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117. TAJRII (Flow) 2:25 ) (

Other derivatives: Flowing of (rivers) 2:25, sailing of (ships) 10:22,
blowing of (wind) 21:81, movement of (sun and moon) 13:2, 36:38. They
are also used for ships 69:11 which stand like mountain in the water
42:32, this hints at the fact that mountains too project below the surface
of the earth like ships below water level. This fact of mountains having
roots was discovered recently. One of the derivatives is probably used
for comets or black holes 81:15-16.
118. AL- ANHAAR (The Rivers) 2:25 -V ) - (
This word means rivers 2:74 which have been compelled to follow
the laws of Allah (SWT) for serving mankind 14:32. We use rivers for
irrigation, navigation, power generation food etc. In paradise there are
rivers of water, milk, wine and honey 47:15.
The word An Nahaar is used to mean a day which is opposite of
night 2:164. Allah (SWT) measures out the night and the day 73:20. This
measuring out is so precise that on any day of a solar year the timings of
sun rise and sun set are the same every year. The night is made to enter
the day and the day is made to enter the night 3:27 indicating a gradual
and not an abrupt change. Allah (SWT) makes the night to cover the day
7:54 i.e. the earth comes between us and the sun which causes darkness
or night on our side. He winds the night over the day and the day over
the night 39:5. He causes the oscillation, (turning and returning at
regular intervals) of the night and the day 24:44. The day slips off from
the night 36:37 and the night cannot out strip the day 36:40 i.e. we
cannot miss a day. The day unveils the sun and the night covers it 91:3-4,
92:1-2. All these verses of the Quran indicate the rotation of the earth. If
this rotation is stopped one half of the globe will permanently face the
sun and the other half will face permanent darkness i.e. night 28:71-72
like the moon.
Allah (SWT) has made the night for rest and has made things visible
during the day time 10:67 when we rise 25:47 so that mankind might
seek His grace 30:23 in the form of livelihood 78:11 and has thus
compelled the night and the day to follow His laws for our service 14:33.

119. MUTASHAABIHAA (Like it or resembling it) 2:25
- ) - (