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Defining Standards For Infection Control


Whats Goldshield ?

Why Goldshield ?

Goldshield is the worlds first modern, next generation, patented, water stabilised, non-toxic, non-leaching, long lasting prophylactic shield against bacterial contamination.
Most disinfectants and cleaning agents deactivate shortly after application, posing a risk of surfaces and textiles quickly becoming re-contaminated. Using a unique, breakthrough technology that will persistently protect any physical surface or textile from microbial contamination will help mitigate the spread of infectious diseases. In this challenging climate, Goldshield Industries Europe Ltd. is committed to working with customers to improve outcomes for patients and support efficacy gains within healthcare and institutional settings. Goldshield is a system of products which flow from a core antimicrobial formula that is the only water based sanitiser in the world that offers this level of long lasting protection in such a multitude of applications. The product is available in a variety of forms. These include liquid concentrate, alcohol-free hand sanitiser, hand wipes, and ready to use GREEN surface cleaners. For skin application alcohol was the first generation of skin sanitising, yet it evaporates within 15 seconds providing no residual protection. Goldshields alcohol-free skin sanitiser and antiseptic will provide 24 hours of protection with one daily application, in the absence of hand washing.

Kills microbes FAST

Goldshields unique heat vapour system will kill Cdiff (C Difficile) and other harmful microbes in 2 seconds.

up to 30 days residual disinfection

One application of Goldshield can perform a residual disinfection action of up to 30 days.

100% Water-based
The first of its kind to be aqueous based, non-toxic, mercury free and non-flammable.

100% Confidence
Guaranteed to leave your environment healthy and clean.

Goldshield is effective against:

Alternaria Asperigillus HIV E-coli Fungus H1 N1 Mould MRSA C.difficile Norovirus

Tried and trusted by:


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How it works...
The technology forms a covalent bond which remains affixed to any surface or textile material through a silane carrier. The substrate is then positively charged by a nitrogen molecule which pulls in negatively charged microbes. Through a long carbon chain this unique molecular assembly penetrates the cytoplasm tic membrane, physically stabbing the membrane, pulling ions out and denaturing proteins. This renders the microbe dead on contact and does not pose the risk of genetic adaptation or the formation of a super-bug. Goldshield has developed a unique bio-vapour high-heat system that will kill harmful microbes and spores in just 2 60 seconds, including C-difficile spores. Once a deep clean with this system is achieved, add an application of the Goldshield antimicrobial and your surfaces and equipment will be protected for weeks and months.

Goldshield is approved by and tested to : FDA (Food and Drug Administration) EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) BPD (Biocidal Products Directive) EN1276 Quantitative Suspension Test-Bactericidal
activity of chemical disinfectants and antiseptics (GS5 and GS24)


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EN1500 Microbiological Analysis for Hygienic hand rub (GS24)

EN1650 Microbiological Analysis for fungicidal activity (Agriculture) (GS5) EN1656 Quantitative Suspension Test-Bactericidal activity of
chemical disinfectants and antiseptics (Veterinary) (GS5 and GS24))

EN1657 Quantitative Suspension for fungicidal and yeasticidal (Veterinary) (GS5 and GS24)

Goldshield Technology

The technology is a covalently bound antimicrobial which remains affixed to the surface or to a textile material and, in a molecular assembly, penetrates the cytoplasmtic membrane, physically stabs (the membrane) permitting the compounds which consist of a fat or lipid, soluble portion and a water soluble portion charge.

Goldshield surface kills microbes by skewering them on its microscopic crystalline structure.

Germicidal Ultraviolet Light penetrates the cell walls of microorganisms causing or preventing them from reproducing.

Other protective brands

Other products kill the bacteria, by sitting on the surface.

Once the surface protector comes in contacts with any object it then starts to break down its protective barrier.

All germs can now get back onto the surface, moments after it has been applied.

