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Congratulations to Johnny Rutherford and his McLaren Crew. Johnny started from the pole position and went on to win his second lndy 500. As in 1974, the McLaren engine shop again chose Mallory Ignition for their

1976 winning combination. To be a winner, you have to have the very best. 30 of the 33 starters of the race were Mallory equipped. And. of the 27 finishers, 26 were on Mallory. The first 26!



SCCA qntingenq Fund Growth Continues

expmdsd its o o n t h ~ n o y ~ W U B I propun tor 1878 to include tlw Formula 6000 Champiowhip I s l l r . InetPidurl t e c t r u s m a u ~ ~ b e a w ~ I l 0 0 ummgaat on um otaM.ucngi(attion ~ ~ 4 t h e ~ p M . ; I I p . mrla. MaruOD.1 aw~ S i 6 0 0

aer1rl.a ohamplens w u pmwiow& Umcurad. rm ao0dy.u pcrcla*H)rnpoint.Illpddort& 8aImcoot.ll-Isrb.. l d ValvedIam Oil Oa b u insmrd iM announoed Trans-Aa oontingmnay ~ t o * l u d . U u R o ~

Pro Rally Chsm


Rqdu6. Cap.. .aQV a l v d h Oil Co. Cbrplm hu added ma PIpmOuch Armr to ths prsrioudy ~ ~ l SCCA N a t i o n a l Club R a l l y'au t p ~ acuIDentondrl*Dodne ta m V M '"' of kthu Dodgu-Calti or PZymouth Anrm a i l 1 nor q d l f y for chlyaIb!r'a NIIL00.1 rally pmgmm on both


.W's ~det~ Ragtop s Still A, Favorite

. . '

J.R.S. Canada

o n t a r t n s ~ r r ~ ~ ~ u a .

Brambllla had andher pMtloe .hunt uthsnm~ta~epotsits~K~~in too hot, he locked up the wheels udrcurt straight on n o the middie d the iml.nd. The gently sloping curb6 b(mohM his Muoh ~~f& intD ths air. md it went spearing on umu to the other aide and neuly tw-boned J c ~ 8 e h d r t d s @s-whealad TprnlL JodY w ubwyoppoai*l~1'1~fromme 'Jorau . n d never eMarw .. h i .aamumlt.

, it is accelention away tmm. elow c a m e n tbtistheFsrrulgrentw m n g t h . It w u dU&oult b fd my.urpri.e.tJ1thrtthePalrdb

A phfnomema d pr.otios W M Pemwn s speed Sudd.nlg dtca months d obmkriw we a u l d atut aaUing him

And why as. Ronnie, amits;tIlp d l them we& aince joining M a m b suddenly ferter " i n clrss7" "We& I like thi.cimuit. it'i a drivex's eirmiit And I like this new chusia. I
n dW lth aP 5) el e dd the"mM d o n e , i tm ~srie e lt~tbme." H i i m e c h d o . Aka S b ~ d b e r gput , it a little,mas deeply. " U n t i l ncr WE didn't have,the oar exactly right for him. The people who w e n prspuinp it had a

skinerd lntwmtioml Rs-y

Fw f u n k infamion mmM:


PORTLAND.On.-In a more W e d at .tlmuUhg inteblt in noing Volvoa. Import DisirIbuGo. ( I P D ) h . l Ulrlousced t b t it w i l l dlsr O O 1 1 ~ o y moniw for 8CC& M8A and ICBCC

xn %CA ~ a t i o n dracing. IPD ia &ring ( 1 s for a fimt plam finish. tiai lor I ( E O and ~~ & 3 0 for third! irr R s & d ~theoums.n,$76IoratMWfor
aasoand.od$2SforthM.InBCCARo the 1 0 us 6150tor flnt. m y

