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SPSS 17.

0 Installation Guidelines and Steps


Make sure you have the serial number and authorization code on hand (that were emailed to you) to complete this installation. For version 17 specifications and systems requirements, you can go to for in-depth information on what is available in this new version and what you will need to install it on your computer. There are also user manuals available on the download server in the MANUALS folder, if needed. PLEASE NOTE: To install/uninstall SPSS Statistics, you must be logged on to your computer with administrator privileges. Since our licensing is limited for SPSS, you will need to uninstall older versions of SPSS before installing version 17. If you install the new version in the same directory in which a previous version is installed, the previous version is automatically uninstalled, and any changes you made in Options will reset to the default settings. Before you uninstall the old version, move any files you wish to keep out of the SPSS directory into another directory, like the temp directory. This recommendation is for data, syntax, output, scripting files, chart templates, etc and not SPSS system files. To cleanly uninstall SPSS, use the Add/Remove Programs option in the Control Panel. If you are installing on Windows Vista, you must run the installer as administrator. If you have output files from version 15 (ending in .spo), you will need to download and install the free Legacy Viewer from SPSS at in order to open the files in version 17 (note that you will only be able to view these files, not edit them it is recommended to regenerate the data files in version 17 to be able to edit them). Click on the Downloads tab on this web page, then click on the Legacy Viewer link in the list of downloads. This step will need to be done after you have installed the version 17 software.

Start the installation process by clicking on the setup.exe icon (in some cases, this window may open automatically if you are downloading from the server): NOTE: If you are using a laptop, make sure you are not connected to a docking station when installing and licensing SPSS.

The InstallShield Wizard window will open to set up the installation. This step might take a few minutes, and you may not see this window the entire time.

Once the program is ready to install, this window will open. Choose the Site license option (2nd one) and click Next:

Read through the license agreement, click on the I agree option, then click Next:

Read the install information, then click Next:

Fill in your User Name, Organization and Serial Number (which will be supplied to you by software licensing), then click Next:

You can opt to install the Help area in the current language or choose to install it in all languages. Choose what you prefer, then click Next:

The default installation folder will be displayed here. If you would like to change it, click on Change and choose another folder, then click Next. Otherwise, just click Next if the default folder is acceptable:

Click Next to start the installation:

You will see this window as the installation progresses:

When the installation is done, you will see this window for licensing and registration. Click OK to start the process: If you want to register with SPSS, click on the box in the lower left. If not, you can uncheck the box.

Choose License my product now then click Next:

Enter the authorization code that software licensing provided to you (this code will work for one install only), then click Next: Do not enter any additional codes you should only need to enter one code to license SPSS. This process requires an internet connection, so make sure you are connected. If not, you will get an error message that it was not able to complete the licensing. See the steps at the end of this document for more information on how to license without an internet connection.

The licensing wizard will get your authorization via the internet, and you should get this window stating that it was successfully processed, then click Next: If you get a different window with an error, please contact software licensing with the error you received.

You will see this window once licensing is completed. Click Finish:

If you chose to register with SPSS, you will be directed to their web site to complete the registration.

Using the License Authorization Wizard

If you dont launch the License Authorization Wizard during installation or cancel the License Authorization Wizard before obtaining a license, you can launch it by choosing License Authorization Wizard in the Windows Start menu program group for SPSS Statistics. Note: If you are running Windows Vista, you may be prompted for administrator credentials. Without the correct credentials, you will not be able to run the License Authorization Wizard. When prompted, choose License my product now. When prompted, enter your authorization code. You should have received the authorization code(s) from your administrator. The License Authorization Wizard sends your authorization code over the Internet to SPSS Inc. and automatically retrieves your license. If your computer is behind a proxy, click Configure proxy settings and enter the appropriate settings.

If the authorization process fails, you will be prompted to send an e-mail message. Choose whether you want to send the e-mail message through your desktop e-mail program or through a Web-based e-mail application. If you choose the desktop option, a new message with the appropriate information will be created automatically. If you choose the Web-based option, you must first create a new message in your Web-based e-mail program. Then copy the message text from the License Authorization Wizard and paste it into your e-mail application. Send the e-mail message and respond to the prompt in the License Authorization Wizard. The e-mail message will be processed almost instantaneously. You can click Enter License Code(s) to enter any license code(s) that you receive. If you already closed the License Authorization Wizard, restart it and select License my product now. On the Enter Codes panel, add the license code that you received and click Next to complete the process.