KEY Sectors

Military & forces

Goldshield technology is ideally suited for use as a decontaminant and a protective shield in a variety of military, first responder and civilian applications. Wound dressings Uniforms, including undergarments Protection against foot fungus Antimicrobial face masks and filters Tents and sleeping bags Paints, coatings and other surface treatments Use in food & beverage packaging and processing environments Use on surfaces in medical care facilities Water treatment filters

Hotel, Leisure & Sport

Infections among professional and amateur athletes are becoming more common, through sharing equipment and poor hygiene in changing room facilities and odour control. Training mats Swimming pool surround Protection against foot fungus Sports equipment University environments Fitness centres Changing rooms Hotel linens, carpets and drapes Common area handrails and other touch points Shower cubicles bathroom and spa areas Air conditioning filters Cruise line sanitation

Transport & Logistics

Within Transport and Logistics environments lies one of the most common transmission arenas of any infection and the associated control challenges allow Goldshield to rise to the forefront of infection transmission and control. Car Valeting Air Conditioning Filters - Vehicles Vehicle Interiors/Cabs Train Carriage Cleaning/Sanitisation Aircraft Cleaning/Sanitisation Bus & Coach operators - Vehicle Cleaning Sanitisation Shipping Containers Shipping - Cruise Liners/Ferries Cruise line sanitation

The number of patients to contract life-threatening infections in NHS hospitals has almost doubled in two years to a record level, official figures have shown. Equipment sanitisation Wheelchairs Medical machinery Hand sanitisation Uniforms Bedding Care Homes GP and Dental surgeries Medical vehicles

Animal pathogens are present in veterinary environments and these environments may play a role in the dissemination of infectious agents, including antimicrobial resistant bacteria. Goldshield advises that every veterinary clinic should have a documented infection control program. Surface sanitisation Hand sanitisation Pet bedding cleaning and sanitisation Fur shampoo and treatment Wound infection control Accommodation

KEY Sectors

Laundry & Textiles

Throughout the history of textile development new technologies have played significant roles. The development of Goldshield allows it to be implemented across many market sectors. Scrubs, sheets, pillow cases, towels, absorbents, privacy curtains, lab coats, nurse uniforms and patient gowns Active and Sports Hygiene, from socks to head gear Consumer interior and exterior design, including carpets, outdoor furniture Industrial textile materials Food & Beverage uniforms, towels Agri-business, aprons, headgear and footwear

Agriculture & Horticulture

One emerging agribusiness problem, which Goldshield technology can address, is microbial contamination and cross-contamination within animal husbandry, fruit and vegetable crops, and all the packaging materials. Animal breeding areas Livestock transportation vehicles Interior & exterior porous compounds Growing of animal and plant life Metals, rubber, glass and synthetic materials Vehicular components Cold storage freezers & fridges Fungus treatment

Catering & food

Goldshield technology can easily address, microbial contamination and cross-contamination within food production and all associated packaging and storage materials. Food preparation areas Equipment cleaning Surface cleansing Conveyor belt sanitising Uniform cleaning and treatment

work place & Education

Goldshield technology will ensure all surfaces remain clean and cross infection is kept to a minimum in all educational areas once applied and a regular usage programme is sustained, thus ensuring the wellbeing of pupils and teachers alike, minimising sickness and time off work and thereby maximising educational opportunities. Offices Air Conditioning Building Cleans Classrooms and equipment Play areas & Equipment Gyms/Fitness suites equipment washrooms/lockers First Aid rooms Toilets/Showers/Sinks/Floors Kitchens/Catering Areas

Protecting your health, welfare and environments with a solution, not just a chemical. Defining Standards for infection control.


Product range
G47 Antibacterial & antiseptic wet wipes GS High heat bio-vapour system GS Nocospray system GS24 Hand sanitiser GS75 Surface protector GS5 Laundry additive GS10 Non ionic detergent GS48 Sporicidal disinfectant GS85 Surface cleaner/protector
Our products are available in a range of sizes from 50ml, 200ml, 250ml, 1litre and up to 5 litres as standard and 25 litre, 250 litre and 1250 litre containers for some products, bespoke solutions can be catered for and are available on application.

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