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Saldana Wins The Race, But Foyi

Road Test Of New D a t s ~ . ~ Excites Mixed Reac" s

TOKYO-For the first timein five years Datsun has announced a swveeping, fullscale styling and engineering change for one of it's best selling sub-a2mpact lines. the Bluebird, or the 810 8s It's known in overseas markets. Since the sleek, opera-windowed hardtop is the most handsc8me model of the new series that's the machine we chose forthe test. Although they dooffer a 2000cc six-cylinder version. the chances are this would not be included in their export program so we selec:ted what we thought would be the next hottest model. the 1800 SSS-ES four-t,anger with electronic fuel injection. the extra load. And the car runs smoothly on the exoresswav at soeeds around 75mph. stanking start is dullsville and passing in tight situations. even dropping down a gear or two. i s enough to bring on a heart attack, or certainly to scare the daylights out of passengers. The engine accelerates smoothly. but there's just not enough of it ...torque. that is. We checked this problem with several in-the-know Datsun mechanics and they said that this was par for thecourse for the fuel injected models, and not specifically for our test car. The torque (power range) is verypeaky.

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the U.S. automobile tire market has announced a nationwide sales drive for Its . , share of the $8billion that Americans spsnd on tires every year. A# the fourth largest tire company in Europe, with more than 10.030 employees and annual sales of $400 million. Kleber has limited its U.S.sales effortprimarily to the aircraft industry until now. For eight years the company has been supplying aircraft tires to domestic

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The United Auto Workers union bas (Yi strike against Ford Motor Co. &'iit';bumbers walked out at 12 a m Sept. 15. Formal bargaining sdnad*y. .. ,q,.. ... . ; '3 e . asearly asSept.XI, hutas yet .no official date for the resumption of ; negotiations bas been released. However. . - .' 'some sources speculatethattopcompany -~~ . . and union negotiators may meet secretly before then. Idmatry analysts have said that it probably will be four weeks before the -$ymomy of the country i s affwcted

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Ford Struck

.Before the strike began, one industry iuce said. "It would appear that uotil Motor Co. lies down and plays dead gives the union everythulg i t Wants :.'$$top of everything it now has, Ford Motor Co. i s in bad trouble."

According to general sales manager Charles K. Kirkbride, ntcently appointed to spearhead Kleber's marketing plans here, the company will concentrate initially on imported cars. "Import owners will buy about 12 million tires and this year." Kirkbride explained. "many of them premium radials which are the only type of tires we will be selling. "Also." he said. "a number of imported car manufacturers are planning to ship their cars to the U.S. with Kleber tires a s original equipment. Therefore it i s vital that we have tires readily available here through a nationwide network of quality distributors and dealers. That's our first job." According to Kirkbride, the list Of European cars with original equipment Kleber tires includes Volkswagen. OpeL Fiat. Lancia. AUa Romeo. Peugeot. Renault. Saab, Volvo and Chrysler. The Kleber line features 12.13.14and 15 inch tires with 40.000-mile guarantees on the V12 steel radial series and the high performance HR OTS radial series. The company also offers two snow tires-the Kapnor deep snow rayon radial series with 25.W-mile guarantee and the new V12 mud and snow steel radial serieswith 30.000-mile guarantee. s imrrort its s ~ e c i a l Kleber also ~ l a n to comp&tition tkws for r&ying and for sportu car and off-mad racing.

tver lose a ce =cause your brakes idn't perform as well as your engine? -.-...-. ,- .-..- ..-.-- - .. - Result? Lower boiling points, brake sy

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corrosion. ~ossiblc brake failure. Yankee Silicone Brake Fluids repel moisture, reti high boiling point & fight brake system corrosiol

NEW C O Y P E m O N SIUCO)(E BRAKE F L U 1 0 msrromer ~foolemrof eanaar o w ~~eoarow-ay !orm.~am 'orm ~ m iaaoo ,n rivrn mm<anr R S % 75 0 115 w ~gtormeno.mvw n 1.o -awn ot r w s teJ( ng v~ 15750 HEAW DUTY S l U W W EB R I K E RUL) FOR W C W A V OR OFF.ROAD honto8,ng Fa*, ,smnbe s ! c w lanpetm-reo VS 1 0 m R "&se.ece ~ r a ~ n mmtons g 1550 01 11050 Gs. UgDO YETALLICBR~KEPADS. ~~, ang~snrq .=a. le,w , h l c a n ( . at .r NEW VANKEE SIUCJNE ORUSE 10ur horn a r a n l m s l eertoma mereat& R~SOIS lmperatrre enmmea I '0 lo 350'F ma water waonoul Bean o n * son maam e m u m s *c V S IBO ~ 3 01 w 802 $8 % , ~ ~ c o o ~ ~ ~ SIYlqI W S Pl i s gW al m 1 1 0 0 3 o r B o r 6 r ~ n ( l handtn. hV Rea M O 4% lax



