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set in 1968. The forecast inoludes record

New From BMW

Oakland. Ca. 94601




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a m u n ' m d W h i c b still mado

"1s usuuarwlwur w a W I I . ~m y m lumorpran.w -8r ~ ~ ~- Y n Z~ n t m r y rod tfir 6N championship by virtw of his fi-pbcs finkhat Mid.

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tmubles. He held a six-second lead over

holding o f f the Curera.

biggest problem


rDevendofs Problems
~ecomeBaird's Victory

ozder. Felton and C n w foundtbsmselw

out Oi the race. m e 1 m 39 lap. whm O u d d e n l g be pulled into (he pits. with t b nu end loup, ending his day. C n w msde his scheduled pit stop, turnlag the csr over to John M o L b o r U m . but thsp knew theg. WeIa in trouble. NiOk h . d nodcsdthe oil pmmaum dropping. and Morlon. aftera couple of laps. brought theouin,rekWag it with a mmaive oil 1e.k W i t h Craw and Fellon o u t . the ordsl at the halhqg point found &vsadoH in front. with ju.t w e r a 10 aoond l a d on B d lo wcond Walt Bohren M m d i n t o third, just ahead of Amos JoIuuon who M made a mi& a t o ~ for fuel. Damis Shew w u ' filth. k t h Bury Britton aixth. Bh.rp WM m e n t b . Snc4i Koerr rllghth, d A d u M ninth. B *


which found the to^ 10 oa

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rou0MbI.v m.tah.d on a tight hrl.ty circuit. wem going to angaga in. lot O f bumping. puahlng. and mhoviw orer t i n next thrw houn. A h W e lap. p w umtinued in front. now ilellarsd bp Felton. who had

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~w~wLr*hLdrm:(0-I.6rsy..)*w. ( 1 - h Ua,ll1lX4z 4 2 . Ml a l r ~ 1 4: 3.b~ * r

% b . a * r r . c o a ; n J h c m . . ) m : K I o . L m .
SrYllk.met 5blm w. w:51-LL IIIY..

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~ U . a * l r n , t m l w 4 I - ~ ~ ~ i l . ~ Y h* Urr. W 4 7 . Y I h". kdl:O L nt . M

c n w had mowd fnto fat&. with Johneon fiM. Bohm . n o b . c L b lirtb


Dri:52S.lCM.~Ulo(mor(l.PrY*K h m fin-k. W ,SY. hdm. Pin*: S @ W d ~bn h l ( . . :n-mn m a :won ?ur Sm i l r Me:Wlmhauul.fin&: 6 1 - % u l . I&:62.W D h ~ m ~ r m r o n lln(l:63-h . M r .Coh.U-h





WSULIS Iai. Y b p er 125.6 llUa in 391:32.911 la an

~rtnl~;t.-,ol:3.~.93:I.-~ ilonr.)):CMla. 12: 7.Clralc4ok.n: C l l l W h , . .

r ~ *a 1 , 2 1 . I: 2 2 . a n a r . t D U ~ r . . l o l * b p . U I ~ o . ~ N W: 14-hboflhol)s0m. I : 2C . t n d l = # i & & & 1 8 . C U M I I I H ~ ~ . 86: 2 A I I S . I): around, the 1ad.n lat o m ol t W NPmXCI*. ( I :U Y . U : 29.Lru. B: hu*.a% IIa@ClVY.U: )1-Uicvlrtll. 0: 0

hospiw wlth a sprrined neck h*u/~ldob. L ICOLR.~*~I. a. i 7 a ~ c * . O n t b e l O t h l * p . ~ w ~ i n m t h l r Q C): 1 W W U r i h (t I Y U r r l h t . a X

9-Ldlf/Tho~101.9Ii I D l o l l . 91: I I - C a h U I I ~ . S k U * w m . w: 1i.mU.o. w: I L P Y ~ I ~ L L IS

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j.:cua. an tbe fmnt ,.,c beginning rci la# m M , f n b f i e l d

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n:37clnuU.n,Y-kM~nlly.76.1:& ~h.ln~(OEnrtnol~c.l,7I,a;4l-~.(L