$7L5lor.eeondand(60lorwrd. IMSA conttnpnoy moniem am limited to R.cing Stock oedma w h ~ a. ttnt p l . c s t1nish w i l l pay (800, a a e . x J n d nil1 p&y S1M)and a third r i l lpqy $100. rntsmrttoIIaI con far^ 0fBPmt.CU

and last year's 761 March were both vary


mlut dimplw an IPD stiolsr dtha on the nind.hield or on sMh &do. .ndit mud be p p e f m n I P D o r l r o l ~ a n I P D ~ o r di*ibuDm Compstitora dwtring huther drtrllr o n y . m . my-valve stesring gear is one of .houid n l t e to C atwi.ta.tFordMotorCompmy. IPJJ. ZW2 NE. B-4'. P d W ~ a r o r d i n to g Robert B.~1-der, ~ o r d Orem'Q;re88. vioa preaidaLCar EnginwrIng Group. "how a vehicle mom and raaponds to intended maneuvers oontributes rn importantly to the confidence the typicrl Road Amerior Tire, the SeaUlab.aad driver enjoga with his oar. "Our Westsrn U.8. distributor lor Dunlop raos development wo* a t Ford airm, at 4 d l y tires, i n offsring a 61000 provldiug staving that not only is more conHngancy award to the iirst Formula n t W a but also gives the driver better Ford driver to rrin a Bpolt. Car Club of control and is more responsive without AmerioaNaHolul pointsnosonth.Weat Cout or Ro Formula Ford noe at 8Ms The company's latest steering. Point Intsmatioolul Raoerry using ianovation iu a rotary-vave stealing Dunlop tirss.

New Steering Gives

.mm , ,

- And F-Ford R w

But them b d w s haw not p r o m very populu. Pmd rh om but is wing to abandon it afkm the 1878 model run even though it ha. a 8.3% instsllation rate on the Con+.inentrlM u k N luxurycar. Ford offiaials admit that their cars have been Wen m o r e often than the other makes. not b e c u m they ue more in demand but b s c t b1 l m a m easier to beat.

~oqmmtion IIM begun oflerGg


d . . l s n in 80 e n ( w and central states

the replacbment transmission


Chrysler'e temmufactured t r u u m h d m us baing produced by its Kokomo. 1 trvlsmiesion plant. Thetru~~ssion reconditioned u tomeet or exwed origmd Chryaler Corporataon engineering epeciflcatlone, a r e campaitivaly priced (suggested retail prJw 6?35 lesa L85 to $80 credit for old oom) and carry a sir month (limited) w v ~ t y Curmntly . 14 of Chrysler'a 19 mglcneI depot6 stock the tranarmeeiona As field Btoclrs incream in the next few molIth&the progrYII will be expanded to .udepotr

GT Challenge Serles at LI


for o n


n tram the depots to the

.nomst to the dealer. m remanufactured rill duo bs used for If a new c u or truck
ostensive -ern ue being a rsph.aement unit r e p d m thameelves tenneoithenewvehiole r than the eix month
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JUNE 1 E i 9 7 ~

Of Ohio Twin

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JUNE 12. 1976



Bimmer Breaks, Keyser ' Fi s To First Heat Win

LEXINGTON. Ohio-A lot of people exDected Michael Kevser ~~"~-~ and Peter Gregg to have a r e a l battle lor the lead in thefirstCamelGTqualify~ngheatat MidOhio and they did. but it didn t start out that way. The two startedside by side. a i t h G r e g g tiking the lead going into the first turn. Kevser remsaed on the straieht and i t looked l i i e it would &-touch and go between them for the distance. Hourever. a8 they Came around at theend of the first lap. Oregg dove into the pits with a hood pin miasing. The brief stop dropped Peter into the middle of the 21 car field. Kevser heldatbree.eacond advantageon ~ h & l l e Kernp, followed by Ludwig Helmrath. Bob H a p s t a d Harry T. Brad Fnsselle. and Bob Vincent. Keyser's m a r g i n o v e r the field continued to gmn. by about three seconds a lap except for Peter Gregg. Gregg's BMW was flying with lap times faster than Keyser. Even though Peter was a number of cars back. the margin uras narming. On the second lap. Harry T put his Monza out of commission when he went Off at the end of the straight and into the sand bank. Theonce-pretty bluecar found itself about a f w t shorter and according to Hany's mechanic Bill Mayherry. m dire need of a whole new chassis before Harry r i l l run it again. Keyser continued to lead the 21 lap. 50mile race, building his gap over Charlie Kemp in second. Bob Hagestad held fourth in a tight fight with Heimrath who was third. By the third lap.. Gregg had moved back up to fifth. Warren Agor had parked his c a r early. when the bolt holding the belts driving the oil pump. Poaer steering, and fan came out leaving the cab with no oil pressure. On the fourth lap. Oregg turned a 1:32.9 to move past Heimrath and Hagestad for