Foster Are.. Schenlctady. N V 12308 15t8l 377-6441 I


SEPTEMBER 18. 1976


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balng: -0.i in -0 of B m o b i k OodWah acnAd

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alm pmPfdsd bought lliluwu a work# soat. and

d yC O W ~ . meeUng.HewonrtM~.H.mnatths BrltIsh OP nwetin& . H h hrt viatory . t M had (h.t wr~r wellMr. Moslsy mmubllq to gd ht.-ptW on M F1 o w oonhnot-d t U t W't Imppaned to hi8 camtemporah hurebssDigivingiWrbmtUcUOrin 1W.n or European ohampionmhipa In behaen. a n d d n o k y o u e g B ~ h u b a n ~ ~ a d i u p ~ g n r h o x t o oppwltion on oimuit. from Blhenulir


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cdmuib~thelimttime. Ok6oxwUi WM born in LW!. Wan riming In F-Ford in 187% iwmt throveb Ifsnrg Morrogh's r a a drkrsr 8cha,L moved to Pormula It.Ur in 1BII and WM obuaplon in 1978. 'Zilra a young

whiIe he waited for a new cu to be omplated fb;: him When that proved not hatu~tly ruawor(hy. Rupert got a new Chmmn M a .t.nd-in. He doem not d e r &mpW a m p to qults the dqOrse of .adwothrpounghopUula. Rupert h u a indulgent d.d Parhapa it would be taker bsay he hu a father who L to Me hlm m l d in t hd*Illllnsd . m a & ) & ad bu usst.. like a couple of D I M & &rTWO of tba (bra, dlreoQn o f t t w Cum ~ M ~ Mike built wms pawing-fair F-Ford and FFord 2000 cars recently. MOIW)VS~. Hawks designer Adrian Reynard I8 a talented lad and was given a generous budget to ~ r o d u a. ,nsdvsnoed F3 car fob ~ u p e t (and t perhaps othaa later). here i e ~mbablv alotto come iromtha b.ok-of-

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BrLmbIlla"~edR0binHerderrl~ this year. Uoi&ly. I think. "Spin, You bastard. mWmlledCnrl0sP.w Jabout

oilrm more oonduolve than hgetericrrl WblMtg owld anairline hsv0th.o lesoor. Daslt on OIscomsW. long snough. Lfkeable.srnun.lUmahleuar~ d r i v e h e nup be lrnziag to be a @88sionbl, bot ire i r the sod c d dl.iver who h the o h a l l a m d "Wioult' circuttn (bumpy, t a i * . *l)ps leu than 1Wclinicd and"Mte").ThataloneL
nioetorsfleorup~llwh~Wesd some of the antic. of Mr. EcDlestone'a tmvelling Fi O$IW& Iie ia no atU.sfor-8plwe-and-the-point. driver either: " m u d in nothi&' was his tint comment when he loet by 1 . 8 leconds to Rupert Koegan at Mallory P u k on
A 15


SuperSwede Captures Italian GP, Hunt's McLaren Crashes

G~C. In thlrd,
NM Laud.inf~Jcdyf3ohmf(erinllith and P a t r i c k Dsp.iU.r in . i d h .Piram out the top 10 wem Vltbrio Bmmbilh.
World Champ-




Iola Thi.putiouluOPwu.smuohafieield for thono nho Nvel in oonv01utsd ncingpolith M it w u i a t h a e w h o W O Y Pu= wr.Qgledths~tin~vsdtheen~ of Teun M a cnd of PsnUs Rroinp. bothof whom h a d h . d ~ ~ ~ p r o t s l r ( e d at vuious evsnta w yeu. only to we


PRODUCTS for the Racing

ete, uptethe-minute




IMSA sports 6T

plus postage after Sep $10.50 postage paid for tats November, and all


Oxnufn Publishing is pro graphic talents of


24 X 36,Full Color. $3.50 Each.

$126 For ponao8andhndllng.

lndeed the stuff of w ade. T h i n k Lclng drive val t r a c k s : a n d US1 , and frt

: all plugg
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Camaros this

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SEPTEMBER 18. 1976


mmuwc'8 end d Even thou* Joe 8 . l d U p . w ~ Nperhuman i n wtmlhg tbhtmt.ditianoltbHuruhd.Bbyt

