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John Utsman seventh. Manning, by the way, is the only GN driver hailing from Lousiana. scrapped because of a lack of sponsorship. A race for F-At cars has been scheduled to replace it, and that will go Sept. 19 at Road Atlanta. NO sponsor there yet either, but prospects are said to be Amos Johnson on IMSA's relaxed restrictor plate rules: "Both (Nick) Craw's BMW and our Pacer should be back up at the front but it won't be any sort of runaway. Nobody's gonna run away from things because they feel like they'll be restricted if they do." Sources at STP say that company continues to be verg ill makeup ind of combination." 8 Ferrari has confirmed that its twin engine failures at the

SCORE Points Standings

world'p fastest trucker, Walker ~r.~aorure~tlyholdstaeleadinth~~aoe fe @a le?s SCORE overall points chrmpfonship. Eva= haa driven his muc4I-modffied Chevrolet pickup toClass and ho in both the Puker -.Bumin B4a I n w i o d yea, mning 44s points. Ife m s the second-plua finisher


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Riverside (California) con-r i s a teammate of Parnelli Jones. Evans will be gunning lor another victory to lengthen his pointa lead in the 4th Annual $Cop& World Off-Championships at Riveraide R.osw.y August 20-22, the wild and wooly event that brings Bala-style racing t o acouns where spectators can watch everj' bit of the action He was a r u n a w r g ~ a l u t year in Class Eight (produaUoq pichtpu and other utility vehicles). Evans snd PamelU then decided to lighbn u l d

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Take the Jim Russall Racinm


~ a r p u t t m m a t . . m n o t ~ i n Formula One. Tbb la%ta pdnt is ~ m ~ b a n t u e n ~ b p J ~ b 1 o t m m o t h s r F l t s ~ a n d ~ ~ ~ b 4 t

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FormulrFordset--tbhe~i modd available and yet it h w a d O n g list Thengairthe bnfnehi1dofHmd.n o d e y and Tim Schsnlrsn Cnp. = 'NmlO.nley. OK?). They formal their company in January this p a r ta&l# ma the MRE Formula b a d oportlom. thinking this war the q u w x way into tlm noing cu b ~ i n mbut , th.y found s t m the building of the f h t h i . @ ll31L design. that t h y mn. emrything to lhair own spdflca&d. Them dwigna, M u t h Rud. Up with a wmpletety new oubudloDIIpr

~bllityto~tay floatlnw.ndthieisrhsrethspsdl&~(P~ ~ c0qar-.aae%ngJOhU'8mi ukaihim h o w c o m e a b o o k ~ t m h t . ncing cal'mr all of 15 yan dolr t 9 . Cooper @ow W e . and bar OOP. . p Anwriusn publisher for nuoh ~ariiidloricmtdboolrp ~ t w t h a t ~ d a r m w u born and r.twd in Britdn W h . d nced 8n.U-bore Coopers dnb. mwbs to -0. J r u t .trer World W*r Rpi h.d written a w u d ilooL. fnolu&g one on C u m U Sheby and088 an Fwr$Ponche and he b d v i d * d J o i a DU the W W h . c k iram one ol his trip. tu Q.mrup.

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ON. Mich.-Panic has not Indianapolis winner Johnny rd's bid for his first-ever championship over the sudden

Cosworth in Eng1;~ndyet for engines." commented Rutherford, who finished fourth at Pocono "But they (Unserand his car owners Vel Miletich and Parnelli

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The popular 38 year-01dTexan.whohas won the Indianapolis classic twice but never the USAC national championship. is confident that the championship i s within his reach with the samy Hy-Gain . .e M &OVB bdy.

gas-Hartman's was one-Tovella t w k over, heading u p the mob when everything was cleared away on the From them it was a Hartman-Tovella show. Despite the suspension damage resulting from the72nd lap crash, Tovella challenged every bit of the way. Hartman got past in thesouth turn on the 129thlap. and stayed there until theexhaust system on Terry Ryan's Chevelle went astray on the 1Slst lap. brought out the yellow and gave Tovella the opportunity, which he took. to get bnck out front. But heonly hsd two laps in that slot: while he could run With B W on % h e straights, the Camam had the edge in the mrnera and while Sel




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Standard's new digttally synthedlzed Horizon 29 CB outclasses them all. Check them "ASTROPOINT" features for maximum power and optimum perfomce.


M z o n 2) Full 23 charmd operation from an i n ~ t h r s "Phase-Look-Loop" frequency syettwu.


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Horlwn2) Positive or negative grObnd. rculron 2) Backed by standard's f h llfetime, W - e "Radio Life Insurance" plan.


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