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Apollo is the god of light who illuminates and dissects the soul
where Dionysius oscures the soul. Pop psychology is the problem,
maybe the new opium of the masses, if you have problems
-don't run away from them, dwell in or on them becpme one with
them very Apollonian and logical. Be one with them and make
your peace with them.

In my own topographical psychology move away from your

problems to a better neighborhood. Why live in a polluted
environment where you have neighbors who say you can't move
up? After all it's uptp the self to define the self and not the
nieghborhood in the ghetto. Move up not in. When you are willing
to give up the ghetto vast new vistas open up giving one new real
estate of the personality. You have to believe there are places one
belongs outside of the ghetto to merit your wings. The call of
Dyonisus is hard to hear but it says come to the darkness where
you can't see your problems, go on a dream quest, reinvent
yourself and then and only then will you be where you are
supposed to be, tour place in the world.

Following pop psychology you will accept where you are, the
place and stars you were born under, while your true place only
your genius and guide can find.Leading to the life of the puer
eternis, peter pan never allowing one to grow up.


Before you have one god you have to live and invent many.
Psychology is monotheistic and believes there is only one self
even though Freud invented the trinity, father, son, Holy Ghost-
Superego, ego, id. Of course the trinity was invented by the
Platonists and adopted by the later church. but now as it stands
there is only one god the self. Similarly Freud held there was the
self divided into three and his disciple Jung held there were many
selves. It all shifts if you look ath the self as a myriad of beings.
However his is threatening to the montheists because it gives the
impression that the self is unstable and maybe therefore cannot
cured, cared for, or otherwise influenced by professionals. If you
want to help someone under the polytheistic model you have to
give these othere selves space so that they will manifest and give
tge patient relief from his ailments. A place has to be made for
these other selves and they have to be invoked if necessary.


The secret art of alchemy held that 'lower' metals could be

changed into 'higher' metals. So to might the progression of the
soul or psyche along a coil be a metaphor for changing metals.
To change metals one needs the philosopher's stone ,
incantantions and a crucuble to change the self similarmethods
could be used One tool that Jung used for transformation is called
active imagination. Baudelaire said it best:" When I pick up my
wand the symphony begins."


Of course the first religions were based on worship of the female.

animism expressed as the female another words mother earth.
Simalarly the psych can be seen as a domain or map or planet. In
actuality each person is an island with due respect to Donne. An
island with bays both big and small somewhat represented by
this illustration:

This island floats in a kind of etheric ocean. The ocean is the

perception of one's self by others or the judgemnt of others what
is commonly called the other. The bays are the ways that one
wishes to be perceived by others. One can see that there is a
very large bay in this individual this represents the principal way
this person wishes to be perceived. It has been created by the
self for easy access to others. The smaller bays are sailed into by
others occasionally and are thought to be the esscence of the
island or person but of course do not really represent the whole
island and of course neither does the big bay. It is upsetting when
someone sails and anchors in one of these smaller and not the
'desirable' bay. Because one wants to be seen for who one really
is and this is the big bay. Of course when others sail into these
smaller bays there is a system of coastal defense that tries to
redirect others to the larger bay the spot that really represents
who one truely is. Because there is a fluidity to personality (it's
not a binary system where has to be alternately Jeckyl and Hyde
forever) in different situations different bays come out and are
more readily sailed into. New bays are constructed and
personality changes, the principle bay becomes obsolete and
another is built.

Anxiety comes from one's bay not being sailed into.


Lower beings in the heavenly realm developed after principle

dieties primarily to mediate betwenn humans and gods. The
Romans called these beings Geniis and their female counterparts
Juno's when a baby is born there is a one of these ' guardian
angels' present to look after them for the rest of their lives. But
not just to look after them to lead and form them they are a
counterbalance to the house that they were brought up in.
Another forse besides heredity and environment. The genii live in
one of the bays and is constantly shouting at one that their bay is
the biggest bay and most important. If you listen and pay
attention this will end up being the most important bay. If you go
against your genii this bay might slowly diminish and dry up
eventually. The genni represent your true self or your destiny.