~ a r o i s e lthe . 1-t turnon&e&um.Riok ~~~Andemn, who st.rted the r u m la K.l(b c a ~I . . n: Y . ~ n.W ; s.i,m. r,cu ~t*I.O..:ICUh~,26:w;Y.)a*LB..: Swope's a r s m l l n spun. coming to. rtop 5 7 . W . Z0.m: 17. r.5 w 11. u :C justourtheadgeofthetncL.Thetwocara $4. 10.Ir:flDnnW(.8.r:U-(~.3,W:63-4RI.3.~ ia f m t of l h o m , moved to the outaide. T*..wl . rmrlordmmasrrrryra~ otpmmr u d a and Owge, not-rge c u r p b i n g , Ra*lCbl"~ ndr v p p l m@ went to tbs fnsida He NW (be c u , and slammed on hie brake#, but h i s Cason made his f h t appearance l n the ca,rriedhim intothe Oremlln, top 10 in his Gremlin; k n i n g just in . momentum . ;kno&king both out of the race. h t of Joe Amato. IrvHoerr had dmppal ?[ Bdbby Mitchell was the next of the well back, and finally retired the D&UD. Leaders t o ' go by the wayside five laps with transminion failure after 10 lapa 1ater.MitchellandSharphad been h a a g As h i s fuel load lightened. Devslldorl atremendoru~nformventhpl~~dwhsn began going f ~ t s r and fester in ths they came up on traffic. Bobby and Les D.t.ue He WM ahle to f n e r e ~ s s hfs Delano in a Gremlin cune together, with muginon the S&nd lap, a h a B a i r d p i M Mitchell hitting the pard rail with his for fuel, fillng up injuotunder20 smmnda Pinto. He WM able to get ha& to the pits Dsvsndofl8 plan wa8 to nm es long ar be

6 I ) : 61. n: 4 C mmrIlhinm*l LO: 4 S - l * * V h . Y; n. IUU@dats.U: 04Wiwkh.% . u:C C h C 54. m c 4% I(m. U , n: IWImWuh. Crlsea. (0. n :51.
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eral lap. l a t o r when Uwy r e M flaiab the ram. He felt that he could ma

Given lhe strict confines of Farmula Ford. 11isn't easy to bulld a car wlth a oenu~ne advantaoe But EricB6rf~dlev"has uone A! 'nst Tre car s the Lo a T-44J I! 5 trie I rst Foro lo taie 20.:~ 13r: r w . . at.on More Me n;ri ?,- - - - nhl = - - -r.rcr - - I. lnskrting a longspacer between lhe englne and gearboxthus rnovlng both the engine and driver s~g?~f$canlly lorward The front susoenslon 1 s mounted Inboard The steer~nn cox s mc,i:ea n rle n 11 lne '.)-I r o c w r A,,-: tr s. 2 o r < N :'I tne Pen aerccynarl c cocyr.?rn 'ra6c 'PC T.44C i r e slipperlest Formula Ford ever." The air box is incorporated wlthin the streamlined tail, which fairs in the roll bar. Length has been increased six inches over the T-342-with both track and wheelbase increased also. Weigh1 is a1 (or below) the legal minimum. As you can see, the T-440 was designed with just one goal in mind: to go fast. To find out more, give us a call.
~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Continued Fmm Rwding Page decided t o shut off his tightening engine rather than risk blowing it up. It was a strange atmosphere which greeted the drivers as they rolled into the paddock m c l climbed from their dirtied. hot racing cars. There they were with the race done ar~d their emotions and bodies asking to ti, loosened up. wound down into an empty, fulfilled mood and instead they were iconfronted with mechanics who were struggling equally as hard to think about what needed to be done for tomorrow. "Hows the car working, mate? What d'you think we should change for tomorrow? I s the engine OK?" 0hye8.there'sthatdamnhandicaptobe run yet isn't there. And my Ood the organizers and officials are coming over and saying. "Hey that was a pretty good rscs, but tomorrow, why tomorrow'sncs is gonna be great isn't it?" Well, some people didn't think so. Al Unser lor one. "Why, this hmdicap thing isthemwtm a t e ~ t b i n g I ' v e o m r m ~s a n I've been racing." He into in .I1 t h y

New Vel's-Parnellidriver AI Unser picked choice. Here he nits while the crew tfic.