tblrd. Peter took second four lops later. when Kemn's car benan to ail. TheBMW weassome i 2 secondsbehrndthe~onzaaa the race came up to the half r a y point. Charlie Kemp pard a vlsit to his pit on the ninth lap. with a scored piaton The damage was sufficient to put Charlie and his Cobra11 on thesidelineaiortherestof the dav. The race was now for the lead. ssffregg continued to c h o p i n t o Keyser's advantage. Peter was being helped by the fact that the Monza's engine was going flat. A s Michael explained i t "The hood SCOOP on the car i s a little lower than on the other Monzas and we aren't abletoget enough cool air in through the engine. With hotter air going into the manifold the engine loses about 30 horsepower and just doesn't have the torque and top end that i t does when it runs cool." Peter u7asmoving the BMW closer each lap. taking nearly a second off on each circuit. As they came aroundfor the final lap they were nose-to-tail. with Keyser's once invincible advantage all but gone. Had it been another track. Oregg may have found a way past. Hou~ever.MidOhlo isoneof themost difficultcoursesin America to pass on and Peter couldn't get by. He pulled alongside several times but just couldn't get in front. Keyser held the advantage through the last turn andonto the straight, winning by 0.181 seconds and a BMW plastered to the rear panel of his oar. Bob Hagestad had an easy third plat, finish in the heat, iollon.ed by Ludwil Heimrath. Bred Frlsselle was in gooo shape in the GTU class for the final. coming in fifth, folloured by BobVincent. a lap down. Norm Ridgley in Heimrath's second car. Rusty Bond's GTU Porsche 911. Dave McClain's similar carandDave Causey in yet another 911.


Holbert's Monza An Easy Heat Victor

LEXINOTON. Ohio-The second qualifying heat for the 1W-mile Cams1 GTfeature was a complete reversal of the first one. Here. all the racing usas done early, with the finish being a total walkaway for A1 Holhert. H o l b r t started on the pole. with Busby a t his side. Al jumped into a lead, with Busby second. and Lime Rock winner Oeorge Dyer third. Craig Carter was a distant fourth alter the first lap. with Jim Cook fifth. John Ounn managed to spin his way down to 12th place while Carl Sharer, who missed the pace lap. started from the pits with a balky transmiss~on. It would take him a w h i l e to move up, Holbert held the lead. although it was not by a great margin. just over a second. Busby and Dyer were nose to tail, with Shafer charging to fourth. Jim Cook and Walt Maas did their share for the crou~d's entertainment, coming together on the third lap end losing acouple of positions. By the fifth lap. Holbert's margin was three seconds on Dyer who had passed B w b y on the straight. Carl Shafe fourth. but he was no longer chargi he found hia transmission limitin mar wlections a t this w i n t . Rathe a four speed. Carl founi h e h a d t h m . then tno. and finally one. just fourth. as the heat wore on. Holbert continued in front while on the ninth behind, Dyer gave up ~ e c o n d lap. He coasted to a stop on course with a broken rocker arm, leaving him 2181 in the 22 car field. Busby had a firm grip on second but he too would only hold it for a couple of laps. Holbert came around on the 13th lap withnot a t h r e e o r f o w second advantage. but closer to 20. Busby eventually came wobhl the aeering wheel in e the straights. The left front. hub had broken. giving Jim's crew something to pass the time away before the feature. He would make it to the line. barely. for the final. after his 16th place finish in the heat. Holbert had nothing else resembling a challenge forthe restoftheraceashewas intent on just runninglast8rthanKeyser had to take the pole for the feature. He accomplished his goal. completing his 50-miler a t an a v e r a g e speed of 90.512mph. This was just the slightsst hit faster than Keyser's 90.502 in the first heat. Holbert hadwon thepoleforthersar by just rnoreUya nths of a second. Behind Al.: ! eteriorated into a contest of ' . ' u r n managed to t e e the secilfid ~ p o t ' h n e several r spins. finishing a full lap behind Holbert's Monza Cmig Carter urssthird after both he and Gunn passed the ailing S h i e r on the 19th circuit. Carl did salvage fourth. follon'ed by Jim Cook and Walt Maas. George Stone put Bob Bessley's Carrera seventh spot, also a lap down. s in arrears was Rick Moyer's followed by Tom Fiscus' ar.


