unwillingly 9:54. Items associated with Infaaq i.e. spending are salat 2:3 patience, truth, obedience 3:17 good 2:267 and 272, righteousness 3:92, bad 2:267, show off 4:38, willingness and unwillingness 9:53. The opposites of Infaaq are hoarding 9:34, and holding back i.e. not spending 17:100. 28. UNZILA ( Sent Down ) 2:4

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This word and other derivatives from the same root alphabets like Nazzala, Anzala, Nuzzila, Nunazzil etc. have been used for the sending down of the Quran 2:185 along with Jibriel (PBH) 2:97 also known as Ruuh-ul Amiin (the trustworthy spirit) 26:192-196 and Ruuh-ul-Qudus (the holy spirit) 16:102. The Quran is stated to be sent down as Nuurammubiin (clear light) 4:175. Nuur meaning light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum. In view of this it appears that the Quran was telecommunicated by Allah (SWT) to prophet Muhammed (PBH) through the agency of Jibriel (PBH) who being trustworthy and pure, brought it down from LawhimMahfuuz 85:21-22 as it was without any falsehood entering it 17:105, 41:42, 15:9, These derivatives have also been used for the sending down of miracles 6:37, 26:4, Towraah, Injiil 3:3 book, wisdom 2:231, balance 42:17, clear proofs, guidance 2:159, angels with orders from Allah (SWT) 16:2, 65:5 and 12 and 53:13, unseen forces 9:26, devils 26:221-222, authority 7:71 peace and tranquility 3:154, 9:26, 48:4 etc. In the material world these derivatives have been used for sending down of water as rain 29:63, which gives life to the dead earth and thus provides food 45:5, 40:13, provision 42:27 and for punishment 2:59, 29:34. Few derivatives have been used for descending from a higher place, on the earth itself, to a lower level as in the case of alighting from a ship 23:29, coming down from fortresses 33:26, providing manna and quails to the children of Israel 20:80. The derivative Nuzula is used in the sense of a gift or entertainment 3:198, 32:19, 18:107. Is it in the sense of gift that few of the derivatives are used for sending down of good refering to the Holy Quran 2:105, sending down of cattle 39:6, of clothing 7:26, of iron 57:25, 16