.".. ".

about A1 Unaer having caught some stomach flu and being unfit to race today! Alwayu avoid the controvemy. d w a y s alip it intathe background. Unformnatsly enough that sesma always to be the attitude among SCCA type& No wonder there's so much contusion and lack of control or direction of America'a t o p m a

Ongaia too. who is looking ahead to his

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all th. paddock

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. I Y ~ c m ~ o i ~ i I h e r a n t h n n r orfour hrd.lap8to mcosssion. Next up*Q .moverm " l M wW u I who was present at i n m w * ~ o h . r l r m ~ ~ t EllrM~olWndvoortforthesarne FI-te was i nH O I I ~ ~ ~ . "We pramlad ~ N a t i o n a l C i v that we

-------- ----. *

pln..rw8mm Bronn

f U dom in fifth
returned to FJ000.



t h e d o a w w h . d d


rrmMdoaart.lo.numberof~ssandin ordat o me& Uut we hul to come here."

Because of its compact size ( 6 x 2lh" x 2Yz") and ease of mo ing, VDO's unique Minicockpit module is extremely popular. Installs quickly and simply on dash or console . . . or instruments can be easily turned over tor under-dash mounting. Handsome black wrinkle finish unit holds electrical pressure gauge (70 or 150 psi), electrical temperature gauge, and voltmeter . . . providing vital engine and electrical system monitoring data not found in most late model automobiles. Where soace is small and -~ .heneed for infohatldn sreat . VD@O" Minicockpit is an ideal module7.


Goal: rhe NASCAR Crown

.powd w d .putQldn% hurt

rhrgestdl. ~~hi.i.~ltihdda~~arboroug~a ulP O f the h#-bu$ad m-luile oval tlut p t s a phyaiul and m m W challenge m B k 8& Q I ' OW thoNA8CAR
d r h m fsos on their S O - w nhoMiub. "I


and a few noma f hie 8 0 1 1 t h Cuuha plantation for Un, lrudoll Cup title. "If they wemll't prying any money *t all to h8 the G a d . N a W chrm~ion." ~uborough & B . Td etilI want toagofor it" Y d m o u g h a*ma to have the heid8 m e lor the D ~ & & Q u . and profitable kmor am the E j M k -'enters ita

t# at the'B-1

l i k e a t M k ~ ~ e Y w r u n I k ~ t andhudallthew.g.~liirsrtsackwhem you don't ga mnuh tima to relax. It's a cbuenpe I enjoy and one that othen don% espscialfy like." Yuborough'r iondrrwe lor t h 8 high banbofBri.Lbl aredectedinhioreobnt p . a 1 ~ 8 hers. 8 In thsqringhe Ied!&of the a I . p k w i n n i n g by a lap over Waltrlp. Thh time he led 373 of the 4 9 0 . mo~lng he hu led 8S8 of the 800 h p e at the be $ h i m thicr. ~ou.ostoigat~a~e.hemol prnino and fuming? Yubomtl@ said " y o u g 9 t U n , ~ . a p t h e ~ ~ iK&IE. You C a n run m a h o u t whem xou kCtoontJmtnck.8loa.rtraUIcw~a pmblsm 8@l-it -4v8 .bamr to butItwun?ub.dcslkmwnit" be w.H m did thin win .trh up 8@IUttbe~fOUrrW38heh.d~~ hem7 'It w u mv e d a t bv far." he s a d "I

wa celsnd it up and went home early. ThaVs how much oodideuce wa have in


Yaltlomugh w t allate any Ume shoring he WM going to ohryle all-out. H.Iapp8dhlllaa for the firat time on lap 6% Tbtee lap8 later. he put Brook8 a lap down.D8veM~ciswenta)u,domat1~~

pursuers. Bfmw P-8

and Riohud r "lw;allttle~rpiadthat~lapesd r m r o f ~ ~ u ~ ~ I d i & " YubIou* d d . 'But tw* whbt we

-hereto&.Thecara(~~troI h tI n l n I l W the lrrr on 'em. You'll never *-when-jm &tncmd one or two oi 'ml brok law a & ' ' Bgt * m ww 1Dbenonboithatthi.