W Parts Book
g h a s announced the ita new 1876 p a n s w.Wog I ntPin lnlormstlon on more W than 750 different part numbera for V engine and transmission pmdncta, all of which aredesigned and thoroughlytestad to give better performance and reliability for street, oil road and all out rsar. The catalog i s available for $1 from Gene Berg. 1 7 7 . 5 N. Lime. Orange. Calif. 92885.


Modzas Maul The :Pest hr:Ohio

" A

fq 1

wi(h damto 6 e .yst.m -and supendon. H s q s d ntinued .lowly, with body damage . n d + t e n a d t i n . To way t h a t the Lame Roa* dunor 1unude unhappy by (be turn of+te would bw a -



bad sorted themselves out, it WM th. front-run4ers' hun to entawn the tmops. A1 had made up the deli& and began to challenge seriously K e y r r for the l e d Michaal'e mgiw wa8 once agun going nat becauw of an b d f i d e n t flow oi em1 air into the manifold, but he W M n o t about to mu ovsr and quit. In 9h a . rpgump his braken ever time %eat to uss them. Halbert was finally rblo to 1 in Keyser on the e3rd lap. Wdng hlminthehrstturnuhedidattheNrt. This time. Michael wa8 unable to rep-. sonon it was blue MonsaintrontofwhiW The two were 35 rsconda up on Bumby. who had .bout (be srme gap on Paer Oregg who had worked up to fourth p l w .hedofGunn.HeimIathpittedwitha t h t and wa8 a \ap down. ahead of Mmaelle who was now comfortable in the OTU lead. Wuran Agor had put Ma Mmtsa Wwmn Brad and M6a8 by this point. Holbert had (be I&, but be w u by no mennu .ecurs a8 the two aR anddrltrers w e n about u evenly matched M you oould wish. R.lllc rather than driaaoounM forthwuylngdiffwmnmsthat

"bumpee"a# Holbert'ecu .puttered aMt all-Ian Miohael o tdmtheled. As. . - - t -eby thestutfinish line, Keywr ??aid a mven ~SCQIUI advane

Lb. tlm, but not thir Ume. - Jim M b y had Uw Wrd -mmt r way8 b h h l the I&M but well olw al




I war, cs Al. .Bit.tOd to a w the I& began to cut into the w g i n .A aaoond hara --- , a hrll r w n d there. with 5U.t fhe

W t t h i a l . p a t o ~ ( b e ~ ~ ~ ~o u n ~ o~t L b . ~ m ~ ~ ~ p M t h e ~

to go. he


amhin two .eaond* spot bihlrrd Brad'. D&un Z w , p u d n p

Gunn held on for Wb, & l I d W BXWI in ~ i x t b for the bs win. Walt M a u D U hla ~ 014-6 Ponche in tbr -= a *.---



with a aoft tin. C u l Bh&#r n d Ids one-gear ou into ninth Lb.Ld 01 a chuging -atad who had too mwh dl~tom.buprltuhl.trro~PPit

' a% v am a yn l~ a a -s r u~m . - rb. ~~ NW. ~ke m d o .sr l h b &at 81.a6mph for

tbeCIRFclur. Irv mWea Keymar 01Wsr- W o r e g g in the point d.adinip for th. cama1 GT cltlu@IIelbm


Ever lose a race =cause your brakes didn't perform as well as your engine?

