Conservation history in NEPAL.

By:- pawan jha(KU)

Conservation started from chitwon. Since terai was large belt of forest in 1850s. A} In 1846 rana declared chitwon as the national property for hunting purpose. in 1850 there were massive hunting of wild species carried out. 1} elephants 2} tiger 3} rhino 4} snow leopard 5} sloth bear 6} sambers. B} In 1911, king George fifth visited chitwon national park where massive poaching carried out.. 39 tiger, 27 leopards and 15 bears, 38 rhinos were killed. C} in 1950 rhino popn was counted as 800 in hunting reserve. But after 7 year rhino population again counted and result show only 400. This count had been done after wildlife conservation Act promulgated in 1957. D} in 1959, the hunting area was declared by Mahindra sarkar , the area from tikuli forest from rapti river(foothills of mahabharat). E} after declaring Mhendra mirga kunja, Wildlife management division formed under the department of forestry with the responsibility of protecting rhino. F} historical data shows that declination of rhino population going on. In 1959 its number about 300.from next year its number become 1961 its habitat was reduced to 800 squire meter. Futher in 1966 rhino population was 100. G} in 1964 tiger to jungle lodge was lunched. H} in 1972 national park and wild life conservation area was created within department of forest. I}again at 1972 rhino population counted number was 120.after one year at 1973 NP and conservation Act2029 was promulgated and chitwan Np was gazette. J) In 1973,Nepal ecology project of tiger conservation started in collaboration with soviet union instuate . K} after one year at 1974 Nepal army joined the park. L} in 1980 parsa wild life reserved established as an extended habitat. It is followed by several national parks and then bardia was one of them. M} in 1975 chitwan NP management plan was started under UNDP and FAO. Same year the area of national park extended from 544 to 932. N} in 1977 ghraial conservation project was lunched and population was counted 50. O} in 1980 long term tiger conservation was established. P} in 1981 NTNC was established. Q} in 1984 UNSECO declared chitwan as Natural heritage site. Same year research on grassland started under Nepal terai ecology project. Same year exchange programmed of rhino and elephant carried out.4 rhino was Tran located to India DaduwaNP in the exchange of 16elephant to elephant breeding center. R} in 1986 13 rhino was Tran located toBardia NP. same year Guide training started. S} in 1987 elephant breeding centre was established. It was followed by rhino population in 1988 and no was 358. T} in 1989 25 rhino was Tran located to bardia valley of bardia.

U} in 1991 anty poaching unit activated with associated with ITNC. V} in 1994, BNPWC, NTNC and WWF and resource Himalayan jointly counted Rhino and growth was 3.7% from 446-466. W} in 1994, research on tall grassland and their management for sustainable utilization started. X} in 1996, Buffer zone covering on area of 750 sq Km was declared. Y} in 1997 gaur population estimated 198 and symposium on tiger concuss technique was held. Same year wildlife and domestic vet nary was started. Z} in 2000, rhino count was started under WWF, NTNC, DNPWC and estimated number was 554. in 2001 tiger population was declared 60 by help of camera trapping . First time Landscape level of management for tiger and rhino were started at same year. But declination of rhino population took place and it was 372. Gaur count was started and it was 230. Same year vulture breeding programmed initiated. In 2008 rhino population was counted and it was 408.

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