tisre.OnlyllCnsirofthetopnins crrWL*nf8l4hrt.bspingwtatlap$88 dth spin. trohbh Evervom else wan -. . . ~ - ~ d - ~ ~b bgm p u and gh . wood brothare ever d&ad to go for ~arbolduh son torn of 98 mom that h i m Holly Funrs No. 11 Chevmlet out of waltrip, by a d rn fowh-plum g m , l i n u 10 -8 in a t 0 p . n ~ i t . H e w ~ 8 w ? o n d w B . l r s r a t ~ p i n th. Amtor Johrwn .hop in the hills ~urwandrsllsic~~r~ohn~tlgue l w w i r i o n ~ d 1 0 t l m a l n ~ t o l , I B . W 8 w nU r g , w o o n d t o W a l t r @ ~ i n d Couaty, North Carolinr by sk over Eluddd Baker. bv mwsn law ~ o v n Wilkes 0 w h. by i o For Yubomugb. the Win8ton Cup tftls lapa m r Diak ~ r k and 8 Ls3mie Pintd, & .omsthing W e away# wwted. An b y . w a o p p ~ s o l i p . ~ ~ e r B O ~ w . IvSlt8u-t rk msn one who reallses that uadbyelbpo 1 m p k o s R L e h u d 84ack o u motng hu been built up by childrws.Th.oXwchl~lgofthe tbonwhobm,maedtowiefmmfkgto M~LUID~UYU&OU@I.I~UU~Q n.e.Yubofou@wantstobekmwnua Waltrlp in the 4uad fourtb turnon l a p
the m e . For the sword. Y


Road Raow Ilolbert Signt For Watknrl


- l Y = l I L = - 1 .~



HARRIBBURO. N.0.-Al H&bezt, who mu1~rnnsMertobetbehotte8t&r~ in b r i a r todw. h u entend his i i n t NASCAR Orani National evmt. the National 600 a t Chulott8 Motor Speedway on 00Bb.r 10 (See Late New..

:,<,,.5 ,,,,..., ,\\, . I l . Fllrl \u>hyrt#). lt11I1*1111 -IMOtI :l1(1-7 1 1 1 1 1 ) 1



Holbert. 89. a protege of the lata hduk Donohue, w i l l drIw a 1978ChovsoMbuilt by Banjo Matthewa for the C818W Wiss(on Cup event TheWarrbgton. Pa.naUvesxplain8.l srid earlier this ssraon that my prime ambition a8 a pmhE%3ions1 dnav8r is to m n r p h on the Grand Nationrl cimuit ButI&dn'twanttootartmrfflIMbotha d i a l piece of sguipment and the proper evmt 1% r a o d spofis can at Charlofts bOiOrs and I oon8ider it to be OM of t h 8 f i n d .peedways in the werM In addition, the people at Charlotte have barn very helpful in pointing ms in the m t direalon." R 8 a u l t s o f t h e 1 # T 6 r ~ pr~ide H o l m wlth 8mw hnpnaiv. credentlale. Competing i n t h e hmtiodMo(orm&WOhtbU% 1 ) .

i n the BoWplp I&Hour. BO.d A W t * IaicuM a a u t w o h a and Pocollo WQta. Driving a PoMbs cum Cob n x u r r t . n p and a C ~ M o ~ u . ~ h .soood in the D a m 14How.and MidOhio raoee.


anad N.uoml & l a HOlheSi john ~ ~ drlven J UIUC Ruthesford, A J. 4JaU.t G * md m m e b a o k d r l r e r D l c L ~ t o E a m n ~ ~ t o p enh.nta for the Oo(akr 10 o l u l o .


thag.~%$b#S@..~l~h,.nd ~~kor~*&s'= in10 ma-worth anextra Ewa pore amuhg(b.n Yubomugh's h m iwcle m r d Jbhwon and nb-to Pony's one and -no' Qf 010 B8-point )ad an Raon* N . b k v a onnblasC tb up0ornpli.b Wbsn ftb.tednahuoornbbsccrpb ~ l i e O l o t s b . a h w m i n 1 9 7 1 L t w a ~ i n ~ Johneon-Nab ChewoM hack- ~ - ~ . Allison's ---.. -ii-haak wlna in 1978 m e under the Johson-N.b b%mter, W told Nab hag barn involwd riith I S ninners here. "we come bMk every race just lib9 we Isn itulstlme beim."Nab ssid. "Wedon't
~ ~ ~ ~~~~


n only one k w tixis you-it

i where hs won the C u o h

my. Walb'ip h.s led the most

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4ehre ol the worlds bast drivers c


(+ SCCA F a n u b

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which have ruled on their lalp.0tw turia, are nearly idantloll, md nhfk &

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unt Gets Fifth Win

Lauda'Back On H;isFe
Cm--' Fsrrui'.teunman&pr'~urnthephoM
t o t h s A ~ p r o m o t s n ~ t o ~ t tbsm$odojlutth.t:heumd~lIneth.t

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than thoas . mppllsd by Ooodyeu for Zandvoofi Uu other t a m 8 all d e d out

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oraoksd (in a twmis matoh U T in the ~ mail) h E b g elm on W*.


ome to an AS win.