~tnlluloknur. Th.n wen new reilneme*


o u t u e d s r t b . H o a * r m n . r u U $ n t t h ri#htkhindE ~ t ? h u t a u ~ ~ o l t h r j o b e t r b matofthe~d.hli(tptt.(dodl. Johnny PuJr. .ndBUl E q d b r t ~outsulypnd.HIP*~8blmtO provide. Xerox OtUW8hpnt

W M ~ t h . n . I ( 1 1 1 W o n d ~ ~ a m

tnc*rswrdTbearlpbirds~h behind thrm. with Stwe , 74 Hundred winner JwBLe Howeaton, Jan 0pperm.s W e BmIe,BLuMaaKlwr. P n d p . n 0 h o C ~ ~ . p u w ~ three m w m .

wsur Hem: A. J..

d a m tmbkr, fo@l

his m y to ucond p b .

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Sept. 24-26 SNORE otfiocrd Formula 1 raw. Watkins Glen, race. b s V a . Nw. New York Se 25% SCCA Sun* Oct. 10 Bordr Oold c u p 400 ~ d l y Chillicothe, , ohlo. Super Veo race, Watkina O h , Sept. 26-26 N A R A Now York. h w i c a ' a Cup Rally. EWonvilb, Oct 10 National 600 NY. NASCAR Gmnd Notlad Stock Se 2 6 - W o r l d C h a ~ C~ n Ram, Churktt. Motor for h&ea. Lolder. Belg~um. C b b t t 8 , NC Sept. 26 NASCAR GN .todr Oct *6-17 8CCA Et D i n k car no, Mattinsvilb, Va. RoRd)y.C)mnB.y.Wbc. Sept. 26fb formula Omraw. Oet. 16-97 hmmti0n.l Moaport. Canada. Race of Cham-8 Round Two Oct. 2-3 - SCCA eg'la, and T h m Rhnnld., Qlif. Portland I n t ' l Raceway. Oct 17-SCCA/USM:MOOO Portland. Om. race. R k n n i d . htl h a w a y . Oct. 2-3 - NARA Norweatorn Riwnido, Wi. Rally, Irsaqua. Wash. 23-24 NARA Trinity Oct. 2-3 M u U l d h d S h d k$r: l h # , c . ( i t . Absorber Challange Cu Oet. -,Jlpnw@rrndR.b; motorcycle ncos, ~ i w s i d htq e Fomnd. I &e, Mt. hlfi, Apn. Racow Riverside, Calif. Oet. 24 NASCAR Wi n~ c t ?IS . SCCA ~ o ~ m t c s r ON-, N.C. Pro Rally, Leavenworth, Wash. 24-31 p o in Oct. 3 Canadian GP. Mosport Spark Pkrg Road R d C)a9k. Int'l Raceway, Ontario, Canada. Road Atlanta, Gairm 0 , Oct. 3 - FIA World Sports gar Nov. 6-7 - NARA Wond.r championship, Eatoril, Portugal. Mufflw 1000 rally, Oct. 3 - NASCAR GN Stoek Marquetto. car race, No. THkowboro, N.C. Nov. ? N M C A R Winston S - Shasta M o Cup ON m@o, Atlanta, GA. Prix IMSA C a m e x Nov. 10-13 Bcore Baja 1000. SCAR GN Ensenada. Mexico. nal races. Nov. 20-21 - SCCA Mojave Laguna 24-hour Pro Rally, B i i Bear lake, Calif. 1 IWSA Radial Nov. 21 NASCAR Winston ace, Charlotte Motor Cup GN mc% Ontario, Calif. Charlotte. N.C. Nov. 27 IMSA radial h W m Challenge. Daytona p a c k , _ g Races, Florida. edway, Now. 27-28 NARA ~iralli" Mendocin0 Forest Rallv. SCCA TransAm, S a , Cgi. Lime Ruck. Conn. D.E. 31-12 - SCCA ~dty du Oct. 10 - US Grand Prix Noir pro Hwrtrville, Ala.

" ~ ~ T ~ ~ I c c T I D ~ , H w ~ ~ u ~ ~ ~ w k . a MlDwE5T ir.w/nu--ho~w.

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s-m z e z e - m o c l . ~ s o - n r . ~ r ~ ~ ~
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2 , -*la-d m.R-.Wt (913) la,^ S W 26 26 LuWpmRllon.CCA.*n&Ud

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on ~ u .W3l 3 1 S n*~n&.-~14-11 C C S ( ~ ~ ~ . ~ ~ W . I ~ ~ . ~ C ~a 7. - ~ . ~ .urnsmu r m WIO I I-I. M P w 61 m ~ . . ~ ~ ~ .