l & w i t h w ~ f ~ w n - - ' 7(1 R pb . j 74 five more than ~ t u b y . ~ ~ p ~ i s u t ~ t ~ d ~ i u n h w -aMr&m.raatMthegwereboth -. point* followed by John O w ' m S. Bn 4 b~*8..Keymrwithth.OUglII~ mudlehuafirmgrtpamtluOTU golnl~tmmthe~andHo~rlth hoMn.~116~stOwm.WIth thw b r r t r oa h b g a o n p DiokiaDon au. Bhup out. the o h u n p i e ~ h l p will m& evmbJIIMdoUt ~ l y b e ~ i d s d ~ t h e h m . AlhdaLb.fronc~mlnlthePO(b 00. wcs again, a Camel GT M h d I . p ~ o l l ~ e . p . l p h t h ~ b . e n IJWIdd by .ome f ~ - b . n ~ . K m wad to nvbe hi8 mow. In a ~arn.n~tiveUldolomandu b M k . ~ a l ~ r b . n B q . b g . a d . * b u m inpdoaooour.It@m~ldbO eL.(h.:-Ongp c u m 0(.thr. came h obrly to drop to four with m a On ths ,,.h&ug%*-rh.ntbem .om, c o n b . d r l t h A l u d U w b o t b ~ t penultimate ~ t YidUhio lor a lap. the 'g.p w u darn to a makw it. wwnd .top a the -c Again like ontarlo. th. wood with Al ohyghg. 'lbough the thrmhourspdum.Attbemt~tfirtllbe got-Ooropoithe k o y b o l e , a n d d o m t h e b M k s t n i g h * ~ K s p s r urd H o l m u the top tan mm . q . i n wmt witb Al cloming. Into thee-. over .turinl tbshUl a n d h r t h a b r i d p . t h e m u g h p u a n t m d ~ t h e c u d e r d ~ i n t h i a g o rrmrller md wallor. Onto the m. .;'q+ kinkad mtraight into the Cuousd. 0 .. .. parting like the Red 8 e r u no othsr , dTim wantsd to interfere with (be flgM : & : , :.5! fortbelead. Nonthey w e n n o w t o t . i l with f i d a fewhundred yard8tuga Out of the CuoumL through the quiok rlght i . 2 onto the *might. Lsss than a hundrdd y8rda Holbart moved t o the indda Keyem on the wulda for the "pedal-totbmetd' r u a to the end. Twentyilor Mpaat the w&rt-lini.h line. Al put the now of hi8 ou in front but it didn? mat*,. What RM imwrisut WM that 2S feet W o n , the none & ~ e y m f a o uw u ovwr thw line h.Li a nud-fonder's lmgtb and 4e n u the winner. Ndthw driver WM mall$ b p p y r t t h thelroault. Kaymr fdt it WM a hollow dotory for be knew thebumping betwee41 thetmhd~hiwfaul Alwunudand t diui~~htsdatthe&tbut~~hue pmbb;rdonda be .cospted it u one of t h a e tbingn which bppena Not redly 1lkiug it, but amepthg it. Ndither m r millssd hqa elom he

, . .--...-

;* ..:I$ Dab,"gs O m 1; ; ~ , Racer P a h


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hd'~toldUg~lItU.ire~Ue?MO, ~ & a rightfront rhssl and Al'aMt ,boa hid their r b a bent in o w o ~ r l swt. fmm the .hunt. The O o o d ~ e u & p l e rsle s m ~ e d m t the w held ~ h ~ompwtition . put. c ~ % o ~ ' I E : the t u r on both rtme with the damage a1.U.M. ia U fmm .qp of the O m . n d t b e e o I w n s o d ~ B a M n y ~ Mnm a I t d a m h i p . throughout the, inthepuLbothw~.~wtoe.topto m t . dW . l r


2nd ptaw D Production Atlanta, 1975 Cto8e-mt&w IncluderWengine; 4eddlUond ,

~ w o u l d . n y o n e ~ t t o ~ ~ ~ n s o u . thst bss Iaakluster perlormuroe. muidu~e *ling and poor d? Look .tU~enun~~uin~ontbeias.Thrt'e pur oi tho nuos for m&ng it d a o b b l e . Plum the nlmo "limbf'and a 0 1 p the w& .ometUg to Anglopbllr. And w, maintoOld N u h pula 0 . m

kdytorn& Includwtmhenglne. 2-fe BBSwheslqmiclc.rpareparb

a a

Z Approved Rollbars

ld~ng$8.95. FF DSl e e catalo Marte ard. VIC & R E UlPYtni nU&1=


4r BlRS mm, . 8" .

pessenger-. Thh yeer, 31 out of:-, 33 Valvdine. For the

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