Autoweek Goes To The Southern 500 NASCAR Race


Box A

Reno. Nevada 89506

~ 6 a r known e for our servic of competition cars and parts department to back it up.

Introductory offer-(New subscr~bersonly): 21 weeks for $4.94 o h r trae ha, me ronnnu~. la en.,
IlbSmlPiM lor the vm80d 1 n d r n b 4 below:

I*C ) . "M t h l p s t w a f o * aS )*ril Mr. * I -1. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I

Sept. 2-6 - NHRA U.S. Nationals drag races. Indianapolis Raceway Park. Indianapolis, Inc. Sept. 5 - California 500 USAC, Championship car race. Ontario, California. Sept. !j - World Championship For Makmes, Dijon, France. ::zhpt. : . .. .. . ti - SCCA TransAm, Trois ,; ,~,@emsl Quebec, Canada. . : *\'5Seb.p NASCAR G N race, Dadingtpn, S.C. Sept,il2 - NASCAR GN race, ~ k h r n o d d Va. . S e ~ t . 17-19 NHRA

' ~ - .

Oct. 2-3 - NARA N h t e r n Rally, Issaqua, wad^^':^. . Oct. 2-3 - Mulhollr@'Shock Absorber Challenge Cup motorcycle races, Riverstde Int'l Raceway, Riverside. Calif Oct. 2-3 - SCCA Norwester Pro Rally. Leavenworth, Wash. Oct. 3 - Canadian GP, Mosport Int'l Raceway, Ontario, Canada. Oct 3 - Shasta Monterey Grand Prix IMSA Camel GT, Formula Atlant~c,NASCAR GN West, and SCCA Regional races, Laguna Seca Raceway, Laguna Seca. Calif.

~ m ~ l ~ rlII~ ~ 75 r r r


lo D l rur,r.".lra

,, "Old

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i l ~ l ~ ~ .n~ ~ n ~ ~ , r nrlnil? , o n r l o c o s ".me radi.,,,"" pnvnr n u n e r i.ob.llana' 7" Ll., *( C U i P o I 4 r o d l 0.0,: 8"

Automotive Enthusiasts

~;;<;;;H;~~;;;;;uy;~;y,;;;;;~;;;,;a;~;;;;y;;; , ;o; ; ; ;nm ;; ; .L O M I < , " ,Ill l m d In. u ~ A.,.,..,, ~ u i r l b"r,nr,l r," , r , . 15 $76 no l i b ~1 ~ ~ l e ~ x 50s ~ m ~ In ~3 r:l , . o n xu rnr.rr





...:... ........P l O d U t l l "l 5.I


; ,

,on, ,,am.

yr*rriellmto inrvrcrrai the 1iaer;uuaru bghlingla your car for a iompicn iatalwue ol tho 1a101 ithllnptn f h MAKHAL ~ trddllion i n e also our lhrtrnp ol monthly rpri~air i n s 1 251 PtRfOAMANCt U N L I l l l t U Pluulr Hod. Panelr>lie, OH 44071

. .Ii .,


xfi: . .

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; . :
,~., r...

crammed with raclng and motoring accessories.


Oq~ositrefunded with fint I

Jnd t1.M

YC MITIEN 44 S. Chestmi Pasadena. CA 90106 (213) 681-4531

. ....
. .,


.~ .i ..

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. . . ..3 .. , ... ..

l l l l l m l l l l l m l l l l l l m L l l l I I I I I l m I l m m l I l l l l l l l ~

! a-f&?5 P.O. Box H

Not only jis STROBOLITE an outstanding rescue beacon, it has many other uses. Use it as a doc/( marker for boating, a boat locator for SCUBA or snorkeling, for additional safety on bicycle or motorcycle trips. While, skiing, hunting, fishing, hiking, camping or snowmo~iling, STROBOLITE's invaluable. use it as a marker or a locator, any time you want a fail-safe system. Compac,, convenient size: 6x2-112x1-518 in. Only 11 oz. with batteries. Flashes 30-60 times pe minute. Floats. Wrist lanyard for quickattachment. STROBOLITE isa lifesaver.

Reno, Nevada 89506




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