. I I L ~ D

M 17 P C A Z a l r o n c o v n I I .

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~olhl.raod on 23

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Q1 $1 8CCA

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~*-1oob-~00.--v.v~ o v2021 S C C A D

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M ~ . ~ - s c x A n p ' l ~ C C Y w n p . ( P L On L lO-aSCcUlDororIYL.M..DUlbn.Y.r 1 0 1Z m .n .z Q T .o ra k . , "


I l n n l * b n .Cnn h L Z b ( k ( l-IYW*rrdYDbr*.-

m 3-DUCo"mm".DarAPa.Oar W.W.IC IWn d m . On a1 DN 3 E M I C ul0cms.r U M . W . On 3 M C C N w b . I W b . W l l I w r A b m , F . I k .

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O n l Z - ~ . C e u e a o l . W I I * r . U r . Ibr C 7 - U A l Y b l l d ~ n k . C m k 4 , h n a Wo-i*a Oot l a - Q F I ( I H C A P m T I D ~ . S m w m N . V Lla u . L m . l . R & Y . y ~ n k . n A C . gb17-D*K:Bnnld6onh*onbn~ LlPk or. D*. ~onr*oll WJ m u m . g b i 7 - ~ / ~ : * 0 m - . * a ~ * . b s ~ ~qt I~Z~--~-~~MILI*. Can W l 2 6 2 e . -H(bsab.CWnr**Ro4 1 Om20EI-umcu~74.wm...,", D C h b w d a n Cm)404.1pu On23-SCCAmgkdnorrH.L1~llrkD O o t . ~ . U - ~ ~ - ~ u n * r O k z Yr w CMlmLDkh


On D-ID '~pm.. NV N . ~ V R I C O . ~ I L I ~ ~ . N V On * . l O - E H I U V m r * r W t Q g ~ n d ~ at 24 W 1 Cbb lutProu. Tro O w F I v d ~ . ~ o h C a n



On8 W a l a I r * r U k W - U U n a **klwsWUhW. ClmkU.. MC Oct 10 SCCAB~~II.EIR~.TNor 7 S C U s o l o 1 1 . El ho.T u

b n r * ~ O ~ n f 4 n b O u t . y l .

h r t b . . l a m 4 d m . ~ ~ U
~ b o b u n ~ ~ b A -

Land 0' L a h Rlplon. SCCA

Present the 1976-77


"That Loooong Race"

55 Laps, Practice Trophies, Patches. Refreshmento, Camping Entry: S40 w / l Crew. Co-Drivers $15

School/R~ionalOcL 9 L 10 School/Rsplonal- Oct 30 L 31 Reg~anal Races - nov. 27 L 21) Reg~onal Races -Jan. 22 k 23
Polnts Champlonshlp Beautiful Free Camps~les Low Pressure Fun Raong

Brainerd lnternetionsl Receway Bninsrd, Minnesota

For further ~nformat~on contact. Diane M i o m , Ram Sauetary 6317 X a n n Awnue South Minnnpolh, MN 66410 (6121 835.3707days (8121 8194906 W n p

Bensenvilki. 1 1 1 . W108





Automotive Enthusiasts Marketplace

mr, * -.~+nner~smw.nwam-rwanrmo.
lnvfan,I,)O Atm&ddlTdms%#ndo D m n u m ,~ .ddst*lIe*@nlidd m e .r awn I Y l lev? 1116.1 1O1 -q


101 w c l ~ ~ e c lWOC~YII ~ ~ n tor ollr n l m r . n @ # n l r and L o r n lvrnlrr ( l d l l O r u l lob c.nud*e# . , d re"n! I.,-d & laor ~ or *"I n C l " h < $0, i l l lO.,,r. LWnlDlvlronYrvlln m!.&.01U(ne Dh*. I) M mown Mot ,.spnuw I . -rm, to anmna w . 1 ' P I ( ( . * l t YU , , ,ma-lre 01 b Y N I I .d"rwq* M I yl.

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6ene Fellor ri111:; up lront in the Interhlolor Sports Assi~ciation's He runs the Goc year Customgar GT Radial: and he knows how t i set up a race cal We asked Gene to explaln the mysteries of over steer and under.steer


A crirical balance
"Even to a prufess~onal racer, steer~ng IS trick~er than you'd think Rear ennined cars hrive a tendencv to over=~~ steer That is, the back end'tr~esto come around faster than the front. meaninn that the car turns more quickly ihan it should Understeer 1s I I I the front end conhnues to low ahead when you turn the wheei, rnaklng the car turn more slowlv than it should"T~re Dressure $
~ ~ ~